Tendons muscles and tissue making noise all of a sudden

by Stacy H
(Gilbert, AZ, USA)

I am 41 years old and am a moderately active female. I eat healthy and am of good body weight.

About 4 months ago, out of nowhere, my body started making strange sounds. It literally sounds like my tendons/muscles/tissue (not sure what but not my joints) is snapping. Sounds like cracking, popping, snapping. Sometimes VERY loud, other times not so much. It is daily and each day is different. Some days I get it so frequently that it is disturbing. I can not find a link to it's occurrences.

I let it go about a month and then it really started to bother me as I laid in bed one night and couldn't sleep because as I rolled over my body was making weird sounds. My mind just kept wandering.

I made an appt with my primary for a physical. Dr had no idea what was going on. Said it didn't sound normal but if there is no pain, then not to worry. Had routine blood work which showed nothing.
Followed up then with my OB/GYN and they were more concerned so ran more blood tests. Blood tests came back that I am positive for Sjogren's but nothing else except low in Vitamin D. I was put on D supplement.

Saw a Rheumatologist for the sjogrens. They ran additional tests. All is normal besides the ANA antibodies. Dr office says that if noises cause no pain, then no reason to be concerned. Sjogrens is not attributing to this according to them.

I am getting fed up with drs lack of concern. I have been told that it can be due to getting older which is ridiculous. I am only 41. What will it sound like in 10 years then!!! It is quite annoying. It is embarrassing.

I am no longer going to my yoga since it is so noticeable and I am very self conscious. I do not understand what is going on in my body. I know for sure it is not my joints as it happens literally anywhere in my body. I believe it is in the collagen/connective tissues. I can feel the snapping sometimes as well. No pain, but so many noises.

I am scared this will get worse and no doctor is taking it seriously. I don't know if there is a different doctor I need to see but at this point, I am fed up with the responses I am getting.

Is there something I may be lacking in my diet? Is this going to get worse? I am active by riding my bike and doing Zumba a couple days a week with light weight training to help keep definition. Nothing extravagant. I feel like my muscles are breaking down and not what they use to be. I need some guidance.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Stacy.

1. Sjogrens is an auto-immune issue that is, essentially, caused from eating gluten (and any other inflammation causing factors) and getting Leaky Gut
Leaky Gut (will open a new page from Kerri's www-easy-immune-health.com site).

2. Did they give you prescription vitamin D? If so it's D2 (not D3) and is worthless. It brings levels up but confers little/no benefits.

How much did they tell you to take?

3. What was the actual Vit D level?

Low Vitamin D is a big deal, the lower the level, the worse the outcomes.

Just low Vit D could explain your symptoms, but realistically there's always more than one factor of something going on. For instance, if you have leaky gut, are gluten intolerant, are low vitamin D, then there's all sorts of factors at play.

4. You're also almost certainly low on Magnesium, for a variety of reasons, and hospital blood level tests are basically worthless.

Low Magnesium explains all your symptoms including 'active mind' and creaky tissue (noise), etc.

5. Do you supplement at all with any vitamin/mineral? If so, what?

6. In the last couple years, have you had any big stressful scenarios? Death in a family, breakup, loss of job, etc? I don't need details, but big events like that commonly result in various and significant decreases in health (sickness, illness, physical issues, etc) farther down the line within a couple years.

Why? Among other answers, because stress eats nutrition and then you're insufficient/deficient and your body can't work optimally so it goes as well as it can until it can't and then BAM it doesn't.

But it also makes sense that gluten intolerance and leaky gut build up inflammation and nutritional insufficiency such that 'all of a sudden out of the blue' one's health takes a turn for the worse.

See Related: Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis In Multiple Joints What Can Cause This?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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