Took levofloxacin (brand new generic) for Levaquin

by karen schuster
(monroe michigan)

I took Levaquin in the form of the new generic Levofloxacin.

Within 3 days, knees were in such pain it felt they were both on fire. It was the most painful experience; I felt crippled!

I just got married and couldn't walk or put any weight on the knees. Kept popping pain pills of my mothers and icing but that didn't even help.

Since I didn't realize it was the medication causing the problem, I continued to take the pills. Doctor never warned me, pharmacist never warned me. I finally looked up the drug on the computer and found out for myself the side effects. I called the doctor crying from the pain Monday morning.

It seems it was a common side effect....ya think he could have said something!

Sure enough its on the little piece of paper that comes with prescription from CVS but I never read it. I've known my doc for 25 years, if he trusted the drug why wouldn't I ? Dummy me. Next time I will read everything.

Its been over a month since I took the medication and still in serious pain. Have been through steroids, shots and x-rays. thank god i have good insurance. Feel sorry for the poor souls suffering who do not.

Went to specialist....sure enough its the tendons in both knees.have to go back for MRI. Karen


Joshua Answers:

Hi Karen.

Sorry to hear about all that.

1. Steroids and shots aren't going to help, unfortunately. And it's common knowledge (though obviously most doctors don't pay enough attention to keep up to date on what they
give their patients) that corticosteroids and Levaquin are a bad mix.

2. You're hurting because, among other things, Levaquin, or Levoflaxacin, or any other quinolone antibiotic, massively deplete your body of nutrients, specifically Magnesium.

3. Until you replace those nutrients, your body has little no chance of being able to recover.

You don't have Tendonitis, you have Levaquin Tendonitis, which is an ENTIRELY different situation/dynamic.

So, what to do?

I highly suggest The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook.

There's a lot happening with Levaquin cytotoxicity. Time and rest won't help. You need a plan to counteract the side effects of Levaquin, a plan designed to give your body what it needs so it can reverse the problems that are making your knees hurt.

More questions, more answers.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Took levofloxacin (brand new generic) for Levaquin

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Nov 13, 2013
Four Weeks Of Levofloxacin Pain, And It Goes On!
by: Connie

I was given Levofloxin for a simple bladder infection on July 15, 2013.

It is now November 9th.,2013. I have never dreaded Thanksgiving with such a feeling of, "I simply cannot do it or get through it"!

The doctor prescribed a five day round of one pill per day. I made it through three pills and thought I was going to die with intense flu-like symptoms, (intestinal, too), and within a couple of days had excruciating pain in my achilles tendons on both legs. It continued to work upward through my legs and then into upper body tendons, especially in my shoulders.

None of the Doctors I talked with had any clue what to do. All said the same thing, "an allergic reaction to the Levoquin!!!"

I have tried vitamins, (D and calcium and magnesium), a pro-biotic,(Yacult), Acupuncture. gallons of water, an antihistamine, resting my tendons, sleeping as much as possible, gently exercising. I had a back surgery three years ago that took me two years to fully recover from and I would do that again BEFORE I WOULD EVER TAKE LEVOQUIN OR A RELATED ANTI-BIO, again!!

How can they sell this poison to humans??? It is criminal and negligent and one day, SOMEONE will stop them, I pray!! It's "Class Action Suit" time for all us who suffer from this knowingly administered poison without a serious enough WARNING! How do we know if we are allergic to it, until it's too late????


Joshua Comments:

Hi Connie.

First off, you've been lied to.

There is no such thing as an 'allergic reaction' to Levofloxacin, Levaquin, Avelox, Cipro, or any other fluoroquinolone class antibiotic.

Fluoroquinolones are VERY powerful drugs and are known to, and reliably cause, cytotoxic reactions in a certain percentage of users.

Several previous fluoroquinolone siblings have been removed from the shelves (by the FDA no less, so you have to get how bad it must be for the FDA to actually do something about it) for being too dangerous (statistically, of course).


