Whiplash Symptoms
from Injury and Neck Tendonitis

Whiplash Symptoms can last the rest of your life.

Repetitive Movement Injuries of the neck are rare. The vast majority of whiplash cases are from sudden impact events like a car crash, or a sudden forceful blow to the head.

However, due to the structure of the neck, and how the body works, your whiplash injury essentially becomes the same thing as having widespread Tendonitis in the neck. Injury can and does turn into Neck Tendonitis.

Maybe you just had a whiplash injury recently. Maybe you've had symptoms of whiplash for decades.....

But the accident was years ago.....

Even if you had a little accident that caused a little damage a LONG time ago, you can still be having whiplash symptoms.

When I work on 50 year olds, for instance, it's incredibly common to have an individual that hasn't had any neck trauma for 30 years to be wondering why they are having bad pain in their neck, when they just had that one crash 30 years ago.

When I feel their neck and shoulders, their muscles and connective are incredibly tight, and I can still feel the nervous system guarding them like their lives depend on it.

So for 30 years, their structure has been getting tighter, tighter, and tighter. Like a sponge getting squeezed more and more.

That's the way Tendonitis works.

Due to Inflammation and the Pain Causing Dynamic, even a little damage will slowly build upon itself to give you pain and tightness decades later.

We humans have this habit of assuming that we'll heal back to 'good as new'. But that's not how Whiplash Recovery works.

We just don't heal like that.

We also like to ignore pain as long as possible. That's partly why all of a sudden, out of the blue, we start having pain.

Does your neck hurt right now?

Two Categories Of Whiplash Symptoms

After you have experienced a whiplash neck injury event, there are two categories of whiplash symptoms that you can expect to have to deal with:

  1. Immediate/acute symptoms
  2. Symptoms that can/do last for decades

Immediate/Acute Symptoms

You get in a car crash or get punched in the face.  Your head whips back and forth.

Ligaments tear.  Tendons tear. The brain experiences trauma and fear, and the brain tightens muscles up to guard and protect, and the brain triggers a massive inflammation response.

That hurts.  A lot.  

Acute and severe neck pain. Stiffness. Inability to sleep due to the pain etc.

That is normal and to be expected.  Your neck was just physically damaged.  It's going to hurt.

And we expect that to go away with time.  And for the most part, it does.

But whiplash neck pain can last for months, or years.

Or it can go away, but then ten years later return just as bad.  In that scenario, you didn't 'reinjure' it, you're just now consciously feeling what has been going wrong in the neck all that time.

Symptoms That Can/Do Last For Decades

The section below describes why each symptom last over time and doesn't just 'get better' and disappear.  The body, unfortunately, isn't designed to recover from pain and injury 100%.

Whiplash injury sets up certain mechanisms that all work together to cause pain and problem down the road, even decades later.

That's just how it is.  If you want to get rid of your whiplash symptoms, you will need to do the work to reverse the mechanisms that are still in place.

The Actual Causes Of Whiplash Symptoms
Neck Tendonitis Symptoms

* Neck pain

Tight muscles and the chemicals (that enhance your sensitivity to pain) released by Inflammation set up an environment that causes you to feel pain.

Either dull ache or sharp pain.

Can be mild to severe, depending on variables like duration and activity.

* Tenderness along the back of your neck

The same ecology in you neck that has you feel pain, will have you feel pain when you press into the structures of your neck.

* Shooting pain from your neck into the shoulder and/or arm

See below.

* Muscle spasms (in the side or back of your neck)

The pain ecology that has been created in your neck can cause muscle spasm. You may notice that this happens infrequently, constantly, or not at all.

It depends on your specific situation.

If the spasm happens fast enough and the nervous system is worried enough, a spasm can happen that sends an explosion of pain into your shoulder and possibly down your arm.

It can also set up an intense, constant SEVERE pain in the muscles of your neck and possibly surrounding areas.

* Stiffness and pain when moving the neck/head

The whiplash/tendinitis dynamic causes your muscles to tighten up to 'protect' you from further damage.

After long enough time, the nervous system resets itself to this shortened length as the new 'normal' length. This means 'too short and too tight' is now normal.

Then, connective tissue starts shrink wrapping your muscles. So even if they could relax, they have no where to go because they are tightly wrapped.

* Headaches

The Sub-Occipital muscles at the back of the base of your skull sit on top of the Vertebral Arteries. When these muscles get tight, which they do for many many reasons including your neck tendonitis, they shut off some of the blood supply to the brain.

Hello Headache!

That is why people get Tension Headaches! Stress and mental strain (and physical elements) cause the muscles to tighten and cut off blood to the brain.

Also, because there is so much tightness happening in the neck if you have significant whiplash symptoms going on, that it sets up a dynamic in your system that causes headache.

* Localized swelling of the neck

If you have acute pain, or were recently in an event like a car accident, Inflammation can be trapping fluid in the area with damage.

You may notice swelling in the neck if this happens. Which means you may notice puffy, boggy, oddly tender areas if you feel around your neck with your fingers.

Do you want your whiplash symptoms to go away?

If you are having Whiplash Symptoms, I recommend two of my pages to help you make the pain go away.

The first is How to Reduce Inflammation, mostly the top and bottom of the page.

The second is the Whiplash Treatment page. What I have on that page may not -cure- you, but it will help you get your pain down to acceptable levels if you are in acute pain, and can possibly make it disappear if it's moderate or less.

The third option is to get my Reversing Whiplash ebook.

It takes a bit of effort to get rid of whiplash symptoms, but I like to think that people would rather be pain-free instead of suffering for weeks, months, or years.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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As you may know by now, the whiplash symptoms, the pain, ache, and or discomfort from a whiplash neck injury can last, and last, and last.

You need the RIGHT kind of self care to beat down symptoms of whiplash and neck tendonitis and make your neck healthy again now.

It doesn't matter how long you've had whiplash symptoms and neck pain, you can reverse the dynamic.

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