Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?

by T
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

In the last few years I have been diagnosed with tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and tendonopathy in my feet, wrists, thumbs, shoulders, and also as having shin splints. I have similar types of pains in my elbows and ankles. I have been told that it is all coincidental and have done the route of physio, NSAIDs, etc. but every year new pains occur.

Are there any underlying medical reasons for tendonitis in multiple joints?


Joshua Answers:

Hello T.

So let me get this right. You have various muscle and tendon pain in multiple locations across your body, and a doctor told you that this was coincidental?

SERIOUSLY? COINCIDENTAL?!? Like, you just HAPPEN to be getting tendon issues and pain dynamic over your entire body and it's just a COINCIDENCE?


That doesn't surprise me, but it does blow my mind. Every single time that I hear a story like this.

Your doctor has NO idea what he's talking about.

So, moving onto your question about what can cause a scenario like yours. I have several things to say about that, but first let me ask some questions so I know more and so I'm for sure on the right track.


1. Start from the beginning and give me a description of HOW and WHEN this all started.

2. How long has this been going on.

3. Does the pain come and go, or is it

4. Is it joint pain like arthritis, or tendonitis pain, painful tight muscles, etc?

5. Overall health.

6. Age.

7. Activity level. Exercise? Hobbies? Work activities (sitting, standing, lifting, etc?)

8. General description of diet.

9. History of car crash, major or minor injury, etc.

10. Ever taken Levaquin, Cipro, or any other antibiotic in the fluoroquinolne family?

Answer those questions, and we'll go from there.

And in case I wasn't clear, it is NOT normal (nor is it acceptable, in my mind) to be experiencing a pain dynamic like you describe.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 18, 2009
PART 2 - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: T

You had asked some questions about my multiple joint pains. Below are the answers.

1. Start from the beginning and give me a description of HOW and WHEN this all started.

In general, all problems are worse on the right side, though, in my cases the left side also hurts.

Initial joint problem started 8 years ago. Patella femoral syndrome cause by overprotonation (maybe?).
6 years ago, tendonapathy/cervicle neck strain in my shoulders, caused by poor postural muscles. 5 years ago, tendonitis in only my right thumb (followed by tendonitis in my left about 4 years ago, this is on again off again pain).

I am told it was caused by overuse/job related - different jobs though, I've had the problem at three different jobs. Three years ago, lower back problems. Two years ago tendonitis on the top parts of my feet, caused by overprotonation/overuse/maybe driving.

Around that time, pain in the elbows whenever things were carried. One year ago, tendonitis in my wrist, caused by planting flowers?. More recently, hip pains, and ankle pains. I may have missed some, I can't remember them all anymore.

2. How long has this been going on.

6-8 years

3. Does the pain come and go, or is it constant?

It is on again off again.

4. Is it joint pain like arthritis, or tendonitis pain, painful tight muscles, etc?

I am not sure what the difference is between the two. The doctors have always said it was tendonitis though. Muscles in general are always very tight, especially in my legs.

5. Overall health.

Other than seasonal allergies, no problems.

6. Age.


7. Activity level. Exercise? Hobbies? Work activities (sitting, standing, lifting, etc?)

My job tends to have times (7-8 months of the year) with lots of movement, lifting heavy things, walking, hiking, not much sitting etc, long days, there is sometimes elements of repetative movements during those times.

The other 4-5 months my job is more sedentary, a fair bit of computer work, but still standing, walking, lots of stairs, can have a lot of repetition.

I do walk everyday, and go to the gym (less so when I have pain, so this can be infrequent).

Pain may or may not be greater during times when I am more active or not. I have had pain during both active and not active times (possibly more during inactive times??? But I am not sure).

8. General description of diet.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains (except white rice). Though not a vegetarian I tend not to eat a huge amount of meat or dairy. Organic (unfortified) grain products a lot of the time.

9. History of car crash, major or minor injury, etc.


10. Ever taken Levaquin, Cipro, or any other antibiotic in the fluoroquinolne family?

I am not sure.



Dec 18, 2009
PART 3 - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hey T. Thanks for all that.

Well, here's what I think.

In general, the amount and location variety of your tendonitis pains points to that you have something going on that is essentially making your body/structures 'weak'.

People just don't get that much damage all over. I mean, they can, but matching your symptoms to your activities and other factors just doesn't add up, to me.

So that has me look at overall structural health/integrity. In other words, I think you are protein deficient and nutrient deficient.

I don't think the intention right now is to 'fix' and injury, so much as bolster your body so it can heal in the first place and withstand further breakdown.

1. Increase your protein intake. By a lot. Let's say, focus seriously on that for two months.

Include pure protein sources like meat, cottage cheese, eggs, etc.

Increase your calorie intake too, such that your body will burn the extra calories and leave you with more usable protein. If you don't eat enough calories, the protein you do it is burnt for fuel.

I eat a lot of coconut oil for this reason.

Depending on where you live, you can find it bulk at a local health food store, or buy it online.

So eat protein from food sources.

Also protein powder/shakes. Eat a meal, then have a shake an hour later.

One of my favorite brands is a whey protein isolate product from New Zealand grass fed cows. You can find that on the Best Tendon Supplements page.

For variety I alternate that with other whey products.

Also, start making and eating Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements

2. Supplement with magnesium (anything but magnesium oxide).

Follow the link in this thread called "Magnesium Dosage" for what kind and how much.

So all that's a lot. Let's start there.

More questions, more answers.

Feb 10, 2010
Another Possible Reason
by: Anonymous

Body-wide tendonitis/tendosynovitis is also common with the connective tissue disease Ehlers-danlos syndrome. It is a rare hereditary defect in the collagen formation. There are several types and it is usually autosomal dominant meaning one parent has a 50% chance of passing it to their child.

It is usually present with hypermobility of the joints. However, in the same family it can effect people in varying degrees. There is a large percentage of collagen in the body so this condition can be quite painful.

Eventually the tendons/ligaments get loose and muscles stay rigid as the connective tissue is not doing its job of holding the joints together.

Some people also have skin strechiness or a doughy consistency or brusing easily. My sister has doughy, strechy skin and it very hypermobile (can put her legs behind her neck). I on the other hand, only have body-wide joint popping, muscle rigidity, tendon pain, and some joints lock.

They say it's not progressive but most people eventually have to have multiple surgeries to tighten ligaments (shoulders, knees, etc.) www.ednf.org is a great place to start.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for adding that.

I'll add that while Ehlers-Danlos may not be progressive, the way the body works at trying to protect you/compensate for chronic pain equals a progressive Downward Spiral of various mechanical factors that ultimately make pain and such worse.

Aug 14, 2010
Milk Allergy causing Tenosynovitis pain
by: Stuart

I just mention my experiences in case they are relevant. For over 10 years now I have sufferred from tenosynovitus in the wrists, hands and fingers. Sometimes wrist, sometimes fingers, sometimes left hand, sometimes right hand. I can go for days pain free and then the problem occurs and I have up to a week on Ibuprofen to reduce the pain/inflammation.

The problem does not seem to correlate with over use of the affected hand. However, I think I have found the cause of the problem - it is an allergy to one or more of the proteins found in milk.

Since going on a non-dairy diet I have been much better. Last week it re-occurred, but I think that was due to the fact that I ate some meusli with whey powder in it. (Whey powder is dried whey left over from cheese production - it contains a lot of milk protein).

I just mention this as something sufferers with tenosynovitus may want to experiment with.

The only point I would make is be very strict - really check all ingredients on processed foods.

The worst that can happen is that you don't eat your favourite foods for a week or so! If a non-dairy diet works you may want to consider a calcium supplement if you're going to carry on.

Please post a comment - I'm interested to know how widespread this problem may be!


Joshua Comments

Hi Stuart.

Well said!

Gluten intolerance, intolerance to dairy, adrenal fatigue and out of balance cortisol levels all contribute to Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis symptoms that, as you say, come and go.

Diet, and the body's relationship with various types of foods/ingredients, can play a HUGE role in pain, or lack thereof.

Good for you for experimenting and figuring it out!

And yes, I'm curious for other comments too!

Oct 24, 2010
Similar problems with tenosynvitis and tendonitis and dairy allergy
by: D

female, 32, on most of organic food, started to develop milk intolerance - stopped milk, but eating a lot of cheese. Looks like I may try to get off the diary all together to see how I do.
Had sitting job for 4 years - computer work and I thought for sure I have carpal tunnel, just did not make sense why my arm hurts and for a month I had a slight pain of the hip. I even thought that maybe pregnancies that all ended in miscarriages might have had something to do with it. No child to this day. Joint pain started year ago in wrists (left side more), upper arm pain deep in on the outside (left, feel it when I press in, feels almost like a muscle pain). Few months ago my lower back gave out twice. I got rid off the pain after two long weeks - exercises, swimming.
I have been on prenatal vitamins and additional folic acid. I thought taking vitamins should make this better, but no such luck....
Healthy thyroid, no anemia, negative blood tests for: anticardiolipin antibodies, PTT-LA clotting test, antinuclear antibodies, thyroid antibodies.
The sedimentation rate is 3, which surprises me, since I thought that I have inflammation in my joints, which would logically make the sedimentation higher...?
I will read the protein info/see the video and cut off all the dairy starting tomorrow. I will post my update. I need my hands, hope something will work!
Thanks everyone for sharing the info!


Joshua Comments:

Hi D.

I think the perfect person to talk to about this, and getting pregnant, is Kerri over at www.easy-immune-health.com.

When you start correlating miscarriages and food allergies (and it's likely you're gluten sensitive/intolerant), and magnesium deficiency (which can essentially degrade connective tissue health), then she's the gal to talk to.

Something is going on systemically. While it's possible you have a true tendonitis, it's more likely your pain symptoms are from something effecting your overall function.

Nov 22, 2010
by: Linda

i am a overwight 60 year old female who has tendonitis in various parts of my body over the past 5 years. It started with a trigger finger in my right hand, after multiple cortisone shots, it was operated on.

Almost immediately after i got tendonitis in my left wrist, more cortisone and almost simultaneously i got a trigger finger in my left hand.

In addition I know have tendonitis(bursitis) in my right. Incidentally i have neurfibromotosis.

My doctors have said there is no medical reason for multiple incidents of tendonitis, besides bad luck Any ideas?


Joshua Comments:

Hello Linda.

Ahhhh, doctors. 'No Medical Reason For Multiple Tendonitis Areas'. Unfortunately, they have a very limited definition of 'medical'.

Answer the following question, and I'll be able to better answer.

Do you have these symptoms or NF2 (type 2 Neurofibromotosis?:
* headache
* balance problems, and Vertigo
* facial weakness/paralysis
* patients with NF2 may also develop other brain tumors, as well as spinal tumors
* Deafness and Tinnitus

Dec 01, 2010
Have we been seeing the same doctor?
by: Vivian

I'm amazed and relieved that I'm not alone in my quest to get answers regarding my traveling tendinitis! It's embarrassing to see the people I work with every day while experiencing pain in any one of several areas of my body. I hear myself at times and feel like a hypochondriac because its so strange!

I've suffered for several years with tendinitis in my hip. Sometimes the left and at times the right. When I finally saw the doctor because the pain was so bad he put me on complete bed rest for a week because the tendons were so badly inflamed.

From there I developed what my doctor referred to as a rip-roaring tennis elbow. I had physical therapy because I could barely use my right arm or hand.

He also said I had Carpal Tunnel which I didn't know.

Most recently I developed what I'm sure is more of the same in my right thumb.

My doctor also said btw, it was simply coincidence, although he also felt the need to tell me I should go Salsa dancing and get happy.

I guess he doubled as a dance instructor in the evenings after seeing all those silly women folk who sit around and complain all day about their aches and pains.

This was several years ago and I simply wouldn't see a doctor since then because I was embarrassed.

Mostly it is on my right side and I have one other unusual symptom which may not be related but on my right side upper back (scapula?)
constant painful spot.

I'm always rolling my head from left to right because it always feels like I need to crack it.

I can also feel a spot that is painful to the touch, and is fibrous and just on the right side.

I'd love some direction! Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Vivian.

I'm not going to argue with the Salsa dancing/get happy comment. No downside to that.

However, I doubt it's the whole story.

Guess what the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are? Get a vitamin D level, pronto.

Guess what the symptoms of Magnesium insufficiency/deficiency are?

Nutrition plays a HUGE role in how the body functions. And from what you've said, I'd put my first attention on getting my body full of the right nutrition so it can work how it's supposed to work.

More questions, more answers.

Dec 15, 2010
autoimmune illness with tendonitis symptoms in every joint
by: Anonymous

Hi - seems that a lot of things can cause widespread tendonitis. No one mentioned autoimmune illness besides the thyroid related ones. tendonitis is a fairly common feature of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist has diagnosed tendonitis in every part of my body - around every single joint. He isnt sure if it is due to RA or lupus yet, as i've tested positive for the rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibody test. Have other problems too.

Its painful - good luck to you guys in a dx and treatment.


Joshua Comments:

That's a great point Anonymous! As I often say, Tendonitis symptoms can come from a lot of different directions.

And one of the HUGE sources of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus symptoms, and Fibroymalgia, is Gluten Intolerance

Which, unfortunately, your doctor is unlikely to be any help for.

Dec 17, 2010
Tendonitis and neurofibromotosis
by: Linda

Besides the facial disfigurement and the cafe au lait spots and a long standing hearing loss in my left ear I havw no other symptoms of neurofibromotosis. I do have mild to moderate scoliosis which can either be related to the neurofibromotosis or a family history on the other side of my family. The tendonitis affects both my left side and right side equally. It is fairly constant. My job requires a lot of computer use, however no strenuous physical work ( I am a librarian). Any ideas.



Joshua Comments:

Well, I'd:

Ice Dip a lot and see what happens.

Drop all Gluten from your diet for 30 days, and see what happens.

Eat more good fat, like Omega 3's.

Regular self massage.

10 minutes of yoga stretching in the morning or before you go to bed. All directions.

By doing the above, you'll get SOME kind of results, and then we will have more specific info to talk about.

It's a start.

Jan 28, 2011
Glad I am not alone....
by: Anonymous

Hello, SO I too suffer from wandering tendonitis. I have held many odd jobs, like bartending, serving, nannying, administrative, and I feel as though my joints are constantly overused.

It began in 2006 with serious right wrist tendonitis from bartending. I eventually got a cortisone shot that cured the pain, till this day I still do not feel pain in that wrist.

However, the tendonitis decided to give the left wrist some trouble. This has not been nearly as severe as the right, and comes and goes with overuse.

Soon after my right wrist pain was relieve I developed tendonitis in the right shoulder. I went for another cortisone shot, however this one never fully took effect and the pain resumed two weeks later. Another recent development has been what I believe is DeQuervians. My right hand has tremendous pain right below the thumb/wrist joint. I have been wearing my wrist brace from the previous tendonitis, but b/c it is now in my thumb, the brace doesn't help much.

I typically take lots of Ibuprofen and glucosamine chondroitin, to no avail.
And to boot, just yesterday I developed a large smooth lump on top of my left forearm below my wrist, with pressure I can feel a twinge in my two fingers, but no sharp pain, just soreness. I know this too must be tendonitis or even carpal tunnel.

After reading this column I intend to purchase a Magnesium & Calcium supplement. I am not sure whether to compress the left wrist with this large lump, or to simply ice it, which I have done consistently.

Any advice is apprecaited. I have not returned to my doctor since 2008, when I received the last injection. Slowly but surely I am developing new sore spots.


Joshua Comments:

Why would you get Calcium after this reading this thread? Magnesium, absolutely yes.

Have you done any IceDipping, ala the How To Reduce Inflammation page?

Feb 21, 2011
Can't stop getting injured at only age 21
by: Valen

I just came across this site after experiencing my third tendonitis injury in less than a year.

I'm 21, female, petite, eat plenty of protein 150 grams, plenty of vegetables and greens, but I was raised vegetarian and right now I eat some fish.

Health and fitness are passions of mine and I've been lifting heavy for 5 months now. In this 5 months I've had so many injuries I can't count including tricep tendonitis and as of today bicep tendonitis.

I continue to get injuries despite my warm up, stretching and taking things very slowly.

Last year I had a bout of shin splints/plantar fasciitis that lasted 5 months. I let them heal, but would still experience pain.

It wasn't until I went to a physical therapist and heard him say "there is no injury here, I see no sign of shin splints" that they finally went away.

This is an example of how injuries can turn into something psychological without knowing it.

I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) when I was 12 after spraining my ankles 4 times in a year and then the pain spread body wide.

RSD is in remission now because of the 40+ treatments of oxygen therapy at age 14, but it can show up without my knowledge like with the shin splints.

Please help me. I would really like to focus on my goal of building muscle and just living a normal happy, healthy life, something of which these injuries prevent me from doing so. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Valen.

If you were raised vegetarian I'm going to go on some pretty safe assumptions:
1. Your mother was protein, good fats, and vitamin/mineral deficient in some way, shape, or form, while she was pregnant.
2. You grew up with a certain amount of the same.

So structurally you're not as 'tough' as you'd like to be.

Fixable? Yes, but it will take some time and effort.

Here's my suggestions, and you can always ask more questions.

1. Get your Vitamin D level checked and then get your Vitamin D3 level up between 50-80 ASAP.

2. Get enough Magnesium into your body.

3. More good fats, and a lot of them: Omega 3 fats, good wild fish/salmon fat, pastured meats and eggs. Omega 3's are anti-inflammatory, and good fat is VITAL to healthy cell function, among other things.

4. Protein. Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements. See #3.

5. B6 and B12 (MUST be Methlycobalamin)

Maybe you have RSD and CRPS. Maybe you're just life long nutrient deficient.

Apr 30, 2011
Help me too! Athlete with all over tendonitis.
by: Anonymous

A lot of these posts have resonated with me, as I have a very similar story.

I am 19 years old and female. I have been active my entire life and have been a serious athlete for 6 or 7 years. I started doing triathlons in college and loved it! I was able to train with aboslutely no pain for a year and then I got IT band syndrom. It made sense because I had just increased my milege, so I went to PT.

The ITBS got better, and then I strained my achilles tendon. When that got better, I continued to run but still had throbbing aching pain in my hips and a constant tightness. I fell off a horse this summer and hurt my back.

Starting after the fall, I stopped running entirely and started swimming. Even with the decrease in activity, my symptoms seemed to get worse, I got biceps tendonitis, and my hip pain increased. I was diagnosed with hip tendonitis, and burisitis, and plantar fasciitis. As winter progressed, I stopped almost all activity except PT, Pilates, and Yoga. I was not running, yet would intermittenly experience shin splints and burisitis below my knees and hamstring tendonitis. I also had similar pains my my elbows but no doctor ever really confronted that.

I started feeling better and started running again. A week into running again, I developed hamstring tendonits. my PT said this is a normal result of getting the body active again, but I know my body and I have been an athlete for many years with no trouble or injuries whatsover, until this year where I was diagnosed with 6 different soft tissue injuries. I also experience a lot of muscle aches and spasms.

As for my diet, I was a vegetarian up until winter when we started investigating the nutrition route. I eat consistent protein and I eat very healthy, fruits and veggies and whole grains.

What could this be?? Early this week I had what I would call an "attack" of sorts where my entire body felt inflammed and sore, and I hadn't even worked out in a few days. I had had a lot of beer, bagels and bread in 24 hours so I decided to go off gluten starting yesterday to see if that is it!

Any information can help! I just want to be myself again!


Joshua Comments:

What could it be?


1. Nutritional deficiency from years of being athletic and vegetarian.

2. Protein deficient from years of being athletic and vegetarian.

3. Good fats deficient from years of being athletic and vegetarian.

3. Vitamin D deficient. Get checked, make sure your level is between 50-80. You probably shouldn't take prescription Vitmain D2 as it's shown to raise level but to confer little to no results. You need D3, which you'll find on store shelves.

4. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link in this thread.

If you just had pain problem in a couple spots, that would be more functional biomechanics, but if you're feeling tendonitis symptoms all over, that's generally a deeper, nutritional issue(s).

Jul 09, 2011
Elbow & Ankle problem in 44 year old footballer
by: Stuart Southall

I am a fairly fit and active 44 year old. Played football & done running for most my life. Diet is generally good, fruit, veg etc.... Very little processed food.

Approx 10 years ago diagnosed with tennis elbow, despite physio etc... ended up having cortisone injection, which cleared this up.

Towards the back end of 2010 i have been getting pain in the underside of both my elbows, perhaps golfers elbow (although i dont play!)and the topside of my right elbow, the one which had the jab all those years ago.

In feb this year i got an achilles tendon injury while playing football. Did the typical things to resolve, having not recovered from this injury (still unable to play football, running is difficult and cannot walk down the stairs in the morning) i was sent by my GP for further assesment & physio.

The physio diagnosed tendinopathy in my injured (right) ankle, and found that my left ankle, which although is stiff sometimes is fairly OK, also is showing signs. In fact when she was touching both tendons it was quite painful.

I cannot believe that all these tendon problems are co-incidence, hence me looking for a website such as this!

My job is not physical, typically desk related work and about 20,000 miles per year driving.

I cant believe that at 44 i am a washed up has been footballer who can no longer go running and throwing darts in the garage ends up with a painful elbow!! Is there any saving grace????


Joshua Comments

Hi Stuart.

There's plenty of saving grace! It will take some time and effort though.

1. I'm curious about your diet. Every time somebody says 'I eat healthy, fruits & veggies etc' I challenge them.

There's more to a healthy diet than meets the eye. I'll bet you a dollar you don't get/eat enough protein, enough good fats, and enough of certain nutrients.

2. That Corticosteroid Injection didn't clear up your Tennis Elbow dynamic, it just got rid of the Tennis Elbow Symptoms enough that you didn't feel any pain.

But the dynamic continued to get worse.

3. You don't have tendon problems. You have a Pain Causing Dynamic that so far you have only -felt- at/near the tendons.

4. What have you been doing for the pain so far?

Jul 13, 2011
reply from s southall
by: Stuart Southall

Have done nothing for the pain. Cant say i get that much pain throughout the day, certainly no major discomfort in general walking about.

First thing in the morning it is difficult to walk down the stairs, but after about 10 mins of bieng up & about the stiffness and discomfort eases and i can pretty much move freely.

Discomfort comes if doing too much walking about and up until recently i was still running (plodding) which was uncomfortable and ached afterwards.

At present i am doing no impact exercise, a little walking during the day, about 30 mins on bike twice a week and 30 mins on cross trainer 4 times a week.

Main pain is when the tendon is manipulated as in the visit to physio last week.

Right ankle tendon is the worse although i think this was aggravated during football (soccer).

Over the last week a lump has appeared on this tendon although no increase in pain.

You are probably right on the diet front, i suppose all i mean is i'm not a big junk / crap food eater!


Joshua Comments:

I'm curious if that lump on the Achilles it swelling/inflammation, or fast scar tissue build up.

You, my friend, are a great candidate for my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook.

You have to deal with the Process of Inflammation, scar tissue build up, and the factors that are CAUSING your pain and Achilles pain issue.

Aug 03, 2011
Help please, tendonitis in elbow wrist and heel.
by: Aaron

I have learned a great amount from this site thank you! So maybe you can help me a bit more. I am a 30 year old male who is affected by elbow, wrist, and heel tendonitis. I am very active and generally eat a healthy low caliorie high protein diet. I work out in the gym 3-4 days a week and don't do much cardio but focus on weights . I take msm glucosmine daily. Now for the bad....I do enjoy drinking wine and beer moderetly 4 to five days a week. Could this be all pun intended "My achilles heel"? Are there any other things that could be casuing it?


Joshua Comments:

Hey Aaron.

Is the booze causing the pain? Unlikely, unless your body really doesn't like the gluten and the nitrates.

A. Why are you on a low calorie diet?
B. What exactly does 'low calorie' mean, in your case?
C. What's your height/weight?
D. Are you lifting for size/bulk?
E. History of injury?
F. Overall health?

Aug 10, 2011
Multi-site tendonitis pain
by: Anonymous

It's very interesting reading everyone's symptom list and subsequent comments. I am a 46 y/o female in fairly decent health except for the multi site tendon pain, which has been ongoing for 8 years. Mine started in my right knee and left elbow. Several Dr.s said I had a torn meniscus, even though they could see my tendon "jumping" when I bent or straightened my leg. After 5 years, I had surgery on my knee, in which the doc "cleaned up" my shreddy tendon. That spot on knee is better, but I still have problems in my neck, right shoulder and wrist, left elbow and wrist, the top area of both knees, and both feet and ankles. I've seen 3 rheumatolgists and have been tested for everything under the sun, except obviously the correct condition. I eat a well balanced diet and try to exercise (walking, stretching) when I can bear the pain, I take a multi-vit, and am a healthy weight. Any further ideas?


Joshua Comments:

Lots of ideas Anonymous!

If you're having all over tendonitis, that's nutritional. Long term nutritional deficiency. (I use the term 'deficiency' loosely.)

So of course doctors aren't going to find a solution for you. They're looking for a single thing. But the body doesn't work that way, not even with true tendonitis.

1. Get your Vit D level up to between 50-80
2. See and do: Magnesium for Tendonitis

That's the first start.

Aug 10, 2011
Dieting and aging
by: Aaron

Well I am 5/9 180 pounds. Diet of about 1000-1200 cals. 20 - 40g protein and very little carbs. Work out regimens include light amounts of cardio main focus of weight lifting. Trying to build lean mass and remove small amounts of body fat from stingy areas such as love handles and chest. I stay very active volunteering at a Fire Dept. Is this just a sign of aging?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Aaron.

Is what a sign of aging?

Going on a diet? Absolutely that's a sign of aging!

Dude, if you want to build lean muscle mass, you need to eat some protein.

You're burning that 20-40 grams of protein for energy, not using it for building anything.

Aug 29, 2011
What's Going On With Me? -- Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: Sandra

I'm a 59 year old overweight female. Over the last ten years I have had plantar faciitis bilateral, tennis elbow bilateral, carpal tunnel bilateral (had surgery but it's back) trigger finger in the right hand and now a very very painful Achilles tendon problem that has gotten worse even though I have stopped walking for exercise.

I have been weight lifting for l8 months but have been advised to stop as the extra weight is making the lump on my ankle worse and now the other heel is showing signs too. Most of these problems cropped up for no apparent reason.

I am lactose intolerant but drink lactose free milk. I have hypothyroidism. I take Vitamin D and omega 3. My doctor has also told me I just have "bad luck" but I can't believe this many tendons can be compromised for no reason.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sandra.

One thing that's going on with you, is that your doctor has no idea what's going on with you.

'Bad Luck'??!? WTF? Fire that clueless moron.

1. Nutritional deficiency. Lack of Magnesium, Vitamin D (how much are you taking, and what was your Vit D level when you last got it tested? Secific number, please.)

MAGNESIUM FOR TENDONITIS Magnesium for Tendonitis


2. Gluten intolerant. Gluten intolerance, or gluten insensitivity, etc, over time, leads to exactly what you are describing; overweight/weight gain, nutritional deficiency, physical pain, etc.

3. Protein deficiency. More protein, more good fats, less carbs.

4. The more fat you have, the more you have to take Vit D. Vit D stores itself in bodyfat, which can then make it difficult to pull it back out to utilize it.

Again, how much are you taking and what is your level?

5. Gluten Intolerance, over time, also messes up your body in other ways, like helps toss the thyroid out of balance. That's pretty complicated and outside my realm. Check out Kerri's site: www.Easy-Immune-Health.com

LOADS of relevant information there.


6. So while technically you have Tendonitis and could benefit from some physical things to reverse the tendonitis dynamic, your primary issue is nutritional/systemic.

You can attack them both at the same time, but first thing's first:

* Get off ALL Gluten for at least two months.
* Get Magnesium and Vit D into you at the appropriate levels.
* Eat more protein, more good fats, less carbs. Carbs and processed foods mess you up. How do I know? Because it's obvious.

Lets start there. Look through Kerri's website, read what I linked to above, and let me know what your vitamin D level is and how much you're taking.

Sep 03, 2011
Multiple joint tendonitis -- Paleo diet -- Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: Michael

Hi all,

Some of these comments sound as if I wrote them. I'm 19 & was an athlete until I got a shoulder injury (part of my tendon tore off and embedded itself in the cartilage) now have had surgery 5 months ago and is improving slowly but now i'm developing tendonitis all over, both achilles, both patella tendons, both medial elbow tendons & now my left shoulder is inflamed.

However, I switched to a 'PALEOLITHIC' diet. I highlight that because it is what i put my recovery down to. I know this sounds like yet another fad diet.

But bare with me, it makes logical sense. It only includes the food our ancestors ate before the agricultural revolution.

Our ancestors did not grow crops or milk wild cows. Our genetics did not evolve to eat cereals, grains, dairy, legumes so now in our modern diet when we eat them every day our body can't cope & inflammatory conditions follow.

If this even remotely sounds reasonable to you i recommend reading either dr. loren cordains 'paleo diet' or robb wolfs 'paleo solution' i hope this helps. I feel your pain but it doesn't need to last!

I'm sorry to advertise on your board but this has helped so much i needed to share it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Michael.

I don't mind advertising when I agree with it. I went to high school with Robb Wolf, fun factoid.

While I'm not 100% onboard the paleo diet theory ancestor-wise, I very much do agree with a diet of:

* no processed foods
* no gluten
* If milk, ONLY organic raw milk from pastured cows (I'm a HUGE fan of raw milk)

As far as the health affects, absolutely. MOST Tendonitis comes from a nutritional deficiency and/or inflammatory condition.

It's more complex than that of course, but still.

But ultimately, your body can put more energy into healing when it doesn't have to deal with the negative factors of inflammatory agents taken in as food.

Thanks for sharing!

And what do you mean your tendon 'embedded' itself into the cartiledge? You mean like punctured??

Sep 05, 2011
Still frustrated with travelling tendonitis
by: jennybenny

I am a 43 year old slightly overweight woman with traveling tendonitis. It started a year and a half ago when I was down in weight and running about 15 miles a week. I ran a 5K and really pushed it and injured my peroneal tendon in my ankle.

After letting it rest for 3 months, I tried to run again only to have it swell again, so I saw a doctor who ruled out a tear and immobilized it for two weeks.

Shortly after that, I developed mid back pain which wouldn't go away even with ibuprofen. I began to see a chiropractor who said my muscles are as tight as an 80 year old and began adjusting and doing massage.

The back pain has subsided with the treatments, but in working on my back muscles, I developed tennis elbow. After ultrasound and wearing a band, it is starting to also subside, but now my knee is in horrible pain. I can't run, walk, vacuum the house or even sit cross-legged. The pain has occurred on both sides of my body. In the middle of all this, I was diagnosed with Graves disease and have been started on methimazole for that.

In the last three years, my blood tests have also shown my rheumatoid factor is high - in 2006 it was 97, and this last spring it was down to 34.

However, the Rheumatologist said I do not have Rheumatoid arthritis since I don't have red, swollen joints or parallel pain in my body. I have switched my diet to higher protein, eliminated breads and reduced carbs drastically, stopped drinking any Diet drinks, upped my fruits and veggies, and reduced calories. I have not eliminated gluten or dairy. I have added about 600 mg of magnesium to my daily diet.

I am concerned that this is either related to the rheumatoid factor or the Graves disease but my doctors don't seem to think so. I'm sick of this!!! Help!

Joshua Comments In Next Section

Oct 02, 2011
Joshua Responds to Jenny - Still frustrated with travelling tendonitis
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Jenny.

Well, good news/bad news.



No if's and's or buts.

Might as well go off milk too, but switch to Raw milk.

Anytime there's any kind of auto-immune issue, you have to go off gluten.

Because, in short, gluten is an inflammatory agent, and auto-immune disease is the result of that.

It can and does mess up your body in all sorts of ways, including rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, thyroid imbalance, increased weight, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Notice how many 'etc's I added? There's a reason for that.


And you're doing other good things. More protein, great. More good fats, great.

You've cut the soft drinks (your body thanks you!). You've increased protein. Great, do more of that.

You've cut calories, which may or may not be a good thing, as if you cut carbs you're now using protein for fuel....so increase your protein again.

If you can switch from nasty pastuerized/homogenized milk to Raw milk, go right ahead. Raw milk is GOOD food. Regular milk would be undrinkable without the pasteurization, and pasteurization has it's own problems, and homogenization has it's own problems.

600mg of Magnesium is great, but it may not be enough. You need as much as your body needs. Get more into and onto your body (Hot epsom salt baths with about half a pound or so of epsom salt in it, more magnesium taken more times throughout the day, ionic liquid magnesium, magnesium gel for topical application (I don't like that it makes my skin itch, but doesn't do that for everyone)).

And, what's your Vitamin D level? It's low, I promise. Get your Vit D level tested and make sure it's between 50-80.

Check out my Kerri's site www.Easy-Immune-Health.com. She's got tons of information relevant to you.

Yes you have some Symptoms of Tendonitis, but you've got some deeper systemic issues that need to get dealt with first and foremost (as they're causing most of your tendonitis symptoms.

Oct 04, 2011
just beginning my search for answers
by: WK

Hard to say where to start. I am a 58 year old male (not overweight), always been pretty active, that has had an interesting year medically. Now trying to piece the entire history together. In April due to a splinter sliver type puncture on the front of my right index finger I developed a fast moving and severe tenosynovitis that within 3 days resulted in a 4 day hospitalization with operation to clean out the synovium of the finger into the top of the palm.

Cultures never grew whatever the organism was that caused the infection. During the one month with stitches my right shoulder developed tendonitis due to the way I was having to carry my arm. Went through both occupational and physical therapy and reclaimed about 95% of the movement back to the finger (which I understand is good given the condition).

During that period I whacked the tip of my left elbow resulted in inflamation that was minor at first but developed into full blown tennis elbow. Went to ortho and got a cortisone shot but it did not really knock back the inflamation.

Background - 8 years ago I had severe tennis elbow in my right arm due to repetitive stress (stripping paint) that over the course of a few years did not respond to multiple cortisone shots. When in therapy discovered trigger point manipulation (dry needling) to get the forarm muscles to relax their death grip on the tendon and the condition finally gave way.
Left arm is currently still in process as I found the therapist that did the work 8 years ago. Both shoulders now are in a constant state of discomfort with tendonitis.

The other problem -
Over the past 3 or so decades I have been subjected to a recurring condition called left on left sacral torsion (I only learned it had a name this past month) and have been receiving treatment for it. The same muscle spasm triggers the issue each time.The time period between episodes has been shortening. I know that this condition deals with the sacroiliac joint and tendons that maybe don't hold as tight as they should.

more background -
some 30+ years ago I had a hard fall that landed square on the hip. First I was treated for bursitis then for sciatic type pain as the therapies seemed to chase the pain around. At some point dots were connected to result in a tentative diagnosis of Reiters arthritis.

The blood test came up negative for the marker but was given naprosin (pre-over the counter) and the conditions disapeared. I am thinking the tosion probs date back to the event.

Trying to move forward. nutrition is next.

Oct 18, 2011
Joshua Replies To - just beginning my search for answers -- Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hi WK.

1. So you got a sliver and got infected, it sounds like, yes?

2. It also sounds like you hit your elbow and it kicked in a, well, really it aggravated a currently existing Pain Causing Dynamic.

3. Your sacral thing isn't an issue of not tight enough, it's an issue of TOO TIGHT. The joint is being compressed 24/7 by too tight muscle and connective tissue. Gotta open that up.

The Tendonitis dynamic causes Arthritis due to that compressive, joint-grinding mechanism.

This is kind of a short answer, but...

A. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation for your Tennis Elbow dynamic.

B. Follow the Magnesium for Tendonitis link(s) you'll find in this thread.

C. Wouldn't hurt to get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works or even Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook (both focus on the forearm which is the culprit of both). Both include the nutritional informaiton you're looking for.

D. For the Hip, other than specific self massage, ice massage, and nutrition, my big gun to suggest is The ARPwave System.

More questions, more answers.

Oct 24, 2011
Similar problems!
by: Anonymous

I am 33, and have had tendinitis in my knees since I was 24. About 2 years ago I started getting it in my shoulders as well, and was diagnosed with Lyme disease and treated.

During treatment I felt great. Since it ended it has all gone downhill. The pain in my knees is worse than ever, along with my hips, shoulders, neck and jaw.

I've seen a rheumatologist, and after a battery of tests (positive ANA, high sed rate, high C-reactive protein, high C3), she has diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis (I've had psoriasis since I was 5). I'm meeting with her this week to discuss treatment options, but thought if anyone could benefit from hearing my story, I would add it to this thread. I am leaning toward agreeing to take methotrexate, because I'm desperate for some sort of relief. Whatever we end up doing, I look forward to being able to walk again without being in screaming pain.


Joshua Comments:

So you were diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Ok. But that's a symptom of something, not a cause. Ask your doc what CAUSED the psoriatic arthritis.

Maybe it's LYME's disease. If you've been bitten by a tick. Have you been bitten by a tick?

If you haven't been bitten by a tick, even if you have, you MUST MUST MUST go ENTIRELY off of ALL gluten.

Gluten intolerance causes auto-immune issues. Period.

I highly suggest that you talk with Kerri over at www.Easy-Immune-Health.com What you describe is within her area of expertise.

She's systemic, I'm local/specific injury. You may have Tendonitis symptoms, but they're not coming from true, repetitive strain type factors. They're coming from auto-immune inflammation and nutritional deficiency.

I can answer general questions here, but do talk with Kerri.

Nov 01, 2011
Celiac Disease, off of all gluten and back pain and tummy issues are gone but still have bouts of inflammation and other symptoms
by: Martina

Hi, i have just come across this page and i just have to try for some answers...my husband (32) has had skin and tummy problems all his life.

Also chronic back pain. 3yrs ago doc tested for coeliac disease, bloods came back positive. he went for biopsy and it was negative.

However coeliac specialist doctor in northern Ireland advised a strict gluten free diet for life which he sticks to.

After a few weeks on the diet back pain has almost completely disappeared. BUT... still flares up now and again. He also has carpel tunnel syndrome and teitz syndrome. More recently he gets pain in his knees and hands and feet.

He also experiences tingling in his hands when he comes in from outside to inside (not just in extremely cold weather but not so much in hot summer weather. usually start in autumn) his hands go stiff and he finds it hard to pick up things and has a lot of pain.

He is otherwise fit and healthy and has a very low sitting heart rate (which is good i guess?) the only other health problems he has ever had is he caught meningitis 3yrs ago.

I should also add that his mum suffers from factor 8 thrombophelia. my husband was tested for this and we got told his ptt time was 9seconds, a little quicker than average but nothing to be concerned about. His tummy and skin problems have resolved with the gluten free diet (he never eats glten) but the inflamation just keeps coming.

Sometimes none, sometimes everything inflamed at once. im just thinking...he also has probs with his ears, he cant hear very well out of one or both ears at times and at other times he hears perfectly well. Doctors have said all this stuff is not related...what do you think??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Martina.

I imagine it's all related.

Celiac disease (or Coeliac as it's also spelled) is a serious inability to deal with gluten. Gluten, btw, is an inflammatory agent and nobody should be eating it. Especially Irish genetics, something like 85% of Irish bloodline is gluten intolerant.