Nov 13, 2013
Joshua Replies to Connie - Four Weeks Of Levofloxacin Pain, And It Goes On!
by: The Tendonitis Expert


So you are not allergic to Levofloxacin. You have been negatively affected by Levofloxacin. And now, it's out of your system, but just like getting hit by a car, there has been an impact on your body, your body is not operating optimmally, and while it might recover on it's own over time, it very well may not (because it can't).

You've done a bunch of stuff, but (as a general statement) you haven't done some or all of the right things, and you haven't done enough of the right things you have been doing.

And, even doing the right things, it can take time to help upright the Titanic, so to speak.

I'm not great at metaphors, but basically, your car only has two tires right now. So it can't go down the road very well much less sit there parked without falling over.

Thus, Kerri and I put together The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution and the forum that comes with it.

Levaquin side effects are a big deal. This isn't like stepping on a nail, time isn't necessarily going to heal it, and if it does, it takes a long time to do so, and there's no reason for you not to help your body speed up the healing process (not to mention, without your help, your body may NOT be able to heal at all).

I'm not trying to scare you, I am telling you about the reality of this scarey drug.

For the record, I'm ALL FOR lawsuits. But you may want to focus on recovery and make that your main priority. If so, we can help with that.

May 18, 2016
Kick a (previously very athletic 39 y.o.) female down
by: Andrea

I am a 39 yo (38 yo at the time of Levaquin ingestion) female who lives a very active, and healthy lifestyle. I am a registered nurse and am on my feet a lot. In March of 2015 I was diagnosed with HER 2+ IDC breast cancer.

I completed 6 rounds of chemo and underwent a double mastectomy in August of 2015.

Shortly after the mastectomy I noticed an infection brewing in my right breast incision, so I called my plastic surgeon (It was a Saturday so I had to text him a photo of my breast because his office is closed on Saturdays).

He immediately identified the infection as cellulitis and told me he was going to put me on Levaquin and Bactrim by mouth.

I had the prescriptions filled, came home and took one dose around noon. (I can't remember if he ordered 250 or 500 twice daily, but I know I was taking it more than once a day). I took another dose at night and the next morning all hell broke loose. I could not even walk. I was walking on my tip toes and crawling to get to the bathroom. I had so much pain and stiffness in both achilles heels, I had no idea what was happening. (side note: we rarely give Levaquin to patients in the area of nursing I work in, so I had *no idea* that tendonitis was a side effect).

Initially, I thought the pain might have been a combination of having surgery and being only about 4 weeks out of having chemotherapy. I thought my muscles were weak from a compromised immune system. But, after 7 days ( I was supposed to take the drug for a full 2 weeks) I had a post operative visit with my surgeon and when I told him my calves and tendons hurt, his eyes got big and he said, "oh no... you have levaquin induced tendonitis".

He told me to stop taking the drug and I ended up not having to finish either antibiotic because the infection had cleared.

I thought the symptoms would go away. I thought it would all end.. little did I know it was just the beginning. I continued walking and doing everyday normal things, but I did notice that if I walked too much in the mall or just outside from the grocery store to my car, I would be in pain. I ached at night and both heels would be very tight in the morning. It always takes me a few steps to get my balance and not feel the ache, but it almost never goes away.

I took the drug in late August of 2015, and in October I had radiation, so I didn't really have time or energy to deal with the achilles stuff. I did contact a friend of the family who is a podiatrist and she told me to get a night splint to keep my foot in the flex position to help keep the tendon pulled (for the left achilles- the right one "settled down").

I ordered one and wore it for awhile. Still not much of a change.

After I completed radiation in mid November 2015, I was sent to a rehab facility for range of motion in my upper body. I mentioned the achilles tendonitis to the PT and she immediately had me doing ROM exercises and eccentric exercises and even using that special runners tape on me. These seem to help a little, but I still could not go on a walk in my neighborhood without noticing the pain coming on in the left heel.

I was getting worried and depressed. Not only had I lost part of my womanhood, but now I can't even do the things I love and are my therapy : run and work out. I took a break from rehab and then had major reconstruction in January of 2016.

