Took Levaquin Twice and Got Plantar Fasciitis Each Time

by Beth

I got painful plantar fasciitis over a year ago after taking Levaquin for a sinus infection.

I went to a Podiatrist, who gave me inserts for my shoes for overpronation, recommended supportive shoes, prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs, a night brace, an injection in the affected heel, and wrapped my foot.

None of this helped and the inserts and shoes made the problem worse and seemed to cause my other foot to start hurting also. At the time, I didn't associate the problems with Levaquin.

After about 7 months, I got Sketchers Shape Up shoes. Immediately, I noticed I could walk a few miles with significantly less pain. Not long after, I had no pain and could even hike for several miles with no pain.

A few months later, I got another sinus infection and another prescription for Levaquin. That is when the heel pain came back. After a few weeks without the Levaquin, the pain abated and went away again.

I won't be taking Levaquin again in the future.


Joshua Answers:

I think not taking Levaquin again is a VERY good idea.

It's -great- that pain came and then went away. MANY MANY people that suffer from Levaquin Tendonitis wish that there's had just gone away.

Also, it makes sense that the inserts hurt the other foot, as all of a sudden your foot was forced into an unnatural position while being walked on etc. Heck, that could have caused you to develop Plantar Fasciitis, using inserts when they're not needed or helpful.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 10, 2014
Levofloxacin is the cause of my plantar fasciitis
by: Enfei

I took a month long levofloxacin for my prostate infection three years ago. I noticed my foot in great pain about one month later. I did not put these two together. I contributed to my shoes not fitting the best.

One year later, I took the drug again, and I had stronger pain in the feet and felt it lasting longer. I have not taken this drug for one year now. I don't have any pain in my feet now. I am wondering whether I shall try one more time to confirm this link.

Luckily, I have no infection for more than one year now.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Enfei.

I highly suggest you entertain the notion that taking a fluoroquinolone again might be a bad idea and not worth the risk. It's good news your foot pain went away both times. Let's stick with the good news and avoid the bad.

On a related note, are you sure that you had bacterial infection in the prostate?

Much prostate infection is fungal, and some might say it's a silly thing to do to take a powerful and potentially dangerous antibiotic for a fungal infection.

Jan 04, 2015
bad reaction to levofloxacin didn't even have bacterial prostatitis
by: Nick D

I was told i might have prostatitis on dec of 2014. All of my cultures and UA's came out negative.

Anyway the Er nurse said we'll treat it anyway just in case.

She put me on a 21day regiment of 500mg. Of levofloxacin. I questioned the strength and duration. I was told i had take it.

Almost immediately i experienced insomnia, headaches, and a wierd change in hearing almost like everyone was yelling.

Just to be safe i made a appointment to urology to get a second opinion. Unfortunately that was 8days out from starting the levofloxacin.

After a 7days of treatment my ankles, knees, shoulders, and elbows started to ache. It wasn't horrible but nothing i did alleviated the pain. But as soon as i went to bed it hit me like a ton of bricks.

On the eighth day my neck felt like I'd gone thru a windshield at 60mph. I went to the urology appt. and found out i only had BPH. A harmless NON-BACTERIAL enlargement of the prostate.

i immediately quit taking my levofloxacin. Its been 5 days and i still ache mostly in my knees and elbows. I am sure levofloxacin is to blame.

Oh and my primary care physician wont call me back or take my calls.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Nick. Sorry to hear that.

1. In the future, if you take a drug and get (bad) side effects, you may want to consider stopping taking it.

I know, it's easy to say that in hindsight.

2. "Oh and my primary care physician wont call me back or take my calls."

After having prescribed you a powerful antibiotic with known harmful side effects -after- tests that would indicate powerful antibiotics as beneficial to proscribe came back negative?

There's a doctor who's hoping beyond hope that you just go away.

3. "I was told i had take it. " I have nothing nice to say about that.

4. "Almost immediately i experienced insomnia, headaches, and a wierd change in hearing almost like everyone was yelling. On the eighth day my neck felt like I'd gone thru a windshield at 60mph."

Levofloxacin, like all fluoroquinolones, depletes magnesium.

You just listed common magnesium insufficiency/deficiency symptoms.

5. Fluoroquinolone Toxicity side effects can be serious business.

-Maybe- your symptoms will go away within a year all on their own. But I personally wouldn't wait to see. It's generally a downward spiral, and you want to stop that as soon as possible.

-Maybe- just taking enough magnesium will fix you up good as new. It's certainly possible.

In general I advise you go at this like it's a serious potentially permanent problem and give your body what it needs to have a chance to reverse the mechanisms as fast as possible, and sooner than later.

Levofloxacin side effects aren't like stepping on a nail. Wounds like that heal. But Levofloxacin is an ENTIRELY different animal.

Don't try to wait it out, is my point.

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