So that's great that he doesn't eat any. I bet he occasionally is eating gluten in foods that he thinks are gluten free but aren't.

Long term gluten intolerance causes things like Leaky Gut which causes systemic inflammation and auto-immune issues, and nutritional deficiency.

Make sure he's getting plenty of Magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is a big factor in a variety of hearing/ear issues.

Make sure his Vitamin D level is between 50-80 ng/ml.

Getting off of all gluten is step 1. Step 2 is getting enough good nutrition into him so his body can heal from a lifetime of negative factors.

Nov 14, 2011
me too, milk allergy, and other causes: childhood diabetes
by: Anonymous

First, I echo all the sentiments of being SO glad to find this page.

Second, to the people who mentioned milk allergies. I started having the same vaguely allergic reactions to milk, eggs, and peanut butter at puberty. The symptoms stopped at menopause; I don't know what the relationship there is.

The allergy I have is NOT lactose intolerance. There is a protein -- starts with "o", I learned about it off-hand in 1985 but never mastered the name in time to write it down -- in all 3 of those foods, and people who are allergic to it tend to go massively underdiagnosed.

The problem for me was, when my outward symptoms more or less disappeared after menopause, I started revelling in diary, eggs, and peanuts. I did notice the coincidence of my rapid increase in tendon problems in my hands, and kept asking doctors and physical therapists if they knew if it was related, and they all said there was no relationship. As of today I won't be asking them any more. It will be SO hard to give up milk all over again, though. :-(

Third, I learned a few days ago that part of my problem is my life-long diabetes. (Should have been obvious, what can I say.) I don't know if this applies to anybody else writing here, but a highly-recommended rheumatologist told me that children with badly controlled Type 1 diabetes (which I was 5 decades ago) tend to have shortened tendons. I've had short tendons surgically severed internally and diagnosed in my ankles, and tendon problems in my hips and shoulders, so this finally explains a lifetime of tendon problems.

Mind you, with diabetes come a host of other complications that just aggravate the tenosynovitis, including 4 decades of poor circulation in my hands (plus Raynaud's Phenomenon). My tenosynovitis kicks up every October like clockwork, when it gets cold, and driving becomes a humongous problem, as my hands turn to icicles. I tried electric gloves but haven't found any that you can shovel wet snow in and without shorting out.

On top of that, add a family tendency towards excessive scar tissue formation, a family tendency towards extreme osteoarthritis, and an intolerance for aspirin and other NSAIDs, and *all* my tendons, but especially my hands, are waging an uphill battle.

But I am going to try to give up milk (with huge quantities of self-pity), and to eat more of the other foods recommended here and elsewhere: foods high in connective tissue (chicken, fish), foods high in Vitamin C, Calcium, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory benefits (papaya, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, turmeric, ginger (among others)). Here's hoping the next time I write I can bend and straighten my fingers better, at least.

Thank you EVERYONE for this thread.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. I didn't see Magnesium, B6, B12, or Vit D on your list. They should be on your list, as symptoms you describe match up with those nutritional deficiencies.

2. What's your Vitamin D level?

Nov 15, 2011
magnesium and vitamin d and celiac disease
by: Martina

Hi Joshua, thanks for getting back to me, so you think that if he takes magnesium and vitamin d that the inflamation should settle down? or is it something he will have to deal with because of being gluten intolerant and the damage it has done when he was eating it? is there anything else you would suggest he should take to speed recovery? he has been gluten free for over 2years now. I should have mentioned before that he would be quite tired a lot, he would describe his brain as being blurry or mushy sometimes...i guess he means he cant think straight...cant find the words he wants sometimes. i suspect this comes from a lack of something also? thankyou so much again for your reply, your site is great. it fantastic to have someone acknowledge that there is a link between it all...we knew it all along!! Martina


Joshua Comments:

Hi Martina.

1. If he's actually been off gluten for 2 years and still has foggy brain etc, then it's safe to say that A. his gut hasn't healed yet because/and B. he's still significantly nutrient deficient.

2. And, depending on how sensitive he is, it may be worth it to pay MORE attention to what he's eating, in the sense that lots of foods have gluten that you wouldn't expect them too. Basically, anything processed is likely to be guilty.

3. I don't know if Mag and Vit D will cause his inflammation to reduce, but I do know that if he's short on those nutrients he doesn't have lots of potential to get better in the first place. Both are big players in brain fog too.

If he has a lifetime of suffering and physical breakdown from nutritional deficiency and systemic inflammation and the side effects of gluten breaking down in the gut into morphine-like byproducts, then it may take some time doing the right things to help his body revive and heal and get back towards optimal working mechanics.

Also see this for Brain Fog:

Nov 28, 2011
Tendonitis in multiple joints, what's going on with me???
by: luci


I'm 36 healthy and active and for the past year and half i've been having tendonitis all over my joints, calcific shoulder, aquiles tend., tennis elbow, knee, plantar fasciitis... it's keeping me from doing sports and exercises I love, please help!!!

I also forgot to menton that I'm lactose intolerant, and I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks now.I'm taking magnesium 400mg a day, vitamin C,D and B complex, using dmso gel, doing ice, P.T (ultrasound once a week) and my tennis elbow still here, it's been painful for about a month and half,



Joshua Comments:

Hi Luci.

If you have all over pain showing up like that, that's nutritional deficiency (which includes auto-immune issues from gluten intolerance and Leaky Gut.

Why pnly 400mg of Mag?

More Magnesium.

NO GLUTEN. Make sure you're reading labels and also do some research to see all the ingredients that actually are gluten.

Get your Vitamin D3 level up to between 50-80ng/ml.

Ask questions, keep me updated.

Dec 13, 2011
Vit D deficiency and overall health and pinot noir and inflammation
by: Susan

After reading a lot of these posts, I think I know what my issues are :). Thank you!

Based on the feedback I've seen from you, it appears that lack of proper nutrition is likely a huge factor in my pain.

So, I think I only have 2 questions, but they're long questions!

1) I think you said not to take prescription Vitamin D. Why not? And if that's not advisable, how in the world do I raise my levels...I was tested in May '11 and it was at 13!!! :( I took prescription Vit D for 6 weeks but haven't been re-tested.

2) you say that Gluten intolerance likely contributes to autoimmune diseases like RA...I understand that from the standpoint of inflammation in the body, but is RA reversible? I'm a runner, and I want to keep running. I don't know that I have any auto-immune condition, but I know I'm having chronic pain that I shouldn't have at age 39.

I am absolutely positive that I am protein deficient and that a change in diet could be helpful and will be necessary. But cutting out all gluten??? Come on! I exist for a couple of glasses of red wine at night! How do you know if someone needs to not only improve nutrition but also cut out all gluten?

If you say inflammation, I might start crying because there's no question that I have inflammation running rampant, but I need to know if I have to go without it entirely to benefit or if I can cheat with a glass of Pinot Noir?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hey Susan.


1. Prescription Vit D is Vit D2. Research shows that D2 brings levels up but confers little to none of the benefits.

What do you mean 'how in the world do I raise my levels' (without prescription Vit D)?

Easy. You go to the store and get a bottle of liquid Vit D3 that provides 2,000i.u.'s per -drop-.

You can take a day's worth at once or a week's worth at once or a months worth, 3 month's worth, 6 month's worth at once. Your body is designed to store it.

Once a month I take four -dropper- fulls. That's approx 350,000i.u.'s. A little less in summer.

You may want to do the same. Though if you were at a 13, you may want to do that twice a month for a couple months.

Make sure to take it with Magnesium, as A. magnesium is required to convert the supplement into it's active form in your blood and B. you may get magnesium deficiency symptoms if you take Vit D and don't have enough Magnesium in you.

And of course, you need adequate B6 to utilize Magnesium....

2. Aside from that, it depends. Do you have RA symptoms? Or are you just sore from working out?

But yes, you have inflammation. Everybody does. Want to cut it down and be healthier? Cut down/out gluten products.

There's gluten in wine? Are you sure about that?

Go find out for sure (that's your homework).

Dec 14, 2011
Red wine, gluten, running injuries & chronic pain
by: Susan

Gluten isn't naturally found in wine but is now in some wines due to contamination from the barrels used and some winemakers are using wheat as a clarifying agent. 

I'm 39, have run 4 Half Marathons in the past 2 years, and started training for a Full in June. I ignored some nagging sore spots and ended up with stress fractures in both tibias by Sept. I knew I was vit D deficient and I had a bone density test...it's in the normal range.

Prior to my injury, I had no serious physical problems or injuries. I had PF and runner's knee briefly but got those symptoms to mostly go away. I did PT and strengthening exercises for the supporting muscle groups, but I didnt address nutrition, and I am sure that was a factor in my injuries. I was strong enough in the cardiovascular realm to be able to run a lot more than my body could handle.

Took 6 weeks off after the injury, but I didn't change much else :(. The first few days of my break from running were extremely painful. I hurt evrrywhere. I felt torn to shreds. I asked my ortho about it at my 3 wk check-up because I was still very sore in lots of places (shins of course, but also my shoulders, biceps, hips, knees, ankles and feet). He said it was tendonitis, bursitis and lots of inflammation. He said my body was probably in shock from stopping my physical activity so abruptly and to "get in the pool ASAP!".. but I didn't....i am a stubborn and non-compliant patient at times. I have 3 kids, a husband who is frequently laid up with various physical issues, and I also work in a high stress field. My daily life wears me out (stairs, on my feet a TON at home but sedentary at the office, skip meals at times, constantly juggling). 

I'm 5ft 2 in, 100 pounds, dont get enough calories, probably don't eat enough protein but if I don't have enough calories, the protein doesn't help build my muscles anyway! I used to drink a couple of Boosts with Extra Protein daily, but have slacked on that too. Basically, I'm a nutrient-deficient, almost 40 year old woman, with the metabolism of a hummingbird! 

I'll post the rest in a second comment...sorry!

Dec 14, 2011
Continued comment (gluten, Nutrition, running injuries)
by: Anonymous

I have some very tight muscles and tendons (obviously), and I knew this could be a problem, but I didn't take action in my previous training periods. I know that I have to make changes because the downward spiral has begun. I feel tight and sore every day, and the slightest extra physical activity triggers new pain. I'm doing Pilates 1 X per wk and am back to running a few miles 2 X per wk. But I can feel the weakness everywhere, and Pilates kicks my ass (big time sore shoulders, hips, and shaky thighs and hams). 

I got scared when the soreness didn't improve much after lots of time off. started wondering if I could have RA or lupus because I have pain in so many places, and it's always beating in the background, even when it's not screaming at me from strain due to exercise or over-use. My doc ran tests for Lupus and RA and I'll get those results soon. I believe my traveling aches and pains are systemic so I want to find out more about what I need to do nutritionally.

So...Liquid Vit D3, magnesium, B-complex vitamins, tons of pure protein and?? Go gluten-free? If I do these things and do them correctly, do you know how long it will take to see results? Will it hurt me to continue running and doing Pilates or do you think I need to take more time off? Should I be doing the ice massages and ice dipping along with changing my diet?


Joshua Comments:

Hey Susan.

Well the good news is, there's plenty of gluten free wine out there!

Thanks for the history. I use the word 'deficient' loosely, but yes, you're deficient. And your body basically literally can't heal (not optimally, anyway) or even recover because it doesn't have the building blocks it needs.

Should you be doing the ice massages and dipping? Absolutely.

Should you be running? Probably not yet. Walk fast, like in Tim Ferriss' 'The 4-Hour Body'.

IMHO, your sports goals for the moment should be to become a nutritional athlete. Your sport is getting necessary nutrients into your body, and utilizing them to heal and recover. Ice massaging and ice dipping are part of the training.

Get to work.

Build yourself up, and then start running again. You've got some healing to do first.

Jan 03, 2012
Tenosynovitis and Vitamin D deficiency
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for maintaining such a treasure-trove of information online. I have developed new wrist/hand and foot pains that do not seem to be responding to steroids or NSAIDs - MRI of the wrist shows flexor tenosynovitis and Tc99 scan of the joints shows uptake in both hands, knees and shoulders though I have no symptoms besides in the hands and feet. I'm seronegative (RF, ANA, CCP) and have no elevation of ESR/CRP. My understanding is that the radioisotope uptake is due to nonspecific leak through porous vasculature at sites of inflammation and correlates with likelihood of an inflammatory (i.e., seronegative rheumatoid) arthritis. I am also vitamin D deficient (4ng/ml) by virtue of vegetarianism, milk avoidance, indoor lifestyle and dark skin. I'm in the process of replacing this.

In your experience, is there any connection between hypovitaminosis D and increased joint uptake of Tc99? If there is, I would feel a whole lot better about not having seronegative RA. If not, I have to assume it's hypovitaminosis complicating underlying seroneg RA...

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.




Joshua Comments:

Hi Jay.

A 4???? Wow. That's BAD.

Yes, Vitamin D deficiency is absolutely correlative to ALL SORTS of pain and problem. See the Vitamin D pages at www.Easy-Immune-Health.com.

Vitamin D is required to utilize calcium. Vitamin D deficiency causes all sorts of bone related problem. Which then causes inflammation, pain, shrinkage of the bone, etc.

Along those lines, fair warning. You may or may not experience bone pain when replacing the Vit D in your body. Suck it up and get through it. The pain is from your bone regaining size and density inside the shrinkwrapping of the periosteum.

1. You must get your Vit D levels up NOW. It doesn't take months to do. Get liquid Vit D3 that comes in 2,000i.u.'s per drop.

2. All the technical questions are moot (and theoretical) until you get your level up. Get your level up to between 50-80 ng/ml, using Vitamin D3 (NOT prescription Vit D which is Vit D2).

2. You must take Magnesium (anything other than Magnesium Oxide) with your Vit D to convert the supplement into it's active form in the blood. And of course B6 is required to utilize Magnesium.

3. Food is not a source of Vitamin D. It's sunshine or supplement.

4. Don't let a doctor scare you with Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. If you do have joint pain etc, vit d deficiency is a huge factor, and gluten intolerance is the other. Your bones have no chance of operating healthily without Vitamin D.


Tell me what your doctor has said/done about your vit d level and get the level up.

Jan 05, 2012
continued comments re: low Vit D
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Joshua.
Yeah, I just started replacing Vit D with 50000IU of D3, 1gm of calcium, and have just checked magnesium levels. No increase in pain so far (3 days). Will recheck levels in a month and again in 2 months. Will keep you posted.

Jan 27, 2012
Peanut is Exhausted - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: Peanut Norah

Hi, I read this page a few months ago and have come back to it. I'm trying to read experiences of others, and what you've recommended to them, but I'm exhausted from disturbed sleep so this may be easier!

So last February I thought I'd pulled a muscle in one arm. Then the other, then the left shoulder, then the right, then back to the first upper arm, then the left instep, then my wrist, then my knee, then... you get it, the list goes on. Sleepless nights, unable to drive every 3rd day because of the pain, etc. etc. Pain in each place lasted 3-4 days, then I had a day pain-free before it 'travelled' to a new spot.

In October I had full blood screens, and my Dr found little other than I was anaemic. 3 days later I found this page, started taking Mag & Vit D, and have been off the pain killers ever since... Wonderful!

But now I've had a shoulder, my neck (never before, related?) and at this moment, my right instep. I'm on as many pain killers as we're allowed (in UK) and it hasn't touched it. I have an ice pack in the freezer that's almost ready for application... can't wait!

38yo f, 2yo child, BMI 33, activity level moderate (toddler plus 4 x a week 30 mins on treadmill at 3.5-4kmph)(had pregnancy problems which means I have to take things easy still...)

Please can you suggest something else that might help? Or something I can say to my Dr? She's trying hard, but struggling to find an answer. I didn't sleep through my pregnancy, sleep deprived for a year because of baby, now toddler is sleeping through but I have had a year of this!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Peanut.

I need more info...

1. What does this mean, exactly? 2 years later? Please elaborate: "(had pregnancy problems which means I have to take things easy still...)"

2. What is your Vitamin D level?

3. How much Vitamin D do you take?

4. How much magnesium have you been taking? What kind?

5. In general, how flexible are you? Are your joints hyper-mobile? Can you touch your thumb to your forearm? When you straighten your arm/elbow does your elbow/arm go past a straight line?

6. Do you have rough or easy periods historically/presently?

Jan 31, 2012
Qs answered by Peanut....
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua, thank you for your response...

1. I had SPD Wikipedia: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction for 16 weeks before I had my son, and was on crutches for that time, plus for a few months afterwards. I still feel twinges if I walk too fast, swim too hard etc. and suffer the next day for it. My back hurt during the pregnancy too, and I don't feel the strength is back in it yet.

2. We don't get information from that from our Doctors, so I don't know!

3. I take 5 micrograms a day, which is 100% RDA here.

4. I've been taking 300mg a day, again, 100% RDA. As I'm writing this, I'm guessing you might tell me to up this!!

5. I'm not very flexible, I'm certainly not hyper-mobile, which was the first thing my old Doc said to me (before saying I must have been wringing out the laundry too hard when I had a swollen wrist, and that the dogs must have been pulling too hard on their leads when I went about shoulders and arms feeling 'pulled'!) I'd say flexibility was good for my BMI/Age.

6. Menstrual periods or periods of time where I'm in more pain that others? I'll answer both just in case! Menstrual periods are heavy, quite irregular, painful, and I take 600mg of ferrous sulphate a day at the moment. It's just since last Feb that I've had these pains. The only other thing I've really had in my life (other than the pregnancy through which I also had severe morning sickness for 20weeks and never left my bed) is depression, but nothing physical.

Oh, and the Magnesium is just a one a day tablet from a large supermarket, their own brand...

Many thanks for your time and effort... Peanut


Joshua Comments:

Oh Peanut, you know me so well!


Jan 31, 2012
Joshua Responds - Peanut - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert


I am absolutely going to tell you to take more...because you essentially aren't taking any.

1. You MUST get your Vitamin D level. This week. If they have tested it, they'll give it to you. If they haven't, make them. If they refuse, you can get a test online, have it sent to you, etc (assuming that you're in the US, if not, you probably still can, but I'm not sure).

2. I don't know how much 5 micrograms of Vit D is. What does that work out to in i.u.'s?

And it's a safe bet that if it's the RDA, it's not nearly enough, not by a long shot.

3. Go get a bottle of Magnesium. Anything but Magnesium Oxide.

Your box store brand has hardly any magnesium in it, and what they do have is magnesium oxide, which is pretty much not absorbable.

4. Look up Vitamin B6 for painful menstrual cycles. That's definitely not my realm of expertise, but if you've had recent changes, that's nutritional.

Inflammation causes B6 deficiency, pregnancy depletes the body of all sorts of nutrition, pain has various side effects, Vit D deficiency as ALL sorts of side effects and you're definitely low.

So there's a lot going on...first thing first. Get your Vitamin D level.

Feb 16, 2012
Achilles tendon pain and fatigue in 23 year old female!
by: Anonymous

I'm a 23 year old female. Overweight, but active i like to randomly go play tennis sometimes. But not anymore. My Achilles tendon pain started out of no where.. Right before new years eve. I could not walk down stairs without sharp shooting pains. Nor could I stand on the balls of my feet. After a few weeks I started feeling stiff in the mornings. I've always been very fatigued and I normally get 10-12 hrs of sleep everyday.. Or im tired if I do not. (this has gone on for a long time) I attributed it to the Effexor Xr I am on since one of the side effects is fatigue. However I got to the point I didnt want to leave bed. It finally became unbearable and I visited the doctor. Im very anemic.. So I started on iron(325mg twice daily) Which helped some of the stiffness, but I also had a positive ANA. My c3 complement level was very high, at 241 and my sediment rate was 36, my neutrophil % was slighty high, also my folic acid was high. My doctor is referring me to a rheumatologist.. But this Achilles tendon pain is excruciating at times. My elbows have also been feeling fairly sore. And I must add that the stiffness I feel is not the same as the sore pain in my tendons. I'm miserable. Any ideas??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I don't know what most of that means specifically, but all the clues you just described point to a couple things:

1. Get your vitamin D level checked asap.

2. Stop eating all Gluten for a minimum of two months. Gluten intolerance leads to nutritional deficiency, weight gain, fatigue, etc. Which then sets you up for issues like Achilles Tendonitis.

Wouldn't hurt to significantly cut the sugar and processed foods. Lethargy and 10-12 hours of sleep per day is a clear sign that your body is NOT working very well. Which means it becomes less and less able to deal with the side effects of the toxins and irritants of gluten, processed foods, sugar, etc.

Having said that, it could certainly be the meds making you tired. But then, why are you on the meds, and what nutrients are they depleting you of?

Feb 18, 2012
Tendonitis pain in knees and elbows, and chest pains? Magnesium?
by: Anonymous

Hello. It seems as I may be having some of these issues too. Right now just knees and elbows tendonitis. I think so anyway, it feels that way to me. I did see my doctor about my left knee and said it is tendonitis.

So I assume the same with my other knee and elbows since the pain is the same. Also in January last year my dr told me my vit d was low and recommended 2000iu a day. I been taking it since then, more times than not. I do skip some days due to carelessness. Though my tendon pain just recently started maybe about a couple months ago now.

By reading others post and Joshua's recommendations I believe I need more magnesium. Probably more protein too. I try for at least 100g but don't get there all the time either due to carelessness again. So my question is would this deficiency cause pain in my chest muscles area, more around my heart area or left side??

Thanks for all the interesting info and thanks for your time.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Magnesium deficiency is a MAJOR cause of heart disease.

See: What Magneisum Did For My Heart Ventricular Tachycardia

See: Magnesium and Heart Palpitations

The medical world is happy to prescribe you Statin drugs like Lipitor that is effective at lowering cholesterol but NOT effective at preventing heart attacks.

Oh, plus Lipitor depletes your body of Magnesium..

See: Statins and Muscle Pain

So...yes, it's a safe bet you need more magnesium.

And get your Vit D level checked again. It's still low. 2,000i.u.'s/day has very little chance of bringing your levels up.

Mar 13, 2012
Levaquil 3 weeks now pain in both knees
by: Meg

Hi--I'm suddenly having severe joint/tendon pain in both knees, both ankles, and several other joints. About 6 weeks ago, I wound up on a 3 week course of Levaquil for a sinus infection, and honestly a 102 degree fever isn't conducive to assessing a prescription's side effect list. About a week after I stopped the antibiotic, I started having pain in my knees, and it's gotten progressively worse and spreading to my ankles/Achilles. The pain is constant, but better in the morning. I had tendonitis once about ten years ago, and this fits the feeling and type of pain that I remember.

I do work a desk job, but prior to this starting I was walking and going to the gym pretty regularly, sticking to low-impact aerobics and light weights.

I'm vegetarian, which probably isn't helping, but due to some digestive problems I get very sick when I eat meat (which is how I wound up veggie). Also gluten-free for similar reasons. I usually take Omega-3s, vitamin D, and a multi-V. The local health food store recommended Arginine as well for the tendon problems.

I should be able to get in to the doctor soon, but I would much rather avoid more prescriptions. Do you have any ideas on how to get Levaquil out of the system faster, or halt/reduce the symptom progression?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Meg.

There is no prescription drug that's going to help you with Levaquin Tendonitis (read that page. Also on that page is a sign up for a free 7 day E-Course on Levaquin).

The good news is, you've started working on your gut health. You'll need to continue to do that.

Mar 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have been having pain in my shins and achilles tendons for the past year. After seeing multiple doctors and undergoing many tests for MS, compartment syndrome, vascular problems, etc., it looks like I have a bartonella infection.

This is based on new research on infection spread by pets (cats and dogs), fleas and other insects. If everything is leading to a dead end, I recommend seeing a bartonella expert (the leading expert is in Bethesda Maryland) for further testing. Note that this is not testing that can be performed by most physicians, general or specialists, as it is highly specialized and difficult to identify.

Bartonella can be a co-infection with Lyme disease or it can be contracted without Lyme disease or tick bite. Treatment is usually a combination of antibiotics for six to twelve months.


Joshua Comments:

It -looks- like you have Bartonella/Lyme, or you -do- have Bartonella/Lyme?

I'm always leary of diagnoses for vague, non-obvious chronic pain/problem.

Do you eat gluten?

What's your Vitamin D level?

What's your health history?

Did you ever take a fluoroquinolone antibiotics? (A new study says that fluoroquinolne can activate Lyme's disease (for those with dormant infections).

Apr 03, 2012
Drummer with Tendonitis
by: Chris

I'm a 22 year old Drummer. I have a "Moving" sort of tendonitis, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and elbow. It started a few months ago, I was a vegetarian for 3 years but recently got back onto meat (because of the muscle pain) and have been trying to correct my back posture (which has been bad for many years)

I also had a call center job when my tendonitis started, I've since quit and am now looking to start a line cooking position- do you think that will help?

I'm also on medication for anxiety, PTSD, and Depression- It is supposed to reduce my cortisol levels but I often still feel on edge... do you think this could be contributing?

Thanks for your awesome website by the way!


Joshua Comments:

A change of position, a change of habit, is always good. Will it help? Who knows.

I think the first place I'd look is your Vitamin D level, and have you check out the Magnesium for Tendonitis page.

I obviously don't know why you anxiety etc, but Vit D level and magnesium intake is the first and easiest things to rule out.

May 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Response to your questions on Bartonella:

I do eat gluten but with no problems.

My vitamin D was low and after supplementing it, I initially had a decrease in pain for about three weeks and then was hit with worse symptoms. I understand that many infections cause a decrease in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the symptoms but is not the cause of the pain.

My health was excellent until the pain in my legs started. I was at a good weight and working out five days a week.

I have never, and will never, take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

I do have dogs and cats and live out in the country. I do not have Lyme disease, but do have bartonella, probably from a flea bite or from one of the cats. Having bartonella without Lyme disease is actually more likely than with Lyme disease, although this is not common knowledge,

After several months of extensive antibiotic treatment, the pain is finally resolving. Before this, I tried every treatment that was recommended. This is the only thing that helped.

This is an under-diagnosed disease since it is very difficult to diagnose. If anyone cannot get results using standard treatments, bartonella should be considered. I wasted a lot of time getting MRIs, testing for compartment syndrome, physical therapy, etc. at Johns Hopkins when I needed antibiotics from a bartonella educated physician.


Hi Bartonella.

1. Gluten is an inflammatory agent. Why do you think you have no problems from it?

2. I'd be curious to see the basis for your understanding that various infections reduce Vit D levels.

Generally, it's kind of the reverse of that: someone has an infection, happens to get tested for Vitamin D levels, and the conclusion is that the infections caused the low level. When in fact low levels of Vit D are responsible for higher susceptibility to infection.

3. What is your current Vitamin D level? And how much Vit D did you supplement with?

4. Vitamin D supplementation (and from sunshine too) uses up Magnesium. I'm curious if insufficient magnesium had a role to play in the/a resurgence of symptoms 3 weeks after supplementing.

5. No fluoroquinolones. Good.

6. Taking probiotics to counteract the downsides of the antibiotics?

May 07, 2012
Advice about IBS and Achilles Tendonitis
by: Anonymous


I am a 21 year-old female, with lifelong eczema, increasingly worse allergies, and IBS since the age of 13, which is gradually becoming worse. Beginning when I was 18 and increased my physical activity I began to have achilles tendonitis, which mostly was taken care of with physical therapy. Since then, I have had it in my other achilles tendon, and the top of both feet. Recently, it has gotten bad on the top of one of my feet. I am a dancer and walk a lot, and occasionally run. Lately I have less time to dance, but I still walk. For the last 2-3 months I have had several enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, which my doctor attributed to allergies, and then to a potential throat infection, but neither antibiotics nor antihistamines have improved it. I have been tested for lactose intolerance which was negative (though I have read that the tests don't always test for methane, and I suspect that I am intolerant to some dairy products) and have had a bowel biopsy and blood tests that ruled out celiac disease.

I have changed "habitats," so to speak a lot this year (studying abroad, going home, going a broad) so this is probably a factor.

Is this mostly attributable to my physical activity and environmental changes?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If you don't already know, you are significantly Gluten Intolerant. (I'm not diagnosing you, I'm just saying that everything about what you said SCREAMS gluten intolerant.

Thus you have IBS and allergies and Leaky Gut and and and.

Celiac is the far end of the spectrum of gluten intolerance. If you don't know about it, it's high time you learn. Turn all your health issues around before it becomes really serious.

The down sides of gluten intolerance add up over time, and the benefits of youth last only so long. I highly suggest that you get a handle on this pronto.

Can IBS be reversed and fixed? Absolutely.

Read the Gluten Sensitivity pages and the Vitamin D pages on Kerri's website.

You MUST go gluten free. You must get your Vitamin D level tested and up to where it's supposed to be. And some other therapeutic supplementation to help heal the gut, and beneficially affect the Achilles Tendonitis dynamic.

I mean, you don't have to, but....

So that's a start to this conversation.

Technically your question is about the Achilles tendonitis, but if you don't deal with the gut issues and the nutritional insufficiency/deficiency that that causes, chances are that you'll have more tendonitis in different areas and multiple joint pain in you future.

More questions, more answers.

May 08, 2012
Help! dancer and runner with IBS, Achilles Tendonitis, swollen lymph nodes
by: Anonymous


This is a wonderful website! I am a 22 year old female, 5'3 and about 120 pounds. I dance, walk a lot, do yoga, and occasionally run.

About 4 years ago I began to have achilles tendonitis in my right ankle when I began dancing more, which mostly went away with physical therapy. Since, I have had very mild beginnings of tendonitis in my left achilles and foot, and now have acute tendonitis in my right foot, and I can feet the achilles pain in my right ankle coming back. I have also had knee pain after running but do not know what it's related to.

I have had swollen lymph nodes for about 2 months in my neck, and have been treated for allergies and a possible infection with no results. The lymph nodes are small and soft, so my doctor is not particularly concerned. I also have moderate IBS, eczema, and a family history of hypothyroidism. I have been tested for milk and wheat allergies, and celiac's disease, which all came back negative. My lactose intolerance test came back negative, but from what I have read the test is not 100% reliable, and I suspect I still have trouble with high-lactose foods.

I'm getting blood tests tomorrow for the lymph nodes, and although the doctor says they are unrelated to my tendon problems, I am unsure.

Thank you for all the information!


Joshua Comments:

Hi again Anonymous.

I think you're the same person, if not that's a hell of a coincidence.

Additionally to what I said in the last response, gluten is an inflammatory agent.

Guess what happens when one has, among other things, chronic inflammation? Swollen lymph glands, overactive immune system as your body attacks the protein fibers leaking through the gut wall, etc.

Let me know what the doctor says. If there's nothing conclusive like cancer, I wouldn't worry about the swollen lymph nodes.

Let me rephrase that! Don't -worry- about it, but do know that your body is screaming at you that something's wrong systemically, and you better pay attention and find the right answers to dealing with it effectively.

Let me know what the doc says, and any response to what I've said.

May 09, 2012
Magnesium Oxide?
by: Chris

You mention on the Magnesium page that magnesium Oxide is not a good supplement and that I should look for regular Magnesium- what's the reason for this?


Joshua Comments:

Oxide is 'regular' magnesium.

Oxide is the most common, and thus the cheapest and thus is the primary ingredient found on the shelves.

But it's by far the least absorbable.

May 23, 2012
Tendonitis spreading all over?
by: Marcus

Hi there,

a few years ago I developed golfers elbow. I weight train a lot, so I spent abot a year only doing pushing exercises to not exacerbate it. I then eventually had physio with dry punction , ultra sound, massage etc and it seemed to get better.

Immediately after this went I developed Tennis elbow. I also wakeboard in the summer and could only go one day a week, if I went a second time even after one minute skiing I would be in so much pain with my elbow I wouldnt be able to talk for an hour until the ibuprofen kicked in. The wakeboarding for the last few years was difficult due to the previous golfers elbow also.

Last September I broke my wrist and subsequently the time off from doing anything helped.

I started backin the gym in October last year and all was fine. The odd twinge but nothing holding me back from pushing or pulling exercises.

It has now returned in both arms (tennis elbow) with a tiny bit of golfers elbow too.

Had more physio and am trying to rest by only doing skipping and abs.

Since I started skipping I now have a sore achilles heel too.Only on the right side.

I eat regularly as I have all my life, meat fish, milk, coffee etc etc.

I am now earing one of these bioflow magnetic bracelets to see if it will help, also taking creatine but dont know if that will do anything and im not taking it specifically for this issue but thought I would mention it.

I am 34, have weight trained and been sporty all my life. I noticed sore achilles about 4-5 years ago when I started playing 5 a side football to the poing I couldnt run anymore, but since I stopped that I have done muay thai for a year with skipping 3 times a week with no problems.

What else do you need to know?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marcus.

That's all I really need to hear. Sounds like a Tendonitis dynamic to me.

That you have it developing in various spots points to nutrition (lack of nutrition, specifically) as a big factor.

See: What Is Tendonitis

Read those pages and the links those pages point to.

May 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

I have been avidly reading your site. I am thinking of getting magnesium, collagen and vit c , plus ice dipping, packs and ice application to the damaged areas. Can you suggest what levels of supplements I need or anything I should watch out for or not buy (e.g. not magnesium oxide)

Thanks for your help, I really hope to start seeing this working soon, its really getting me down.


Joshua Comments:

Hello Anonymous.

Well, that's actually a really huge question you asked me, so no, unfortunately I can't.

You can start with telling me what you have going on.


May 28, 2012
by: Marcus

HI Joshua,

its still me , Marcus, I wrote the two posts above.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marcus.

You're gotten a lot from reading the site, that's great. I still suggest Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook OR the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook (don't need both) for specific plans of action including nutrition.

I don't usually recommend Vit C, there's certainly no harm in taking it and it's ONLY a good thing, so if you're going to take that 1,000-2,000mg/day is good, and I'd double that for a couple weeks while your starting the self care.

And for collagen, I'm a fan of Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements.

Jun 11, 2012
I feel so much better reading this.
by: Anonymous

I was starting to feel so crazy because I get tendonitis that seems to travel. I stopped eating gluten and dairy to start. I seem to have the whole leaky gut issue and do not absorb vitamins like I should.

I take digestive enzymes, probiotics and l-glutamine for this with slight improvement.

Because I don't absorb vitamins well I have to use magnesium gel and almost daily Epsom salt balts to get magnesium levels up. Also take around 5000 mg of D to keep levels up to normal.

I also take serrapeptase, curcumin and msm for inflammation. I do not drink or smoke..nor do I eat processed foods or sugar.

I have limited meat and eat lots of fruits and veggies and rice excluding nights shades as they have been known to contribute to arthritis.

I have protein shakes every day. I have high ANA levels which is sign of rheumatoid arthritis but my naturopathic dr doesn't beleive I have this.

With all diet changes I was starting to improve but now am worse. Each time I get rid of tendonitis in one area it isn't too ling before it pops up elsewhere. Certain joint or tendons are always sore like hips and rotator cuffs.

I do not exercise because I can't..sometimes it is like I get pain just appears out of no where for no reason. I have read that weak muscles /tendons can contribute but I can't strengthen them.

My latest incident is elbow tendonitis which came about by doing a couple of reps with tension band..no weights.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

1. How long since you went off gluten?

2. Say more about 'starting to improve but now getting worse'.

3. Why not oral magnesium?

Jul 04, 2012
by: 7 Lyme Facts (google this)

I have had painful, progressive pain in the tendons behind my knees, inner thighs, and tightening, in my, quads,& hamstrings for years... I am strictly limited in how much I can walk. I stretch like mad to ease the pain...but it only helps so much. Started many years ago after camping in osemite, only by a crazy twist of fate.

Years later did I get a New tick bite, complete a DNA test on the tick & *finally* gain access to Lyme tx. I took exactly 100mg of magnesium a day whil on Levaquin (but not taken together) & never had tendon damage from the treatment. Because of the antibiotics, I'm now better than before the bite. If only I knew.

Find and demand a western blot lyme disease test long before so much permanent damage occurred.

A special note of appreciation to the CEO of my health plan provider for living high off of our healthcare premiums & leaving me to sustain severe muscle & kidney damage and probably die younger than necessary from medical neglect.

Jul 08, 2012
Anonyhip - Hip Tendonitis and Bursitis
by: Anonymous

I was just diagnosed with tendonitis and bursitis in both hips (by ultrasound). Symptoms started 9 months ago with stiffness in hips when first rising from a chair. Then it progressed to what I call "princess and the pea syndrome" which means lying on the hips and sitting for long periods hurts. Also when sitting in certain positions, I get lower back pain in addition to the hip pain. The pain sometimes travels to the thighs, groin and even shin area -- both sides -- but mostly the right.

I'm a 48-year old female, pretty active, normal weight, had surgery last year to remove 2 cysts in my uterus. This pain started a month after the surgery. I also was recently tested for D and have a level of 23 (54 in Canada). This was 2 months ago, since then, I've been taking 6,000 - 10,000 units a day (even though my doctor only told me to take 1,000!). I also have long-standing neck issues (DDD).

I haven't even had a hip x-ray yet -- the medical establishment is so slow. My doc's answer to everything is to take strong anti inflammatories -- without even a definitive diagnosis! Tried to take them several times and they don't help. Nothing does. Even when I first started the vit D, it increased the pain (initially).

And to add insult to injury, alcohol exasperates the symptoms. So much for a nice glass of wine!

oh and ps. I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. At least 60 - 80 hours a week.

ps ps. I did try magnesium, but it also made the pain worse. (Minerals in general seem to do it). Like I said, I've suddenly have princess and the pea syndrome.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Jul 13, 2012
Undiagnosed chronic joint pain in teenager (CJPT)
by: Merrell

I am 15 years old, female, about 125 pounds, and very healthy and active. For about 3 1/2 years I have had joint pain in my knees, hips, wrists, fingers, toes, elbows, and occasionally ankles.

My right shoulder has pain, but only when doing pushups, dips, lifting weights above my head, etc. I have gone to multiple doctors, and not one knows what is going on. We even went to Vanderbilt childrens hospital to see a specialist. All he said is that I am not active enough and other than that, he doesn't know what I have, or the cause. However, I play tennis competitively multiple times a week, ride horses, and am very active, so I don't see how that is a cause.

My pain is off and on, no certain pattern. It started in my knees and began to spread. My knees, fingers, toes, and wrists are the most severe. Sometimes they will hurt while using them, or they will just randomly start hurting. No swelling, no redness, not tender to touch. Also have no records of injuring any joints (broken bones, car accidents etc) Sometimes it is sharp pains, or sometimes dull throbbing pains. No pattern.

I also do not get fevers or headaches from this. The doctors tested me for lupus, Lyme disease, and arthritis, and all the tests were negative. Also about 6 months ago, horrible pain was in my eye, Which the doctor said was called episcleritis, commony associated with joint pain.

However, I don't think a doctor has tested me for tendinitis, does this sound like a possibility? Please comment any thoughts or opinions on what I might have or any cures! Thanks

Jul 16, 2012
Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments to Anonyhip:

Hello Anonyhip.

I don't know much about internal cysts.

I do know, from what you've said, that chances are you're definitely suffering from nutritional deficiency and the side effects thereof.

Which of the numbers for vitamin D that you gave me are 'ng/ml'?

