Shooting Pains in Wrist When Doing Bench Press

by Joe
(England, Kent)

I would like to know whether this could be wrist tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Over the past 2/3 years I have on and off used weights, such as bench pressing. When doing this (with the weight not too heavy) I can experience a shooting pain which starts in the left palm of my hand. If I continue with the upward motion with the weight, it can continue up my wrist until my left arm can no longer push upwards. My right arm however does not have any of these problems.

I am 20 years of age and have only experienced this problem when doing weights or something similar such as press-ups.




Joshua Answers:

Hi Joe.

If you don't have any numbness or tingling in your hands/fingers, then technically it's not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

And it doesn't sound like this is due to nerve compression up at the front of the neck and/or chest/shoulder.

Is it Tendonitis. I don't know. Nowadays Tendonitis is kind of a catchall term for when a person has pain but no discernible damage.

You definitely have a Pain Causing Dynamic and a Process of Inflammation.

It's also possible the some forearm structure is a little tight in an out of balance kind of way, is tugging on your wrist a certain way such that when you load up your wrist your joint is compressed such that it fires off a pain signal.

And then the higher you lift, the more the leverage changes and the compression compresses, increasing the pain signal.

Generally, it all comes down to TOO TIGHT.

Open up the structures of the forearm with any variety of massage/self massage, get rid of any inflammation by learning How To Reduce Inflammation, and then get back to me with an update.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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