Please help my severe right wrist pain tendonitis

by Joe

I have had right wrist pain for almost seven months now. I am not faking.

No history of injuries. 32 yr old male.

Injured at my job and went on Modified work at 24 hours. My work put me at full time (40 hours) and forced me to use my right arm after specific instructions from the doctor not to.

After that work week, I experienced complete right side paralysis. Unable to move my entire arm, neck, head. It subsided after a Tordol injection. I have been unable to work since then.

I had two X-rays, an MRI and an EMG test done. All were negative.

They have continued to classify it as wrist tenosynovitus and used the "wait and see" approach. All of my doctors now say I'm faking and try to clear me for work.

My hand surgeon said he found tears in my ligaments that other doctors did not see. He has tried to request exploratory surgery but it has been denied.

My physical therapist thinks it has something to do with the sheath that allows the tendon to slide in and out.

I am in extreme pain all day long. The average pain level is 6-8 out of 10. I cannot twist my wrist or lift any type of weight with it. I have to be laying down for most of the day because of the pain. There is no sign of distortion, swelling or inflammation.

I cannot sleep, and if I do, it is only for a couple of hours. I have been in a cast for about 90% of the time because without the support the pain skyrockets. The 10% is for when I'm actually asleep.

I've had 8 tordol shots, a steroid injection, have been on naproxen, gabapentin, tramadol, norco and maloxicam. The injections provide one day of relief. The medications do nothing at all.

I have no other option than surgery. But nobody has a clue what is wrong with me and therefore they go to the default medical evaluation.

No attorney will help me because they say that it is just a really bad wrist strain and in the eyes of California, it is not a permanent disability and therefore I won't be awarded any settlement.

Have you heard of anything like this before? It's not tenosynovitus anymore. It's not carpal tunnel. It's not tendinitis.

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to sprain my wrist, but overuse it with repetitive motion for 40 hours straight (checking and bagging at a supermarket) what injury would that yield?

Nobody wants to entertain the idea because the doctors I'm sent to work for the company I work for as well. So they don't want to admit fault and they are trying to prevent any type of lawsuit.

Any type of information or experience will help. I need to figure out my next step soon.

Thank you.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Joe.

1. "I experienced complete right side paralysis."

What does that mean, exactly? You couldn't move due to pain, or you had/have no motor control over your arm etc?

2. "Nobody wants to entertain the idea because the doctors I'm sent to work for the company I work for as well. "

Yeah....that's problematic.

3. "All of my doctors now say I'm faking..."

"My hand surgeon said he found tears in my ligaments that other doctors did not see. He has tried to request exploratory surgery but it has been denied."

Welcome to the workers comp system. I don't have anything nice to say about all of that.

4. Where was the Tordol injection? Neck? Hand? If neck, why did they do it there?

5. Any history of whiplash, falling down the stairs, boxing?

6. What ligament did a doctor think he saw tears in? And how? On an MRI?

7. "what injury would that yield? "

Except for the 'can't move neck/arm' thing, it sounds like really bad Tenosynovitis.

The tendon sheath gets inflammed, constrictive and VERY VERY irritable and painful.

Then long story short you get stuck in that pain dynamic.

It's reversible, but your doctors don't know dick about it and at best could do surgery to cut the inflamed/swollen/constrictive tendon sheath.

The complication there of course is that there are multiple factors at play, and surgery ignores almost all of them. It may be helpful to destroy the tendon sheath, but it's not a magic bullet that solves the entire problem ignores the factors that got you to where you're at.

Which is, the Tendonitis Dynamic and it's Pain Causing Dynamic.

Basically, that's:

- Muscle and connective tissue tightness (hand and forearm) that causes tendon sheath problem.

- Process of Inflammation which causes tightness and a lot of pain.

- Nutritional insufficiency: Your body doesn't have what it needs to work correctly, thus you're stuck in a pain dynamic and can't get out of it (and resulted in the original pain/problem as well).

Make sense so far?

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