23 ng/ml level of Vit D is too low. You want between 60-80 ng/ml.

Fact: Stress, which surgery is, causes incresed needs for nutrition. If you don't get that nutrition, various symptoms appear.

If vit D causes bone pain, that means that your bones had been shrinking (basically) and the Vit D is allowing them to regrow, or at least to plump up' and that causes pain because the connective tissue shrinkwrapping the bone has compressed/constricted down.

10,000i.u.'s per day of Vitamin D3, research shows, levels a person out at about 80ng/ml. So do 10,000 as a maintenance dose. Get tested again in a few months so you know if and how much your level has come up.

Fact: 1,000i.u.'s per day as your doctor recommended would NOT raise you Vit D levels.

Same kind of thing with Magnesium, most likely. If you're short, and the body adapts to lack of necessary nutrition as best it can, sometimes when putting that nutrition back in there is pain/discomfort because the body has to again adapt/change.

If you have hip pain and bursitis, and back pain, then you have too tight muscles etc. Lack of magnesium causes muscles to literally be unable to loosen up and relax. Thus you're stuck tight, and get tighter and tighter, and that compresses on bursa and vertebrae etc.

What does 'long-standing neck issues (DDD)' mean?

Jul 16, 2012
Joshua Responds TO Chronic Joint Pain in Teenager
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments To CJPT:

Hi Merrell.

Ahhh, doctors....

Here's the 3 places any good doctor should know to look.

1. Nutritional deficiency.

- Get your Vitamin D level tested ASAP. The pain you described is one of many possible Vitamin D deficiency symptoms. No, playing tennis in the sun does not guarantee that your level is where it should be.

Doctors don't really believe in nutritional deficiency, even though they say they do.

2. Gluten intolerance.

Gluten is an inflammatory agent. In everybody. But some people are more affected than others.

Symptoms can look like a variety of things, including random joint pain, and definitely including joint pain.

I could say a lot more about this, but basically, go TOTALLY OFF ALL gluten for 2 months (while taking Magnesium and Vitamin D and eating lots of healthy, organic, non-processed food) and see what happens.

Doctors don't really believe in gluten intolerance.

3. It's probably and almost certainly #1 and #2 above. If you're healthy and have energy and the joint pain thing is your only symptoms, it's most likely the above. And if it's gluten intolerance causing your symptoms, you -really- need to consider a lifetime of little to no gluten going into your body for both the long term and the short term.

Joint pain at age 15 equals debilitating symptoms of various sorts at age 40.

4. Worst case scenario, you have a gut bug like 'h pylori' and/or a gut parasite. Both can and do cause the symptoms you describe. It wouldn't hurt to get an h pylori test just to know now instead of later.

More questions, more answers.

Jul 19, 2012
Psychological? Depression, insomnia, tendonitis injuries
by: Taylor

For the last few years I've had these problems.
It started with Tennis elbow. Really bad.
After that a shoulder injury. Then a foot injury just from taking a walk. Then came daily migraines, fatigue, pain everywhere (in fribro locations), blurred vision, pain behind the eyes, muscle spasms, psoriasis in my ears, digestive problems.

I just had my tonsils removed as they were too enlarged and blocking my airways. I have always suffered from insomnia and depression and thought this could be due to the tonsils and lack of oxygen to the brain/blood.

I've recently become aware that depression can cause pain, and there is a possibility that tight muscles from stress/depression could cause tendonitis and other injuries so I will be trying antidepressants next as well as a colonoscopy to see what's going on inside. Blood test have been inconclusive besides Epstein Barr virus and low liver function.

I've seen a naturapath, neurologist, dermatologist and several gps. I may need to see a reumotologist.

My vit D is a little low and I'm taking supplements. I've tried total vegetarian diets, although my diet has always been good, and I've tried cutting out dairy.

I've come to realise that these problems could be caused by a hundred things, and all I can do is keep pushing to find out. It's costing me thousands of dollars, but there isn't much else I can do but keep pushing for answers because I refuse to live the rest of my life like this. I'm 29.


Joshua Comments:

What was your Vitamin D level?
How much are Vit D3 you supplementing with?
How much Magnesium do you take?
How much gluten do you eat, now and historically?
History if injury previously?
History of illness?
Traveled out of the country?
History of antibiotics?
How long is 'always', when you say 'always had insomnia and depression?

Could be psychological, certainly possible, but I have no way of telling if it is or not, so I just deal with the physical side of things. Check off enough of the right basics, and see what's what.

It is -absolutely- possible that tight muscles cause pain and injury. Thus the question becomes, why are the muscles so tight for so long?

Depression, IMHO, is generally a function of nutritional deficiency.

I challenge your assertion that your diet has always been good, as it seems clear to me that it clearly hasn't been good for you.

I appreciate that you're motivated to find answers. Good. Answer the above questions, and we'll go from there.

Jul 20, 2012
Re: psychological?
by: Anonymous

Thanks mate,
From memory I THINK my vitamin D levels were in the 30's.
I'm supplementing 1000IU D3 2 per day but the doc didn't say how much to supplement. Also taking multivitamins.
Magnesium only in multivitamins although blood tests showed that levels were good and no celiac disease.
I tried a diet of only fruits, veg, fish and nuts for a month but didn't notice much difference.
The constant pain all over started after a stint of accutane (acne medication) for 6 months but the tightness and tennis elbow was before that.
I've had depression since I can remember. It came and went but lately it's been much worse.
I've never traveled overseas.
I start antidepressants tomorrow.
I think it's fantastic that you are dedicated to helping people on this website!


Joshua Comments:

1. The problem with anti-depressants is that A. they cause a certain amount of nutritional deficiency, B. They don't fix anything (though they can help in the short term, and C. one has to be very careful about coming off of them.

2. Vit D level should be 50-80 ng/ml. 10,000 i.u.'s per day is -probably- good. Just all depends as it may or may not be enough to bring your levels up any time soon. You'll have to get checked again

3. More magnesium. Hospital magnesium level tests are irrelevant as they use the wrong kind of test, and generally even then consider low to be 'just fine'. See: Magnesium Dosage.

4. Depression can be from something like Vit D deficiency, various nutritional deficiency, and/or a neurotransmitter deficiency (which anti-depressants can burn out even more).

I'm not an expert in the depression field, so, ya know.

Aug 06, 2012
urgent help, knee pain maybe from the pill?
by: Anonymous

About a month ago I started to experience pain in my knees whenever i bent down on the ground. I thought I hurt myself when I bent down rather quickly and dismissed it.

Over the weeks it has progressed and now I feel pain on some of my fingers (joints), my elbows and of course my knees. I took a blood test and it came out negative that I have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. \ I initially thought it was due to the new birth control I began taking a little while before I experienced the pain. I've stopped taking it for a week and 3days.

While the pain has gotten much better to me it's extremely weird, especially because I'm only 24 years old. Please help me. I am waiting to see a rheumatologist, but would like some answers while I wait.

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonyknee.

How are things now?

Being 24 doesn't magically save you from things starting to go downhill....it's happening sooner and sooner with the crappy standard american diet, etc.

I'd need more info, including overall health, general diet, activity level, etc, to have any kind of opinion.

Aug 09, 2012
A stop press moment for all to read!
by: Peanut Norah

Hi, I posted further up the page under the same name...

My third Doctor referred me to a rheumatologist. I finally have a diagnosis that I think may be of interest to many on this thread...

Palindromic Rheumatism.

It's a very rare form of arthritis. Palindromic as it comes, and it goes. Suddenly, painfully, unexpectedly, randomly all over the body: muscles, joints, tendons, soft tissue.

After reading when I first posted, and identifying with a lot of the contributors to this thread, I'd like to suggest to a lot of you to check it out... Crtl + F search Peanut Norah to find my previous thread to see if you identify with me and possibly have this little-known arthritis. Thankfully my rheumatologist recognised it straight away, some may not be familiar with it...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Peanut.

Did your doctor tell you to stop eating ALL gluten, and to go gluten free for at least two months?

Did you get your Vitamin D level up to between 60-80ng/ml?

Taking more than a multi-vitamin/mineral a day of magnesium?

Get your anemia taken care of so it's no longer an issue?

Arthritis isn't something you 'have'. It's something you 'get'. Or really, it's something we 'cause'.

You didn't mention that this doctor mentioned anything about a cure or a way to reverse this diagnosis.

I promise you, if you want any hope of resolving this, you need to go gluten free and supplement with enough appropriate nutrition.

Aug 09, 2012
Sporadic pain, Is it actually tendonitis?
by: Caroline

Hi, I have read all comments with great interest but am not actually sure I have tendonitis.

I have recurring tendon/ligament pain in various parts of my body (currently elbow - extending up to shoulder). I say currently because I am pretty sure that it will be gone by tomorrow. At the moment I also have a sore hand just short of my middle finger, quite tender and hard to stretch. I know this will also be gone by tomorrow morning.

The problem is, I could have nothing for a week then one week pain in an ankle or around the knee, two weeks nothing, and then perhaps arm or wrists the following. Sometimes maybe nothing for up to 6 months.

The pain is really severe, often debilitating me on the day it is present so I usually take nurophen and use a support bandage to alleviate the pain. I spend a lot of time wondering what I did the day before to over exert that particular body part. Sometimes I have an explanation but not always.

The usual story; I exercise every day (mix cardio & light strength training) and eat a well balanced diet (can't tolerate gluten = low carb, medium protein & high leafy greens).

When the pain is extreme I make a conscious decision to go the Doctor but as it has usually disappeared the following day, I feel a bit silly saying, "aaah I have pain, this time it was here....". Does this constitute tendonitis? Am I simply a hypochondriac?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroline.

Ironically, that sounds like Peanut's diagnosis the comment ahead of yours.

I don't know if you're a hypochondriac or not.

Are you?

If you are, I probably can't help. If you're not, then you're NOT crazy, it's not just in your head, you really do have pain. Pain shows up a lot of different ways for a lot of different reasons. I've certainly seen stranger things.

Let's run with that this is a real issue for you.

It doesn't sound like traditional tendonitis. It sounds more systemic.

Possibly nutritional insufficiency/deficiency, possibly cortisol imbalance and/or a hormonal thing. I certainly don't know enough yet to have much of an opinion other than it being a systemic issue.

So, let's investigate.

1. What's your Vitamin D level?

2. How much gluten do you eat?

3. Tell me about your history: pregnancy, hard/easy periods, athletics or not, injuries, diseases/illnesses, antibiotic use, energy levels, digestion, etc, etc

4. Do you supplement nutritionally at all, if so, with what and how much?

Aug 11, 2012
Caroline Replies: Tendonitis or not?
by: Caroline

Joshua thanks for this. Yes I recognise the similarities between Peanut's complaints & mine although had overlooked her comments earlier. Additional info;

1. What's your Vitamin D level?
I don't know. I follow the recommended guidelines for sun exposure and am outside for at least two hours everyday (dog). I understand I can have this checked?

2. How much gluten do you eat?
Honestly I am not sure on the main sources of gluten but since March this year, I don't eat bread, pasta and most rice types. I make my own muesli with nuts and oats.

3. Tell me about your history: pregnancy, hard/easy periods, athletics or not, injuries, diseases/illnesses, antibiotic use, energy levels, digestion, etc, etc

I have had 4 pregnancies and now have two lovely kids (5 & 8). My cycle has been regular although I had one year in my twenties when it didn't come at all and about a year ago I started to get my period every 3 weeks. Since overhauling my diet earlier this year = eating more greens, whole grains, minimal fat, carbs & processed foods, I am back on 28 days.

I am 5,8", about 59 kgs and I have always been pretty active, I jog, cycle, swim & was addicted to squash for many years. As a result of a new running technique I did have tendonitis in my right calf which was cured in about 6-8 weeks using anti-inflammatory prescription drugs so I know what that pain feels like (about 2 years ago)

I do have runner's knee but manage that by not exceeding 5/6 kms each run. I had a varicose vein removed from my left leg also about 18 months ago. I do notice some minor circulation problems in my legs from time to time.

I don't use any drugs (except for nurofen to help with this issue) and if I have to fly to Australia, on the advice of the doctor, usually take small doses of aspirin to avoid circulation problems. I've probably had antibiotics 4 times in my entire life.

I don't have digestion problems and everything works well on a daily basis. Every so often I get bad stomach cramps usually after eating too quickly or after too many carbs.

My energy levels are really quite low to be honest, that I am told comes from being an older mum (46) with two small kids. I could go to bed a lot earlier and think that an extra hour or two of sleep might help me there.

4. Do you supplement nutritionally at all, if so, with what and how much?

I take flaxseed oil capsules (1250mg) daily (though do tend to forget).

Although not usually the case, the pain my left hand from a couple of days ago is still there and my middle finger is quite swollen and red at the outer base. The tender area around my right elbow is also still apparent, swollen and red. I only took nurofen 2 days ago to alleviate the major pain so it's now just a dull pain. Normally these things are gone within 24 hours & I don't like to continue more than one day on nurofen.

Thanks again for your help so far. I hope this comment reaches you.

Aug 11, 2012
Joshua Replies to Caroline: Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroline. Thanks for the details.

In general, I suspect you're looking at nutritional insufficiency/deficiency, which includes (probably significant) gluten intolerance.

In no particular order:

1. Get your Vitamin D level checked ASAP. Then let me know what the level is. Have a doctor do the level, or I can point you to an online source for an in-home blood spot test kit you get in the mail then send back to the lab.

2. Get tested for 'h pylori'. It's very worth ruling out. For background/education on that, see Kerri's H Pylori pages. H pylori and various intestinal parasites/bacterial infections can cause your symptoms.

3. Educate yourself about gluten. I suspect that's to blame for many of your health issues/history.

4. I suspect that you need to go TOTALLY gluten free. Gluten is an inflammatory agent. This can be local gut inflammation and or systemic inflammation and or autoimmune response.

I'm totally surmising about why two of your four pregnancies....failed (sorry, that's probably a horrible choice of terms but as I don't know the exact history/situation..), but the case can be made that gluten causes inflammation that both prevents pregnancies from happening and causes miscarriages. It's entirely common. And if improving your diet regulates your period regularity so significantly, it is a safe bet that gluten effects you just a significantly the other direction.

5. Your doctor said something to the effect that your "...energy levels are really quite low to be honest, that I am told comes from being an older mum (46) with two small kids".

That is total bullshit. Even worse is that your doctor(s) have left you in a state of low energy and nutritional deficiency (I use the word 'deficiency' loosely). They're supposed to help, right?

Kids deplete the body of nutrition in a variety of ways. And it's unlikely you were nutritionaly sound going into any of them. Probably your're some level of anemic (low energy). Lack of nutrition can also explain circulatory issues.

My first recommendation would be to work with a Functional Medicine Practitioner like Kerri. You'll find her at the easy-immune-health.com site I pointed you to for h pylori.

I just said about three sentences describing your situation to Kerri and she said 'it's almost certainly adrenals'.

Meaning, Adrenal Fatigue. Which can happen for a variety of reasons including nutritional deficiency, gluten intolerance, etc.

I suspect that this will be in your future: Adrenal Function Test.

The good news is, so far it sounds like this is all reversible with some time, education, and effort.

Aug 13, 2012
Tendonitis or not?
by: Caroline

Dear Joshua,

Thanks for your speedy and informative response. I certainly have my work cut out. I had my Vit D level checked and my iron whilst at it and it's all good. I also checked any sources of gluten in my current diet and understanding how there can be hidden traces I have failed to find any. So I will further explore the other suggestions you made, adrenal fatigue and h pylori.

Just for your info. I had no trouble falling pregnant. The first pregnancy ended unexpectedly at 20 weeks as a result of an enormous (20cm) fibroid or intramural myoma. Having had that removed my second pregnancy ended later in gestation as a result of an incompetent cervix which in itself was a result of the surgery to remove the initial fibroid. Taking time to recover I was quite a bit older when they figured that out so tests were carried out to check my fertility and even at 40 I was no where near the end of my child bearing possibilities. I fell pregnant without any problem on both occasions so it seems the hormones are good on that front. A couple of preventative stitches and 2 C-sections later, Voila!

I am off on holiday for a few weeks so won't make much progress on the other investigations but thank you so much for advice so far.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroline.

Ok. The more details I get, the better a picture I can create.

Now or when you get back, what exactly was your Vitamin D and iron levels?

"It's all good." varies widely, depending on who you talk to. So I'm curious.

Aug 27, 2012
same problem
by: Camille

I too have had tendonitis for about 4 years. It started in both achilles when I was training for a marathon (makes sense). Stopped running, and the tendonitis stuck around. Then I started rock climbing, and got it in both elbows.

Stopped climbing, tendonitis remained. Lastly, it spread to my knees from using an elliptical. I have tried everything! I stopped working out almost a year ago and did physical therapy.

I cut out gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and sugar (I'm already vegetarian) to no avail. I've taken Cipro about 3 times, and did glutathione IVs with a naturopath to try and detox my liver, to no avail. My TSH is 2.3, and my sed rate is normal (though it was elevated a few months ago). I'm going crazy! Day to day is mostly okay, but I can't do any sports, and I periodically get major flare ups that sometimes leave me on crutches. I've done supplements (magnesium, probiotics, enzymes, turmeric, etc), and nothing helps.

The rhuemotologist I saw suggested Reiter's syndrom, but the symptoms don't feel like they exactly line up with what I have going on. Would love/appreciate any thoughts.


Joshua Comments:

Depending on the timing of your symptoms and the Cipro, I have two thoughts.

1. Muscles eat magnesium. When you're short on magnesium, you get tendonitis and tendonitis symptoms.

2. See: Cipro Tendonitis

Cipro is bad news, and if it's causing your symptoms, I highly suggest that you get to work to get your body back to as happy a state as possible.

Sep 18, 2012
too much to be coincidental
by: Jennifer

Hi, I too have this thing I call travelling tendonitis. I will start by saying I am a 36 yr old female and I have had problems for what seems like forever.
As a child I had chronic knee and leg pain, chalked up to bilateral patellar femoral syndrome. I did break my wrist as a child too.

But the majority of my symptoms I believe started about 6-7 years ago. I think my first symptom was when I developed severe bilateral plantar facitis and heel spurs. Went to therapy and it seemed to calm down. Then within a year I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my left arm from elbow to shoulder that was an incidental find when getting an ultrasound of a lump in my arm. After that I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome and since then also diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The crazy tendonitis issues just keep coming though. It was in my right pinky finger, i went to therapy and that resolved. Then 2 years ago it popped up in my right elbow both lateral and medial aspects, this one has never gone away and I am planning to have surgery on it next year. I have tried therapy, multiple cortisone injections that offer short term relief, dry needling which did nothing but cause more pain, and tried to go to the chiroprachtor but with all my issues (extensive bruising due to coumadin just from his reflex hammer alone...) he turned me down as a patient. The other areas the tendonitis has made appearances but gone away have included both right and left thumbs, both achilies tendons, left medial elbow, another trip to ER for that one due to the intense pain (in which there was another incidental find of a blood clot in my jugular even while on coumadin). I have also had terrible pain in my right hip, but not sure if that was tendonitis or something else. Have terrible pain in my knees if I squat down, and get incredibly stiff when sitting for a while..it looks like im a 90 yr old woman trying to get up and walk, and incredible pain in my butt (yeah I said that...LOL) when sitting for any length of time.

Sep 18, 2012
Part Two
by: Jennifer

My ortho and my regular rheumatologist dont know or think the tendonitis is related to the lupus/fibro, but I did just go to Hopkins to see the specialist there and she seems to think its related to the fibro and advised trying Tai Chi due to a study that was done that it seems to help fibro patients.

The last vitamin D level I have the result on the level was 37, but that was before I started taking 5000IU's everyday. I did get my blood work done last week at Hopkins but I dont have that result back yet, i'm assuiming it will be higher since I have been taking the supplements, I also take a childrens chewable multiple vitamin and calcium chewables everyday.

So I guess my main concern is the fact that I am having to resort to surgery for this tendonitis in my right elbow...I have tried every alternative that was presented to me until I came across this site. So I am hoping you cam give me some useful information. I will be honest and say I really dont know anything about gluten intolerances. Im not sure exactly how healthy or unhealthy my diet is...but im sure its probably not balanced. I tend to eat a lot of bagged salads and chobani greek yogurt and unfortunatly I am a junk food junkie (meaning chocolate and chips and ice cream) Lately I was trying a diet program called Visalus where you drink 2 shakes a day and these are made with almond milk, but I seem to be feeling worse since starting this...maybe diet related?
I am a runner and have found that lately I havent even had the energy or desire to really do much training....not sure if its just cuz it was hot and summer time or just due to pure exhaustion.

Im trying to throw as much info at you as possible so you can make a suggestion with all the pertinent info.. Oh and other meds I take for my myriad of illnesses include...Plaquenil, Coumadin, Aspirin, flexeril, claritin, biotin, and prilosec. New scripts I havent filled yet include celebrex and folbic..

Please help!!! Im tired of hurting all the time and the right arm is so bad at this point I cant even straighten the arm... After driving to work with my hand on the steering wheel if I so much as try to scratch my nose I cant even get my hand to my face or make my fingers work...sometimes feeding myself is incredibly difficult and painful... I would love to find a solution to this without having to have surgery to detatch a tendon from the bone...the very idea terrifies me but I just dont know what else is left to do...

(Answered in next post)

Sep 22, 2012
Joshua Responds to Jennifer - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Jennifer.

1. I assure you that your travelling tendonitis symptoms are primarily a function of long term nutritional deficiency. Why do I say this? Because you have fibromyalgia and lupus symptoms, which are side effects of nutritional issues.

2. STOP EATING ALL GLUTEN. If you want any chance of recovery, you must shift to a gluten free diet. Period.

3. I can't say anything re: your nutrition per se. When coumadin and blood clots gets involved, that's far outside my sphere of knowledge, I just don't know the effects of that with nutrition supplementation. So...

4. So you need to find a naturopath that believes fibromyalgia and lupus is curable. Hospital doctors just don't have the belief system nor the tools to effectively deal with your health issues.

Having said that, you MUST switch to a gluten free lifestyle.

5. In general, you want your Vitamin D level between 50-80 ng/ml.

It sounds like you're motivated and involved. Great! Now it's just a matter of doing the right things and talking with the right people. It seems that so far you've been talking with people that don't know how to fix/cure fibromyalgia and/or lupus. It's definitely time to shift that, and you've started down that path, so that's good.

Oct 17, 2012
Can you help me? Vegetarian runner with osteopenia and tendonitis
by: Anonymous

I am a 24 year old female. I have been doing long distance running for over 10 years. I used to be a pretty good marathoner too, before my tendonitis problems began.

It started a few years ago when I was diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis in my right ankle. I started doing PT and was told I could work my way back into running.

When that happened, I started to develop symptoms of Achilles tendonitis in the same leg. My doc ordered an MRI which revealed I had a tibial stress fracture. A recent bone density scan also revealed I have osteopenia in my right hip. My running days since then have been limited since when I try to get back into it, I will have occasional peritoneal tendonitis flare ups.

Just recently, I developed supraspinitous tendonitis, again on my right side. I have no history of injury to the joint, nor do I do any sport that requires excessive rotator cuff usage.

I tend to eat very healthily. For the past few years, I have been eating mostly vegetarian, which occasional seafood. I have been having a lot of dairy recently for the osteopenia.

I also felt like a lot of my joint pains and tendonitis symptoms might have been from some nutrient deficiency, so the past few weeks I have tried to up my protein intake (including animal protein). I also started taking a B12 supplement. Am I on the right track or do you think there is something else?

Help me please! I want to go back to feeling normal again. I am a first year med student and the frustration from constant aches is the last thing I need!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Yes, I'd look at nutrition first and foremost.

I suggest you get my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook, it will cover that (and give you self care to do for the achilles/peroneal soft tissue side of things).

Osteoporosis and osteopenia is a function of being short of Vitamin D and Magnesium. Milk and/or calcium supplementation just ain't going to do the job.

And vegetarians are notorious for being short of B12.

AND you are/were a heavy duty athlete, so you have HIGH nutritional needs. I know there are some athletes who thrive on vegetarian diets, and that's great, and I'm just going with that you're not one of those bodies that can do it (everybody's somewhere on a bell curve).

So yes. More protein. More good fat. More good nutrition (therapeutic supplementation, as I don't believe that one can fill a nutritional hole once there is one just from food).

Nov 16, 2012
Post Viral Non Specific Tenodonitis??
by: Maria

Hi Joshua,

I have been diagnosed with 'post viral, non specific tendonitis'...

Am age 34 and about 2 years ago, had pain in my right foot (more specifically the ball of the foot due to inflammation of my second toe). It had gone on for a year and was referred to a specialist who advised that he believed I had a mortons neuroma.

Long story short, this surgeon recommended surgery and apparently removed the problem (after cutting through the BOTTOM of my foot). However, the swelling never went (and i put this down to the fact that he left several metal artifacts in my foot according to second MRI).

Since last June 11 (op) I have had inflammation in my right thumb, right knee, both achilles and oddly enough, the 2nd toe on my left foot is also swelling (same symptoms as the right one before the op). Have since been for a second opinion.

They do not believe I had mortons neuroma. The doctor had injected my right foot with cortisone which seems to have taken down the swelling in the toe. blood tests have been taken to check for RA, gout, thyroids etc but all clear. The doctor advises that with post viral non specific tendonitis, I just need to wait for my body to heal itself and they are prescribing me an anti inflammatory at present (which have been on for 4 months).

Some mornings I am in so much pain I can barely walk and I am a very active single mother of 2 young boys who need their Mum on her toes- and so I would be grateful for any help/advice you can give me.




Joshua Comments:

"post viral non specific tendonitis" basically means they have no idea why you have pain.

1. Say more about the metal that's been left in there. It's just floating around?

2. What exactly are you doing, self-care wise, aside from anti-inflammatories?

Nov 22, 2012
Post Viral Non Specific Tendonitis??
by: Maria

Hi Joshua,

From the MRI scan, they said I have 'several metal artifacts' possibly left behinf from old tools used in the op but did not state if they were floating. They just advised they could not go back in to take them out as they are several 'small' particals and may never find them all.

I have continuosly asked them if this could be affecting me and my joints as I also have a rash on my arms (under my skin) that does not go away entirely, just fades during the course of the day, but the experts have told me no. They said surgical equipment would not cause any blood related issues that would affect my joints. Aside fro dicloflex, I am taking vitamin D3 (recently, after reading your website) and just pain killers if I have a really bad day. This week they started me on physio and have given me some exercises to do (oh, and also ultra sound). But they say this virus should leave my body within 12 months however, I am not convinced, as what started off as one joint, all these months later, it seems to be spreading to various joints.



Joshua Comments:

Hmmm, did I not ask what the viral/virus was? Where does that fit in?

I'll save the rest of my answer till you respond to that.

Nov 22, 2012
Post Viral Non Specific Tendonitis??
by: Maria

Sorry, they say post viral pains/tendonitis will take up to 12 months to leave my body. They do not know what type of virus i had. they mentioned a couple of times that i had signs of swelling/infection in my blood.


Joshua Comments:

So just to be clear, there's no evidence of any actual virus? Just some inflammation in the blood? (which would make sense if your body is responding to the shrapnel in your foot.

Which conveniently puts the focus on a virus and not left over metal from a surgery. A surgery that one might say was botched and putting them at risk for a lawsuit. FYI, metal left over in the body from a surgery is NOT normal.

So again, just to be clear, no actual evidence of any viral activity?

Nov 22, 2012
Tendonitis or not? Palindromic rhemumatism.
by: CarolineAnonymous

Hi Joshua, it's been a while but I have had some serious investigation into my problem. Blood, X-rays, etc. conclusion; Palindromic rheumatism.

As the word means it starts (with nothing) appears and then goes away again without lasting effect (until it comes back again). Yep I had never heard of it but although not recognized by many rhuematism organizations it is very real.

They say in some cases it can go away & in others it can develop into full blown rheumatism. Pictures on the web show exactly my symptoms.

Don't know in my case but treatment is simply painkillers/anti-inflammatories when it occurs. That can be every week/month or whenever.

I now have it around every 3 weeks in 3 joints one after another. I will have another consultation with the specialist in feb 2013.

Pretty cross about the dismissive way of treating it but at least I have an answer. Probably not your speciality but have you heard of it?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Caroline.

Yes, I've heard of Palindromic Rheumatism. I believe it's mentioned in this thread somewhere.

The dismissive way of being treated you've experienced comes from doctors having NO CLUE why you're having the symptoms you're having, and no idea what to do about it.

I obviously don't know exactly why you're experiencing, but I have a couple suggestions.

1. Read this whole thread and do what it says.
2. Stop eating ALL gluten for 2 months and see what happens.
3. Get your Vitamin D up to between 50-80 ng/ml.
4. Read the Magnesium For Tendonitis page and do what it says on the Magnesium Dosage page (linked to from that page).

The PRIMARY cause of auto-immune 'disease and rheumatoid arthritis is gluten intolerance. The 'Palindromic Rheumatism' diagnosis is no different.

Long story short, one way or another, you MUST stop all gluten intake.

I'm happy to talk more about that and point you in the right direction if you're interested.

Nov 22, 2012
That's correct, NO virus in the body.
by: Maria

That's correct, NO virus in the body. BUT, this is a second opinion I am on, and they say the metal artifacts in my foot should not cause such reaction.

The physio i saw this week was able to tell me where my pain was in my right shoulder, knee and left wrist as he said it is just my tendons being affected. He says I also have Plantar Fasciitis.


Joshua Comments:

Yes, you likely do have Plantar Fasciitis. Especially after the foot trauma and all the ongoing pain in the foot.

Doctors like the idea that left over metal in the foot from surgery 'shouldn't' cause you problems, but there's no reason to believe that they're correct.

1. There should be NO left over metal from a surgery in your foot.
2. The body does not like foreign objects in it.
3. If they left metal in you, there's no reason to believe they didn't leave other things like germs etc.

Regardless, the body is going to respond with inflammation. Period.

If there's no virus, where did they get the 'post-viral' diagnosis from?


Let's say the new physio is correct, that it's -just- the tendons in shoulder etc being affected.

The question is...WHY are those tendons being affected.

Nov 23, 2012
Now we're on the same page, I think.
by: Maria

Well, my point exactly. This is what has lead me to you and I live in hope that someone, somewhere will be able to tell me what the problem is and how I fix it because at the young age of 34, in the mornings especially, I walk like I am age 84 :-(


Joshua Comments:

Hi Maria.


1. So it's probably more trauma than it's worth to go in surgically to remove the bits of metal. I'm assuming they're tiny little things.

Having said that, I/we don't know how much of a problem they're causing, as far as ongoing pain and inflammation.

2. Start Ice Dipping as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

3. Make sure you understand the Process of Inflammation

4. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis links on this page, click it, and read up on it.

5. It would be worth it to go totally off of ALL gluten for 2 months. Gluten is systemically inflammatory, and the less of that your body has to deal with, the more energy it can put to other things.

Let's start with that. Let me know what happens.

Aside from the metal bits, you got a lot going on. Focus on the ice dipping and magnesium for a week or two, fill me in here on exactly what you did and exactly what happened, and we'll go from there.

Nov 23, 2012
by: Maria

Will do. Thank you.

Dec 06, 2012
a ray of "Hope"
by: Mike T.

Thank you everyone.

I'm now 51 , probably shorter than my original height of 6'4" at 340#
I was a diesel mechanic uranium mines for 12 years.
In 80's pain was in knees and wrists at the time and I had my knees scraped down because of cartilage problems.
Since there's been a lot of back pain but it may have been an end cause of overweight and a couple of accidents.
I do no exercises . I don't walk for health. I've never smoked or experimented with drugs, I practically don't drink and never have.

When I'm working on vehicles or anything that requires me to bend or twist my body I ache in varying degrees some days extreme and others days not so bad.
I waddle as I walk as its the only way I can move myself.
I went to Toronto clinic last month and was told:
heart and Lungs as good as a 16 year old.
Thyroid and pancreas as good as a 10 year old and
no diabetes that part all most too good for and overweight man of 51.
Everything in that area was good.
They suggested the possibility of Fibromialgia.
Obvious back problems but could not understand pain in my arms joints hands shoulders every muscle in my body.
As an example while my wife is keying what I'm saying I'm a peeling potatoes with a peeler and one potatoe in my hand is okay while my arm rests on counter but if i lift this little potatoe the muscles in my forearm and shoulder arm
ache unbelievably. I know this sounds ridiculous coming from a big man like me who lifts motors and hauls scrap and climbs up and down ladders for a living. I keep moving and the pain dulls out but its never really gone.
In the morning my joints are aching my muscles and joints are stiff and aching
it takes forever to get moving but I keep moving because I will stiffen up to much if I don't move yet, I'm not able to move well enough to try simple exercises.
One Spec. said I might have ALS but needed one more test.
I decided it was better not to know since few als persons have pain.

Last week i had emg to test electrical nerve impulses in my legs,all good.
I was told it might be sciatic nerve damage and I'm waiting for an MRI .
When sit down or walk or move a harsh almost electrical pain sometimes shoots from my back to my right or left leg It could be sciatic. I have extreme numbness in upper back and upper arms almost every day .
After an MRI 2 years ago they said my spinal cord passage was being choked off.

I'm writing in hope of getting some input
but we're definitly switching to gluten free today. My Daily supplements include 2000/vit c
calcium/magnesium/msm/2000iu /vit/d 3/ glucosamine chondroitrin/

Dec 06, 2012
Joshua Responds to Mike T - Ray Of Hope - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hello Mike.

1. Going gluten free is a VERY, VERY SMART idea. I highly recommend that. As I'm sure you know, gluten is a huge player in weight gain and joint pain/auto-immune issues.

2. What does "My Daily supplements include 2000/vit c calcium/magnesium/msm/2000iu /vit/d 3/ glucosamine chondroitrin/ " mean, exactly?

3. I'm not at all a big fan of "I was told it might be sciatic nerve damage".

Maybe something is compressing your nerve, that's likely. But that's all a function of muscles and connective tissue being chronically too tight and compressing the joints etc.

'Damage' means there's damage. Putting your foot on a water hose isn't damaging the hose, at worst it reduces water flow.


No Gluten. Good nutrition, and lots of it. Light stretching maybe some massage etc to reverse the tightness in your hips, low back, space on the sides between your ribs and hip bones.

More questions, more answers.

Dec 15, 2012
massive infamation all over my body
by: Anonymous

Ok so, I'm 27 years old. Male. 4 months ago I decided to go on a whole foods plant based diet (no dairy, no meat, no eggs) after watching a couple documentary called "forks over knives" and "the Gearson method", and doing a little research online. So fruits, veggies, nuts, whole wheat breads and pastas. I have leaned to more of a vegan diet now because of the availability in my area but still the same ideas just some processed foods like tortilla chips and frozen juice bars. stuff like that. I didn't do this to lose weight yet I have went from 280 lbs to 249 lbs. I felt like a million bucks. I am sleeping a lot better. I have more energy throughout the day. I haven't had coffee since starting this new diet (I was easily drinking 1/2-3/4 a pot per day). I am 6'1' and I hold my weight very well. I work at a distribution center so I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting and standing for 3 hour increments before taking a break. I have been in this kind of work for 7 years and I have never had any problems with it.
I have been making/drinking a smoothie everyday containing 1 apple, 1 banana, 5-6 frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, handful of fresh spinach, ground flax seed, and water. Very delicious. On top of this smoothie I was taking 1- one a day mens multi vitamin, 1 1000mg vitamin C tablet, and 1- super B-complex tablet. Ok so now the bad part... 11 days ago I woke up with terrible inflammation in my hips, legs, ankles, feet, and toes on both sides. After walking around for a while the pain seemed to lessen but anytime I sat down for a while it went right back to full pain.

The next day I woke up and it was in every joint from my neck to my toes. I could feel EVERY joint. Terrible debilitating pain. The stomach flu was going around my house and I got it the third day.

I had no joint pain at ALL. Even thought I was sick to my stomach I was doing laundry, the dishes, moping floors, the works. I had so much energy and felt better that I had the last two days. I just attributed my joint pain to the flu. The next morning when I woke up I had no stomach pain but my joint pain was back and was worse than before. I went to the ER and they did a series of blood test on me hoping something was imbalanced due to the flu. All tests came back great and they couldn't figure it out. They gave me Naproxen 250mg for inflammation. These gave me really bad side affects after the first day so I stopped taking them. So two days ago I forgot to take my vitamins but I had my smoothie. The next morning (yesterday) I felt about 80% better and into the afternoon. Then I took my vitamins after lunch. Within an hour the pain came back and by bed time I was in so much pain I could barely make it up the stairs. I woke up this morning with about 70% pain and I have decided to fast today without my vitamins to see if it makes a difference. Does this sound crazy to you?

Dec 16, 2012
Joshua Comments - lost 50 pounds and all over joint pain - Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: The Tendonitis Expert


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonyhip.

The body works in mysterious ways.....

So no, it doesn't sound crazy. Or at least, crazy stuff happens halfway regularly.

The weight loss and feeling better makes a lot of sense. Having said that, it may or may not be a good diet for you long term, though it sounds like it and stopping the coffee helped your adrenal glands.

So. Possibilities:

1. You're gluten intolerant, and the breads etc you're eating are causing your inflammation. This is the most likely option.

A little inflammation or a lot, gluten does that.

2. Environmental toxins at the work place. Not likely.

3. Something bad in one or more of the supplements you're taking. Not likely, but possible.

4. Magnesium insufficiency and physical work catching up to you. Also VERY likely, and can go hand in hand with #1.

5. Along those lines, some/many dark leafy greens have anti-nutrients, basically meaning that they need to be cooked at least a little bit or you don't get the nutrition from them. THus you're left nutritionally deficient, etc.

6. Nightshades. Some people have a genetic disposition to arthritis symptoms from nightshades like tomatoes.

7. Got bit by a tick?

8. It's possible that all the fat loss released toxins held in the fat (it did do that) and you're feeling the side effects of toxicity in your body. That's certainly possible.

If you got the flu before the joint pain, that would be a slight change in the conversation, but not much.

Dec 19, 2012
"Trace" of Tenosynovitis
by: SP

Hi, I had an MRI a while ago which confirmed a "trace of Tenosynovitis" in my posterior tibialis.

I have had a history of chronic ankle sprains and rolls. This problem has slowly developed, however I cannot get rid of it. I have rested from activity (skateboarding) for many weeks.

I have now changed my diet. I am drinking protein shakes almost everyday, taking vitamin D 5,000 IU of D3 per day for two weeks and omega 3. I did notice most of the inflammation decreasing with rest but as soon as I returned to skateboarding it came back. I have always had a relatively healthy diet, heaps of fruit and vegetables. Low carbs. I recently cut out all starches, and most gluten foods. This has only been for the past two weeks, though. As of today I am going to take cissus and bromelain.

Is rest critical for this injury to heal? Will it ever heal? I'm hoping it's just a case of not enough rest and diet. However I've been doing aligning exercises and other strengthening exercises.

Right now I've rested it for a week, I can see a red line where my tendon is. I don't think it's ever been like this. When I touch it I can feel knots. It's probably ruptured...

I appreciate you reading this and any advice you may have.


Joshua Comments:

Hi SP.

