What Is Levaquin Used For?

What is Levaquin used for, and are there any beneficial Levaquin uses?

Levaquin is a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic, which means that it is found to be effective against a large range of different strains of bacteria. Thus there are MANY uses for Levaquin.

Frequently prescribed and given in the hospital, doctors have come to rely on the overall effectiveness of this powerful pharmaceutical drug.

Unfortunately, that's caused them to overprescribe, and prescribe this powerful, risky antibiotic for all sorts of minor isues, like acne.

What Is Levaquin Used For?
Everything...but should only be for life threatening emergencies

Generally, Levaquin is used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, kidneys, bladder, sinuses, and prostate.

Levaquin uses include:

* Sinus infections

* Bronchitis

* Pneumonia

* Urinary tract infections

* Prostatitis

What is Levaquin used for? Many many different health issues.

A large number of laymen and medical professionals say 'TOO MANY' health issues, many of which aren't even bacterial infections. 

Levaquine, like its sister Cipro, another fluroquinolone-class antibiotic, is approved for use against Anthrax infection.

Unfortunately, Cipro and Levaquin are being prescribed for non-issues like acne.  (For the record, taking Levaquin for acne is CRAZY.)

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Is All This Levaquin Use Necessary?

What is Levaquin used for? Lots of problems.

What -should- Levaquin be used for? LIFE THREATENING BACTERIAL INFECTION.

Sinus infections, bronchitis, and chronic prostatitis are -usually- not bacterial in nature, but Doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics anyway. Without checking to see if it's bacterial or not.

Antibiotics are only good against bacterial problems. If your sinus infection, bronchitis, or chronic prostatitis is not bacterial in nature, antibiotics will not help you, and can hurt you.

There is much concern about the overuse of antibiotics in our medical system. Hospitals hand them out like candy, even for minor illnesses that will go away on their own.

Too much use not only leads to MRSA, resistant strains of bacteria, general antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics also kill all the good bacteria in your digestive tract, which lowers your immune system and sets a person up for more chronic illness.

Why is Levaquin used so much, even for non-bacterial infections?

Because 'doing nothing is not an option' for hospitals and clinics, even when antibiotics like Levaquin have no hope of helping. Prescriptions are given by doctors so people leave feeling like they've gotten something of benefit from their trip to the doctor.

"Have acne?  Here, take this powerful antibiotic!"

The sad truth is, people want there doctors to -do- something for them, and doctors do, often without that -doing- providing any benefit to their patient.

And the medical industry is lazy.  Let's face it, it's easier to give out some pills, and unfortunately people are lazy too and don't want to do the work it takes to be health, than tell people to exercise and clean up their diet and stop doing the things that are making them sick.

Yes, sometimes Levaquin is a necessity (life-threatening bacterial pneumonia or bacterial infection from non-bacterial pneumonia, for instance).  But most of the time it's not.

What Is Levaquin Used For?
Worth The Risks?

Levaquin uses it's powerful antibacterial properties against -ALL- bacteria.

Good bacteria and bad bacteria.

There are risks from taking antibiotics, and risks from all Levaquin uses.

Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut. These probiotics are a huge part of your immune system. Killing the probiotics decreases your body's ability to keep itself free of infection, it also prevents the good bactieria from fighting off the bad bacteria, so people can get overgrowth of bad bacteria -from- taking antibiotics.

Most illness go away. We don't need antibiotics everytime we feel a little funny, or a little sick. Or even a lot sick.

But sometimes....antibiotics are a very good idea.

Then we have to weigh the risks.

Occasional antibiotic use probably isn't a problem at all.

But occasional, even one time Levaquin use, can cause a lifetime of pain and disability.

Personally, if my life was at immediate risk, and Levaquin was the ONLY option, I'd probably say yes.

Except that Levaquin and other quinolones are not the only option.

And I would NEVER take something as powerful as, and as potentially harmful as Levaquin, for something like a UTI, or a chest cold, or acne (yes, I've heard first hand accounts of people being given Levaquin for acne....), or any number of minor things.

Especially when there are fast natural cures for urinary tract infections.

Remember, Levaquin can cause Levaquin Side Effects that that consist of mild to severe and permanent tendon pain, Levaquin Tendonitis, tendon damage, and damage to other connective tissue structures like your internal organs.

Is it worth the risks?

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