Again, I was sent to another rehab facility and the PT there really took an approach to my achilles pain much like yours here ( I didn't know it at the time, but I am impressed by her knowledge of achilles tendonosis: she mentioned collagen supplements, icing and massage).

Finally in early April after she had massaged and worked with me to get my tendon back in working order, she threw in the towel and told me to go see an orthopedic surgeon. I did just that and he ordered and MRI and put me in a boot.

The MRI only showed tendonopathy (no micro tears, etc-PHEW), but that my physical exam was more impressive than the MRI (the left achilles was swollen and it's so tender to touch, I squirm when anyone touches it).

I have been wearing the boot and I think it has helped some, but now other muscles in my calf hurt and ache and the top of my foot hurts too. I finally felt so desperate I started googling Levaquin tendonitis and that's where I found you.

I recently added Magnesium to my diet (it's mag citrate), but I only take 200mg at night because I get so groggy with it. I also started juicing and I bought a bunch of pharmaceutical grade vitamins from our local compound pharmacy.

I really want to get back to running or any other kind of workout. It's been 9 months since I took the Levaquin and I'm starting to lose hope.
My questions are:
1) Should I try ice dipping??
2) Should I ditch the boot?
3) Should I try Bone Broth (I'm making my first batch tomorrow)
4) What else can I do at this point????

Thank you in advance for reading my story.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Andrea.

I'm sorry to hear about all that.

Let's see if we can get you unkicked.

They PT, unfortunately, was treating you for regular tendonitis, not Levaquin Tendonitis. While there are some shared aspects, they are entirely different breeds of animal.

"My questions are:
1) Should I try ice dipping??"

Ice dipping is very effective at reducing pain and increasing circulation. It is a beneficial thing on a variety of levels, but not a fix.

"2) Should I ditch the boot?"

If you feel it is helpful, stick with it. Aside from that, it's not in any way a fix.

"3) Should I try Bone Broth (I'm making my first batch tomorrow)"

Absolutely. You need nutrition. By which I mean, you are massively depleted from the Levofloxacin, chemo, radiation, pain, trauma, stress, etc.

"4) What else can I do at this point????"

I don't know what or how much of anything you are taking supplement-wise, but you MUST push the Magnesium. Hot epsom salt baths, magnesium oils/lotions/sprays, and push the envelope on the magnesium. Might want to switch to or add in Magnesium glycinate, as one can take about a third more than others.

And I would stress that you get The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution. You need to know why it affected you, and how to reverse the side effects.

Rest and time -might- do it, but I personally would never in a million years rely on that. And if you want to get better sooner than maybe (maybe not) later, I'd get on the recovery plan asap, and on the support forum we run for people working with the program.

That's really the best suggestion I can give you. Get on the program. Tips and tricks and tidbits (like what I said about magnesium) is good and valuable, but people affected by fluoroquinolones are best served by a complete plan of attack. Levofloxacin is no joke.

See Related: Not Taking Levofloxacin Would Be My #1 Redo

Dec 07, 2017
by: Dawnmarie

I had taken Levofloxacin 750 the beginning of November 2017 for bronchitis and a sinus infection, and nothinghappened. Thank God.

Then on November 30,2017 my doctor prescribed Levofloxacin 750 for me again because I had gotten the flu.

That night my son and I were talking while having dinner at and I took my medication. Within a minute after taking the Levofloxacin, My face turned pure red, my body turned red with a serve rash, cold sweats, extremely itchy, abdominal pains, diarrhea, dropped sugar levels, dizzy, body temperature dropped to 93.4. My son had gotten all the hair blowers, heating pads, and blankets to get my body temperature back up.

It took over 3 hours to get my body temperature up,And over 5 hours for the redness and rash to start going away. It was so scary. I thought I was going to die.

My doctor's told me to drink plenty of water and take Benadryl.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dawnmarie.

You didn't leave an email nor check the notification box, so you probably won't find this.

But I will say for everybody else...that is a terrible doctor.

Levafloxacin for THE FLU????

Drink water and take Benadryl??


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