If you have a history of rolls and sprains, then you have an electrical disturbance now such that the muscles can't fire optimally and thus aren't absorbing force...and all that force has to go somewhere. That's how tears happen. See the The ARPwave System page.

If you had an MRI and they ruled out a tear, then you need to read this Tenosynovitis page.

And Process of Inflammation page.

Tenosynovitis means that the tendon and tendon sheath is VERY inflammaed and easy to aggravate. And painful.

Also, Rest has very little to nothing to do with healing (other than good sleep, as that's the only time you physiologically regenerate).

So start with that, and we'll go from there.

Mar 12, 2013
Can all over tendonitis symptoms happen all at once?
by: Heathereen Baun

I'm a 37 year old teacher. I was an athlete in high school and needed to stop after having reconstructive surgery on both ankles. I wear orthotics and am currently overweight. I started getting bursitis symptoms in my hip last week that were very painful, within a day or two I had extreme tendonitis pain in my ankles, knees, achilles tendon, shoulder and elbows.

I am in agony. I had an elevated ana rate about a year ago on a blood test but never did a follow up. I'm hobbling to work and haven't had time to go to the dr. Any homeopathic relief suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Can all over tendonitis symptoms happen all at once?

The answer to that question, is, yes. Symptoms of Tendonitis can show up 'out of the blue', or show up one day and in a very short span of time get increasingly worse.

The tendonitis dynamic was already at play. And then you have to factor in the Pain Causing Dynamic.

When a Downward Spiral picks up speed, everything gets worse, which makes everything else get worse which makes everything else get worse, etc.

You broke bones/had surgery. Compensation patterns developed. You put some weight on, which is a big clue about your diet.

1. Do you have any other health issues?

2. What does a day in the life of your diet look like?

3. Do you have any digestive issues?

4. Why did you have reconstructive surgery? How long ago was that?

5. What is your Vitamin D level?

6. Have you read this page? If not, do so. Magnesium For Tendonitis

Apr 20, 2013
Can't believe I found this!
by: Anonamy

This is AMAZING information - I can't believe it. I have a very old diagnosis of fibromyalgia but figured it was hogwash and activity would resolve everything, however.....I have had injuries and/or tendonitis in nearly every joint. Actually I was searching online regarding having tendonitis in so many joints.

Anyhow, I've tried running for several years only to have one thing after another crop up - ankle injury, torn tendons, tendonitis, knee issues, major calf tightness/pain (I tend to keep tight muscles), shin issues, hamstring (currently a 2nd round on ischial tuberosity flare/pain) and for the first time ever heel issues. Non running related are carpal tunnel/wrist pain, some hand/thumb pain, elbow, shoulder.

I have allergies, have endured numerous antibiotics and upper respiratory infections over past few years since relocating to area I currently live in. Yes, have taken the levaquin and cipro drugs.

I've experimented with dietary changes as I do believe diet can influence how our body works and how we feel - (eliminating sugar for example, trying to eat primarily non-processed and who knows what else) and regularly take magnesium and vit D (due to deficiency), as well as B vitamins, etc.

This is all very depressing for me and I don't know what else to consider. I am tired of the pain interfering with what I want to do and I want to be active, lose weight and enjoy activity. (I love to be outdoors, running, hiking, cycling, kayaking - however my body, joints and allergies don't agree).

I had been thinking of trying a vegetarian diet but notice you don't seem to recommend that. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonamy.

My suggestion is to get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook.

Fibromyalgia is a nutritional issue.

All over joint pain is a nutritional issue.

All over tendonitis symptoms is a nutritional issue.

Fluoroquinolones like Levaquin and Cipro cause, among other problems, nutritional issue.

The contents of the ebook will show you how to deal with that, and we provide support on the forum that comes with it.

Until you deal with the nutritional, system aspects of what your body is operating under, there really isn't anything that is going to work for the more physical aspects.

I'm not necessarily against vegan/vegetarian diets, but it is my belief that a food-only diet (one that is lacking in therapeutic supplementation) does not have the ability to bring a body that is significantly lacking nutrition back from the brink. Not quickly, anyway.

And in Levaquin/Cipro context, food just can't give enough of what the body needs to recover.

Jun 25, 2013
Am I a hypochondriac?
by: Ashleigh

A few days ago I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis in my right hand. Doctor gave me a splint to wear for a few days and some antiinflammatories. Needless to say, the day after seeing the doctor, the pain has moved to my left wrist, and my left foot as well.(possibly my left knee, but that could be from running).. almost on the side by my ankle bone?

I have a one year old child and the doctor told me to limit use of my right hand until it was gone which was doable until it's in both wrists. We live on a military base and they have a way of belittling your symptoms and my husband also doesn't think I'm in as much pain as I am. Is it possible to have all of these?
I walk or run at least 2 miles a day.. walking more so recently due to the pain.
Thank you so much!!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ashleigh.

You may be a hypochondriac, I don't know.

Are you?

But I'd put my money on that your symptoms are primarily due to nutritional insufficiency.

You run (uses up nutrition), you were recently pregnant (leeches nutrition from you), poor sleep the last year (because babies are like that), stressed the last year (uses up nutrition), etc.

1. Get your vitamin D level checked. Then tell me what it is.

2. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis page.

3. Read this thread and follow the links from it (and read those pages)

Vit D deficiency symptoms include pain, random pain, and pain that mimics tendonitis symptoms.

Magnesium is a HUGE player in muscle function, and in the ability to (literally) deal with stress.

That's not all, but start there.

Jul 14, 2013
Multiple Tendonitis from Botox Reaction
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

You have no idea how happy I am to have found this page!

I received a Botox injection in January. The doctor hit a blood vessel and injected a high volume (50 cc's!) - I had every symptom of Botox poisoning (trouble breathing, numbness, itching and welts all over my legs, chest and face.

Another symptom was that I could not straighten my elbow. Then my jaw got tight. Then my Achilles. Then Plantar Facisitis etc etc. All on my left side.

It has been 6 mos and I am very nervous that this may be permanent. I already have a super clean diet, adequate Vit D etc etc etc.

Any advise will be so appreciated! Doctors are so ignorant when it comes to health - it is quite scary.

Thank you!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Alanna.

Hopefully all those symptoms are reversible and the botox toxicity didn't do any permanent damage.

1. Define/describe 'clean diet'

2. What's your Vitamin D level? How much do you take?

3. What did your doctor say about any of this?

4. Define/describe 'etc, etc, etc'.

Nov 02, 2013
Thank you for helping
by: Vashti

I have had pain for a majority of my life in various joints(40 now). I mainly attributed pain to over doing my workouts when I was younger and not doing workouts as I became older. I am over weight for my 5' 5" frame now as my workouts have been stopped due to pain.

I was officially diagnosed with tendonitis last year in my right knee. It has spread to my left knee and both hips as well as my lower back. Pain comes and goes in my right shoulder and have had intermitten pain in thumbs as well for years. Doctor was not any help with diagnosis and therefore I haven't been back as there is nothing he can do (his words) other than treat symptoms... My mother has had serious tendon issues to the point of surgery and ruptures in her shoulder tendons as well as her foot (her foot healed wrong and is malformed now). I started reading from top of postings and noted you asked if someone had ever had levoquin and cipro. I have taken both of these medications in the past. What is the significance of that? I will be buying some magnesium supplement tomorrow.

Thank you for your time.

Vashti in Texas.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Vashti.

1. How much gluten do you eat?

2. How much sugar?

3. WHen did you take Levaquin/cipro?

4. How's your digestion?

5. Healthy history. Why the antibiotics?

6. Absolutely yes on the Magnesium. My first thought from what you've said is 'nutriton is the culprit'. That can be too much of bad nutrition/foods or not enough of good nutrition.

Apr 04, 2014
Intersting site, painful wrists and inflammation after tattoo
by: Kris

So, I'm going to browse on here for a bit and hopefully try a few things...Here's my story if anyone is interested:

In 2010 I noticed some swelling on the back of my wrists. Coincidentally, a tattoo (one of many I have) was just completed and got infected pretty badly. Visits to PCP and rheumy's show nothing in the blood -- docs checked for typical tattoo contracted diseases too. One rheumy said ganglion ON BOTH WRISTS from one day to the next. The other has ran every autoimmune test known with no abnormalities.

Swelling began increasing in my fingers and toes, ankles and knee pain followed. The fingers were so bad on my right hand, I had a carpal tunnel release in 2010. Since then, I've stuck with a single rheumy.

As a 6' tall 225 male with tattoo's at 35, I feel horrible for not being able to move my hands much or grip as well as I should. The rheumy I've been seeing for about 3 years has tried MTX, azulfadine, Enbrel, Humira, etodolac, tolmetin, diclenofac, and the list goes on -- with NO dent in the swelling or pain.

I purchased a juicer in December 13 and magically, I began juicing everything green I saw! Coupling some pineapple too for the bromelain and grapes as well, I was able to grip! I competed in two BJJ tournaments and I thought life was great. UNTIL March 14. The beginning of March was a downward spiral back to square one.

Right hand, my palm is so swollen. I can't close my hands. Rheumy has no idea what to do as his official diagnosis of "seronegative rheumatoid arthritis" seems debunked since I have system swelling EVERYWHERE with no elevated ESR, CRP, etc.

I've been told to revisit my hand ortho to look at surgery again. I've stopped training BJJ for a bit now, continue juicing religiously, yet nothing is budging. I don't know if I'll get help here or anywhere else but I feel like garbage and figured I'd share.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kris.

Did anything happen on or close to march 14th that could be responsible for your body doing that again?

1. I wonder if your body responded to any heavy metals in the tattoo ink. How big a tattoo did you get (how much ink)?

2. How much gluten do you eat?

3. How much processed cooking oils do you eat?

4. How much sugar do you eat? (processed, not counting juicing).

5. Say more about the inflammation/swelling. Did you say 'everywhere'? Or jsut around wrists? Say more.

Might be worth looking into a heavy metals/toxicity test. Or not, maybe your body just didn't like that tattoo ink and now you're 'allergic' to it. (I think that was your first tattoo, yes?)

Answer the above, and we'll go from there.

Apr 06, 2014
More goodies
by: Kris

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the reply -- I should've been clearer in my initial post but my hands were hurting...So here goes:

~April 2010: 3" X 3" tattoo on my calf in brown, black, yellow, and white. Infected a couple of days later. Color weeped out and scabbed over nasty.

~April 2010: I began noticing the backs of my wrists were swollen. Range of motion was limited and pain was experienced if I tried to pass that.

~April 2010: Cleveland Clinic rheumy says swelling on wrists is due to ganglion cysts.

~April 2010: Began seeing a new rheumy. Tested for gout, lupus, RA, HLA-B27, SED, CRP, comp met, CBC/diff, etc. All normal. HIV and Hep C was tossed in there for good measure due to tattoo.

I saw her for a couple of months and MTX was tried along with standard NSAIDs. Nothing.

~June 2010: Sports medicine doc performed nerve conduction test concluded it was CTS. CT release was done and rheumy said it was only CTS due to inflammation -- I need to control inflammation. She referred me to another rheumy with more experience.

~August 2010: New rheumy suggests seronegative RA with the barrage of tests coming back normal. MTX and azulfadine was prescribed with nothing remarkable coming from it.

~January 2011: Suggests Enbrel. I hesitate due to cancer, etc. Finally gave in with mild relief for ~month.

Continue for a couple of years on different DMARDS/NSAIDS, etc.

December 2012: Deploy to Afghanistan. Cease all immunosuppressants and prescribed 100mg/day for malaria prevention. During this time, I managed pain and inflammation with 5000iu/day Vitamin D, 1g 2x/day curcumin, 1g 2x/day Vitamin C, 1g 2x/day krill oil.

May 2013: Return from Afghanistan. I began thinking Lyme possibilities. Igenex showed 1 ++ band and 2 indeterminate bands. Infection disease doc who is Lyme literate suggests Lyme and wants to do NAET therapy. Skeptical, I decline. He suggests 4 months of abx via PICC. I declined.

October 2013: Rheumy suggests Crohns due to elevated s. cerivsiae. Colonoscopy done -- no Crohns. Then he suggests Humira. No luck with it. More NSAIDs are tried.

December 2013: I buy a juicer and begin juicing anything green I see and maintain this until this day. Inflammation goes down and I participate in a few Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Early March 2014: Pain and inflammation returns. Nothing is taking it away.

Current meds/supps:
240,000iu serrapeptase 2x/day
200mg chelated magnesium 3x/day
4000iu Vitamin D 1x/day
1g curcumin 2x/day


Apr 06, 2014
Continued...from Kris inflammation from tattoo
by: Kris

To answer your questions:
1. I thought of this. Never been offered a test even though I've asked. Possibly copper?

2. Average I'd suppose. Normal day consists of: Breakfast -- fiber one bar, fresh juice. Lunch -- varies...normal lunchtime fare. Dinner -- fresh vegetable juice.

3. I only use coconut oil in my cooking. Then whatever is in above.

4. See above number 2. The only thing I'll add is maybe a coke 2x/week and a red bull 2x/week.

5. Swelling/inflammation/pain is located at the following: toes (all), ankles (both), Knees (both), wrists, (both), fingers (all), right palm.

Lastly, this has been my umpteenth tattoo. I've been getting tattoos since 18 and I'm 35.

Thanks again for the reply!


Joshua Comments:

If you have a LOT of tattoo, then potentially your body finally had too much of the influx of foreign materials into your system.

1. Heavy metals or other contaminants. Lifted from Wikipedia: "Professional inks may be made from iron oxides (rust), metal salts, plastics.[6] Homemade or traditional tattoo inks may be made from pen ink, soot, dirt, blood, or other ingredients.[3][7]

Heavy metals used for colors include mercury (red); lead (yellow, green, white); cadmium (red, orange, yellow); nickel (black); zinc (yellow, white); chromium (green); cobalt (blue); aluminium (green, violet); titanium (white); copper (blue, green); iron (brown, red, black); and barium (white). Metal oxides used include ferrocyanide and ferricyanide (yellow, red, green, blue). Organic chemicals used include azo-chemicals (orange, brown, yellow, green, violet) and naptha-derived chemicals (red). Carbon (soot or ash) is also used for black. Other compounds used as pigments include antimony, arsenic, beryllium, calcium, lithium, selenium, and sulphur.[5][7]

Tattoo ink manufacturers typically blend the heavy metal pigments and/or use lightening agents (such as lead or titanium) to reduce production costs.[7]"

So again, if you have A LOT of tattoo, then you ongoingly added new heavy metals into your body, the body does the best it can as long as it can, but every body has a 'threshhold' that once it goes over, it's bad news.

I'm not saying heavy metals is your problem, I'm just looking at the clues. Do some investigation into heavy metals detox (milk thistle, cilantro, etc).


Apr 09, 2014
Joshua Responds to Kris re: tattoo inflammation in joints
by: The Tendonitis Expert


2. You are having a systemic problem, meaning, symptoms are showing up all over. It's not a local thing (like a ganglion cyst causing problems), it's something systemic.

The body's response to 'heavy metal poisoning' is systemic.

The body's response to gluten is local (the gut, see Kerri's Leaky Gut page), and systemic as the inflammatory response grows.

I would cut out ALL gluten, all processed vegetable cooking oils, as much sugar as possible. All those are inflammatory, and you want to limit anything causing inflammation.

Your body is overwhelmed right now.

3. Did you ever take Cipro (Anthrax vaccine)in the military? Or any other vaccination or antibiotic?

4. From what you said, you need to add fat to your diet. Organic pastured sources of butter, eggs, avacado, coconut oil and coconut butter, animal fat. Fat is necessary for every cell and function in your body, and healing to the gut (and everything else).

5. How's your digestion? Any gut issues?

Apr 09, 2014
Kris' inflammation part trois!
by: Kris


Thank you for the advice. As a matter of fact, I began pulling articles from the Web and trying a heavy metal detox now consisting of chlorella and milk thistle.

As for the vaccines, I've had the normal run of the mill ones (tetanus, Hep A, B, MMR) but I've declined Anthrax although I have taken Cipro on a few times due to respiratory infections. This is interesting because I was wondering if it could be a type of infectious arthritis as it seems at relatively tame when I was taking the Doxycycline and transitioned back home and began taking Cat's Claw.

I do need to try to get some fat in. I do cook in coconut oil for what it's worth. Usually when I bake fish or make eggs, etc, I toss a dollop of coconut oil in as my anti-stick. However, I will try the gluten issue. My gut seems fine though. I'm fairly regular, almost to the minute daily. All of the waste looks like it should -- never anything concerning. However, I will take your advice.

I'm leaning on a 2 week juice cleanse then full vegan for another 3 weeks as a coworker who's 50 has had all kinds of miracles happen from that process.

Lastly, I love the medical care with my expensive PPO where the sports med doc yesterday couldn't relieve the pressure or pain in my hand as he wants to wait and do a nerve conduction test -- then an internist said "I'm an internal medicine doctor...I can't help you". I really try to deal with the pain but I've been rating it a 7 lately because everyone seems to think I'm fine just because I'm alive and breathing.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah, there's not a lot of nice things to say about 'medical care' for tendonitis related symptoms, joint pain/ache, etc.

There's no such thing as 'infectious arthritis', depending on what you mean by that. One can have various infections and get joint pain etc, of course.

Re: Gluten, guts don't have to be affected. Gluten doesn't affect my digestion at all (that I know of), but too much (like the two pieces of pizza yesterday) gives me a sore throat and lung symptoms (bronchitis). So I DEFINITELY manage how much gluten I eat (none for the past two weeks but those two pieces of pizza). One piece would probably have been fine/would have not have given me any symtptoms.

Point being, gluten in an inflammatory agent, and may very likely be contributing to your symptoms in any of a variety of ways.

Definitely hit up the Magnesium, as Cipro depletes magnesium.

See the 'Magnesium For Tendonitis' link farther down in this thread.

Apr 19, 2014
Follow up from Kris
by: Kris

Thanks Joshua for taking the time to reply.

I went to my 5th (I think) rheumatologist here in Miami beach at Mount Sinai. He was recommended by a doc my wife knows who is the medical correspondent at her job (she's in news). Lo and behold he tells me he doesn't think it's rheumatologic. Instead he says, possibly allergy, as you've mentioned.

He gave me a story of a patient he had with similar symptoms. After years of prednisone treatment failed to work, he considered referring him to an allergist/immunologist. Turns out he was allergic to something wacky like a double chain super duper peptide -- it was weird what he said! Apparently the dude is better!

I've got my referral to see this doc in a week so I'll be sure to post back what he says!

Thanks again for all of the help!


Joshua Comments:


Keep us posted!

May 24, 2014
Vegan and in good health
by: Anonymous

Wow, so sad that you think/generalize that vegetarians don't get enough good fats and protein. I eat 2 tbsp of coconut oil and my proteins levels might be low by your standards, but that's because I don't believe it should be the macronutrient with the highest daily petcentage. I actually think fats should be. And for the record, there are many, many good sources of vegetarian/vegan protein. As a nutritionist, i'm pretty happy with my macronutrient brakdown thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi AnonymousVegan.

If you're happy, I'm happy.

However, if a person is not happy and/or their body operation is not optimal, and they describe to me their diet which appears to be too low in good fat and/or protein, then I make statements like "you're not getting enough good fat/protein", regardless of their chosen diet type.

And while you may be sad that I generalize about vegans/vegetarians not getting enough good fat/protein, are you really going to make the generalization that vegans/vegetarians DO all get enough good fat/protein?

If so, I'm happy to point you to a large body of veganism/vegetarianism that's all about LOW fat. And tons of vegans/vegetarians who eat nothing but vegetarian junk food and think they're healthy, tons of unhealthy vegetarians/vegans, etc.

No need to get even more sad though, as I go after unhealthy meat eaters too if they aren't healthy and want to become healthy.

It's all about making adjustments so the body can work better/get back to health.

Jun 15, 2014
Swollen ankle and painful heel after trip to India
by: Amrat

I suffered painful foot and swelling redness and warm to touch. The began at the top of the foot and then moved to the ankle after couple of days. I had just returned from India after 3 months stay. I'm a vegetarian and eat spinach, aubergine cauliflower and other vegetable which I ate a lot of when in India.

The pain was persisting with the swelling and could not walk much or climb stairs without difficulty. I went to the doctors after 3 weeks who diagnosed as Gout. I was prescribed Allupurinol 100mg once a day and anti inflammatory pain killers i. e Naprosyn. After a week the pain did not subside and swelling was still there. I stopped the Allupurinol after I spoke with doctor. The pain subsided after a few days and swelling went down.

The pain sometimes comes back with slight swelling but then goes.

I am nearly 62 years old male, my life style is recently sedentary but was active in India walking about 2km everyday at least. My weight is 81kgs and my height is 5feet 8inches. I have been retired for about 1 1/2 years.

I have a diagnosis of Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and have had Myectomy and Mitral valve repair in 2009.i have been prescribed Viazem 240mg once a day and Asprin 75mg once a day. Since my heart surgery I have had feet swelling on and off. I have Aldo have had pain in the toe about twice before with swelling but goes after a couple of days.

In 1981 after visiting India I had Dysentry and was diagnosed wit Reiters Syndrome after suffering from swollen knee and was admitted in hospital and fluid extracted from the joint.

From time to time I do have sticky eyes and a stiff back and constipation as if it's start of flu but after taking paracetamol it goes after a few hours. Well I hope this information is helpful to form an opinion.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Amrat.

I can't say much about the heart issue other than you might want to supplement with Magnesium as that's a huge factor in heart health.

See: What Magnesium Did For My Heart Ventricular Tachycardia"

and see: Confused About Magnesium And The Heart

If you took a trip to India and then got various multi-joint tendonitis and/or arthritis and/or inflammation issues, you should definitely get some good parasite testing, and an 'h pylori' test.

Maybe it's from previous lifestyle issues affecting your health, maybe it's a function of the nutritional insufficiency caused by various pharmaceuticals, but if you have a bug in there that's causing the inflammation, you'll want to get that taken care of.

Both scenarios are outside my realm of expertise and I'd talk to Kerri about that. Going to India and then getting what you describe (assuming you never had any of that before) definitely points to parasite and/or bacterial infection.

Jul 06, 2014
all over joint pain after hysterectomy
by: Dawn

Hi Dawn.

I too am suffering from tendonitis pain in my feet my ankles my shoulders my elbow my thumbs.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the hysterectomy I got two years ago the pain medicine that I take its not helping at all.


Joshua Comments:

Did you take any fluoroquinolone antibiotics after the surgery (or ever)?

Hysterectomy can throw off your hormone balance and other factors, so that could certainly lead to pain in the body.

Surgery and pain is a stress on the body, and stress eats up magnesium, and lack of magnesium causes, among other things, muscle and joint pain.

Aug 06, 2014
Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and Corticosteroids together for throat infection, should NOT be prescribed together.
by: Wade

You may find the following article interesting. I have been experiencing an onset of mild pain in all the tendonitis areas. I haven't been to the doctor about it yet.

In my online research I came across your website yesterday which made some sense, but also came across this wikipedia article which I'm sure will be of particular interest to you:


It appears that a combination of antibiotics (in this case Fluoroquinolones) with cortisone can cause tendonitis. This is exactly what the doctor gave me when I had a bad throat infection that refused to go away with the first antibiotic treatment, and then the doctor put me on a stronger antibiotic combined with cortisone. Now I have general tendonitis. Lovely.

All the best, I'm going to go the health vitamin route and hope it all goes away in the next few weeks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Wade.

Yep. Fluoroquinolones and corticosteroids are research proven to be a bad idea.

And yet, doctors across the nation continue to prescribe them together.

And they say that western medicine is 'science based medicine'.


Was your throat infection viral, bacterial, or fungal?

Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated on your progress.

Aug 12, 2014
At least I'm not alone....
by: Anonymous

I'm a 49 year old overweight female (am in too much pain to do any type of exercise) and have a 10+ year history of tendinitis (both achilles tendons are effectively shredded & hanging by a thread & my right biceps was so bad it had to be surgically reattached a few years ago), tennis elbow, multiple joint pain (fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, jaw, you name it - it can pop up anywhere from day to day), lower back pain, neck pain, and recently I've felt my left biceps tendon starting to tear.

I've been to numerous doctors & none have an explanation. All tell me to "get more exercise" which is physically impossible at this point & start throwing pain pills and steroids at me...

I'm miserable, I can't do the things I once enjoyed, and I'm desperate to find an answer...

I'm allergic to eggs & suspect that I may have problems digesting milk. My vitamin D levels are slightly low & I take a supplement for them.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Ouch, sorry to hear that.

1. What is your Vitamin D level? "slightly low" can vary greatly, depending on who you're talking to.

2. Have you ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin or Levofloxacin or Avelox?

3. Bodies don't just fall apart like that for no reason. I'd look at nutritional insufficiency/deficiency and chronic systemic inflammation.

4. If one can't exercise, then to drop weight one must utilize food to interact with the body in such a way that one burns and/or lets go of fat.

In short, part of that strategy looks like dropping all inflammatory foods including but not limited to breads, pastas, vegetable cooking oils, sugary drinks and foods (sugar), most processed foods, pasturized factory farmed milk, and anything you're 'allergic' to like eggs.

Anything inflammatory causes gut issues, which causes systemic inflammation (which causes the body to hold/store/grow fat) and decreased nutritional absorbtion due to damage to the gut.

Aug 20, 2014
Tendonitis in knees shoulders elbos wrists and ankles with Popping Noises
by: RJ

Hi Joshua. I have tendonitis in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. My right arm & shoulder are killing me, and it has all gotten worse in the past year. The pain ebs and flows but doesn't go away.

When the pain is bad I hear a lot of popping in my joints. I can loosen up and work out but I pay the price later.

This started 6 years ago when I trained really hard for a year, I am 42. I have lifted and trained most of my life.

I have been prescribed a vitamin d supplement in the past. Up until recently I drank a ton of beer, and it seemed like it made things worse. I eat a lot of processed foods and dairy, I love milk.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. I am very curious about all the popping sounds I hear, which are new. Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi RJ.

It's safe to say you're dealing with nutritional insufficiency/deficiency?

1. The bad news is, prescription Vit D (which is D2) is research proven to be useless. It raises levels but confers little/no results.

2. What was your vitamin D level when you got prescribed? It's important. If you don't know, call the doc's office and find out.

3. Symptoms of Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency include but are not limited to pain, muscle pain, random pain, and symptoms that mimic tendonitis symptoms.

Also, being a hormone that's basically at the base of your body operation, it can cause a whole host of symptoms and issues, including diabetes, hormonal imbalance and that downward spiral of function, neurological issues and neurological 'disease', etc.

So we definitely want to get your Vit D level up ASAP. It's cheap and easy.

It may or may not have a little or a lot to do with your multiple location tendonitis issues, but it's a must to deal with.

Let me know what your level was (because it's assuredly still that low).

2. Popping is from joints compressed by too-tight muscle and connective tissue.

Lack of Magnesium causes muscles to get tight and stay tight. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link in this thread.

3. Alcohol (and inflammation) eats up B vitamins. This decreases physical function in a variety of ways.

4. Processed food is A. inflammatory and B. lacking nutrition.

See if you can find raw milk around. It's WAY better and better for you, on all levels.

Aug 24, 2014
Nutritional insufficiencies and deficiencies aren't responsible for everything
by: ML

Nutritional deficiencies aren't responsible for everything. Therefore insisting on nutrients is pointless. There is, for example, femoro-acetabular impingement - not caused by "lack of Vitamin D" or anything else, and which can't be treated by rubbing magnesium on one's feet. It requires arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is expensive. Most people don't have the money for it, so most often, they're "prescribed" so-called conservative treatments which just waste time and lead to complications, when a fifteen-minute procedure would solve the real problem.

All these people who come on here with mechanical problems are not served by being told to invest usually expensive supplements and the like. Their problems won't go away, and might even worsen - because their problems usually do not originate in nutritional deficiency. The real problem is that people just don't have the money to find a doctor who will take fifteen minutes outside of their workday to think about - and maybe solve - their problem, then address it.


Joshua Comments:

1. "Nutritional deficiencies aren't responsible for everything.'

Nobody here is claiming that they are responsible for everything.

2. "Therefore insisting on nutrients is pointless. "

That's an absurd claim. Try going without nutrients for a week and see how well your body does.

3. "All these people who come on here with mechanical problems are not served by being told to invest usually expensive supplements and the like."

That's an absurd claim. Additionally, nutritional supplementation is cheap. As you stated, arthroscopy is expensive.

Aug 27, 2014
migratory tendonitis from shoulder to knee
by: sarah

The pain started since 2 weeks in my right shoulder ( sudden onset) it stayed for 3-4 days...then resolved...then it appeared in my wrist for 1 day then in my popliteal fossa and today in my right knee...all this in 2 weeks only..... TENDONITIS NOT joint pain....what could be the cause?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sarah.

From what you said, I'd go with nutritional insufficiency and/or systemic inflammation.

See: Tendonitis Causes

Read that, then get back to me with thoughts/questions/history of symptoms.

Sep 01, 2014
Sudden Onset of Tendonitis and Fatigue
by: jon

Thanks in advance for your help. I began testing (MRIs, which have turned up nothing serious, still awaiting a bone scan) and PT for chronic back pain back in April.

In June I was hit with a week of serious fatigue (flu-like but no fever or other symptoms). This lead to intense pain in the wrists (ulnar side), elbows, shoulder, upper thighs, knees and ankles which I originally thought was in my joints due to the increase in popping sounds.

There was also a burning/tingling sensation(but not numbness) in my upper body and arms. As things have settled down a bit it's become apparent that the pain is coming from the tendons and not the joints.

Also, the pain may vary in severity but is pretty much constant. The fatigue in my thighs got to the point where I had to take time off from work.

I was convinced I had Lymes or another auto-immune but all blood work thus far, including Lymes and rheumatoid factor, has been good. Also had an EMG which was normal.

I am 43, exercise regularly, and while I have improved my diet the past few years it's still not where it should be. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jon.

Well, symptoms like you describe don't just come from nowhere.

That thing in June sounds like some kind of infection.

But I look at the nutritional angle first, most often.

Any kind of stress, including sickness, eats up various nutrients specifically Magnesium.

1. What is your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out ASAP.

2. Do you supplement nutritionally at all? If so, with what?

3. Go 100% off all wheat/gluten and cut the sugar until this clears up.

Back pain may or may not be related. Back pain is caused by chronic tightness. Gotta deal with that.

Sep 18, 2014
Joint pain and popping after sedond Ciprofloxicin pill
by: Anonymous

I was prescribed the antibiotic ciprofloxican and after the second pill I woke up to my joints hurting as well as my joints popping. I didn't have any problems with my joints until after taking cipro.

Been to a rheumatologist and he said it wasn't RA. Then I went to another rheumatologist and he says likely RA. I really don't believe so.

I've read other sites were people stated that after taking cipro they had symptoms that mimicked RA symptoms. Other sites stated that some people were misdiagnosed with RA after taking cipro. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Well, the hospital medicine industry isn't keen on admitting that drugs they administer on a daily basis could possibly harm someone...even though Cipro has a black label warning required by the FDA.

And if the heavily pro-FDA says a popular antibiotic is potentially dangerous.....it makes one wonder why doctors generally pretend like it's a perfectly safe drug.

And yes, doctors commonly misdiagnoses all sorts of issues.

I can't help you much with the diagnosis aspect. And one could make the case that having a 'correct' diagnosis isn't much help to you anyway.

Effective care to counter the effects of the Cipro is. (And really, as far as I've seen, hospital medicine really just doesn't have anything to fix or cure cipro tendonitis...when they even admit that it's a thing.)

Fluoroquinolones, among other actions, strip the body of magnesium. Let's hope your pain symptoms are just from that, and that supplementing with adequate magnesium will drop the symptoms mostly or completely.

Sep 21, 2014
Severe all over tendonitis, hands/wrist, lumps,
by: Anonymous


I'm a 32yr old female, sightly overweight but healthy other than the tendonitis all over my body. I eat healthy, not many sweets pass my lips as I want to lose a little more weight. I also don't drink or eat much dairy...I don't like it much.

For the last 2 1/2 years I've been suffering from pain in various joints, starting in my right wrist. I was told it was tendonitis and to rest for a week off work. It kept getting worse and eventually I lost the use of my right hand, wrist and fingers due to pain.(with it went my job) The lumps in my hand are weird...jell-o like, although they don't really hurt to touch they cause pain when I move my hand/wrist. I also lost all up/down movement in my wrist unless my hand is flat, and even then it has restricted movement and pain.

Eventually it traveled to my left hand (I am right handed), which i thought was weird because I was off work and hadn't injured myself. Both my knees, my shoulders, and my right foot have joined in since this started, and I wake up at night due to the pain, or the pain just moving in my sleep causes. Lumps go with the pain, some bigger than others. (I also have had shin splints since I was 12.)

Doctors started to be concerned about Rheumatoid Arthritis, (it is on both sides of my family) so I now see a Rheumatologist who tested me, but my rheumatoid factor was negative. He is still concerned about it and is ordering a test that will detect it earlier than the blood test would...ultrasound looking for something specific in my hands. he has prescribed me anti-inflammatory pills, but they have yet to have any effect on me.

I'm looking for an opinion from somebody outside the situation....If you want more info, just ask and I will try to answer promptly.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Generally speaking it's from one or both of two factors:

1. Nutritional insufficiency/deficiency. Specifically, Magnesium, and certainly Vitamin D.

2. Systemic inflammation (which also causes nutritional insufficiency/deficiency).

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

See: Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency

See: Process of Inflammation

Have you ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Levaquin, Avelox, Cipro, Ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin, etc?

Did the doctor identify the lumps? Probably they're Lipomas, but it would be REALLY weird if you have actual lumps and your doctor didn't do/say anything about them.

How much gluten/wheat/grains do you eat?

Sep 28, 2014
Fluoroquinolones long term effects?
by: Lucius

Been suffering from tendonitis in several parts of my body + in lower back pain (herniated discs found) for about 4 years now.

I've lived in Asia for 5 years and have had a lot of intestinal issues there, I've been prescribed and have taken every Fluoroquinolone out there several times, mainly Cipro. I would estimate I've done about 15, 5 day runs on them. I moved back to europe 5 years ago. 4 years ago, I got a urinary tract infection, whilst on holiday, doctor prescribed cipro for 10 days. At my last day I was taking it, I tore a tendon in my forearm, whilst rockclimbing, but I wasn't doing anything particularly straining for what my fitness level at the time was, which resulted in tennis elbow. Took 4 months to heal, which I think is pretty good.

Then the weirdness started, all of a sudden I got severe lower back pain, started cycling to keep it a bit loose and had a bit of an ache in my left elbow (the one that was hurt before) but this time on the inside, I started resting, but it got worse, fysiotherapy, made it even worse, in the end it turned out my tendonitis was pretty much gone, but had periostitis, there was even some damage to the bone. This took 1-1/2 years, then I got a cortisone shot and 2 weeks later it was gone, hasn't bothered me much since, but area remains stiff and symptoms return when I try to stretch.

Shortly after that I got some pain in the back of my elbow, tricep tendonitis.. 2 weeks later my right elbow starts acting up as well, although unlike the left one it's manageble and at the same time my patellar tendon, has started aching whenever, I've recently had an echo done and there's calcification in all the tendons that are currently bothering me. I've been told this is an effect and not a cause, but nobody really has an explanation for what's going on. Have seen a dozen doctors and physio's by now.

Could this be related tome taking so many Fluoroquinolones in the past?


Joshua Comments:

The answer to your question, is ABSOLUTELY yes.

What did they mean, 'an effect not a cause'?

Fluoroquinolones massively deplete the body of magnesium. When the body is short on magnesium it expresses calcium. Thus, the calcification.

It's unfortunate that dozens of doctors you've seen are clueless about flouroquinolones and Cipro. I don't know about Europe, but in the US Levaquin and Cipro and it's siblings are prescribed like candy. There's a black box warning label on them. And the vast majority of doctors are still clueless and believe that the drugs they prescribe couldn't possibly cause such severe side effects.

My suggestion is that you get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook (and get on the forums that come with it).

I wouldn't leave 'getting better' to time and hope. Fluoroquinolone side effets are a big deal, and if you want to get better you would be well advised to do everything you can to help your body go in the 'better' direction.

There's hundreds of reasons why on this page: Levaquin Side Effects

Oct 23, 2014
Rheumatoid arthritis or Cipro? Took Cipro 3 different times
by: Sarah


I am in extreme anxiety and depression states and I hope you help me.

Im 32 years old female,which used to be healthy! June2014 I was prescribed ciprofloxacin (1000mg/day) for 5 days which didn’t help me and i ended up in emergency room and taking 14 days of Suprax. (I had used cipro at least 2 times before).

About 1 months later(july) I started developing pain my right knee-right arm then left knee and left arm and both feet. Xray shows effusion on my right knee. On august I started having wrist pain and hand joint pain. September diagnosed with hand and feet tendinitis. Now we are in October and I'm diagnosed with elbow tendinitis.

My rheumatologist told me she doesn’t believe it is due to Cipro and she thinks it might be the early stage of Rheumatoid arthritis although no test no ultrasound showed anything. she said multiple tendinitis can be RA.

Im exteremly devastated since Im losing my capability of work due to pain in both hands and elbows. any suggestion?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Sarah.

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. It's life changing, and no fun.

So, I'm not a doctor and I'm not diagnosing you. And I'm just going off what you've said.


Unfortunately, the hospital community has little to no understanding that the super powerful class of antibiotics (fluoroquinolones) can and does cause all sorts of problems exactly like you are experiencing.

For instance, how could a rheumatologist consider your host of symptoms to be 'early stage' of rheumatoid arthritis? That's more 'full blown' RA. (But even then, RA doesn't behave like you've described, that rheumatologist should know better...but they kinda just are clueless about fluroroquinolones.)

Unfortunately, the rheumatologist is one of those people unaware of the ramifications of the FDA required Black Label Warning on the drug you've taken multiple times. That causes joint pain/problem, tendonitis pain, tendon injury, anxiety, depression, brain fog, etc.

Ask him/her WHY s/he doesn't think it's from the Cipro.

One of the major mechanisms of Cipro is that it strips the body of Magnesium. All the symptoms I just listed are symptoms of magnesium insufficiency/deficiency, btw.

Without enough magnesium muscles (and various other systems) don't work right, which makes joints hurt, which all causes pain, which increases inflammation response (basically), etc. It's a downward spiral, and you body can't recover unless it's given the nutrition it needs to help it do what it needs to do.

It's a big more complicated than that, of course, but that's the truth of it. By default without doing anything to help it, some people get better in a year or less, the rest don't.

It just all depends on a lot of factors. And, the worse the symptoms are, the less likely those symptoms are to just 'go away' if you wait it out.

I would not wait it out. I would get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook, read it, get to work on what it says to do, and get on the free forums we run for people working with the ebook.

I could tell you to take a bunch of magnesium, and that might do the trick (for some people it's all they need [plus some time for the body to recover]. But if it were me I would get right to work doing the right things to give the body a chance to recover.

Fluoroquinolone side effects are serious business. You had taken Cipro previously which helped set you up for side effects from taking it this time. And needing antibiotics in the first place, depending on the cause, is a clue that your body wasn't fuctioning (and thus short on necessary nutrition) right in the first place.

