Why I am here today after a nerve test...

by Katherine
(Bowling Green, Ky, USA)

My story starts out that I have been having these things that I called spells. headaches and (high blood pressure only when I am having the spells).

I have whole body trembling so bad that I couldn't stand, walk,or hold anything, it was like I had been out in the freezing cold for hours, I couldn't talk, think, concentrate, and everything seemed hazy and I was very disoriented and I was also sick at my stomach.

My last spell lasted for thirteen hours. and then I am kinda out of it for a couple of more days. I know it sounds kinda much...

Now my doctor is scratching his head.. trying to figure out what is going on with me. I have had all the blood work, and A MRI... which all come out normal.. then he sends me to the neurologist get the Nerve Conduction test. Well.....

I showed up at the office, I walked in the office on my own two legs. I was told by a good friend that the test were not that bad and that it wouldn't hurt. It would just be uncomfortable. I had my husband and my sister with me because I was having trouble driving.

As you know you have to wait hours at these specialist offices. So I watched as people were called in and then they would leave.. they walked in and they walked out on their own two feet. Then it come time for me to go in and get my test...

When I got into the room I was told to remove my shoes and socks and my pants and I put on a hospital gown then laid on the small table... This girl come in and she told me her name and told me what she was going to be doing. Well she began placing this electrodes on my feet and ankles. Well. She turned on the juice and I am not joking I felt that shock go through my body and up my spine and out the top of my head. I yelled out. then she did it again. by the time she was done doing my right leg. it was shaking so bad that it was coming off the table and I had no control of it. during the test she would tell me to lift my leg and when I couldn't she acted like it was bothering her that I couldn't. she did ask me if I wanted to stop... but through my tears of pain and by now I was scared to death because my lower body was not doing what I wanted it to do... I didn't know what to tell her. My sister told me that they needed to finish the test so I told them ok finish the test. I could not turn over. raise up on my own or stand on my own.

The Nero doctor come in and did the needle test on me and that test was not as bad. I really didn't feel it to much. At one point the doctor wanted me to roll over and I couldn't. after it was all said and done. the doctor along with my husband did assist me to raise up off the table then assist me to set down in a chair then the doctor left the room.

I could not move my legs or feet. when I reached the chair I guess you could say that I had a mental breakdown because I knew
that something was not right... the doctor did not come back in. We had someone to bring in a wheelchair and they had to lift me out of the chair into the wheelchair. then when they put my feet on the foot rest I had no control it just slid off the back of it... they wheeled me out of the office and I still didn't have any strength to get myself into the car. My husband had to help me.

It took me several hours to be able to get up and walk. I now have pain in my right leg and lower back and a pain going from my spine to my head that feels like you have hit your elbow and it keeps vibrating through my head. this was done on a Monday and it is now a Saturday.

When I went back to my personal doctor. He looked at the test results and said that they where all within normal range. I asked him if the Nero doctor had written down anything else and he said no he didn't. I then told him about what happen. I didn't tell him in this great of detail but he didn't seem to pleased about it. His next step is to get me to a bigger hospital so I can get more test run.

My question is this one.. How can they get correct reading on these test when someones legs are jerking like they are having a ecliptic attack? and why didn't the neuro doctor follow up and make sure that I was ok before he left the room. If it hadn't been after hours for my personal doctor I would have went straight to his office. but his office was already closed.

I am sorry if everything seems I little jumbled up. My hand go numb and my mind gets fussy. I do hope that my doctors can figure this out. if anyone has any ideas please feel free to contact me at autumns_retreat@yahoo.com


Joshua Answers:

Wow Katherine, that sounds crazy!

(Which is why your doc walked out of the room...it's not a normal response and doctors have no idea what to do with that, nor do they have an inclination to investigate because it might put them on the hook for something).

The only thing I can offer is A. Get your Vitamin D levels up ASAP, and B. Make sure you don't have adrenal fatigue (your body can't deal with stress in that scenario, i.e. your body freaking out from the test).

My thought is that your body isn't working 'right' due to long term nutritional deficiency and the repercusions thereof and thus couldn't handle the stimulus.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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