It's time to give your body what it needs so you can push it back towards health.

Oct 28, 2014
Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis after 20 years of medical community trying to figure it out
by: Beebes

Hello there - appreciate all the great content! I have been diagnosed with EDS and have had the symptoms for 25+ years (I am 42).

I am a textbook case, go figure it took the medical community 20 years to figure it out. My Vit D is 20, potassium was last measured at 2 (was in the hospital as a result) I'm quite sure its higher now but no idea where it sits.

What suggestions do you have for those of us with connective tissue disorders that ultimately effect our joints/tendons/ligaments due to a genetic disorder - one that is rare to boot!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Beebes.

Well....the hospital medicine community isn't as on top of things nor as science based as we'd like.

Thus it took you 20 years to get a diagnosis, and on average it takes 10 years to diagnose someone with Celiac Disease (which is 11.75 months to 9 years longer than it should take).

Did your doctor help you get your Vit D level up? Is it now between 60-80ng/ml and did it get there by taking VItamin D3 and not Prescription Vit D which is D2?

See this page for most of what I have to say about Ehlers Danlos: Ehlers Danlos And Tendonitis Shedding Some Light On The Situation

Go ahead and as any follow up questions/statements either on that thread or this one, either is good.

Oct 29, 2014
Rheumatoid arthritis or Cipro? Took Cipro 3 different times
by: Sarah

Hi Jashua,

Thanks allot for your reply.

I have some questions for you:

1- what makes u think it is not RA related?

2- My hands are involved and they started hurting 4 months after I took cipro,is it not suspicious? since my knee and shoulders started hurting in a month but it tool 4 months for my hands and the pain is very progressive...

3- I'm using Magnesium chloride and it is really helping me.But I need to apply it 3-4 times a day.my rheumy once again told me Magnesium helps ppl with RA too...

I am going to buy the ebook you mentioned.

Please comment on my questions...very appreciated...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sarah.

1. Rheumatoid arthritis generally behaves differently, shows up differently, progresses differently. Also, MRI confirmed you didn't have it, as far as I could tell, from what you said.

You could have RA, sure. Let's hope so, as that's generally a by product of gluten intolerance and Leaky Gut.

2. Suspicious for what? RA or Cipro side effects?

Cipro side effects can show up 4 months later, absolutely. Predictibly, down the line other pains/problems will show up too as the body heads down a downward spiral.

The ebook will explain that more. BTW, we just changed the name of The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution to the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution, so you may hit either of those on by following the link we sent you to.

3. Magnesium is a Master Nutrient. It's good for all sorts of things (350+ transactions in the body). But, Cipro depletes magnesium from the body, so that's a good sign that you have noticeable benefit from topical magnesium. Are you doing any oral magnesium at all?

Oct 29, 2014
What is the different between arthritis joint pain and tendonitis joint pain?
by: Anonymous


I am developing join pain probably due to Fluro but I don't know if it is arthritis joint pain and tendonitis joint pain? what is the difference?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If you're developing joint pain from a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic, the question is moot and irrelevant.

But taking fluoroquinolones out of the equation...

- arthritis joint pain is a function of irritated joint lining and inflammation (from a variety of factors including all the factors that cause tendonitis pain)

- tendonitis pain is from inflammation and chronicly too tight muscle and connective tissue and nutritional insufficiency

Oct 29, 2014
9 months, 18 years old. Cant even unload a dishwasher due to shoulder injury and resulting all over tendonitis
by: Thomas

Somewhere during last Feb/march (of 2014) I injured my sholder in wrestling. it got slightly better 3/4 times and i kept re injuring it at tournaments.

I did this because it was my last year; i was finaly good. My shoulder pain finaly after provincials became worse.

I was pressured to weigtlift in my gym class because of my jerk of a teacher. I needed the class to graduate. He wanted me to work through my pain so i did.

Finaly at the end of the year after avoiding sholder exersises for months i gave up exercise to get better (after seeing massage thearapy and physio) and it seemed like it was finaly getting better during June of this year.

Then i went to weightlifitng again... and i felt some pain in the bottom of my right bicep and forearm(same arm as shoulder rotator cuff injury).

I hurt it again. So i told myself i would give my self 3 times the heal, time to get better. so i completely stopped using my right arm and for a few months it started to get better. then my other shoulder started hurting. then my arms. both of them.

Since then, i have been getting pain everywhere. i now have throbbing &sharp pain in both my shoulders.on the sides and the front. in my forearms and my biceps.

Now my wrists tanked and are doing the same. I dont know what to do. i have been completely resting both arms since the summer. 4 months off work. off activity. all i can do is lie in bed, watch tv. play board games.

Im getting desperate. no one, no dr. knows why this is. My IMS/Physio says that it is an issue with my back. i have been getting needle thearpy for allmost a month.

I was getting better. finaly i could wake up in the moring without pain. But all of a sudden, with no change to my everyday life, no phisical trama... they are back to chronic pain. can barely cook. hold up a book. in pain for the last week like i had never healed at all.. I am at a loss. This Tendonitus wont quit no matter how much i rest.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Thomas.

Multiple areas of tendonis points to a few things, one of them being nutritional insufficiency.

Also, depending on what you did to your shoulder, you could still have a 'source' of pain and problem.

1. It sounds like you weren't actually 'getting better'. Pain levels can go down without the issue actually getting better.

In your case, it clearly wasn't.

2. What did you do to your shoulder? What was the injury? Did you rip/tear something? Either way, how do you know?

3. What is your Vitamin D level? Find out.

4. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis. You need some badly.

5. Understand the Pain Causing Dynamic. This is very important to understand.

6. Why did the person that said it's a back problem think that it's a back problem?

Jan 04, 2015
migrating joint/tendon pain
by: Aida

I think after reading a lot of these posts I know, generally, what I need to do: eat more protein, eat more healthy fats (omegas), take vitamin D (D3, not D2), take magnesium supplements or bathe with magnesium or use topical magnesium, and decrease or go off gluten (and possibly dairy?) entirely.

But I still want to run my situation by you to see if you have anything to add, or whether you can help me with the specifics.

I am 47 years old and have been running since I was about 12. I've had debilitating episodes of lower back pain (SI joint) since I was about 16.

These have improved with pilates work, but not gone away. In the past few years, I've suffered from recurrent calf cramping when running, have sprained an ankle (pretty badly), and had a lot of hip/pelvic joint pain.

Last July, I had pain at the insertion point of my hamstring into the pelvic area (sorry don't know the anatomical terminology). It seemed that this was from a shortage of stretching.

I am a single mother with a 4 and 7 year old, work full time, and barely squeeze in time to run - meaning stretching has often been shortchanged. I went to massage therapy, physical therapy, and a chiropractor.

I basically took 6 months off of running (until now). Never saw a doctor - lost faith in that realm. The pain moved to lower in my hamstring. Then my the side of my hip started getting "stuck" - crampy and tight and painful. Then my hip joint in the front - hip flexor area started hurting.

Every time I tried to jog, the whole leg felt inhibited at the part that it attaches to my body -front, side, and back. During this long time off of running that did NOT heal the injury, the knee on the other side of my body started hurting. While I was not even running!

Have never had knee problems before ... Just in the past couple of weeks I started seeing a new PT who has helped me with my form. As a result, my hamstring/hip pain has gotten a lot better and I am just starting to jog a little again.

Meanwhile, again: while I was NOT running at all, my lower back flared up and I have had a really hard time getting rid of that pain for a couple of months. It has subsided though and is better as my hip/hamstring are improving. Then yesterday my elbow starts to hurt. I have all the painful symptoms of tennis elbow.

Apparently from everyday activities like typing and brushing/braiding my daughters big head of curly hair. It hurts a lot - hard to pick up a glass of water, etc. Plus my old ankle sprain from a couple of years ago is hurting. Plus my knee is not right. But my back and hip are better!

I haven't seen a doctor. Don't see the point. Have been a vegetarian since I was 12. Do eat dairy but don't drink cow's milk. Busy and worn out and generally feel like I don't eat enough.


1) How much vitamin D to take?

2) How much magnesium to take? And how best to take it (topically, baths, orally)?

2.5) How much omegas to take, and which omegas? Other than fish, where to get them in food?

3) How to know whether to go off dairy/gluten completely or just reduce them? Could you reduce and see a positive affect or do you need to discontinue to see positive affect?

4) What do you think about MSM and/or glucosamine chondroitin for addressing my issues?

Additionally, last winter my wrist and knee were hurting and I was tested for RA since my sister has it (and she also was recently diagnosed with MS, so if there may be autoimmune illness genetic factors in our family?). I tested negative on a couple (few?) blood tests and by examination by the rheumatologist.

I just feel like it can't be normal that an otherwise healthy person like myself has all this joint/muscle/tendon pain constantly traveling around my body and I need to do something about it! Like so many others, I am passionate about running and want to enjoy doing it again regularly!

Also very importantly, I want to raise my kids strong nutritionally, and I am raising them as vegetarians so want to know how to appropriately supplement their diets. We eat healthily with almost zero processed food, lots of healthy veggies and beans and brown rice, nuts, avocados, etc -- but I am guessing that we are still deficient.

I want to correct this to help with my symptoms and to prevent them from arriving where I have when they are older. Do I make the same changes for them that I am going to make for me, once I figure out what those changes are precisely? Just in lower doses of everything?

Are their people who specialize in all of this nutritional knowledge with whom I could consult personally? Obviously not your typical nutritionist who plans meals for nursing homes and public schools.




Joshua Comments:

Hi Aida.

Answering from the bottom to the top.

"Are their people who specialize in all of this nutritional knowledge with whom I could consult personally? "

Functional Medicine Practitioners, if you have any in your area.

"Do I make the same changes for them that I am going to make for me"

Basically, yes. If you're nutritionally insufficient, chances are more than high that they are too. They have youth going for them...but youth (and everthing else) loses out to nutritional insufficiency in the med and long term.

"I am passionate about running and want to enjoy doing it again regularly!"

Then (like you've started on the path to do so) you need to learn not just how to run, but how to make a running machine. Meaning, how to get your body strong and happy. It's not nearly as fun as running, but it's vital if you want to run again.

"I just feel like it can't be normal that an otherwise healthy person like myself has all this joint/muscle/tendon pain constantly traveling around my body"

I get what you're saying, but the fact is, you're not 'healthy'. I mean, in some ways of course you are, but it will be valuable for you to realize that you're hurting (partly) because your body is not healthy enough to withstand and recover from the rigors of running.

You've broken down over time because your body didn't have what it needed to operate optimally.

That may or may not be 100% true, but it's a smart place to work from. "I'm not healthy, so I'm going to get healthy", as opposed to "I'm healthy, I just don't understand why I hurt and can't move and it's getting progressively worse while I rest".

"and she also was recently diagnosed with MS,"

Nutritional insufficiency/deficiency. And depending on her diet, inflammatory foods like gluten, sugar, vegetable cooking oils, etc.

"4." Sure, why not.

"3) How to know whether to go off dairy/gluten completely or just reduce them? Could you reduce and see a positive affect or do you need to discontinue to see positive affect?"

NOthing wrong with raw, grassfed milk. Definitely no factory farmed milk. Organic pasturized milk 'better' but only if it's grass fed.

Gluten, absoultely. It's an inflammatory agent. I'd go off it entirely. Especially if you have any Leaky Gut (will open a new page from Kerri's www-easy-immune-health.com site), which you just might. Gluten causes leaky gut. Decreases nutritional intake and increases systemic inflammation.

Gluten (new hybrids especially, as opposed to 'old world' as there's more gluten in the new stuff, pluss all the gmo and insecticids/pesticides sprayed on it) is like eating gasoline. You can probably have a little, but it's bad in the long run.

YOu have what you have, your sister has (theoretically) MS, everybody should go off the gluten.

"3". This page will be live on 1-8-15. How to get Epa and DHA without eating fish

"2) How much magnesium to take? And how best to take it (topically, baths, orally)?"

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

"1) How much vitamin D to take?"

What's your vitamin D level? You need to take as much as you need to get your level to between 60-80ng/ml.

"Busy and worn out and generally feel like I don't eat enough."

It's safe to say that you feel like that because you're not getting the nutrition you need.

Lack of nutrition, over time (plus having babies which pulls it from you big time) greatly amps up the Pain Causing Dynamic.

"I think after reading a lot of these posts I know, generally, what I need to do:"

Gold star for you. Seriously. You're motivated to get better that. I'm on your side, let's do it.

Apr 13, 2015
I have this same issue and I'm tired of being in pain
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh,

I have been having a similar issue that started about 3 years ago. I had planter fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis in both feet.

I went to physical therapy for several months about a year ago and it has improved but I still have issues. The muscles in both legs are very tight.

For the last year I have been having a lot pain in both elbows. It was diagnosed as Tendonitis of the ulnar nerve.

I got a cortisone shot in the left elbow and that did help but the right is still bad.

Both shoulders also a problem but not as severe or as often. I know with the warmer weather I will want to be out in the garden working and that really hurts the elbows and really the entire arm when it's bad. The pain does come and go but often depends on my activity level although sometime I just wake up that way.

I am 50 and in good health other than back issues from a car accident 25 years ago. I herniated 4 discs but mostly lower back.

I try to work out at the Gym 2-3 times a week but sometimes the pain makes it difficult and I also feel fatigued. Unfortunately less working out means weaker core muscles and more back problems.

My job is more of a desk job so not a lot of activity there. In the warmer weather I do enjoy riding my bike and working in the garden.

My diet isn't always the greatest and I should eat more protein and less starch. I tend to eat more pork and chicken than red meats and I like veggies and salads along with bread and pasta.

I have taken Cipro several times in the last few years and recently hear the news story about the drugs causing nerve damage.

My questions is what do you suggest get rid of the pain and what type of Doctor should I be seeing. I suggested to my doctor that these might be linked and of course he said no, I'm not a Doctor but I didn't need the degree to know he was wrong.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. Did you really get diagnosed with 'tendonitis of the ulna nerve'?

If so, you really need to find a different doctor. There's no such thing as tendonitis of a nerve.

2. What is your Vitamin D level? Find out soon.

3. Cipro depletes magnesium. Magnesium causes all of the symptoms you describe.

If you already had tendonitis, then you were short on magnesium. It's downhill from there.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

And you may want to consider NOT TAKING CIPRO AGAIN. You think you have aches and pains now? You definitely want to avoid side effects of Cipro.

Depending on the timing, chances are very high that many of your current symptoms are from the Cipro depleting magnesium and resulting in Symptoms of Tendonitis.

Apr 16, 2015
Body noises in tendons muscles and connective tissue all of a sudden
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Here's a related thread re: no pain but all over tightness and 'body noises', meaning her joints and muscles and connective tissue suddenly started making a lot of noise.

Tendons, Muscles, And Tissue Making Noise All Of A Sudden

Moral of the story, low vitamin D and low magnesium (and almost certainly Leaky Gut).

Apr 22, 2015
Tendinitis seems to be spreading
by: Dianna

I am in my 40s, female, and developed bilateral epicondylitis about 10 years ago, and despite seeing how wide variety of specialists, continue to suffer with pain and functional issues in both arms.

Two years ago I was rear-ended in a car accident while sitting still at a red light. Since then the pain that I've been having in my elbows has begun to show up in my hips.

At first, I dealt with it following the doctor's instructions alternating heat and ice. For the next year, it would come and go. Starting five months ago, it is been hurting every day and getting worse.

Since I have been off work for the last two weeks, I have fall that my pharmacists instructions spending most of my time on my back with pillows under my theories.

That has helped the pain level some, but it is nearly impossible to sleep and the hot burning pain in my hip joints mimics hot burning pain that I get in my elbows.

I have kept a journal and know that these flareups not always follow some sort of activity that would aggravate the symptoms.

Often times, they simply flareup at the same time seemingly out of nowhere. At this point I must conclude that there is something else going on, perhaps in my body chemistry, hormone levels – something systemic that must be contributing.

Anyway, my doctors have run every test they can think of and like the individual above, have simply told me that it must be some sort of coincidence.

I eat well, according to all of my medical tests I am exceptionally healthy. The limitations that my physical issues have caused for me and my family are tragic. Any physical activity, even gentle stretching only makes things worse. I am open to any suggestions.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dianna.

1. Have you ever taken and fluroquinolone antibiotics like Levaquin or Cipro?

2. There definitely are some systemic factors at play. Nutrition for sure, chronic systemic inflammation quite possibly.

3. Your doctors did various labs, perhaps?

What is your Vitamin D level?

What was your magnesium level? (It's a trick question, hospitals/doctors use magnesium tests that check blood serum levels. But that's dumb because the body is designed to keep the serum levels within range, so your results could be 'within range' but you could still be very short of magnesium.

So you'd want the magnesium level test that does a cheek swab and tests the intra-cellular levels.

See this thread for the Magnesium For Tendonitis link/page.

4. That's great you've kept a journal. That's smart.

If flare ups show up with no corresponding factor, then either you're just not noticing the factor, or it's a systemic thing like long term effects of gluten intolerance and Leaky Gut.

5. What does a day in the life of your dietary intake look like?

6. Definitely read this entire thread and follow the various links you'll find in it, including the Pain Causing Dynamic.

Lets start there. Answer, and we'll continue.

May 01, 2015
thought I was the only one suffering....
by: T

So glad I found this. I have been suffering also for 10 years with various forms of tendonitis. Used to be very athletic, played tennis, running, swimming etc.

10 years ago it started with both elbow tendonitis.

Refused to have shots and the pain went away enough to be able to use my arms. The last 3 years I have had two trigger fingers. The last 6 months my elbows started hurting again, my left shoulder is extremely painful and I have tendonitis on the side of my foot and both my thumps!!

I am 54 years old and diagnosed with Gluten intolerance. I have been gluten free for 5 years; take 600 mg of magnesium, vitamins, high protein diet, all vitamin levels normal, no deficiencies.

I am tall and slim and very healthy otherwise and so depressed that I am even scared to exercise just in case I hurt something else. Last week I had to go to the dr because I am in pain everywhere. All tests for RA came back normal and my shoulder x-rays.

What am I supposed to do? At least here I don’t feel alone!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi T.

Going off gluten is good and important, and, -just- that doesn't guarantee recovery from the long term nutritional lack, side effects of chronic inflammation, and leaky gut.

Also, those factors contribute to an increased susceptibility to things like h pylori infection and parasites (which then further the lack of nutrition, inflammation, and leaky gut).

What's your Vitamin D level?

What kind of Magnesium are you taking?

Ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin?

Do you have an intake of good fats (organic grass fed animal fats, coconut oil, avacado, organic grass fed sources of butter....)

Related: Joint Pain Causes

May 05, 2015
Coincidence or not?
by: Anonymous tendonitis gal

Hi there! I've been putting pieces of my own symptoms together recently. I'm 32 years old, relatively healthy, well, until this tendonitis, or whatever came along.

Let me give you the quick run down, about 2-3 years ago, I was told I had tendonitis in my right wrist, I wore a brace for about 1 month straight, then on and off when I had pain for about 2 months.

Still today, my wrist hasn't fully recovered, as I have difficulty opening jars etc. Fast forward to last year, after my son was born, I would wake up to throbbing knuckles in both hands!

Throbbing, I thought if I would bend them, they'd break off. Now a year later, I've had pain in my little toe (like the side or joint, maybe like a bunion) and my right shoulder has pain, and its moved into my neck - both are very tight!

My shoulder pain is reduced when I place my shoulder/arm over my head. It seems like each condition lasts about 4-6 months and moves from one into the next. All, except for my knuckle pain, have been exclusive to the right side.

I work from the home, mostly doing computer work, but leave for community visits about 3x/week. I'm active, though I dont "work out" (walking, bike riding at least 3x/week.) I'm average weight and height, some may say a little thin, but women in my family are just that way.

I'm getting concerned because I feel at age 32 I shouldnt have these ongoing issues. My sister is anemic, has celiac disease and takes thyroid meds, and my paternal grandmother had problems with her thyroid (I'm not sure if hypo or hyper on either).

I'm just not sure where to start and what exactly to be concerned with. Much thanks!


Joshua Comments:


Not a coincidence.

1. What is your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out.

2. If your sister is a blood relative, then you are (almost certainly) also gluten intolerant. Which explains a lot of your symptoms/causes of symptoms.

3. How much gluten/inflammatory foods do you eat?

4. Have you ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin?

May 09, 2015
my experience now after whiplash from being rear ended by SUV
by: maria

I had whiplash 5 months prior to second one, I was rear ended by an SUV.

This was 2013. Now I'm having pain in my neck , terrible pain esp in the morning to my feet and just last week, my neurologist did that special electrode test that showed poor nerve conduction stating right hand is worse than left.

I believe these symptoms are related to the trauma I suffered from second accident. What are your thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

My thought is that you should get the Reversing Whiplash program and get to work reversing the dynamic/mechanisms causing that pain and problem.

The symptoms you describe are a predictable result of (multiple) traumatic whiplash injury.

See: Whiplash Neck Injury

Jun 13, 2015
TendonIts or FM
by: Anonymous

i have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia however I do have tendon weakness have had around 6 tendon related surgeries also have benign joint hypo mobility syndrome .

I am 60 now used to be an physical fitness instructor.

i have always thought my joints had more to do with my pain than my muscles.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

So...you have 'not enough' mobility in your joints?

Is it all your joints or some of your joints that have extra mobility? Tell me more about that scenario.

MAYBE you have Fibromyalgia. Or maybe you just have the predictible systemic results of being in chronic pain, etc. Or both.

Either way, there's definitely some things to do to help get the system working better.

And with multiple surgeries, then you definitely have a lot of tendonitis dynamic and Pain Causing Dynamic.

Meaning, you definitely have a lot of A. too tight muscle and connective tissue, B. chronic inflammation, and C. nutritional lack.

You had that back when you were 'healthy', and it just slowly increased over time. It's a downward spiral of increasing pain and problem.

Now it's a matter of reversing the factors as best you can.

And, realistically one can't separate muscle from tendon from joint. They all work together as a single unit. If one of them is off, then it effects everything.

Read this entire thread, and read the pages it links to.

Jul 12, 2015
dairy allergy causes tendonitis and bursitis
by: Anonymous

My husband had tendonitis and I have bursitis which is getting better. We were eating full fat Cabot yogurt every day with strawberries. We were both in pain going to doctors and physical therapists. Could not get any relief except from sono.

I figured since we both have allergies to other things it might be an allergy. Sure enough we stopped eating the yogurt and all dairy.

Voila! His tendonitis went away and my bursitis is going away. Hurray! We tracked it down.


Joshua Comments:


Yep. Pain can come from a variety of directions.

Just because one hurts doesn't mean that there is injury or damage.

Chronic inflammation does bad things.

Jul 20, 2015
please help me
by: melissa

I don't know what is wrong with me. I have been to the doctor for several reasons over the past 5 years.

I was diagnosed with Vertigo about three years ago. Since then I have become nearly immobile.

I can barely move sometimes. I went to the doctor earlier this year because of tightness, swelling, and weakness in my arms, hands, legs, and feet.

I went to be checked for arthritis, which turned out negative. I used to be extremely tolerable to pain and now I can barely stand a small touch. I can barely get the strength to get up everyday. Yes, I am overweight. I have been this way since I was eighteen and was always flexible and capable.

I'm thirty-seven now. The back of my shoulders burn with pain from holding my head up and the tendons on the back of my feet have lumps on them and cause me severe pain. A massage does nothing.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong with me?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Melissa.

1. What's your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out ASAP.

2. How much gluten do you eat?

3. How's your digestion?

4. Ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin?

5. Did you read this entire thread?

Jul 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have read through all of this and it is nice to finally get closer to finding out what is wrong.

My shoulders click, my elbows grind, my wrists click and spasm, my hip hurts and I have incredibly stiff calves and hamstrings. My neck is always stiff and gives me headaches. And, despite being quite a big guy, I feel that my legs, and arms in particular, are very weak. I cant hold anything for too long as everything just gets really tired.

I have already purchased some supplements. And will start adjusting my diet accordingly ASAP. I don't have the best diet, but I do eat "healthily" a couple of times a week and drink a lot of mineral water every day. As a result I am surprised that my body hasn't been getting these supplements already.

I intend to go to the doctor to get some blood tests to see if my gut is working properly.

I would like to know what tests I should be getting to see if there is anything causing the malabsorbtion of all these vitamins and minerals?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If you don't intake enough nutrients, it's a matter of not getting enough nutrients. Malabsorption is something else entirely.

Why are you surprised that you don't get enough nutrients when you only eat healthily a couple times a week and drink mineral water? That sounds -exactly- like you don't get enough nutrients.

The symptoms clicking, grinding, stiffness, tightness, etc, are all (likely) magnesium insufficiency symptoms. Muscles need magnesium to be able to soften/relax. Without enough, things get tight and joints get compressed and muscle get fatigued easily.

Jul 23, 2015
just the beginning
by: Marshall Lentini

It should be obvious that many people are suffering this mystery syndrome beyond the pale of medical science. Might just be Ehlers Danlos Syndrome III, might be something completely new, or poorly documented; whatever the case, no one in medical research is listening to us.

I won't bother with my story as I'm not here for nutrition advice and don't believe nutrition is the answer. Whatever this is, it is a mutation in our genome which has been activated by environmental insult(s) and/or pathogens.

Eventually, some med students will stumble onto clinical proof, and then many years later, funding for research *may* trickle into the matter.

Remember: there is NO specialist in tendons or connective tissue. Seriously, look that up.

Rheumatologists are some of the laziest and most callous doctors in the business, and if it isn't precisely in your joints, they act deaf and dumb, and treat you like a madman. If not for family and my own deteriorating condition, I'd revisit nearly every rheumatologist I have seen and put them deep in the ground for their absolute lack of compassion, or plain professional curiosity.

Steve's story is instructive:

Here's another long thread with a wealth of personal accounts describing the same syndrome:

Finally, inspire.com's EDS forum has a thread with several personal accounts of these symptoms coming on with infectious events:

Medical science will continue to ignore this as it is, of course, entirely a profit-driven enterprise, like everything else in this country.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marshall.

Sounds like you're talking about a couple different things.

Ehlers Danlos is a genetic disorder (worse in some people with it than others) where the ligaments (primarily) are too loose. It is not a 'degrading tendon' issue.

The story about Steven's girlfriend sounds like either significant nutritional deficiency and/or Fluoroquinolone side effects.

If it is autoimmune (which Ehlers Danlos is not) then there are some primary causes of that (inflammatory foods like gluten that cause Leaky Gut).

But in general, I agree with you: On the whole, doctors are far too lazy and uninterested and stuck in their professional blinders to be willing to figure things out (there's plenty of answers and explanations out there, tons of research available for those willing to investigate).

Jul 25, 2015
What about Cipro???
by: Anonymous

I am no longer able to function in my normal day-in, day-out life. My doctor doesn't have a clue...so I am researching. Traveling tendonitus blues!!

This is my question, why do you keep asking about Cipro?

My doctor had me on Cipro last year to treat diverticulitus. It was a horrible experience and I did my own treatment plan afterwards which included an Ayurvedic diet for Pitta imbalances, a lot of massage that used sesame oil, meditation and ingesting neem. It worked great, but it took time (three months plus).

Now I have muscular aches everywhere and several cases of tendonitis. Tummy is fine but my welfare is threatened as my ability to work is diminished...

So I am curious, what about Cipro. I have read most of this thread and plan to purchase more supplements as suggested. Giving up guten will be a bummer but I am ready to do that too...But what about Cipro? Is it possible that it did some damage. Is it some thing I can fix?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I keep asking because floroquinolones like Cipro and Levaquin are notorious for causing statements like "I am no longer able to function in my normal day-in, day-out life" and "Now I have muscular aches everywhere and several cases of tendonitis".

Because of how Cipro et all interact with the body, it's a common side effect, for good reason.

And unfortunately, doctors (usually) prescribe such for issues like diverticulitis instead of dealing with the underlying causes of diverticulitis.

You have tendonitis symptoms, but you (most likely) don't have 'tendonitis'. You (most likely) have Cipro side effects.

Even in people that have not taken a fluoroquinolone, that have multiple areas of 'real' tendonitis, lack of nutrition is always a player.

Among other actions, Cipro et al deplete the body of magnesium. Muscles need magnesium to operate correctly. Lack of magnesium results in a variety of downsides like muscle/tendon/joint pain.

It is possible, and likely, that Cipro did some damage. Having said that, one can have debilitating pain/problem from it with no actual damage (by which I mean rip/tear/tendon disintegration).

If you have been significantly affected by Cipro, you could start with reading the Magnesium For Tendonitis page and start supplementing with Magnesium and see what happens...

Or go with a complete plan of attack as in The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program. (Formerly titled 'The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution'.)

Fluoroquinolones can and do cause significant, life altering downsides. Personally, I would put all your focus on helping your body recover. Cipro side effects are nothing to be trifled with, and warrant treating your self like you're in big trouble (even if you're only in medium to small trouble...the trick being that you don't know so go with 'worst case scenario').

So that's why I ask.

A lot of people have multiple joint tendonitis symptoms. Nowadays, with the millions of fluoroquinolone prescriptions ongoingly handed out (and for things as trivial as acne!), it has become a standard question that I ask.

Have pain? There's a reason. It's important to investigate and find the reasons.

Aug 13, 2015
Pain, tendons and spine problems
by: Alexadra

While right nutrition is essential for good health and should be at the front of your list, you should also check mechanical causes resulting from an imbalanced spine. Unknown to them a large proportion of people in 'civilized societies' have scoliosis, and multiple deviation of the mechanical structure of the spine resulting in narrowing the spaces for the nerves passage in different part of the bodies. That causes not only pain but eventually serious medical problems and organ dysfunction.

Combining the approach for nutrition and well balanced use of the body skeleton is essential.

Exercise that ignores the spine particularities of each individual or the proper alignment of the skelet aggravates problems and cause damage.

It is ridiculous to give definitions such as Complex regional pain syndrome or says that tendinitis in several joints is a coincidence.

The body gets easily out of balance through poor diet but also through unbalanced use of its joints and mechanical structure.

Try to bike on a badly balanced bike if you can. A good medical professional should look at both and help you realign your body using stress relief, nutrition and physical realignment.

Looking only at one aspect or one health problem in isolation or trying to get rid of different symptoms without looking at the whole body and psychology of each individual it will never help anybody in the long run to be in good health and enjoy life.

Oct 21, 2015
old injuries tenon pain
by: djh860

I have two old tendon injuries. A bone spur in the Achilles tendon and Osgood-Schlatter. I had both of these for 20+ years and they are solid, strong and pain free 95% of the time.

I'm very active. Suddenly they have both become chronic problems. They become sore and slightly inflamed with no overwork or injury. I'm thinking a food allergy. Looking at my diet I'm thinking fat, peanuts or booze possibly grains as the culprit. Can I be tested for this?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Dan.

Yes there are a variety of tests for food allergies and inflammatory markers.


1. Alcohol depletes B vitamins. See the Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency link in this thread.

2. Gluten (wheat) is an inflammatory agent. SO beer and bread/pasta/pizza causes inflammation, which eats up various nutrition and keeps you in an inflammatory state, which sooner or later your body is going to start losing the fight.

3. Processed foods, aside from the gluten and sugar, are very lacking in nutrition.

4. Peanuts, while tasty, are high in mycotoxins and the fat is basically rancid. Tasty, but no bueno. Sure you're going to have some sometimes, but personally I don't do a lot of peanut.

5. Good fat is good (avacado, coconut, grassfed organic sources of meat fat and butter), bad fat is bad (hydrogenated, trans, processed, vegetable cooking oils [rancid and carcinogenic and inflammatory]).

Inflammation and nutritional lack over time absolutely lead to physical aches/pains/problems.

You could test for it, and/or you could just adjust your lifestyle to decrease/eliminate inflammatory foods and replace with nutrient dense foods, which you'd need to do anyway if a test came back positive (even if it doesn't....tests aren't the be all end all that we tend to think that they are).

"Suddenly they have both become chronic problems."

It occurs that way, but this has been building up for 28+ years. That bone spur etc didn't develop in a vacuum.

Various factors were at play that caused the bone spur etc, and those factors have continued to cause a downward spiral.

Your body tried it's best to keep it at bay, but suddenly it's losing and you have pain and symptoms.

See: Bone Spur

Oct 31, 2015
Multiple tendinitis...getting frustrated.
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I don't even know where to start.

I am an overweight female, age 40. I need to lose in excess of 50 lbs.

My first experience with a tendon issue was when I picked up running. I developed IT band syndrome. I got through it with foam rolling, and a modified gate.

I went on to run 3 half marathons. I was am signed up for number 4 when I developed an Achilles lump (tendinitis). I was unable to run that race. I went through several cortisone shots, and graston therapy. I thought it was better.

I developed tendinitis in both elbows, and have been dealing with graston for them as well...its been about 8 months since the Achilles issue, and now it's back. X-rays confirmed no spur.

I haven't run more than a mile in several months, and thanks to the elbows, my weight lifting has been limited. I have also dealt with on and off arch pain, as well as top of the foot.

My diet right now has been whole 30. No grains, dairy, legumes, or sugar...prior to that, mostly a whole foods diet, that did not exclude any of the above.

I should also mention that my left foot (the one with the most issues, including Achilles), has a joint deformity (bunion) for which I am having surgery in December.

I guess I just don't even know what to do at this point. It feels like every time I try, I get knocked down. I don't want to be inactive, and in pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. Start with reading this thread and follow the links in the thread.

2. Come back with questions.

3. Consider bicycle over running. The scenario you describe is not helped by running (because your structures are not operatinng optimally).

Nov 04, 2015
Multiple joint tendon pain can sleep from hip pain
by: Bobbie

I too have hip, elbow, shoulder, hand, knee and foot pain.

X rays show no arthritis. Doctor says it is tendonitis. But how does that happen all over your body?

I can't sleep because of the pain in my hips, if I sit for more than 5 minutes I get so stiff it is painful to walk. But if I get on the treadmill and walk the pain (hips) goes away after about five minutes.

But standing in one spot is very (hips and foot) painful. I have given up on doctors what should I try next? I am 55 and eat healthy and walk 5 miles a day.

Thank you for any responses.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Bobbie.

Read the entire thread and follow the links. Then come back with questions.

Jan 13, 2016
generalized tentinitis
by: biju mon joseph

i read all opinion and what i feel strongly the reason for generalized tendinitis is the vitamin d and calcium deficiency.
and you can get rid of this by some small home remedies .
1 . take sunbath for weekly 3 days for 3 months for half hour evening or morning .
2 .milk and milk product with added calcium
3 . multivitamin tablet with calcium and vit D
this will definitely do good for you

I am Physiotherapist and see lots of patients with generalized tendinitis and on this experience , i made my advice.


Joshua Comments:

1. There's really no need to supplement with Calcium.

We get enough calcium from our food intake, but don't utilize it/utilize enough of it due to lack of Vitamin D in our bodies.

So yes, absolutely more Vit D unless one's levels are between 50-80ng/ml, but no, not more Calcium.

2. That's probably not enough sun exposure to get enough Vit D, especially depending on where one lives, the time of year, how much skin is exposed to the sunshine, and whether one takes a shower with soap afterwards.

3. The vast majority of multivitamin products don't have enough quanty of anything in particular in them to really call it supplementation.

I definitely wouldn't consider a multivitamin a source of Vitamin D.

Jan 18, 2016
a life of pain
by: Brittani

I've searched fit the cause of my foot pain such lead me here. I must say, there's a lot of amazing info in these conversations!

Well I am having pain in the top of my feet, very painful and sensitive. Fitting the description for tenosynosis (I'm sure I spelled it incorrect)

I've always had trouble with my ankles and wrists, actually since age 7 it's the first I remember. The doctor said must be sprains, i'll be fine. It has never been fine, but seemed that i just had to cope. I an now 26.

In 2010 more pain set in. My hips felt like there's glass in the joint.

Came and went like my ankles and wrist pain.

Then more pain set into my shoulder about a year and a half later, moved into my neck and back as well. Found a winged scapula for the cause and with physical therapy it did not improve.

Also my other pains worsened, and were near constant.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and since the doctors have no desire to look into further determining other causes.

I'm in constant pain, I've had several blood tests fine and xray of spine, shoulders, neck. All fine, now the winged scapula seems to be near corrected, but the pain is the same.

I truly believe I've been misdiagnosed, my last doctor basically told me I was just crazy.

I want my body back! I've been in pain so long, no medications work, I've given up and I know I cannot do that... What can I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brittani.

Unfortunately, when doctors don't know what your problem is or how to fix it, they far too often blame it on their patient.

I don't know....when I come up against somethign I don't understand, I do some research. I don't know why doctors dont. Easier not to I guess.

Probably you have been misdiagnosed. Most anybody in the US could be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, due to some of the requirements needed for the diagnosis.

But there's something going on, right?

The quickest easiest place to start is nutrition. If you don't have enough, if you've never had enough becaue your mother didn't have enough, then you're inclined to have problems.

The body needs adequate nutrition (this is very different from 'calories') or it can't work right.

1. What was your Vitamin D level, the last bloodwork you had? If you don't know, find out.

If your doctor(s) didn't test you for it, don't be surprised.

2. How's your overall health, historically? How often do you get sick? What kind of sick?

3. How's your digestion? Any digestive issues? Food allergies?

4. If you eat wheat/gluten, you should probably stop, cold turkey, for 2 months, see how you feel then. Then have a pizza, and see how you feel.

5. What would you say a day in the life of your food/drink intake looks like? Now and historically?

Jan 24, 2016
painfully confused
by: roqua

I have read most of your post and I would like to ask a question or two.

I had two children back to back in a period of two years.

Prior to now I have had to endure extremely tight and painful muscles and muscle pain from the base of my head c1 down 👇. My shoulders were also this way. Most of my body actually.For most of my youth and adult life.

I needed a lot of deep tissue massage all the time to keep me from hurting.

I had a full panel of tests and nothing.

I took iodide and it seemed to relieve some of the issues but from what I read about it, it was not a good idea to make it a long term solution.

I did however start a vitamin d supplement and it helps.

I also started vitamin b.

I didn't get much sleep and rest while my babies were a little younger but I'm getting better about it. Because of my small children I don't do a good job of keeping up with my supplements every day.
I'm 37 turning 38 this year 😞.

But things are a little scary. Over the last month or so I have developed tender joints in both elbows, right shoulder ( from my neck down to mid back) crazy part is it is right side dominate pain and discomfort. In the winter of 2014-2015 I was running and I must admit that due to time constraints I didn't stretch appropriately.I popped my hip out and ended up putting it into place myself.

Yes it was extremely painful. I also pinched a nerve while delivering my 2nd baby.

I have an active lifestyle I try to work out a minimum of three times a week. I live and work with my husband on a ranch. I garden. Sadly I have a curvature in my back and my ribcage is shifted to the right also.

Now my right shoulder pops a lot and can't lift it comfortably by evening, stiffness in the afternoon there, tingling and numbness on my right side, painful stiffness in my hip from time to time too. My hands go numb and cold while doing repetitive tasks with short range or hold un natural positions as well as a pricking sensation that happens at random.

I recently went to a doctor who merely said that I was simply starting to age. I hope that there isn't something like MS involved, but I don't know where to go from here.

I should add that there are sensitive spots in my arm just about where the tendons are. Please help me.

People treat me like I'm just wanting attention.
I know something is not quite right, but I don't know what that is.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Roqua.

"I know something is not quite right, but I don't know what it is."

I hear ya, I hear ya. It's not a fun place. But, one just has to look for answers until one finds them (and then take the right actions to reverse the problem).

1. You may want to not go to that doctor again. He sounds like a terrible doctor.

2. Babies take a lot out of a mother's body, nutritionally. With back to back babies, you didn't have enough time to replete your body of nutrition, presuming that you even eat well enough to replete your body anytime soon. Most people don't. You didn't even have time to in a best case scenario.

3. I assert that you still have not repleted yoru body of necessary nutrition.

Specifically, magnesium. Muscle tightness, joint issue (including but limited to from tight muscles compressing joints), poor sleep, etc.

Stressors of all kinds eat up magnesium. You were and are under a lot of various stressors, including, ironically, the stress of your stressors.

PROBABlY enough of the right nutrition will very noticeably improve your situation. The body needs what it needs, and until it gets it, downhill is the only direction you're going to be going.

Doctors, mind bogglingly, have no comprehension of this, training in this, or interest in this basic reality of how the human body functions.

4. What is your vitamin D level? How much are your taking?

This is also a huge one.

5. There is no vitamin 'B'. It's all B2, B6, B12, etc. What exactly are you taking?

Overall, from what you've said, until I see otherwise, I'm going with that what you have is mostly to fully reversible, given the right actions.

(DOn't worry about the spinal curve/tilt, it's not ideal but not very high on your list of problems at the moment.)

Jan 29, 2016
Generalized tendonitis
by: Wissame

Hello i am a 38 year old lady with really a very bad generalized tendinitis all over my body with myalgia and the most severe tendonitis is of the trapezius at all its insertions but the most at the occipital and mid dorsal insertion ...its very chronic maybe 10 years old but got worse 5 years ago..i am daily on NSAIDS but useles..i have tried massage acpuncture but in vain.

Whatever tendon u touch is literally tender..i have been told that it may be fibromyalgia but im really not convinced..i am a very lazy person with no work out and im borderline overweight.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Wissame.

The joy of a fibromyalgia is that you have to be sore in 7 of 10 places if somebody pokes and prods.

But most anybody over the age of 20 (15, I don't know) is going to be sore most anywhere if you go poking around, for a variety of reasons.

So personally I wouldn't yet worry about a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It's an easy diagnosis for doctors so they don't have to put any effort into finding the cause of your symptoms/problem.

The first place to look is lack of necessary nutrition.

What's your vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out asap.

What's your iron level? You ladies generally have to ongolingly deal with anemia, and I'm surprised how many women I and my Kerri have dealt with that have had low iron for years, doctors have allowed them to be low, and they remain low..and tired/fatigued/various aches and pains.

Super easy to reverse that one. Let's make sure it's ruled out as a causative factor here.

It will be worth it to go completely off wheat/pasta/bread gluten for two months. Gluten is an antiflammatory agent, we need to reduce your inflammation as much as possible.

And if your gut has been affected by gluten and you have any amount of Leaky Gut, that can steal nutrition and increase systemic inflammation and pain.

Understand that you now have systemic inflammation (from, minimally, your chronic pain dynamic), a ton of pain enhancing chemicals floating/stuck in your tissue and constantly being produced.

Understand that your muscles and connective tissue are progressively tighter and stuck too tight, and that constantly tugs on your tendons and compresses your joints, to whatever degree that they are.

And that all combines to cause an ongoing, downward spiral.

Your job is to push your body back up the upward spiral.

Read through this entire thread, follow the links.

Come back with questions.

Jan 31, 2016
Tendon pain
by: LeeAnonymous

I have had problems with my tendons all over my body all my life , I've never been able to run or do sports as I would injure easily, my leg muscles are solid and hard , and the part of my body where the tendons run hurt even under light pressing on the skin.

I am most hindered by my leg tendons as they get stiff just by a 20 minute sit down rest, then in my 30ies my thyroid stopped working and when I looked up the symptoms tendon problems are one of them, I still suffer and they are still painful even after taking very strong pain killers co-dydramol 4 times a day and diclofenic 3 times a day. It doesn't really take the pain and stiffness away but it does lesson it.

I find I have to do lite stretches before I move and I swim which eases it. I would do other things like yoga but due to a motorbike accident I cut my foot off and had to have it fastened back on to my leg and I can't stand on the leg on its own so it makes it harder for me. Lee


Joshua Comments:

Hi LeeAnonymous. (did you mean to put those both? :)

Ouch, motorcycle crash no fun....ouch.

I'm not an expert on thyroid (nor do I know much about it, really).

I suggest you speak with Kerri at www.easy-immune-health.com. She's tops on the thyroid thing, and can direct you to accurate testing (as necessary, depending on what you've done in the past), can translate what your doctors have told you (including calling bullshit if you've been told anything dumb, which you probably have), and can have a no nonsense conversation about options to try to get the thyroid healed/working again.

Having said that, presuming it's not some weird genetic thing, tightness is primarily/very often due to lack of nutrition, specifically magnesium and it's supporting required nutrients.

Lifelong tightness makes sense depending on the nutritional status of your mother while you were in the womb, and your early life diet.

Short on nutrition? Body doesn't work right.

Short on magnesium? Muscles can't relax.

I also know that gluten causes any number of all sorts of problems, including negatively affecting tyroid funtion. (If you're a beer drinker, might want to switch to cider like I have. Gluten free beer ....isn't very good in my opinion.)

Feb 04, 2016
tendonitis in elbow and both hands, shots lasted about a month.
by: mary

I have been going through this almost 2 years I have had shots in my knee my elbow and both hands. The shots only lasted about a month .

Someone please help me figure it out I can't quite my job but the more I work the worse it gets.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mary.

It's pretty much already figured out.

Read this thread in it's entirety. Follow the links and read those pages too.

Come back with questions.

Feb 04, 2016
Knee Tendonitis, Shoulder pain
by: Anonymous

Dear Joshua,

First off, thank you much for spending your time to answer these questions.

I am a 22 year old female (about 168, and 52-53 kg). Up until about 5 months ago, I was healthy and very fit. I did spinning classes, weights, yoga, pilates, TRX, whatever I was feeling up to.

I had always been active, but started exercising about 5 years ago, steadily increasing what I was able to do over the years, but only started consistent weight training about half a year ago (mostly bodyweight).

Over the summer I had started a program of plyometric bodyweight exercises, and switched from spinning to fast-walking (I was travelling).

In September I first got a debilitating pain in my left knee. An MRI diagnosed me with Patellor Tendonitis and Iliotibial Band Syndrome. After about 2 weeks, the same pain also had spread to my right knee.

I started doing physio therapy, strengthening exercises about three times a week, stretching almost every day, foamrolling almost every day.

I also started taking Pure encapsulations Mineral 650A supplements, and Green Pasture Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, mobiflex, and anti-inflammatories. (I also tried turmeric capsules.)

I basically spent about four months of my life dealing almost exclusively with this issue also using radio therapy, shockwave therapy. I never managed to walk far, run, or really weight train again, but I am back to doing biking, and spinning about once a week.

After 3 months of caring for this, it had finally gotten better, but as soon as I stopped working on it every single day (only 2-3 a week now), it came back.

Even worse, I also developed an inflammation in both of my shoulders, (possibly due to over working out the upper body?)

My legs and back are always incredibly tight, I also had my back "deblocked" a few times, but it always seems to return.

I know can basically do nothing but biking, yoga, pilates, and physio activity, which has been slowly leading to depression, as exercise is very important to me.

Concerning my diet, I live in Europe, and I eat very healthy (75% organic), fruits and/or vegetables at every meal, almost no meat, no milk (some cheese at special occasions), almost no gluten except for oats and sugar-free Müsli, and very rarely whole-grain bread or rice (I seem to get constipated when I cut out oats completely).

I don't eat processed foods, or any refined sugars, and drink rarely (especially since it makes the inflammation flare up.)

I have one of avocado, salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach, red beats, nut butters (no peanut), lots of other different fruits and vegetables every day.

I am really frustrated, and willing to do anything for this to get better. (Aside from the pain I also have a LOT of joint cracking, whenever I lift something or try to exercise - usually to no avail - but am otherwise feeling very fit and healthy, full of energy. I only have digestion problems when I eat out, or slightly to much, or I eat red meat. Other than that, I seem to process everything I eat quite well. I am barely ever tired (sleep 6-8 hours), move every day, and there is nothing that makes me happier than those rare days, when I can actually do some exercise).

I also was tested for RA (negative on all accounts), I had a lot of vitamins and minerals tested: (Magnesium in Serum 0.9 (range 0.7 - 1.1), Zinc in Serum 12 (range 7-23), Vitamin A 0.55 (range 0.20 - 0.65), Vitamin D: 39 (range 30-70), vitamin E: 98 (range 75 - 175)

I would be so grateful for any insight as to what may be causing this? (Is it overtraining?)
Why did the issue get better, but then return, spreading to more places?

What (except for strengthening exercises), can I do?

Thank you so much for your help!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

It's unfortunate that you were directed to do so much self care, that did get you feeling better, but that then resulted in pain etc returning because they didn't give you a complete treatment.

Meaning, they left out at least one very important aspect.

1. Your diet is great, though persoally I'm not a fan of no meat.

2. Vit D of 39 isn't bad. I would get it up to between 60-80ng/ml for optimal benefit.

3. The magnesium level is pretty worthless, because it measures blood serum level, and the body is designed to keep the blood serum level within a certain range no matter what.

So you can be very short of magnesium, which I suspect you are, and still have an in-range blood serum level.

All that tightness, cracking (caused by tightness), etc, is most likely a function of magnesium insufficiency.

Notice how things spiraled down and got progressively worse? That's how it goes when you don't have enough of the nutrition you need.

4. How are your energy levels? If they're low at all, make sure anemia isn't an issue (low iron, simple fix, take more).

And then we'd inquire into adrenal fatigue (have your adrenals been tested?)

5. If it was overtraining, that's adrenal fatigue and/or nutritional insufficiency.

6. What is 'deblocking' of your back?

7. How much of what kind of minerals/vitamins were you taking?

Feb 19, 2016
Gutted beyond belief
by: RobJ

Not sure if this is going anywhere or not.

I'm a lifetime sports person. I've done and competed at most things. Most lately triathlon.

In 2011 I was playing squash at a regional level and snapped my achilles (tendon 1).

I either before or after that had carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist (tendon 2)

I then took up triathlon.

I developed golfers elbow in my left arm 2 years ago, stopping me swimming and competing completely (tendon 3).

So I then focussed on duathlon.

Following a half-marathon 18 months ago I developed recto-calcaneal-bursitis in my left heel. This has stopped me running despite physio and it's been confirmed by scans etc. No joy (tendon 4). Back to just cycling.

Cycling I completed at across all disciplines prior to triathlon (road race, time trials, mountain biking etc.)

The latest is that I have tendonopathy in my right tibialis anterior from cycling, with crepitus evident.

So, I now can't run, swim or cycle. Seems to me like all of this may be related. May be not. May be I'm just unlucky in multiple areas.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rob.

It's 100% likely that it's all related.

Luck good or bad or bad doesn't cause tendonitis. Tendonitis, and the pre-cursors that set up tendon tears, are from a certain set of factors.

Plus probably some adrenal fatigue in there that affects cortisol levels (which affects how one heals when sleeping at night).

But definitely lack of nutrition.

Query: Have you (ever) taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin.

Feb 22, 2016
RobJ replides re: fluoroquinolone
by: RobJ

Not to my knowledge. Never heard of them.

Why is this relevant i.e. I take it these can cause the issue?

In terms of nutrition, what is the root cause in terms of lack of something?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rob.

Fluoroquinolones like Cipro, Levaquin, Ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin, Avelox, etc, can cause all sorts of minor to life threatening connective tissue damage.

So it's always good to inquire as to whether a person with tendon damage has taken them at any point in the past.

The root cause of lack of nutrition is not enough intake of that and/or related nutrition.

For instance, stressors eats up various nutrition.

Inflammation eats up various nutrition.

Muscle use/tightness eats up various nutrition.

If you don't replace that nutrition adequately, then your body is running on a deficit, and it'd all downhill from there.

Feb 24, 2016
Give me a clue
by: RobJ

I took part in a cycling study at a University last year and my diet seemed to be good according to them.

Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for?


Joshua Comments:

'Good' is definitely relative.

And whether your intake looks good or not is entirely distinct to your body's nutritional status.

What's your Vitamin D level?

What's your magnesium level as tested by an intracellular (cheek swab) test (as opposed to the mostly worthless and overwhelmingly common blood serum)?

Mar 07, 2016
Levaquin has affected nearly all systems.
by: Sue N.

Bless you for saying Levaquin and other fluroquinolones. I'm 13 years and 22 Specialists into the same sort of problem and my 6 week 750mg Levaquin treatment has me laughed at, belittled and crazy.

It couldn't be that!

Mar 07, 2016
2Doctors and no hope
by: Phaedra

Help please, my two regular doctors are not convinced that the majority of this is related:

Diagnosed in Lft wrist an right ankle winter of 1999, with severe swelling.

Over next 15 yrs, other joints have developed the same symptoms but with little swelling noticeable.

Diagnosed with carpal tunnel 2015.

Rocky Mnt Spotted fever (possibly Lyme disease inseam) in 2007.

Current joints affected: both ankles, right foot, left knee, left hip, right shoulder more than left shoulder, both wrists

Health: semi fit

Age:36. Onset at 19

Activity, I work retail and walk 4-10 mi a day. I lift minor weighted objects (5-50lbs) throughout my shifts 5 days a week. I excersice 1-2 times a week in addition with beginner cardio and beginner weight lifting.

Hobbies: knitting, sewing, crocheting starting in 1993 (wrist work), dancing starting in 2013(knee and ankle).

Diet: mostly well rounded, starch and carb lover

Injury: 1 med sprained ankle (2014), 1 twisted ankle (2014).

Concussion end of 2014 into 2015, bulging disc (2015) with pinched nerve symptoms (treated and under control)

Bakers cysts and "loose bodies" located in and around left knee with beginnings of worn cartalidge.

Mess: not that I am aware of, what do they treat?

Any and all insight is great fully appreciated!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Phaedra.

1. Do you have a history of taking Fluoroquinolone antibiotics?

2. That you would mention that you are a carb lover, is a clue pointing to gluten intolerance, that leads to Leaky Gut. Leaky gut leads to auto-immune issues like rheumatoid arthritis (joint pain, swelling in joints, etc.).

3. Go entirely off ALL gluten (bread, crackers, pasta, processed foods, etc) for 30-60 days, see how you feel by the end of it, and then have a pizza, and see how you feel.

There's other possibilities for swelling etc, but that's a good test that does you a lot of good regardless.

4. What is your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out asap.

Mar 20, 2016
I need Dr House because no one knows what is wrong
by: Stacy H

I was diagnosed with Sjogrens a little over a year ago and it was by accident since I saw my dr for concerns of "cracking, snapping" noises throughout my body.

I have been to numerous drs and no one seems concerned and they say it is probably just joint noises. There is NO way the noises are coming from my joints. I hear them sometimes by the joints but I truly believe they are coming from fascia or tendons.

Is this possible and what could be the cause of it?

I am a fitness instructor and can not seem to keep my muscles, I am 43.

Dr says it is my age, but I think it is related to my noises. It litterally sounds like rubber bands snapping. Many, many, many times a day.

Help me.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Stacy.

1. Read this entire thread. It applies to you. You don't have joint painn per se, but you have all the factors that cause joint pain: too tight muscle and connective tissue, chronic inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency.

2. That all works together to have your body 'too tight'. Structures are under tension. 'Snapping' etc can result, along with joint 'popping', aches, pain, stiffness, joints 'grinding', etc, etc, etc.

3. 'Aging' doesn't necessarily cause anything. But progressive tightness, inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency over time, definitely does.

When a doctor says 'it's due to aging', without providing any helpful solutions, it means s/he has no clue why you're having your symptoms nor what to do about them.

4. Sjrogen's is an auto-immune isssue/problem. Do you have any other symptoms?

Did you get a diagnosis or was the doctor just pulling that out his butt since he doesn't know enough about the body to have a reasonable guess why you might be having the symptoms.

Apr 16, 2016
Getting Desperate
by: LuAnn

I have pain in nearly every joint on both sides for the last 2 to 3 months.

Saw an ortho doc for the Osteoarthritis in my some joints. He gave me a shot in my right thumb because it was the worst. Told me to come back in one month if the swelling did not subside.

When I went back because it had progressed to my left hand he would not give me any shots at all. My knees were also badly affected to the point I had trouble walking.

In the two weeks since I've seen him it is now in my feet was bad swelling and I feel like my shoulders are starting to. I've been wearing splints on both of my wrists since I left the ortho's office.

The mornings are definitely the worst for me. When I get to work my fingers move more and I walk a bit but the pain and the information and the swelling are still there. My doctor put me on Meloixcam for pain and inflammation. It does not touch it.

My PCP said because my knees and hands are both involved I need to go to a rheumatologist. The ortho doctor said the same thing.

My blood work showed absolutely nothing it was pristine. I am getting worse I feel each day. Could this be a food allergy. It feels like all over body tendinitis.


Joshua Comments:

Hi LuAnn.

Osteo-arthritis is a function of the tendonitis dynamic: too tight muscle and connective tissue (that compresses joints), nutritional lack, and process of inflammation.

Doctors know that auto-immune issues cause all over pain, but that's about it.

They don't know that osteoarthritis is caused by chronic compression of joints by too tight tissue.

They don't know that nutritional insufficiency/deficiency can cause all over tendonitis symptoms/pain symptoms.


So if your bloodwork is clear of auto-immune indicators, your doctors are now completely in the dark.

Which then causes people, as you indicated, to get desperate.


1. What is your vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out ASAP.

What are some of the possible symptoms of vitamin d insufficiency/deficiency? Everything you have described.

2. Do you actually have osteoarthritis? Or did you get a diagnosis based solely on your description of symptoms?

Meaning, do you actually have significant wear and tear degeneration of one or more joints? If so, which ones?

3. Have you (ever) taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Levaquin, Cipro, Levofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, Avelox, etc?

May 02, 2016
Pain, pain, pain
by: Marcella


I'm female, 27 yeas old, and have been feeling tenosinovitus first in the forearms (4 yeas ago) and now in the Flexor longus of the halux and ankle.

Don't eat red meat, but eat fish. Have been complementing Vitamin D, Magnesium and complex B vitamins ever since. But what caught my eye was this question you made for other person about her being hyper-mobile. I'm extremely hyper-mobile, what does that have to do with the tendinitis? What can I do other than the supplements?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marcella.

What's your vitamin D level?

B-complex products aren't terrible (the barest of bare minimums) but they don't contain enough of anything to really provide any benefit.

How much magnesium, what kind?

The nutrition is to help the body have what it needs to operate optimally. If you are hypermobile, then it's a matter of helping the muscles support the joints (like they are doing now only better) without sending 'we're losing!' signals to the brain, which then kicks in defense mechanisms (pain, basically).

That leads to the tendonitis symptoms. Tendonitis is a dynamic, you may or may not have inflammation or wear and tear on the tendons themselves, but you have pain, and pain comes from a variety of directions.

So the short answer is, nutrition and strengthening exercises to help the muscles support the joints in a strong and happy way.

Of course work slowly into it and try not to irritate things as you get the muscles/system stronger.

May 04, 2016
Too much pain
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh, I am a 51 y/o female. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc and joint disease in 2003. I have had nothing but problems since.

Recently (last week) I had an MRI on my left hip. Results were that my tendon is "in really bad shape, very angry) I am scheduled for debridment and new treatment that injects my blood cells into my tendon aiding them in healing on their own.

Problem: I have soft tissue pain through out my body neck to ankles. Left knee replacement in 2013.

My blood work came back "normal" on Tuesday. Checked for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Limes disease. Also looking for any autoimmune disorders (This is not back yet). I take 10,000 IU of D3 per day and a multivite for "older" women.

My diet is not that great, however I do get my protien (I am a carnivore). I take Omega 3, Glucosamine/chorndroiten, and melatonin for sleep (which does not work). My pain is on and off but more on recently. I have pain in : rt ankle, rt hip both sides of my back, all four areas, left knee (to include hamstring). Diagnosed with Tendonopathoy of my Achilles tendon and rt hip. I am so tired of hurting.

I can not do the things I enjoy doing and am about ready to give up! How can I remedy this??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. What is your actual Vit D level?

2. Ever taken an fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin etc?

3. There' really not enough of some important things that you need in a multi-vitamin/mineral.

All over pain and issue like you're describing absolutely has a nutritional (lack of) component.

May 24, 2016
27 woman with 3 yeas Tenosynovitis of the wrists.
by: Sad Anna

I'm suffering from Tenosynovitis for the past 3 years in both wrists. I'm 27 and a female.

It began due to long hours, days and months of work on the computer.

Now, after 3 years of rest - I'm not typing, someone else has to always be my writing communication voice :-(, still has this awful injury, seen lots of doctors, done lots of tests, tried all kinds of drugs and all the "normal" treatments.

The pain comes and goes, usually after minor use of the hands like taking a shower. No other known health issues. No injuries in the hands other this Tenosynovitis.

Between the end of the 1st year of rest and the 3rd it showed a small decrease of the Tenosynovitis's fluid.

You recommend taking magnesium so I'm taking it twice a week - the doctors and pharmacists didn't knew that it has something to do with tendinopathy. Taking vitamin D everyday. I do not know if I took a fluoroquinolne antibiotics.

What to do now in order to return to regain my ability to use my hands?

Thank you so much for your (future...) reply,

Please please help me get better.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anna.

As you have discovered, Rest doesn't fix anything (see the link in this thread).

And the usual methods usually don't either. Just like your doctors don't understand the relationship between magnesium and tendonitis/tenosynovitis/tendonopathy/etc, they aren't adequately trained to be able to fix much less address issues like yours.

It takes an understanding and a game plan.

Magnesium 2x/week just isn't going to do it for you. Nor is just magnesium. (How much Vitamin D are you taking?)

You need a game plan.

You've been hurting for years, and there are specific reasons/factors for this.

I suggest you get the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis program. The same factors that cause tendonitis cause tenosynovitis. And reversing those factors is...well...(most likely) the only thing that is going to reverse your tenosynovitis issue.

May 26, 2016
Chronic pain
by: Daniel

My problems started pretty abrubt 2,5 years ago the same time as a testicle infection. After a few days my tendons in the right hip started to hurt a lot. Could barely sleep for three weeks.
After that it dulled down to the pain I still have today.
The antibiotic I got was doxycyklin, im not sure if its toxic.

The muscles in the right hip is super tense and hurts the most while sitting. I also got extremly tender on the sides of the ribcage which to this day makes it painful to lie on your side.
A month after it started I started getting pain in the right forearm and wrist, and this continues today.

After reading this page I tested my d-vitamin and it was only 15 ng/ml. I also had to much homocystein which could be a lack of b vitamin.

My daily supplements are:
D3 9000IE
Mag 850mg (glycinate, malate, citrate)
B6 25mg
B12 1000ug
Folacid 400ug

I have also taken baths with magnesium flakes and used magnesium sprayon.
Started this a week ago. Do you think my plan is good or do I need to change something?
I thought about doing a tTG-IgA gluten test, is it reliable or should I just stop with gluten anyway?

Thank you for your help, Daniel


Joshua Comments:

Hi Daniel.

1. Modern gluten is an inflammatory agent, period. So for a while at least, I'd stop it anyway. You need less inflammation in your life right now.

2. Get your Vit D level up to 60-80ng/ml with Vit D3 asap. 15 is BAD low. 9,000 i.u.'s/day will probably get you there sooner/later/eventually.

3. Do more mag if you can (respect Tolerance Level of course, but push it), and I'd do 100mg of B6 (no downside to 200-300mg/day for a month and then dropping down).

Jun 27, 2016
I don't want to eat meat!
by: Liv

Hi Joshua,

Similarly to everyone else here I have struggled with tendonitis for a large part of my life.

In my early teens I was a runner diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis multiple times in both Achilles at once, and also both left and right separately (blamed on pronation)
This did not clear up until I gave up running but will still flare up now with running.

In my mid teens I had my first bout of wrist tendonitis, and have suffered right and left wrist, thumb, and forearm on and off since (blamed on rock climbing, kayaking, which I subsequently gave up)

Most of my tendonitis has been blamed on my horse riding and horse related activities, which I refuse to give up.

I am now 28. Last year I suffered excruciating pain in my lower back (woke up one morning like that) which was assumed to be a prolapsed disc from the symptoms, but x-ray and scan only revealed inflammation. This took 5 months of rehab to return to normal.

Most recently I have had wrist trouble again, accompanied with edema in both hands - to the point where I was not able to wear my rings for some months.

I was recommended to try dairy free diet due to the swelling in my hands and constant runny nose. Since coming off all dairy my hands have not swelled since and nose dried up too.

I have suffered with intolerance to egg and am a vegetarian. Otherwise my overall health is good, I'm fit, never tired.

At work I sit at a computer. Aside from that I spend all my time outdoors, walking, horse riding, farming and doing yoga.

No history of car crash or major injury.

I see you like to prescribe meat in the diet - I absolutely hate meat but have started eating fish lately.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Liv.

1. I presume that that was processed/factory farm dairy? How do you do with raw milk/cheese/yogurt etc?

I hear ya. I can't do 'regular' milk. No problem with raw milk at all.

2. Would you say that you are hypermobile at all?

3. What's a day in the life of your dietary intake look like, now and historically?

4. What's your Vitamin D level?

Let's start there.

Jun 30, 2016
by: Liv

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for your response.

1. I have not tried raw dairy as an option yet - I will go hunting for it now.

I live in New Zealand, and traditionally our dairy is much less processed and is grass fed etc.

With new legislation just about to hit, we may end up with our small raw dairy industry failing us!

We do have more and more organic dairy coming to the market.

2. I am most definitely hypermobile, I have been told this by various doctors, physio, chiros.

3. Daily diet:
- Porridge with cacao / nuts
- 1-2 pieces fruit
- very colourful salad for lunch often with falafel and avocado
- usually salad with dinner, roast pumpkin, beetroot, and sweet potato commonly, fish sometimes. Mexican / wraps / vege stir fry / occasional pasta. I try to include lentils/beans.

Historically diet was higher in sugar and carbs, but fairly clean. Always eaten loads of veges and a fruit lover. I ate meat until about 10 years ago.

4. Vit D has been late 30s to early 40s

Thanks again, Liv


Joshua Comments:

1. I'd try to get your Vit D level up to between 60-80ng/ml. At least 40-60ngml

2. Thats great you've cleaned up your diet. It makes a big difference.

And I get you don't want to eat mean, and, looking at your current diet, which does indeed look healthy, I'd add in more good fat (coconut oil, more avocado, what you get from raw milk, raw cream) and more protein (How about eggs?

3. You're hypermobile, that has some downsides over time, including tendonitis symptoms.

The loose joints can grind and get inflammed. The loose joints can not grind but the extra movement can inflame the loose ligaments.

See: Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Extra protein never hurt anything in that scenario...

4. NOOOOOO, no laws limiting raw dairy! I always loved New Zealand.......!

5. See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link elsewhere in this thread.

Jul 17, 2016
Thank You!
by: Diane

It may seem silly for me to thank you before I have even conversed with you, but looking through previous posts has given me some insight as to what may be causing my current issues.

I'm 35 and have DeQuervains in my left hand and Achilles Tendinitis in both heels, and I began to wonder why I would have similar problems at different areas of my body. I was wondering if it was because I carry excess weight and to be honest I don't exercise very much at all - running around after 3 kids doesn't allow much free time. Lame excuse I know :-/

I have been gluten free for 7 years due to a lot of gastric issues and went through a process of elimination. I felt amazing. In the past 4 years however, I began to suffer. I have been tested for a multitude of immune disorders but thankfully all clear.

I'm now going to try improving other aspects of my diet, dairy is a big thing for me. Love chocolate, ice cream, cheese... Hope it will help with my pain (my waistline will probably thank me as well!). I'm going to make a point of buying some liquid magnesium and vitamin D, and I know that my b vitamins always test low so will make sure to include a supplement for that too.

So glad I came across your site, my one question is this. If diet relieves the pain will it also help avoid development of further tendon related issues and stop worsening of my current conditions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Diane.

Not silly at all!

1. It doesn't have liquid magnesium (just magnesium pills) but what you just listed is in the Tendon Pack found here: https://www.tendonitisexpert.com/tendon-supplements.html (along with info on the topic of Bone Broth, which I highly recommend.

2. Yes, when tendonitis symptoms show up in multiple places, that is proof that nutrition is a primary player.

You've had three kids, so between giving all your nutrition to them, stressors of all kinds and lack of sleep eats up a lot of nutrition.

You're short on nutrition.

3. Going off of gluten is SMART. Keep the kids off too! (Good luck with that....)

Gluten is an inflammatory agent. It affects the gut and causes/can cause Leaky Gut (see the link on this page).

You quit and felt better. Great. And, that it came back points to that your gut didn't heal and/or that you're still just short on nutrition.

4. "If diet relieves the pain will it also help avoid development of further tendon related issues and stop worsening of my current conditions? "

Essentially, yes. There can be other factors involved, of course, but to the extent that your symptoms are from lack of nutrition, giving your body that nutrition will help push you back to good normal.

But if your gut ecology is off, then that can A. keep inflammation going and B. keep you from getting optimal nurtition absorbtion from your food digestion.

Do you take any probiotics/eat any probiotic foods? (If not, I highly recommend that you do.)

5. Do you do normal factory farmed/processed dairy?

Or organic and/or raw sources of milk/cheese etc?

Sep 08, 2016
At last - some answers?
by: Sue

I've been trawling the internet for an answer to our problems - I really hope I've found some.

Long story short - since I hit menopause (I'm 57) it seems like every injury I have ever had has come back to haunt me. It would be quicker to say which joints are NOT affected!

The main problem is my neck and both shoulders. But more recently, knees, hands and right foot.

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and am waiting to see orthopedic surgeon (though not holding my breath on that). Blood tests for RA, Lupus etc all negative.

My husband and I have no faith in the abilities of our doctors and see them as just 'pill dispensers'.

I see you ask for people to have their Vit D levels checked. Several months back I asked for a full blood-works to see if it could shine a light on my problems. I asked for vit and min tests too. I was told, quote, 'we don't test for Vit D as it is assumed everyone in Northern Ireland is deficent (pause) and we are only just beginning to understand how important it is'!!

Everything came back fine except cholesterol levels 'would I consider a low fat diet?' Answer, 'no'.

The reason I mentioned 'we' is my husband, who is diabetic, has recently started with the same problems as me - though it started with his back and hips.

We do have, what I believe to be a good diet. We have cut out sugar and highly processed foods, cut back on bread and pastries (the little bread we do eat is 'artisan'/homemade not 'industrial') We eat organic (as far as possible) veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, dairy (do like my cheese!) fish and meat. Our meat comes from a butcher who raises his own pigs and buys other meat from organic farms - lovely stuff!

Supplement-wise we take Vit D3, Vit K2, Magnesium malate, Niacin, Omega 3, Vit C (rosehips), Cats Claw (me) and Sage leaf (me again).

We always did have a reasonable diet as we don't like junk food and sodas. But our aches and pains have been getting worse not better and our doctors are useless.

I am a gardener and my husband fixes up classic cars. We are finding both increasingly difficult and it is making us very miserable. HELP!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sue.

Thanks for the details.

1. That's good to hear about your beneficial change in diet. That is what I call a must.

2. But you, like most everyone else, has a bunch of years of not great dietary intake to make up for.

3. For the purposes of this conversation, we'll presume there's nothing else at play, like bad water supply, heavy metal poisoning, etc.

4. Your doctor's take on Vit D is actually way better than in the US, where doctors either have no clue about Vitamin D, or don't think it's important so don't mind when their patient has very low levels (because hey, nutrition has nothing to do with health!).

So in general they don't test (because why bother because ill health shows up for no reason).

Presuming the entire country is insufficient/deficient is accurate for your country, and for the US also.

5. So then I ask, presuming that everybody is defient, how much did he tell you to take (if he did)?

6. How much Vit D are you taking?

7. How much Magnesium malate (good choice) are you taking?

8. Cut out ALL gluten for 2 months (including beer.....gotta switch to cider for a while :) ), then have a pizza and see how you feel.

9. Do you eat any cultured/fermented foods (sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, beet kavass, etc) (Does Ireland have a historical fermented food?)

Bolstering your gut ecology with good bugs/pre and probiotics can go a long way towards making life a lot better (for a variety of reasons).

10. How much Vit C?

11. (Either of you) ever taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro/ciprofloxacin, Avelox, Levaquin/Levofloxacin, etc?

Aging comes with it's own downsides, but it is my belief that most of the aches and pains of aging are (to a large degree) caused by lack of nutrition and systemic and local inflammatory process.

And if you've had 30+ years of vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency.....the body can only do what it can do for so long before it starts to lose the battle.

Oct 19, 2016
Thank you
by: Sue

Thanks for getting back to me. A few answers to your questions.

6. The doctor didn't suggest anything! I take 1,000iu of vit D. I would have to pay for a test, but it is probably worth considering. It's just that I am rapidly coming to the end of my tether with our health system and I am now trying to avoid doctors at all costs.

7. I take 1,250mg mg Magnesium Malate.

8. I suppose I should try to go gluten free, but I don't hold with the idea that we were not designed to eat grains. Our teeth would suggest otherwise and the hunter gatherers of old would have eaten ANYTHING that kept them alive. I think the problem lies with modern farming and the 'industrial' grain it produces. Grown to be processed industrially and not for its nutritional values. But that's just me.

9. We do eat a little sauerkraut - but I don't like it. We sometimes use miso as a stock in soups. We both have ACV in the mornings and use it in salad dressings.

The closest thing Ireland gets to a traditional fermented food is Guinness! But we do traditionally use seaweed like dulse.

I take probiotic capsules and eat organic yoghurt with probiotics.

10. I take a minimum of 1,000mg of vit C - more in the winter.

11. OH HAS taken some of the AB's you mention but I try my best to avoid all of them after a bad reaction to Amoxycillin - horrible stuff!

What is your opinion on the 'flu vaccine? As a carer I am offered it for free every year. In past years I took it for my mum's sake. But I'm not doing it this year. I don't think it is worth it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sue.

11. I'd rather have a strong immune system, than the generally not very effective flu vaccine (that is research proven to be ineffective in the elderly population).

I also don't think the flu vaccine is worth it.

10. 1k vit c is not a bad thing. 4k is potentially better.

9. The more probiotic-anything, the better.

8. "but I don't hold with the idea that we were not designed to eat grains."

We can eat grains. We just shouldn't eat modern hybridized gmo modified products, which wheat etc these days is. More chromosomes and everything.

It causes systemic inflammation, gut damage, nutritional insufficiency, etc.

Fact, not opinion, unfortunately.

7. That's a good amount of magnesium!

6. Its probably worth getting a vit d level taken, so you know. Chances are incredibly high that you (and everybody else in Ireland) is short of Vitamin D.

1,000i.u./day isn't going to get or keep your levels up.

5,000i.u./day is a good maintenance dose that may or may not bring your levels up (research says).

Symptoms of low vitamin d? Aches and pains, (and a ton of other potential side effects).

Oct 29, 2016
Personally experiencing the same things HELP me too!
by: Aaron Candido

1.It started with both shoulders rotator cuff tearing from sport injuries, progressing with accident injuries as the years went on. LEG injuries from Atv crash, right side injuries from dirt bike crash, and again shortly after motorcycle accident.

2.It's been going on seriously since the dirt bike accident 3 months ago.

3.Constant pain increasing to the point of immobility at times.

4.serious joint pain that causes the immobility.But it did not feel like muscle pain. Tendons hurt terribly, shin splints on right leg.

5.good health


7.poor diet

8.exercise at work. Contractor/builder lifting carrying walking reaching.

9.been in Atv, dirt bike, motorcycle, and car accidents

10.I've not taken those as far as I know. BEEN on Prozac


Joshua Comments:

Hi Aaron.

Damn, you're all banged up.

One factor you MUST deal with it nutrition.

YOu're short on nutrition. And you notice the trend of increasing pain? That's only going one direction unless you start doing something effective about it, and that starts with nutrition.

The body can't work right if it doesn't have what it needs to work.

'Poor Diet' just isn't going to cut it for you anymore, unless you want to continue to hurt more and more.

And you're going to need to supplement necessary

You must get your Vitamin D levels up to optimal levels.

Stressors of any kind, including pain and trauma, eat up various nutrition like Magnesium. You're very short on magnesium. Your muscles can't work right without enough magnesium. And that's part of why your joints hurt (too tight muscles compressing the joints).


You need to do some manual self care too.

I suggest that you get and start working with my Reversing Shoulder Tendonitis program.

It covers the nutrition, and the physical care to get your shoulders feeling better.

The nutrition will help everything, and you can use the self care anywhere you hurt (once you get the concept of it).

Start with the whole system (nutrition) and the shoulders (oldest injury areas).

P.S. Prozac depletes magnesium.

P.P.S Lack of magnesium can cause depression and/or anxiety symptoms (and muscle pain, and joint pain)

P.P.P.S If you come off the Prozac, talk to your doctor about how etc. Coming off it cold turkey can mess a person up.

Oct 31, 2016
Joint tendon pain diagnosed as spondyloarthritis
by: Anonymous

I've been diagnosed by a rheumatologist.

I am trying grain free dairy free legume free paleo with added magnesium and fish oil and 5000 iu vitamin d.

I'm taking protolytic enzymes and digestive enzymes when I eat. Also, some curcumin. How long should this take before I know if this approach will work?

Long time ago I took cipro for UTIs. I also have interstial cystitis and frozen shoulder.

My only bad is too much sugar in the form of raw honey, dark chocolate and dried fruit.

Thank you so much.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

It depends on how well you do the, for instance, gluten-free aspect of your lifestyle changes.

The changes you listed look good. Stick with it.

See the 'Leaky Gut' link in this thread and read up on that.

What else did the rheumatologist say?

Say more about your 'frozen shoulder'.

See: Frozen Shoulder Tendonitis

Nov 06, 2016
Multiple areas of tendonitis
by: Darlene

Hi. I am 46 years old. I have a history of fibromyalga and arthritis of multiple joints.

I have had Achilles Tendonitis with a bone sure that required Achilles tendon reconstruction and bone spur removal,which I ended up with some nerve damage and ankle is tight and has edema.

Currently I have a labral tear in my rt hip with a cam impingement and tendonioathy of hamstring...which I feel is from trauma, a year ago I was dancing and felt instant pain in rt anterior iliac crest.

I have had tendonitis in my rt elbow in the past year or so,which I had a cortisone injection for.

I have carpal tunnel and my hands go numb all night. My rt shoulder hurts but haven't had that assessed yet. I am an RN since 1992 have done alot of heavy lifting. I am currently a homecare nurse and only lifting I do now is pull my quadraplegic patient back forth in his bed to perform bowel care.

I go to my surgeon who has been giving me knee injections for a few years now. I go Wednesday to discuss my options about rt hip..his nurse said he thinks it is degenerative. .but I know it was initially from an injury..I tried physical therapy and took mobic for a month..no improvement.

I have a lot of pain at night and have trouble getting comfortable. I also wanted to add ,I have taken po and iv Cipro multiple times for uti, kidney stones and diverticulitis.

I have been to a rheumatologist who tells me it is fibromyalgia..and suggested a vegetarian diet..I didn't care for him much.

Idk if my surgeon wants me to have an injection in my hip if I should do it or not..I read it's not very effective for labral tears..which he doesn't repair..I would have to see another surgeon.

I wish I knew what was causing all these problems. I don't think I am ever going to take cipro again..I do know that.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Darlene.

I would never take Cipro again (unless your life imminently depends on it).

From everything you've described, it screams that your body is nutritionally deficient.

Cipro depletes nutrition. Pain depletes nutrition.

Fibroymyalgia is primarily a nutritional insufficiency symptom. But doctors give that diagnosis as a catch all for 'I don't know what your problem is'.

And you may want to consider that your body isn't in very good shape to withstand/recover from surgery very happily.

'All those problems' don't just happen for no reason. But there are enough clues to give us a good idea of where we need to start heading.

You need to get your nutrition repleted.

You need to get your gut ecology healthy.

That won't fix a labral tear, but lets get your overall body working better and feeling better, and stop the downward spiral of increasing pain ad problem.

I suggest you get the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution (see link elsewhere in this threat) and to get on the forum we run to work with people on the program.

Whether you have 'toxicity' or not is less relevant than that the program will tell you what you need to do go get your body working better again. Said another way, don't worry about the title of the program, you'll want to focus on the contents of the program.

Cipro is responsible for some or most or all of your symptoms, depending. But overall, your body isn't working correctly because you are short on nutrition and it's a safe bet your gut ecology is sub-par.

What's your vitamin D level? If you don't know, that tells us a lot about your doctors.

Nov 07, 2016
At the end on my tether...
by: Cjflix

Hi Joshua,
I would appreciate any help you could give me. I'm 35, BMI of 21, I consider myself to be fit ( I'm a personal trainer with a degree in sport and exercise science).

I eat very well.. I have studied nutrition a great deal. I eat lots of meat, fish, eggs, all vegetables and fruit. I eat no bread or pasta just some rice, or rice noodles, but little processed foods or sugar.

I am an ex athlete and rugby player, I currently HI IT train (high intensity interval training) and practice yoga as this is all I can manage... even struggling that now.

Since having my children 7 years ago I've suffered from chronic ITBS (illio-tibial band syndrome) (I had to stop running ) chronic SIJ (sacro-iliac joint) pain, slight and intermittent achillies pain, more recently carpal tunnel and now tennis elbow.

It is ALL on the right hand side. I have stomach problems from taking ibuprofen so can only take the occasional dose of that now.

Dr basically doesn't want to know but this is really effecting my job and my life now. Surely all these issues can't be coincidental?



Hi Cjflix.

Yeah, doctors aren't so great unless you're shot by a gun or hit by a car or are having a heart attack.....obvious things.


1. Children, plural. The whole baby making/delivering/getting through the first few years is a HUGE nutritional depletion of the human body.

Plus the disturbed sleep pattern, cortisol level changes, etc, etc etc.

You basically know all that, but...the proof is in the pudding. You're having symptoms that point to nutritional insufficiency.

We like to think that food is enough to keep our levels up, etc., but again...in the pudding.

It looks like you eat pretty good though. Good job.

2. Athletics eats up nutrition too.

Specific to muscle function...nothing things are getting tight, and you're hurting? That can be several factors, but lack of nutrition is top of the list.

3. Have you ever taken any Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro, levaquin, or anything ending with -floxacin?

4. What is your Vitamin D level? If you don't know, get a level asap.

If you did take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, that may change the conversation but mostly enhances the focus on your need to replete necessary nutrition.

If you didn't that's a good thing, and I advise that you never do unless your life is in imminent life threatening danger.

What you've described sounds pretty complex, but you might be surprised how much of it is simply from not having enough of what your body needs to function properly (meaning, it very well may not be as complex as some might think).

Answer my questions, ask questions, etc.

Nov 20, 2016
by: Cjflix

Thanks for the reply!

I had 2 babies, 2008 and 2009, my eldest was a difficult birth, he was stuck in the birth canal for several hours before needing an emergency c section. I breastfed both babies for around 6 months. My nutrition then wasn't quite as good as it is now... but it certainly was not bad.

I am sure I have had that type of antibiotic, I have had several bad sinus infections in the last 5 years, I think it was amoxicillin.

I am awaiting a blood test result, Dr has done a full blood check, including a test for rheumatoid arthritis.

Feeling thoroughly feed up tbh.
Thanks again!


Joshua Comments:

Let me know what your Vit D level is, and we'll go from there.

Amoxicillin isn't a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. CHeck with your doctor etc to confirm whether you medical history includes a fluoroquinolone antibiotic (levaquin, cipro, avelox, norfloxin, levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, etc).

Jan 15, 2017
What's Going On?
by: Beckey

Hi. I'm not sure if you (or indeed anyone) can help me! I have no idea why my body is acting up the way it is but I have had such a 'colourful' medical history that the doctors (and even I) don't know where to start. I don't feel like my doctor has a clue what to advise me or which specialist to send me to, so he is basically not doing anything.

I am in a lot of pain from what was diagnosed a few years ago as 'generalised tendinitis'. I had been to the doctor a few times worried about severe pain under my armpits (in case it was cancer), but was told it was the tendons - they were rock hard. Then I ended up at the doctors because I was having such pain on walking, from the tendons in the groin area - again, on touching the tendons, the doctor said he had never seen tendons so rigid, they felt like bone. I also suffer with plantar fasciitis and pain in both the muscles and tendons in my neck. I had carpel tunnel in my wrists in my first pregnancy 10 years ago, and pubic symphesis in my second 8 years ago. However, this is not the extent of my problems...

I am 35 years old. I was born 5 weeks premature and had a hole in my heart. I had a VSD repair, age 3.
I was diagnosed with asthma at age 8. During a routine check up age 11 I had an X-ray and a severe double scoliosis was discovered. I was operated on the next month and have a Harrington rod attached to my spine.

Age 10-11 I began suffering with IBS and I have never had regular periods. Hypothyroidism was diagnosed age 19, for which I am on 100mg thyroxine a day.

I have had chronic neck problems for about 15 years, and have received physio on a number of occasions. I have muscle tightness and tendon pain but have also been told that my cervical spine is curved the wrong way (maybe a continuation of the scoliosis), and I have cervical stenosis between C6 & C7.

In May 2015 when I presented at the doctor with multiple symptoms, and was referred back to the GP by a few different specialists, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went home and looked into the condition, and indeed, I do have most of the symptoms associated with the condition.

My frustration is, I am in so much pain and it is really affecting my daily life so much, but no one seems to know what to do about it and I feel like I'm being passed from pillar to post with no progress. I am desperate for someone to see all of the conditions at once and be able to tell me what to do. Are you able to help at all???

Thanks, hopefully!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Becky.

1. I don't know much about function of the thyroid, but I do know some of what I'll say below can hurt/decrease thyroid function.

2. Unfortunately, yes, doctors as a whole don't know anything about non-obvious symptom scenarios like yours.

That's how 'fibromyalgia' became a thing. Doctors have no clue what it is or why it exists, so they created the name to cover a wide range of 'mysterious' symptomologies.

3. Maybe you have something 'medical' in play, and -maybe- the cervical stenosis is problematic, but from reading what you've said, the MAIN thing that pops up for me is...

Nutritional deficiency/insufficiency.

For instance:

1. Stressors of all kinds (physical/emotional/mental) eat up magnesium.

Muscles require magnesium to relax.

You are SUPER tight. You've had A LOT of pain in the past and present (surgery at age 3, surgery putting rods in your spine, etc, etc.)

Of course your muscles are rock hard, if you're super shot of magnesium. You've been in a downward spiral for a long time.

Doctors don't look at any of that. So they scratch their head in confusion as to what could possibly be the cause of 'generalized tendinitis'.

2. IBS means you have a damaged gut ecology (I imagine partly because of the antibiotics you were presumably given at age three with surgery, etc).

And a damaged gut ecology means you're not getting all the nutrition from your food.

So more lifetime nutritional inadequacy.

3. And you have/have had local and systemic inflammation from all that.....which eats up necessary nutrition.

While you might have some 'disease' process in play, chances are high a large part of that/the development of that is that you've been running on empty for a long long time.

How can your body work right if it doesn't have what it needs to be able to work right?

4. So....when looking at 'all these conditions at once'...they're just clues. What really matters is what is CAUSING all those conditions.

Consider that maybe they're not actually conditions. Maybe they're just side effects.

And, if you want to have any chance of fixing said 'conditions', you must get your nutrition (and gut function) up to snuff, or there's little to no chance of a fix.

So whether you're looking for a 60% reduction in symptoms, or an 80% reduction in symptoms, or a complete fix......you want to and need to deal with the root causes.

And I guarantee you that nutritional insufficiency is a primary root cause.

Doctors don't believe in nutrition or it's relationship to 'disease'.

Physio doesn't deal with it at all.

Thus you've been out of luck your entire going-to-see-a-doctor career.

5. So what to do about that?

I would start with my Reversing Whiplash Tendonitis program.

It talks about the 4 big nutritional factors I would suggest you start on/focus on, as well as manual self-care for the neck you can use once you start getting the nutrition into your system.

As far as the stenosis, it may or may not be a problem, but what IS a problem, is the chronic TIGHTNESS compressing your cervical spine (which is what causes the stenosis in the first place).

You want to reverse the tightness in the neck (and everywhere else). Nutrition is systemic, so it should/will help the whole body tightness...once the body is given what it needs to be physically capable of relaxing.

You need to fix your gut ecology too, but first things first. Pick your battles, one thing at a time. Start with getting nutrition into your body (which will also help your gut ecology).

Despite your doctors being confused, and while you may have some 'complex' issues, the basics aren't rocket science.

And the basics is nutrition. (Like putting gas and oil and transmission fluid into a car....if you're out of those, the car isn't going to run very well).

Make sense?

Jan 16, 2017
Thank You!!!
by: Anonymous

Well, I think it's time I said thank you. My health crashed in 2014 and I had no idea what was wrong. Then I landed on your site and things started to make sense. Now it's years later and I have to thank you for setting me in the right direction to recover my health.

My doctor prescribed Fluoroquinolone antibiotics for infection prevention. I didn't put it all together until I found your suggestions. It's been hard. What I call "Cipro hell."

I found a functional medicine physician and I took my DNA analysis to her. She saw the problem almost immediately and we embarked on a restricted diet/nutritional supplement regime...it took two years. There were times when I was so sick I could not walk, I could not eat...all I could do was wallow in pain while I was bed-ridden. But I recovered, slowly and with extreme discipline.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I don't know how you manage to keep doing what you do, but thank you. I think I am going to live now. It didn't look so good before,--and doctors were turning me away or diagnosing me with a multitude of problems that were not the root issue...

Sending you blessing for 2017 and forever...



Joshua Comments:


What was the 'problem' the DNA analysis showed?

Jan 26, 2017
Better advice than from my doctor
by: Anonymous

I'm so grateful that I have come across this website and this thread of messages!!

I have recently just been diagnosed with tendonitis in the peroneus longus tendon in my foot near the 5th metatarsal. (Apparently it's pretty rare in the foot). I went to bed one night feeling fine and literally woke up the next morning and couldn't put any weight onto my foot and have been limping around for over a week now.

I have been dealing with a completely useless doctor who 1. thinks I'm lying to him about how I injured my foot stating 'you had to have done something to it'. and 2. seems completely uninterested in asking me any questions about myself, my lifestyle, medical history, etc. to help diagnose and understand the issue. (I'm new to Australia so haven't found a regular doctor here yet to understand my history).

Today I happened to ask him if there could be any underlying causes to multiple instances of tendonitis/bursitis. In the last 6 months I've had tendonitis in my thumb, foot, and bursitis in my shoulder and elbow. All appearing to come on overnight with no real instances I can recall that would have caused injury (except maybe the shoulder from going to hard at the gym too fast when I started a new training plan).

His response to the question was a fast 'no' - then proceeded to look me up and down - and then told me I could probably stand to lose a few kgs because the added weight is hard on my joints and tendons!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I'm a 31 year old female, 5'5 and 70kgs. While I definitely could stand to drop a couple kgs to be at my ideal weight I am by no means overweight. My BMI is slightly high but not in the obese category. In fact, previous to my shoulder injury I was training 4-6 times a week in a group High Intensity Training circuit class and doing regular pilates and yoga and am fitter these days then I was over a year ago when I had no issues with tendonitis.

It took all my energy to hold back tears and have spent most of the day since my appointment crying and feeling insecure. I couldn't believe that he wasn't willing to have a more open and candid discussion about my concerns to try and figure out if maybe there was something more serious at play here but instead attacked me about my weight.

I think my new plan will be to go see a new doctor and ask for a full medical with blood tests to see if there is maybe some nutritional deficiencies.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. That's a lot of different tendonitis symptom locations. That definitely points to systemic nutritional issue.

2. You want your Vit D level to be between 60-80ngml, minimally 40-60ng/ml.

3. If the doctors tests for magnesium, they'll do a blood serum test, which is basically worthless. See if you can get the to do an intra-oral cheek swab and intracellular magnesium level.

4. Have you taken any Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro/Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin/Levofloxacin, etc?

Jan 27, 2017
multiple joint injuries that never heal
by: Rick

Male, 28, 85kgs

this is first i have come across website where i can relate to few people.
My problem is whenever i have minor injuries in joints they just tend to never heal..

1) Had twisted my right leg ankle while climbing down stairs which was 4 years ago, felt a little pain at that time which still exists till today, i have learnt ignore.

2) Once during playing badminton i felt spiking pain in right shoulder during hitting an overhead shot, diagnosis from MRI scan mild surface supraspinatus tear, told to rest and physiotherapy. Tried physio never worked, its been 3 years since that still pains the same when doing certain movements.

3) My right knee started paining after i started jogging for few weeks, consulted a doc found out my acl is completely torn which i dont recall of any injury happening to my knee.
Stopped playing many sports.

4) Now my left shoulder is acting up, the pain radiated from trapezius part to a.c joint point, dont how it started! Pains sometimes while sleeping or while riding a motorbike.

5) Currently in bed rest due to lower back pain, doc said its case of typical spine injury something like Discogenic pain..

My major problem is once i have an injury it never heals it just stays as it even after physiotherapy and dietary changes. Apart from ACL tear(requires reconstruction) none of the minor sprains,spasms stop they are dormant in nature for me.

I am fed up of this issues.

My vitamin D was low in blood test so have got some booster injection of some sort now i expose myself to sun light for 30 mins daily.

Would be great to know if anyone has faced anyhting similar and found solution to it..



Joshua Comments:

Hi Rick.

1. WHat's your actual Vitamin D level?

2. How many calories do you eat a day, how much of that is protein?

3. Have you ever taken any Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro/ciprofloxain or levaquin/levofloxacin?

4. If you're short on magnesium, which you are, you're not getting as much of that Vitamin D as you might think are.

Jan 29, 2017
Thankful for this thread
by: Anonymous

I'm so thankful that I have come across this thread. After a horrible experience at the doctor I found myself turning to Dr. Google instead.

I'm 31 y/o female, 5'5 and 71kg. Spent the better part of 2016 training 4-6 times a week either doing pilates, ballet barre classes, or F45 gym which is high intensity circuit training. I got my weight down from 77kg to 69kg and reduced my BMI and body fat to lean muscle ratio.

In the last 4-6 months however, I have now had tendonitis in my right thumb, issues with my ulnar nerve in my right arm and bursitis in my right shoulder which I got a steroid injection for and has left me out of the gym for about 10 weeks now.

The other day, I woke up one morning and couldn't bare any weight on my left foot and now have been diagnosed with tendonitis in my left foot on the peroneus longus tendon with some calcium build up near the 5th metatarsal.

When I asked the doctor if there might be some underlying issues that could be causing multiple instances of tendonitis especially given that with my foot I literally woke up with it. His response was to immediately attack my weight and told me I "could stand to lose a few kgs". I know despite the few kgs I've put on while recovering from my shoulder injury, that I'm much healthier now then I have been in a long time and to me that excess weight doesn't justify tendonitis in my thumb.

I'm going to go see another doctor and ask for a full blood work up to check all my nutrition levels!!

Thanks for the advice! :)


Joshua Comments:

You're welcome.

I'm particularly interested in your Vit D level and magnesium (though I don't worry about the 'level', as if you have tendonitis symptoms you need as much magnesium and supporting nutrients as you need.

If you do get tested for magnesium get a magnesium intracellular test (utilizing a cheek swab not a blood serum level).

Feb 13, 2017
51 years old tendinitis in my right wrist right foot for over two years doctors keep saying don't know why
by: Janet L

I'm thrilled I found this thread. I've been battling with tendinitis in my right wrist for two years it's to the point where I cannot make a fist and bend my wrist I also have tendinitis in my right foot making it difficult to walk sometimes.

My right hip also gives me problems sometimes going down steps it'll send a shock through my leg. I used to be very active it just gets more and more difficult.

Getting out of bed takes a bit of effort and a good half hour 45 minutes before I am up and able to walk around freely.

I also have sleep apnea with nocturnal hypoxemia. I am 5'7"and 165 pounds. I have had every blood test imaginable and they all come back normal.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Janet.


1. Have you taken any fluoroquinolones like Cipro(floxacin) or Levaquin (Levofloxacin)?

2. Tests are only as good as the tests themselves (magnesium blood serum test doesn't looking for the right thing) and the doctors deciphering the results.

3. What's your Vit D level?

4. I'd have you start with the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis program, and let's see what happens to your hip just from focusing on getting the wrist functional/pain free again.

Feb 15, 2017
Reply to your question:
by: Rick

Hey Joshua,
Thanks for taking time out for us..
Here it goes:

1. WHat's your actual Vitamin D level?

Found Value 11.7 ng/ml (Reference Range:30-100ng/ml) (C.L.I.A)by Technology

Also found out my B-12 is 270 pg/ml (Reference Range according to test is 211-911 pg/ml)

Sugar is Normal.

Little low on HDL Cholesterol.
Rest General blood test show normal results.

2. How many calories do you eat a day, how much -of that is protein?

I eat around 1500-1800 calories daily of which protein varies around 40-60 Grams.
Daily Work involves walking around and standing for 3-4 hours.

3. Have you ever taken any Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro/ciprofloxain or levaquin/levofloxacin?

None of the above you mentioned but have taken Azee (500mg) (Azithromycin)few times(8-10 times over period of 3-4 years with dosage of 1 or 2 tablets for 2-3 days) in the past when i used to have throat infections with tonsillitis.

4. If you're short on magnesium, which you are, you're not getting as much of that Vitamin D as you might think are.

Haven't checked my self for magnesium. Not a single doctor till today told me about it except you! Will test for it soon, should i add anything else to test for?

Again thanks for replying and helping !



Joshua Comments:

1. If you get a magnesium level test, get an intracellular test where the take a cheek swab. Blood serum levels will always be in range and don't tell us what we need to know.

2. Holy crap an 11.7 is dangerously low.

They gave you an injection of Vit D? How much? What kind (Vit D2 or D3)? How long ago? Did you get retested?

Feb 16, 2017
by: Rick

Hey Joshua,

1)Will get tested for magnesium with your recommended method.

2) It was tested 3 months ago, The doc said the booster injection was D3. Haven't retested yet will do a retest in few days along with the magnesium test.


Joshua Comments:


Keep me updated.

Mar 17, 2017
Nothing relieves De Quervain's
by: Glendalough

I am a 56 years old female and for about 10 years, I have been taking Verapamil (180 mg.) and Lisinopril (10 mg.) every day for my blood pressure.

Around 4 years ago, I think, I read that beet root helps to lower blood pressure and started taking Nature's Way Beet Root Supplement 500 mg. capsules, 3 capsules every morning, it has kept my blood pressure lower.

Serving size is 2 capsules, the label says 2 capsules have 1 gram beet root.

I first heard about oxalate content when I was having a lot of back and hip pain after eating certain foods (gluten mainly) and got food tested which showed severe reaction to gluten and shows no reaction to beet.

On December 20, 2016 - I woke up with the feeling that there was something inside my right wrist, had no idea what this was. That feeling soon turned into constant inflammation and tenderness in the same area and in the next 2 weeks started getting pain in the base of my right thumb that felt like stabbing pains when I moved my wrist a certain way.

The stabbing pains started to feel like someone was pinching me as hard as they could, the inflammation and tenderness has not gone away, it has been there every day, all day and night, March 20 will be 3 months.

Turns out I have De Quervain's.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, the inflammation is a little less, but as soon as I extend the fingers on my right hand, specifically in the shower doing personal hygiene on my bottom (sorry) where I have to reach behind me, there is burning pain in the base of my thumb and the inflammation comes back really bad, this happens every time.

I have tried a lot of things with no relief: ice, heat, infrared light therapy, self-massage, accupuncture, castor oil packs, olive oil packs, sprays and ointments specifically for this, high dose bromelain, serrapeptase, homeopathic remedies and creams, chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine/msm, copper bracelets.

For the last week or so I have been taking colostrum but the results from the food testing show I have casein sensitivity and have to stop taking it as it contains casein. I have been off gluten 6 weeks and just finished the 30 day Whole30 diet protocol on March 13, 2017 - which cleared up back pain, and painful numbness/tingling in both of my hands which made me wake up every 15 minutes.

I do not want to do cortisone shot or surgery and have an appointment next week for physical therapy. I only eat a few other high oxalate foods but not every day.

Could the De Quervain's be from the years of ingesting the beet root supplement and it has built up finally taking a toll?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Glendalough.

Going and staying gluten free is a very smart move.

Sticking with the Whole30 (in general) sounds good for you too.

1. When you learn about the DeQuervain's tendonitis dynamic (See: DeQuervains Tendonitis ) you will understand why none of this worked:

"ice, heat, infrared light therapy, self-massage, accupuncture, castor oil packs, olive oil packs, sprays and ointments specifically for this, high dose bromelain, serrapeptase, homeopathic remedies and creams, chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine/msm, copper bracelets"

There is no such thing as a 'spray or ointment specifically for DeQuervains'. Well, people might make claims that their product is specifically for that, but either they have no idea what they're talking about or they're lying to you.

Ice can be helpful when done right, and self massage can be helpful when done right, but DeQuervains' is a dynamic made up of multiple factors and you have to reverse each of the factors if you want to get better.

Doing a little bit to one or two of the factors isn't going to get you the results you're looking for.

I suggest Reversing DeQuervains Tendonitis. It explains why you have pain and how to get rid of it/make everything start working better again.

2. As far as the oxalate thing, it's unlikely that the beet root is the cause of your DeQuervain's symptoms. If you're 'sensitive' to oxalates (some people are, some people aren't)then maybe it's PART of the overall dynamic and then that's a bad product for you.

If you're worried about it, go off the beet root for a month and see what happens.

A. Are you on blood pressure meds? (or are you using the beet root instead of them? I wasn't clear on what you said).

B. Have you tried magnesium to lower blood pressure? I don't know the number of people, but it's common for people to have high blood pressure because they're short of magnesium.

Doctors of course don't investigate, and don't know anything about it anyway.

High blood pressure doesn't just appear out of the blue for no reason. WHY do you have high blood pressure?

Personally, low magnesium is the first place I'd look if I had high blood pressure.

** If you've had a magnesium level taken, they (almost certainly) did a blood serum level, which is A. worthless and B. showed that you were in range.

So if you're been told your magnesium levels are fine, you were (almost certainly) told that by a person that used the wrong test and who doesn't know they used the wrong test.

**If you are on blood pressure meds, be careful/consult your doctor re: taking magnesium. As taking magnesium can lower blood pressure (natureally) on top of the forced pharmaceutical lowering of blood pressure and you can end up with a TOO LOW blood pressure.

Mar 24, 2017
Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: Glendalough

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your help.

I bought your e-book about reversing De Quervain’s and started Wednesday (03/22).



Joshua Comments:

Hi Glendalough.

I'm moving you to email conversation to talk about what you're doing on the program....but I don't have your email and don't see an obvious name relation on the program purchase list.

Pse the contact form (from the link on the left side of the site) or just reply to this and include your email address so I can see it (I won't publish it).

Mar 24, 2017
Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple joints, what can cause this?
by: Glendalough

Hi Joshua,

Thank you so much! Just got back from the store with the largest bag of ice I could get. I don't have enough room in my freezer to make as much as I need, the big bag lasts 2 days.

I was in tears when I woke up this morning, it hurt that bad. I wore a brace last night, seems when I wear a brace overnight the inflammation is more.

After I write this I am going to do 20 ice dips in the 2 hours, then more tonight. The pain hasn't lessened much.


Joshua Comments:

Ok good, thanks, I'll email you sometime today.

May 31, 2017
Tendonitis in multiple areas ?
by: Sophia


first of all - many thanks for this great website! I feel so much relieved to find out I am not the only one having such problems.

I am 25 female and was diagnosed with tendinitis in the shoulder, but also have very tight muscle in the lower back, reaching to the inside of the hip.

No ultrasound was applied to this muscle, my doctor and physiotherapist said it was "irritated", so I think it could also be tendinitis there.

Both shoulder and hip on the right side, accompanied by strange sensations down the arm and leg, that especially bother me when I lie down and try to get asleep.

Is it normal to experience discomfort/pulling sensation down the affected body parts? Also, my right wrist, thumb and knee feel strange, so I am afraid it could have spread. I've been doing physiotherapy for a month and a half now, but wouldn't say much progress was achieved.

It is driving me crazy not knowing why I experiencing this on the right side and it's making me think it could be a brain problem, which is very scary.

They checked for infections, vitamin D and B levels and some hormones - all proved to be fine. Also X-ray of the hip and lower back was fine.

As for the reason - the doctor thinks it's because of sitting and computer work. I also did sports regularly (swimming and badminton), but unfortunately no more. The problems started soon after I stopped being vegetarian (was veggie for 3 years), so I wonder how this could have affected it. I have reduced meat intake for 2 weeks now, but haven't noticed any difference.

I would really appreciate some advice on how to identify the reasons and change my lifestyle as to make it heal faster.

Thanks a lot,



Joshua Comments:

1. What was your Vitamin D level?

2. Meat doesn't cause muscle pain or tight fascia.

Lack of various specific nutrition can and does.

3. Sitting doesn't cause tightness/shortness any more than sports does...but it's a factor and/or clue.

Sitting and sports both cause structures to tighten and shorten. This causes all sorts of funcitonal problems (at rest and when active).

We like to think we relax back to 'normal' when we sleep or hot tub, but such is not necessarily the case.

Things get tight, they stay tight. And they pull on everything they're attached to....which causes those things to tighten up to resist that pulling....repeat.

Thus the strange (new?) and constant 'pulling' sensation. Yep...things are tight, they're pulling, and it's throwing your body out of whack.

If you don't have enough of certain necessary nutrition (like magnesium), your muscles literally can't relax, which would limit the benefits you would get from PT or massage etc (because your tissue can't adequately respond to the stimulus.

The good news is, is that this isn't a 'brain problem'. I mean, it might be, but it's incredibly incredibly unlikely.

Also, ask the PT how and why the muscle(?) is 'irritated'. Why is it irritated? (Because when you know why it's irritated one could then remove the irritant, right?)

Jun 08, 2017
Multiple site tendonitis
by: Kerry

Hi Joshua, I'm here after a search for tendonitis in multiple locations. I developed Achilles tendonitis in both feet last summer, then tendonitis in both elbows in March, and now I'm experiencing intermittent pain in one shoulder.

All of my tests have come back normal. I've seen my PCC, a podiatrist, a rheumatologist, and a physical therapist.

I've been prescribed Ibuprofen then Meloxicam, which some relief. I also take numerous vitamins, including women over 40 one daily, Bromelain, Flaxseed Oil, Skin/Nails/Hair, B-12, Evening Primrose Oil, Gentle Iron, and Black Sesame Seed. I gained 40 lbs June-Dec last year, then started and completed with no cheats the Whole30 in January.

I did it about 85% in February and 75% in March. I've lost about 30 lbs. I'm not following Isagenix for weight loss. Also in March when the sudden onset pain in the elbows started, I was also noticing that my hair was falling out, I had pain in my neck and eye socket, low mood and difficulties with concentration and memory.

I just don't understand why multiple tendons would start hurting and/or what I can do to fix the problem.

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear back from you! Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kerry.

(Probably) the answer to your dilemma is 'nutrition'.

Meaning, you're low in certain nutrients and your body can't work very well. You laid out lots of clues.

Nutritional insufficiency leads to tendonitis symptoms, and various 'disease' symptoms.

Your doctors, of course, don't believe that problems have causes, so they'll never investigate property no consider a path that doesn't include pharmaceutical drugs that are doomed to never fix your problem.

Said another way, none of the professionals you saw would ever consider your tendonitis pain to be from a nutritional lack.

Two important questions:

1. What is your vitamin D level? This is critical (hair loss, eye pain, tendonitis symptoms, etc) and if you don't know, find out asap.

2. Have you had any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro(floxacin) or Levaquin/levofloxacin in the recent or far distant past?

3. Any digestive problems?

4. Are you a type a personality? Meaning, mentally go go go! ?

Jun 12, 2017
Tendinopathy of hips that has travelled
by: Janet

It is so good to see I am not alone. I'm a 56 yo female, slightly overweight with a stressful work life.

This started with hip tendinopathy in my left and right along with bursitis in both sides, calcification of my left ITB after a 3 week stint of very rigourous personal training to lose weight and tone up.

That was 7 months ago.

Treated with Prednisone which worked while I was on it but as soon as I went off came back with a vengeance. Then tried various anti inflammatory medications over the counter, Celebrex,!paracetamol, fish oil, celery seed. Still no better.

I also have Hashimotos disease and take 125mcg of thyroxine daily. Also have Sjögren's syndrome. History of breast cancer at age of 29 and recurrence at age 47.

I'm also on antidepressants since my first husband died 6 years ago. Diet is generally good, though probably drink too much. From reading your site I guess I should go gluten free and dairy free?

I am being referred to a rheumatologist but would like to go armed with more knowledge.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Janet.

"From reading your site I guess I should go gluten free and dairy free? "

ABSOLUTELY gluten free. I can't stress that enough.

Hashimoto's and sjrogens are auto-immune issues. Gluten (and other inflammatory foods) causes auto-immune issues.

Dairy free yes, in that pasteurized factory farmed milk is...pretty bad. Raw milk if you can get it is great.

"I take magnesium daily."

What kind? How much?

1. What is your Vitamin D level? This is critical, if you don't know, find out asap.

2. Why are you on antidepressants? Is that a new thing?

Fun fact: Antidepressants deplete nutrition and can cause any of a variety of symptoms.

3. You may want to consider putting some time/attention on healing your gut. If you have auto-immune anything, you have Leaky Gut>

Probiotics and fermented foods (home made sauerkraut, beet kavaas, kefir, and resistant starch potatoes [cook potatoes, put in fridge overnight, then use/cook as desired...that turns the starch into resistant starch which feeds your gut probiotics]).

Jun 19, 2017
Pain Ridden and Celiac
by: Rossann

Hi Joshua -

Before 2013, I was healthy. In 2013, I came down with something [diarreah-type issues for about 8 weeks]. Those issues subsided but my body was no longer the way it was. Something was wrong. After much research I went and asked to be tested for Celiac Disease. Antibody test was positive.

Endoscopy/biopsy confirmed Celiac Disease. I went Gluten free at that time and have remained gluten free. However, I still had stomach issues. Then I began to have revolving symptoms. I had a headache at the base of my skull that never went away, occasional tremors when the headache was at a peak , loss of bladder control during peak, swollen joints, muscle weakness, extremely cold all the time. I got off birth control in 2012 and never resumed periods.

They pulled blood, tested my levels, tested for MS, tested for multiple things. I was not getting answers so I went to the Mayo clinic. Antibody test [Celiac] came back negative, however, my biopsy was not good. The few days I was at the Mayo clinic, this is what they determined [which didn't really help me in terms of what to do to correct]...positive for RA factor, however, no telltale signs of damage, a bit low on zinc [which they say is common], multilevel degenerative hypertrphic arthritis throughout the cervical spine including disk disease, multilevel unconvertebral and facet arthritis, scattered mild, degenerative arthritis in hands, probable changes from ulnoluntate abutement involving the ulnar aspect of both lunates [what?], mild soft tissue swelling in both wrists and MCPs, distal postganglionic, sympathetic sudomotor impairment, small fiber neuropathy, length-dependent anhidrosis, and calcified granuloma in the right lung.

Really? All that because Celiac triggered? I am 50 and until Celiac, fairly healthy. Drs before Mayo had me taking OTC magnesium, iron, and D3. I still take them and 500mg of zinc twice a week. Recently my pain has gotten to a level that it keeps me awake and the headache at the base of my skull is still stronger than I am. I have widespread tendonitis-type pain.

I practice yoga, however, sometimes that increases pain. I have no doubt that I am deficient in something or multiple somethings. I have a doctorate degree, but cannot seem to connect dots sometimes. Is there something I can do here or do I have to accept that this may be my new normal?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rossann.

1. "do I have to accept that this may be my new normal?"

Hell no.

2. I'm guessing, but you probably got a bacterial infection or a parasite of some kind (or both), and that's either left your gut ecology a wreck or is still active and making it a chronic wreck, which is spiking your inflammation and decreasing your nutritional intake (which makes everything worse) etc.

I'd work with Kerri at www.easy-immune-health.com (I'll point her to this thread she'll likely respond.

There's various options to be tested for, like h pylori and SIBO (and she has access to more accurate tests/labs than hospitals generally use).

2. If no parasite, then you may have just hit a point where you were 'fine' with a lifetime of gluten and then your body lost the battle, in the sense that now you FEEL the downsides your body has been trying to take care of without telling you about.

That explains the RA factor (from leaky gut caused by gluten and inflammation), for instance.

If you were Celiac, you'd have known it before now. You don't just become celiac.

I would continue to be gluten free*, as gluten is an inflammatory agent and all the other things you describe are the unsurprising physical results of a lifetime of systemic inflammation, an inflamed gut, and nutritional insufficiency.

You weren't fine before, you just weren't feeling it (basically).

* Gluten causes inflammation and nutritional insufficiency in everybody, to differing degree. That causes tendonitis, tendonitis symptoms, arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, degenerative disc 'disease', etc.

Inflammed gut also sets you up for less resistance to bacterial and/or parasite infection

3. What is your Vitamin D level?

4. Did you take any fluoroquinolone antibiotics during the weeks of gut distress, like levaquin, cipro, levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, avelox, norfloxin, etc? Or do you have a history of such? If so, that either changes or greatly adds to the conversation.

Jun 25, 2017
Tendinitis from achilles tendon tear
by: Anonymous

I injured my ankle and achilles tendon tear 3 months now its not getting better.

I've tried everything but its getting worse and now both my knees are stiff n sore n other ankle is stiff n sore very hard to walk especially down stairs is this normal.


Joshua Comments:

Yes that's completely normal when your tear an achilles tendon.

Jul 10, 2017
Disseminated Histoplasmosis Causes Inflammation Throughout Body
by: Susan McIntyre

Hello, This common airborne infection can cause inflammation throughout the body. In addition to inflammation throughout the body, it causes focal neurologic deficits, causes "autoimmune" symptoms, and is not as rare as believed.

This common airborne pathogen causes many idiopathic diseases and conditions, including hematological malignancies, myelitis, myositis, vasculitis. etc.

My coworkers and I, all immunocompetent, got Disseminated Histoplasmosis in Dallas-Fort Worth from roosting bats, that shed the fungus in their feces.

The doctors said we couldn't possibly have it. The doctors were wrong.

It causes hypervascularization, calcifications, sclerosis, fibrosis, necrosis, leukopenia, anemia, neutrophilia, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypoglycemia, polyps, stenosis, and perforations, inflammation of various organs, GI problems, hepatitis, etc.

More than 100 outbreaks have occurred in the U.S. since 1938, and those are just the ones that were figured out, since people go to different doctors.

One outbreak was over 100,000 victims in Indianapolis. It at least "mimics" autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental illness, migraines, seizures, etc.

It’s known to cause rheumatological conditions, inflammation, and precancerous conditions. It can cause numerous and various diseases/conditions of unknown cause.

It causes hematological malignancies, and some doctors claim their leukemia patients go into remission when given antifungal. My friend in another state who died from lupus lived across the street from a bat colony.

An acquaintance with alopecia universalis has bat houses on her property. It’s known to cause delusions, wild mood swings, and hallucinations.

I believe the "side effects" of Haldol, leukopenia and MS symptoms, are not side effects but just more symptoms of Disseminated Histoplasmosis, since it causes leukopenia and MS symptoms.

What about the unknown reason why beta blockers cause tardive dyskinesia? The tinnitus, photophobia, psychosis "caused" by Cipro? The hypersexuality and leukemia "caused" by Abilify? The fungus is an Oxygenale and therefore consumes collagen. Fungal hyphae carry an electrical charge and align under a current. It's most potent in female lactating bats, because the fungus likes sugar (lactose) and nitrogen (amino acids, protein). What about female lactating humans…postpartum psychosis?

The bats give birth late spring/summer, and I noticed suicide rates spike in late spring/early summer. A map of mental distress and some diseases appear to almost perfectly overlay a map of Histoplasmosis.

The bats eat moths, which are attracted to blue and white city lights. Apparently, even the CDC didn’t know bats CARRY it and shed it in their feces.

Researchers claim the subacute type is more common than believed. It is known to at least mimic autoimmune diseases and cancer, and known to give false-positives in PET scans.

But no one diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or cancer is screened for it. In fact, at least one NIH paper states explicitly that all patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis be tested for it, but most, if not all, are not. 80-90+% of people in some areas have been infected. It can lay dormant for up to 40 years in the lungs and/or adrenals. It causes RNA/DNA damage.

Other doctors are claiming things like sarcoidosis IS disseminated histoplasmosis. My coworkers and I had GI problems, liver problems, weird rashes, plantar fasciitis, etc., and I had swollen lymph nodes, hives, lesions, and started getting migraines and plantar fasciitis in the building, and haven't had them since I left.

It gave me temporary fecal incontinence, seizures, dark blood from my intestines, and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

I had symptoms of several autoimmune diseases, including Fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis, ALS, MS, etc. that have disappeared since leaving the area and taking Itraconazole antifungal.

No one, including doctors, could figure out what was wrong with us, and I was being killed by my doctor, who mistakenly refused to believe I had it and gave me Prednisone (at least 2 years after I already had Disseminated Histoplasmosis) after a positive ANA titer, until I miraculously remembered that a visiting man once told my elementary school class that bats CARRY histoplasmosis...so much of it that they evolved to deal with the photophobia and tinnitus it causes by hunting at night by echolocation.

There’s a lot more. I wrote a book about my experience with Disseminated Histoplasmosis called "Batsh#t Crazy," because bats shed the fungus in their feces and it causes delusions and hallucinations, I suspect by the sclerotia it can form emitting hallucinogens, along with inflammation in the CNS.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Susan.

That's very interesting, I'm intrigued. I'll get your book.

I'm not sure how what you said related to Cipro.

Jul 14, 2017
Widespread tendinitis
by: Anonymous

I also have tendinitis in multiple joints, with the most troublesome being the Achilles and back of knees.

My hips, arms, and hands also have it. This started when I took Cipro over 5 years ago. D

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the symptoms most likely caused by the cipro?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Yeah....that's what Cipro commonly does to a person.

See: Levaquin Side Effects as a place to start.

Jul 16, 2017
Pain Ridden and Celiac
by: Rossann

Thanks for your response, Joshua.

To answer your questions - no I have never been on antibotics. The last time [2016] my Vit D level was checked at the Mayo Clinic,it was 46.

You are correct. You don't just become Celiac. The genetic predisposition is there, however, I never had symptoms until it triggered after the illness I experienced. Many autoimmune diseases 'trigger' with some major health event.

Thanks for your insight and advice!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rossann.

No fluoroquinolone antibiotics, good. (may want to avoid those if you're ever prescribed something for your gut, or anything else).

Jul 25, 2017
Chronic arthralgia and myalgia
by: Hayesali3

I'm a 25 y.o female, active, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since I was 15 I've have chronic pain with my hips and knees that come and go.

A few years ago I sprained my ankles 3 times in 1 year and of all things by jogging in place.

I've been told I have tendinitis in my ankles, hips, knees (even degeneration in my knee since I was 15), shoulder, lower lumbar pain on and off. My lab work comes back normal, occasionally some values range like my creatinine levels being high, WBC high, low ALT, with no apparent cause or reason.

My vitamin D levels are high currently at 101, prior to I was 113 with no reason since I don't take vitamin d supplements and I'm not exposed to sunlight.

I've seen specialists with no answer, the pain gets worse at night, it doesn't matter if I work out or if I don't.

I take magnesium supplements daily and have been for over 2 years, as well as glucosamine and chondrotin. Last year my CK levels were 4x higher than they should be, again no apparent cause, I also had a suspected case of exertional compartment syndrome in my calves last year. My joints get stiff and tight with periods of rest.

Any ideas? My doctors keep saying there's nothing wrong but a healthy 25 year old shouldn't feel this way...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Hayesali3.

1. Is your Vit D 101 ng/ml, or nmol/L? That makes a big difference when we're looking at the numbers.

2. Which test was done? 1,25OHD or 25,OHD? (Different tests, makes a difference.)

3. How much supplements beside magnesium do you take, including any foods supplemented with Vit D?

You could be getting a lot of Vit d from different sources, depending. Let's get really clear about how much you're intaking from all possible sources.

If you're really not getting any Vit d in and you're levels really are that hight, then we'll take a look at Sarcoidosis.

Depending on the answers to the above, I'll respond to the rest.

Aug 02, 2017
Joint pain
by: Hayesali3

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your response.

To answer your questions it was a 25 OHD test, and the result was 101 ng/ml.

2. As far as supplements all I take is alpha lipoic acid(200mg) magnesium (250mg), glucosamine and chondrontin, biotin, and turmeric (500mg).

3. As for my diet, I mostly eat lean chicken and sometimes lean turkey meat, brown rice, protein bar, steamed vegetables to include cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, peanut butter and I also eat green beans. My diet is pretty neutral, no fast food. besides the protein bars, my food is made at home, I don't really use cooking oils or any spices. I don't drink milk, occasionally I eat a turkey sandwich with cheese but that's not very common.

I don't take any workout supplements, mostly for exercising I do the elliptical due to the pain with my hips. I work out at least 5 times a week depending on work.

My MRI of back, knees show degeneration, I've had the degeneration in my knee for about 10 years. The pain get worse in my hips at night, my legs get really stiff if I stay in a position too long.

Some mornings I wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus. I take otc pain medication Aleve or Tylenol with no relief. My dr told me For my pain I should take Tylenol and work on getting better sleep. I'm so frustrated since nothing is helping and the doctors keep saying nothing is wrong. I don't really know what to do anymore..


Joshua Comments:


1. 101ng/ml is not that high.

2. The level is coming down. (how long ago was the test showing 113ng/ml?

3. The best and most likely option is that you took something that had a lot in it without knowing it. SOmetimes there's bad batches of various supplements that have way too much in them.

Dr. Mercola accidentally 'overdosed' on Vit D from some non-vit d supplement he was taking, because it was a 'bad batch'.

4. If your level doesn't come down, and you're not in the sun at all and not supplementing anything with Vit D on the label, then get see a doctor to rule out Sarcoidosis.

5. Use the contact form on the left of the page and send me your labs (pretty sure you can attach files there) I'll have Kerri take a look.

6. Obviously, something is off because you're in so much pain. That's not right/not normal. The Vit D level may or may not be a clue. Thus further tracking and investigation.

7. Tylenol isn't going to fix anything, obviously. Better sleep might....for instance if you don't get deep sleep....but then the question is, WHY aren't you getting deep sleep (which is usually a nutritional issue either something bad in or not enough good in or both)(combined of course with many other factors like time one goes to sleep, blue lights in the room, fluorescent lights, how many electronics are active in the room/house, etc.

8. How is your sleep? Do you wake up feeling refreshed? When do you go to sleep? How long do you sleep? Etc.

9. How's your energy levels?

10. How's your digestion?

Sep 03, 2017
Another widespread tendinitis sufferer
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have Celiac disease (confirmed by endoscopy & removal of gluten from my diet 6 years ago. My blood work was normal.)

I currently work in retail, and I love yarn crafts but haven't picked up a knitting needle or crochet hook in months.

I have had nerve conduction tests to confirm mild carpel tunnel syndrome, both wrists.

I also have FAI in both hips, with an MRI confirmed labral tear in the right hip surrounded by tendinitis (as per the MRI report.)

I have "arthritis" type pain in all my major joints. This started in adolescence in my knees, then to my ankles, then to my hips. My upper body joints started later.

I've been tested for rheumatoid arthritis multiple times.

My vitamin levels have been checked (my request after my celiac diagnosis) which are all in normal range. I have been tested for thyroid issues, Lyme disease, Lupus... All of my blood work is always normal. Like the original poster, the pain is sometimes worse when using the joint but then other times worse when resting. If I had to choose which one was more frequent, I'd say resting.

I was told I have myofascial pain syndrome and receive trigger point injections every 5-6 weeks which have helped (practically completely cure) my headaches.

Could myofascial pain syndrome be a factor in widespread tendinitis (or maybe the other way around?)


Joshua Comments:>

Sure it could be a factor....but....what is myofascial pain syndrome?

What did whoever told you you had MPS tell you that is is, why you have it, and how to get rid of it?

Sep 09, 2017
MFPS from trigger points
by: Anonymous

Hi, Joshua.

My neurologist told me I have myofascial pain syndrome.

To the best of my understanding, he explained that it is pain caused by knots in muscles that form from repetitive mini spasms.

When the knots (which he says are trigger points) are manipulated-either from using the muscles oneself, or from being pressed by other people or objects, they can/do cause pain in other parts of the body.

So, for example, I get injections into the trigger points in my neck which relax the muscles which have stopped me from getting headaches as frequently.

I used to get headaches at least once a week. Now I get maybe 1 or 2, but often get none, between injection appointments.

I think he said at the time that the cause of the spasms is still not known. Either that, or I don't remember what the cause is.

Thanks for taking the time to read & respond. I appreciate it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Did we talk about this elsewhere? Seems like I was just replying to somebody about myofascial pain syndrome....

So if we work with your neurologist's theory that myofascial pain syndrome (MFPS) is caused by trigger points (different doctors say different things, or just shrug and call it a mystery), that's cool to 'treat' the trigger points.....but...

But what causes the trigger points? Trigger points aren't the problem, they're a symptom of the problem.

Injections clearly don't fix whatever's causing the trigger points (there's nothing wrong with pain relief, obviously).

Oct 10, 2017
Tendonitis & Dystonia
by: Deb

Thank you Joshua! Your answers have given me much insight into what I can do to help with my pain. I am a 48 year old female, with Generalized Dystonia.

The Dystonia started about 6 years ago with a shaky hand, and moved through my entire body. It actually began several years earlier with unexplained neck and upper back pain. I have always been hypermobile, as are my children, but never diagnosed with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. I am vitamin D deficient (I take 50k units a week), and B12 deficient, I take shots monthly for that. My children are also B12 deficient. Neither was diagnosed until after my Dystonia symptoms started.

I have tendonitis in my shoulders, elbows and knees. One of my doctors said physical therapy is the only thing he can do to help. I found this post because I think it is odd that I have tendonitis is so many different joints.

My 15 year old was recently diagnosed with Lupus, and has a lot of ankle problems.

Are you aware of any connection with Dystonia? Do you think my tendonitis is simply from the muscle spasms?

Should I be tested for Ehlers–Danlos syndrome? Would it make a difference in my course of treatment, or for my children if they also have it?

Also, my joints also pop, and catch. There is a strange feeling, that's hard to explain, like my tendons are too long? thanks again

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Deb.

1. How hypermobile are you? Sounds like a fair amount.

That over time can/will cause tendonitis symptoms. (So I wouldn't worry about having tendonitis per so, but all the same factors are involved.)

2. Sublingual B12 is as effective as injections. So no need for that hassle....

Make sure it's methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin.

3. Are you taking 'prescription' Vit D2? If so, you may want to instead take D3. Research shows that D2 raises levels but confers little to no benefits. For some reason doctors tend to be clueless about that.

4. Dystonia can be from a variety of things, nutrition is the cheap/easy/important place to start ruling things out.

Oct 23, 2017
Nurse with chronic tendonitis and bursitis
by: Amanda

I completely understand everyone's frustration with these ailments.

I've dealt with fibromyalgia for years after I endured several traumatic incidents. I'm 37 & I'm a nurse, I'm on my feet allot and have been for 12yrs but my whole life I have pushed myself too hard physically and now it takes everything I have to walk sometimes.

I received an injury to my neck yrs ago and now I have a bulging disc, arthritis, DDD and scoliosis in my neck. I have accessory navicular bones in both feet that have caused me a lot of problems and I broke one 6yrs ago.

I needed surgery then but couldn't afford to take off work long enough so I wore a boot for 7 mos and then had to be fitted with a permanent brace that I've worn for several years.

Since then things have slowly deteriorated & I've battled severe bursitis in my right hip 4 times, plantar fasciitis in both feet for 5wks in August and continued to work and now I'm in a boot and on a walker with either fascitis again or a ruptured fascia (I just can't work with this one!).

I've had tendonitis in my feet, my wrists and my elbows. After complete workups, I've asked my Rheumatologist why do I have so many tendon problems and he says it goes along with fibromyalgia and some have it and some don't. 😢

I wouldn't wish any of this on my worst enemy and I pray everyone finds answers for their ailments.

My advice to everyone is take care of your body and when you have a problem address it no matter what you have to do, find a way, to care for it properly.

Oct 25, 2017
Agree completely
by: Sue Deacon

I agree, take care of yourselves. I think many of my problems are down to all the heavy work I've done in gardens over the years.

I wince when I see younger folk pushing themselves too hard. I think whoa, slow down,that body has to last you a lifetime!

Oct 29, 2017
All over tendinitis with migranes and tinnitus
by: Kory

I am a 47 year old woman. I have read many items on this thread so I am going to describe as much add I can.

I'm fairly active, I have a physically demanding job. I have been having joint pain for about the past 10 years.

It started in my right hand in my thumb joint. It swelled and was very painful. Er Dr said he saw something in my joint but didn't know what it was. Swelling went down in about a week and the pain comes and goes.

I also have issues with my lungs, cysts throughout I've had a lobectomy die to reoccuring pneumothorax.

Dr's can't find a cause. I have very painful hips which the Dr diagnosed as tendonitis.

They gave me an anti-inflammatory which does not help. I also have trigger finger in my middle finger on my right hand and my ring finger on my left hand.

I suffer from migraines and also have tinnitus for the past 10 out so years. I have been tested for every autoimmune disease and lyme, all are negative.

I have a vitamin b deficiency for which I take a supplement. I have a burning pain in my elbow that makes lifting anything very difficult. I also get that same pain in almost all of my joints at different times. Almost like my joints are taking turns. I hope I gave you enough information. Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kory.

My first impression would be something auto-immune, but if ALL tests ruled that out, then that drops my view to maybe a 40% chances it's still auto-immune (tests aren't everything...)

Short of some rare/weird disease, if it's not auto-immune then it's nutritional insufficiency.

1. What is your Vit D level?

2. Do you supplement with Magnesium? If not you may want to seriously consider doing so: migranes, and tinnitus, can be/are magnesium insufficiency symptoms.

3. Do you eat gluten/wheat/pasta/bread etc? If so, were you me, I'd 100% stop.

4. I'd cut out all vegetable cooking oils (aside from being carcinogenic, they're inflammatory, and you have a lot of inflammation going on).

5. Tell me more about the 'vit b deficiency' and what exactly you're doing about it.

6. Google/look into something like 'iodine and cysts'.

Dec 28, 2017
by: bwebb

I have had tendonitis off and on for 25 years: Achilles, elbows, knee, shoulder. My doctor recently said to stop eating potatoes and tomatoes. Is there anything to this?



Joshua Comments

Hi bwebb.

There might be a little something to it in the context of the 'bloodtype diet' thing.

Did you stop eating potatoes and tomatoes and now you're pain free? If so, great! If not....

If not, then it's more an issue of chronic nutritional insufficiency and the downsides that come with that, including chronic inflammation (eats up nutrition), too tight muscles (eats up nutrition), pain (eats up nutrition), etc.

Dec 29, 2017
Systemic what?
by: Norbert

I have a complex problem that currently seems to involve mostly tendons.

I also have diabetes, stage 4 kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, anemia, splenomegaly, neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension, peripheral neuropathy, and diplopia.

I have had diagnoses of 2 seizure disorders, Parkinsons, and a number of other diseases that have later been denied or taken back. There are also a number of diagnoses that have never been taken back or denied but seem questionable at this point.

All of the findings and diagnoses were based on tests and labs and were very real. Why some of them were taken back I do not know.

The diagnosis of seizure disorders was made 20 years ago, taken back 2 years later, yet 2 weeks ago I definitely had an absence seizure of several minutes.

Almost every time I get out of the car I get dizzy, and 5 to 12 minutes later I shake violently or collapse. Three tilt table tests proved Autonomic Failure and I was diagnosed for Pure Autonomic Failure (PAF).

One year after the diagnosis I was told that I do not have PAF because I have diabetes. Yet, all of my other specialists agree that none of my multiple symptoms are caused by diabetes - only the doctor who is supposed to be a specialist on Autonomic Failure says it is diabetes instead.

All joints hurt, not in the joint but near the joint, and the pain includes the skin in some places. For instance, my middle finger on the left hand (I am right handed) hurts between the hand/finger and the next joint on the sides and the skin on the back of that fingers first part is red and hurts, too.

My middle finger, pointer finger and thumb hurt on both hands but the left side hurts more. I had Carpal tunnel operation on my right hand a few years back and know those are signs of it. I have the same pain though in the elbow and under the armpit but the right side hurts more.

I believe that this is a systemic problem that even involves the ankles and knees. My knees have felt loose since childhood and sometimes I have to snap them back into place. My leg tendons though have been tight since childhood as I could never keep my legs straight and touch my toes.


Hi Norbert.

Well, that's a lot of 'maybe' you described there.

1. If you have regular diabetes, that's fixable.

2. I'd go 100% gluten free (no bread, pasta, beer [switch to cider]) etc). Gluten is inflammatory and everything you've described can be attributed to long term systemic inflammation (and there's a big connection between gluten sensitivity and seizures).

No processed vegetable cooking oils (inflammatory).

No sugar.

3. Having said that, if you have Stage 4 kidney failure, then you've got a host of other problems from that.

Depending on the state of the kidneys, if you clear your body of inflammation they MAY be able to recover.

IF you have stage 4 kidney failure, DO NOT listen to anything I have to say about nutrition (supplementation), that's a 'doctor only' conversation.

4. Doctors are trapped in a dynamic of looking for diagnoses to match symptoms, but for some mindboggling reason ignore the underlying causes of symptoms.

Jan 01, 2018
Thank you
by: Norbert

After your closing comments about not listening to your nutrition comments and about doctors I do not know what to make of it.

The Diabetes is controlled by diet and Lantos injections and the kidneys are recovering though extremely slowly - 4 years ago I was briefly in Stage 5 and now I am almost into Stage 3. The Nephrologist considers me her best patient, and she says that my recovery is proof that it was not caused by Diabetes.

I was hoping that you would have something to say about my apparent Tendonitis.


Joshua Comments:

My comments re: don't listen to me re: nutrition if...was based on individuals with kidney failure/damaged kidney function can be harmed by nutritional supplements, so depending on where you're at, ONLY LISTEN TO YOUR NEPHROLOGIST.

"4 years ago I was briefly in Stage 5 and now I am almost into Stage 3."

That's awesome. Keep doing the right things that allow for recovery! No gluten. No sugar. No processed vegetable cooking oil. Etc.

The tendonitis symptoms are very likely due in no small part to the diabetes etc.

Tendonitis is made up of three factors: muscle and connective tissue tightness, inflammation process, and lack of nutrition. The later is the most important to deal with in the sense that you won't get much bang for your buck out of the other self care if the body doesn't have the nutrition it needs to work correctly.

Along those lines, ask your doctor if you can take magnesium, orally and/or topically.

Along those lines, what is your vitamin d level?

And let's go from there.

Jan 18, 2018
Wow I found it 😁
by: Anonymous

I am so happy not being alone. I too have these symptoms.

Fingers, hands, wrists (though acupuncture seems to have worked for them) knees, under my toe joints, elbows.

I also felt like a hypochondriac until a tendon actually popped up in my inflamed wrist and I could press it to wiggle my middle finger and showed this to my doctor.

Then tests upon tests, not carpel tunnel, not arthritis, bursitis both shoulders and cortisone injections, no bone damage, X-rays, scans and still no answers until I read this page. Still no cure but at least I have an idea and know I'm not alone.

Now to find a tendinitis specialist. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences.

Jan 18, 2018
which book or CD should i buy ?
by: Anonymous

I have been reading your page on Tendonitis and I am sure this is what I am suffering with, its all on the left side of my body, knee pain for 15 years scan show slight rip to cartilage, Achilles tendon get very swollen painful worse after sleeping can last up to 4 to 6 months at a time, top of my foot and two middle toes have been in agony since November 2017,so painful to weigh bear or walk.

Dr thought it was a fractures but just showed up as old broken toe injury two middle fingers of left hand so painful to move for one week, neck pain off and on for two years plus need to exercise every day or else I have a stiff neck and rally bad neck and head pain.

I am 52 year old female, never liked dairy, but started to eat over last five years, been vegetarian form 12 to 36 then eat chicken and fish for 16 years now vegetarian again. Use to be very fit gym every day and running club only 5k once a week, but now cannot exercise due to pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. Have you ever taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotic like cipro/ciprofloxacin, levaquin/levofloxacin, etc?

2. How flexibile are you? Can you touch your thumb to your forearm? When you straignten your arm, does the elbow joint go past a straight line?

Feb 20, 2018
Long-term tendonitis
by: Kate


I am feeling frustrated because I have had issues with tendonitis for a year and a half now.

I used to run about 5km 2-3 times a week, until I got bilateral achilles tendonitis. Both feet were swollen and it really hurt to walk. The orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery but I chose to try physical therapy.

The process was slow and I am not completely healed but it has improved. I get tired very easily if I walk a lot or if I stand for too long.

Aditionally, about 3 months ago, I started with a pain down my left leg, and I was diagnosed with iliopsoas tendonitis. It has not improved despite continuous physical therapy, and also because most doctors or health professionals say different things.

Any thoughts on my issues?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Kate.

My thoughts are all over this thread and this site.

Read this thread. Follow the links and read those pages.

Come back here and ask any specific questions you have.

Mar 20, 2018
Thank you, Joshua!
by: Robin G

Hi Joshua -
Wow - what a great job you have been doing answering all these questions for the past 8+ years! It's really a gift to me, and I plan to begin with no dairy and no gluten immediately. Also, to have my vitamin D, B vitamins and Magnesium levels checked.

So here is my question - I also developed ringing in my ears around f5 years ago, and then around 4.5 years ago, burning mouth syndrome. Is there any possibility that these are related?

I've learned to live with both, as well as my tendon pain, but am excited about changing my diet to include more protein and less of the aforementioned.
Thank you so much for your time!!

Robin G.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Robin.

1. You got your magnesium levels checked, and let me guess, the result was 'within normal range' and your doctor didn't say anything about you needing magnesium?

2. Tinnitus is a symptom of magnesium insufficiency. It can be caused by other things, but magnesium is the cheapest and most likely culprit.

3. Burning mouth syndrome, I don't know, say more about that.

4. Have you ever taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro/ciprofloxacin, levaquin/levofloxacin, avelox, norfloxacin, etc?

If you don't know, find out.

Apr 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

I started taking NSAIDs for shoulder pain. Then started DEPO-MEDROL, bi-lateral, alternating injections. Somewhere along the line I developed GERD and lower back pain. I thought all of these were work related.

I started omeprozole for the GERD. I maxed out on steroid and was forced into osteoscopic surgery. Bursitis was removed from one shoulder, while the other healed with time off work.

I continued the NSAIDs for lower back pain and started steroids oral and injections. A bulging disk crushed my sciatic nerve and back to surgery I went. After surgery I lingering stenosis like symptoms. The surgeon said it wasn't stenosis, it was likely a reaction or side effect from something I was taking. This is when I started subtracting pills, then adding them back to see what happens.

Here's my results; My vitamin was causing tendonitis. The NSAIDs were causing the GERD and the omeprozole was causing the stenosis. I've yet to discover the component of the vitamin that wrecked my life.

I've taken vitamins my entire life.

I've had bloodwork every 6 months for 15 years, I have slightly high cholesterol and once I had self induced excessive b levels. This all started in 2007. 2 days ago I stopped taking a low dose of a VERY expensive vitamin to see if it's causing my latest ailment;"a bone spur" on the back of my heel.


Joshua Comments:

How would a vitamin cause a bone spur on your heel?

How would a vitamin cause tendonitis?

Apr 09, 2018
Tendonitis in multiple joints
by: Amy

I'm now 49. I've had tennis elbow - 2 years of cortisone shots and finally surgery. I've had a bad big toe joint - cortisone for about a year and then surgery. I've had plantar fascitis - 2 years of ice, anti-inflammatory meds and finally surgery. Now I have hip flexor tendonitis - anti-inflammatory meds for over a year.

Rhumatoid arthritis has been mentioned but not all joints are showing signs of arthritis and the tissue in my toe was tested and negative.

I've been told by my Orthopedic surgeon as well as primary care that this is atypical for someone my age. I am not waiting for an appointment with a Rhumatologist.

I'm active - weight training 5x/week and cardio 3x/week but cardio often results in the affected joint flaring up.

I eat well. High protein low carb.

Please HELP me know what to pursue with my med. staff.


Joshua Comments:

To an outside observer, it rather looks like your med staff has ongoingly failed you.

From my experience of working with people whose med staffs have failed them for years and years, I'm going to assert that there's nothing to pursue with your med staff, because your med staff has no clue why your hurt/why thins has been going on, and they have no interesting in figuring it out, and they're not going to figure it out because they'd have to step outside the standard of care box (their partiucular very limited tool box).

'Rheumatoid arthritis' is the go to 'we have no idea why you have pain/joint pain so it must be that MYSTERIOUS DISEASE THAT WE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT (which is mind boggling, because there's nothing mysterious about RA).

Point being, what you've experienced is par for the course.

You've got a lot going on now, after years (decades, really) of progression, and surgeries that have essentially made things worse and/or at least harder to recover from.

Overall, your number one issue right now is lack of nutrition. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Your body can't work correctly. So it's a downward spiral into various pain and problem.

You have been highly athletic and your body hasn't had what it needs to be able to operate properly/recover properly. Again, part of your particular downward spiral.

You have (ultimately) a big tendonitis dynamic in play. Too tight muscle and connective tissue, chronic inflammation process, nutritional lack.

You have some specific location downsides now too with the chronic joint pain, compensation patterns, But there is no 'fix' until the multiple factors of the dynamic get dealt with.

Read this entire thread, follow the links to, for instance, Pain Causing Dynamic and What Is Tendonitis?

Then come back with questions and for next steps.

May 09, 2018
Tendinitis in knees and elbows following Achilles surgery
by: Anonymous


Two years ago I suffered a full tear of the Achilles tendon which required surgical repair. Unfortunately i didn't make a full recovery and still lack strength in the injured leg. I can run etc. but can't lift my heel and stand on my toes on the injured foot alone.

After returning to exercise (frequent rowing machine, squats, stairs, running) i was fine for about nine months before suffering pain in my knees. The doctor diagnosed bilateral tendinitis with the presumption that it was related to poor body mechanics following achilles tear and over use on the rowing machine.

I have undergone rest, PT, stretching, etc. for three months and have seen no improvement. I also have developed similar but milder pain in my elbows.

I just went to get a blood test but the doctor doesn't seem to have a lot of ideas about causes. Any help would be great as it doesn't seem to be improving. Love the blog and thanks!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. What would you be getting a blood test for?

2. It makes total sense that you've developed further issue from running with very very poor functionality in the injured leg. Muscles can't absorb force, that force is going to transfer upwards, and bad things happen sooner or later.

3. Unfortunately, yes, I commonly hear from people that their doctors are A. uninterested, B. out of ideas, etc. I don't have anything nice to say about that.

4. Rest isn't going to fix anything. If PT doesn't get that post-surgery leg back to full function, then PT (targeting anything else) ultimately isn't going to help much.

Jun 08, 2018
Tendon and muscle tears/strains
by: Anonymous

I’m happy to have found your site. The comments are so numerous and the problems are similar to mine. Here are my details:

2014 right ACL tear 50%, meaning the ligament is still hanging on but half gone, diagnosed with MRI. Happened walking up a hill in my garden.

2016 injured shoulders while taking out trash cans, no mri done, but X-ray showed arthritis. Shoulders still hurt.

2017 slipped while mopping the floor, right hamstrings tore completely and now are in a bunch behind my knee, diagnosed with MRI. Also right meniscus tear found at same time.

2017 Achilles tendinitis started suddenly while walking on level sidewalk, diagnosed with ultrasound, tendon is really big now but pain gone.

2018 moderate groin strain in right adductor diagnosed with ultrasound, caused by falling off a chair.

Falls: started counting in 2015–6 falls, 2016—3, benefitted from PT, 2017–3, 2018–2.
Test results: RA negative, autoimmune mostly negative except positive ANA at 160 titer. Parathyroid high 86. Vit. D3=28, d2 <4, calcium 9.7, magnesium 2.3, albumin 3.8, kidney GFR 53, lots of other results but don’t know relevance. Doc said none of these tests are too bad and they shouldn’t be cause of my injuries.

Food: Stopped gluten in 2010 (if I eat any get sick immediately with food poisoning symptoms), also stopped soy (hives), corn, and a variety of other foods after seeing a nutritionist and allergist.

Still eat dairy, but not milk—drink only purified water, avoid processed foods. Staple starches are brown rice and potatoes, legumes. Eat meat 2-3 servings a week. Some docs told me eat meat every day, but it’s against all the public health advice so I tried it and felt scared to continue.

Supplements: vit D 2,000/day, calcium 500, magnesium 250, iron 325, fish oil 1000.

Hoping for some thoughts. Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. How old are you?

2. IMPORTANT: Have you (ever) taken any Fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro/ciprofloxacin and/or Levaquin/Levofloxacin?

3. IMPORTANT: Was that Vit D3 level in ng/ml or nmol/L?

4. If you get sick from eating gluten, ABSOLUTELY stop eating it. I'd be curious about your health history around gluten and noticeable symptoms from gluten.

Jun 18, 2018
Tendon and muscle tears/strains response to Joshua's questions
by: Anonymous

I think I might be posting this response in the wrong place but couldn't find a respond button specifically for your comments. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. I'm 62
2. I have taken levaquin and cipro, several courses for the same infection, and both achilles tendons became swollen and painful. Pharmacist said it was a rare side effect and I stopped the antibiotics. The pain went away, but the thick ropy achilles tendons have remained since then. That was probably 10 years ago at least.
3. The vitamin D3 level is 28 ng/ml and the lowest was 22 ng/ml on 4/22/2016. I doubled my D3 supplement since then.
4. Gluten history: I used to get frequent bouts of "food poisoning" (diagnosis from emergency room) that were very violent vomiting and bloody diarrhea to the point where I would pass out in the middle of it. I have broken front teeth from passing out, in fact. I would go to the emergency room and they would say it was food poisoning. After a few times I insisted they test to find out what bug was causing it, but the test was always negative. Had a lot of other tests, for parasites, celiac, etc, but all negative. I don't remember how it was that I stopped gluten, because nobody said I had a problem with it, but I did stop, and guess what? NO more food poisoning!! Plus I had tons more energy and felt much better. I avoid gluten like the plague, to the point where I don't have it in my house and won't eat food that anyone else has cooked besides me (no restaurants, pot lucks, etc.) I had two kinds of blood tests for celiac, one an allergy type test and the other a genetic test, both negative. But I don't care; I stay away from gluten and it works for me.


Joshua Comments:

4. Ok good.

3. I'm not exactly sure of the time line there, but if your Vit D level is 28 now and was 22 last year, you need to take enough Vit D to get your level up to minimally 40 and ideally 60-80ng/ml.

It's a hormone, take as much as you need to get your level up.

*Vit D requires Magnesium, so if you are short of magnesium (you are) you're not utilizing all the Vit D your taking in.

2. I figured it was a safe bet you've taking fluoroquinolones.

One of the mechanism of fluorouinolones is that it depletes your body of magnesium. One consequense of that is that your muscles can't work right without enough magnesium. And you do things like fall down, strain tendons/ligaments, etc.

That can also cause ligament tears (ACL) and achilles tendon ruptures. Separate from the magnesium shortage, one can get ACL tears and tendon ruptures from mitochondrial damage, if the fluoroquinolones causes mitochondrial damage.

It's all downhill as your body tries it's best but doesn't have what it needs to work correctly.

I'm of the opinion that you should get the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution and get working with it. As ultimately while you have specific spots of injury, you have/they are caused by a systemic issue. Hopefully it's as simple as a body operating in nutritional deficiency*, but it's quite possible you need to do the whole protocol to give your body the best chance of kicking into an upward spiral.

*I use the term 'deficiency' loosely, meaning, not as much as you need to either a large or small degree.

One of my Reversing Tendonitis programs would be good.....but all in all for your scenario, I'd go with the Fluorquinolone Toxicity Solution...as your tendonitis etc is a symptom of the bigger problem. Deal with that bigger problem and then A. the specific things will get better in general and B. then we can focus on specific spots (which may be a waste of time to deal with UNTIL the bigger problem is effectively dealt with).

Make sense?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jun 28, 2018
Multiple tendon problems
by: Deb

Hi, I love your page thank you. So after some suggestions too.

I have been suffering from various tendon problems for a while.

Started in 2005 with plantar fascitis in my heel whilst working for the royal mail. eventually went away with cortisone injections and change of job. Developed same problem in my left heel. Sorted with injections again.

Roll on 9 years to 2014 when I started knee problems. Diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both knees, and told to lose weight. Would replace both knees but too young to operate. Problem got worse, weight didn't change. Was given cortesone injection in one knee to no effect.

Took up cycling in 2015 and managed to lose a little weight until I tore a tendon in my right knee. Given Naproxen. Then started having problems in my achilles tendons. Gave up cycling until better.

In 2016 took up cycling again and it does help arthritis in knees. Started having problems with tendons in thumb on right hand. Didn't bother the doc. Then same problem in left hand.

Ripped tendon in calf in 2016 and ended up on crutches. Stopped cycling.

In 2017 started struggling with ankles again. Took up cycling again. Does help the knees for a bit.

2018 consists of extremely stiff and painful ankles. This tightness is beginning to extend up my calves and it's making walking so difficult. In March this year pulled tendon in left shoulder carrying a heavy bag. Still not fully better. Now suffering lower backache.

However, still cycling. It is my saving grace. Just wish I knew why all these problems are occuring.

BTW, 52 year old female. No other health issues except mild recurring psoriasis predominately hands and lower back.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Deb.

If you've read some of the site and this thread then you should have a good idea why this is happening.

1. How long has the psoriasis been going on?

2. Have you ever taken any fluorquinolone antibiotics like levaquin/levofloxacin, cipro/ciprofloxacin, etc?

Jun 28, 2018
Reply to Joshua
by: Deb

Hi Joshua, thank you for such a quick reply.

Having read back, I think the main problem is autoimmune, and that a gluten free diet is the way to go.

1. Psoriasis has been going on since after the birth of my second child. Around 2012.

2. I can't be 100% certain I haven't taken any of those antibiotics, but the order of the day here in the UK is usually Amoxycillin.

Going to hobble up to bed and make plans to ditch the bread and pasta in the morning.

Jul 05, 2018
Stuck in "diagnosis limbo"
by: Erin

Hi Joshua,

I'm 35, have worked a physical merchandising job for 10 years, have always been active.My known issues are IgA deficiency, and some inflammation in small intestine.

I have been seeing my chiropractor monthly for 10 years, as I have a back and neck that like to stiffen up on me. About 12 months ago, my chiro mentioned that my pain doesn't seem to be adjustment issues, but reactive inflammation at this point, and advised I seek out a rheumatologist. Over the past 8 months, have been to several specialists and diagnosed with an iron deficiency (came back a 1), received iron infusions, level rechecked at 107, yet no explanation as to why so low, and no improvement of symptoms. Started getting carpal tunnel-like symptoms, EMG showed signs of tendonitis/carpal in both hands/wrists, but now the fingers connected to ulnar nerve are stiff.

I have dry lips, more hair than usual is falling out, i have always carried weight in upper arms and thighs despite a healthy lifestyle, suddenly carrying in lower abdomen despite a vegetarian diet for 20 years. I have elbow pain, hip stiffness and pain, knee pain, balls of feet swell, top of arch pain, ankle stiffness and trouble walking, weakness everywhere, shoulder and upper outer arm pain wakes me up through the night, neck and upper middle back pain/stiffness.

I have shown negative testing for RA, Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Diabetes, Celiac, B12 is normal, no sign of inflammation on xrays, thyroid normal. I am pushing to see a neurologist just to rule out any nerve issues, but doctors insist on more xrays to check for "seronegative RA signs". They put me on naproxen a month ago, and i have wrist braces that don't seem to be helping.

I feel like some of my pain may be tendonitis in multiple areas after reading some ideas on your page (still have much more reading to do). My gut tells me to get a FULL thyroid panel, food sensitivities testing, and to see an osteopath. I am not a doctor, but it's been 8 months and I am getting worse, need to advocate for myself. Any input you could give me on my situation would be greatly appreciated as I am now off work, and would like to regain my independence and life back. Thank you for what you do, it means so much to someone stuck in a slow moving system and scared.

Best, Erin


Joshua Comments:

Hi Erin.

I mostly have my response ready to go, but before I do:

1. What is your Vit D level?

2. What are you ferratin levels (different from iron levels)?

3. Hemoglobin?

4. Hematocrit?

5. % Saturation level (in the iron panel)

6. When did you last have labs?

Jul 19, 2018
Follow up comment to Tendon and muscle tears/strains response to Joshua's questions
by: Anonymous

I’m adding this follow up to say what steps i’ve Taken and the results, in case it might help other posters. The results have been good and i’m almost pain free though still have lumps/ scarring on Achilles and hamstrings. I doubled my vitamin d supplement and may increase more. I doubled my magnesium supplement. I increased protein intake.

I cut out corn completely including all corn based additives. This one not on Joshua’s recommendation but because corn is almost all gmo these days. I notice if I eat corn pain increases for a day or two. I was already gluten free. I haven’t it out dairy but will if pain comes back. I’m very slowly increasing exercise by walking more. I increased sun exposure because it helps with vitamin d.

I was tested for ehlers-Danilos, marfans, rheumatoid arthritis and maybe others, all negative. The take-away for me is the problems seem to be diet related, or at least by making the above changes i’m getting some relief.

Best wishes for all of you to also make progress.

Jul 25, 2018
Response to joshua
by: Erin

Hi Joshua!

Thanks so much for your response, and I will do my best to answer.

1. I don't think they checked my Vit. D levels, as I don't seem to have a result for that.

2. Ferritin checked in February was 1, then checked again in May after iron infusions, level was 107, checked for followup on July 13th, and ferritin is now at a 10. My doctor told me however, my hemoglobin had improved.

3. Hemoglobin was 79 in February, on July 13th rechecked, now at 120.

4. Hematocrit is 0.375

5. % saturation level: I'm sorry, I couldn't find any information on this after googling what to look for on my detail results.

6. July 13th was last results. They also checked my TSH: 1.43 mlU/L, FreeT4: 13 pmol/L, Free Triiodothyronine: 4.1 pmol/L.

Since I last wrote my hands are even weaker, my third and fourth fingers on the left hand will not straighten out. My right shoulder and bicep are lacking mobility, and painful, and my pointer finger won't straighten out all the way on that hand. Braces worn every night aren't helping anything apart from the tingling in my right hand which is only occasional anyway.

Lastly, my hips, inner and outer thigh are stiff and sore constantly, and the area where my leg joins to my glutes is also weak and stiff/achy making it difficult to walk properly, especially if I sit upright for longer than 20 mimutes, or sit on a hard surface. My feet get stiff, feel swollen on the balls of my feet if I sit for too long/ walk for too long. I feel like im turning to stone!

Thank you again for your input, it really means so much. I've always had a stiff back/neck on and off for years, but this is much scarier. I have a neurologist appointment coming up to explore that avenue, as no inflammation has appeared and my x-rays came back normal.

Best, Erin


Joshua Comments:

Hi Erin.

1. Have I asked if you've (ever) taken a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro/ciprofloxacin, Levaquin/levofloxacin, avelox, norfloxacin, etc?

2. You MUST get your Vit D3 level checked. Super important to know in your scenario.

3. Ferratin of 10 is really low. Should be 40-50 if not 80.

4. Not sure what units the '79' is in, may have to have you send me your labs so I can have Kerri take a look (she's the expert on the iron thing, I'm just parroting what she's telling me while lookin gat this.

5. Happen to get a magnesium blood serum level on your labs? It's not a very valualbe test but can tell us a little something.

Sep 19, 2018
Also experiencing wide spread body tendonitis, however no hyper mobility
by: Trigger Hippy

I'm a 40 year old active female, within normal weight range. I work out 3-5 times a week and my job requires multiple activities, including but not limited to, bending, walking,standing,reaching and lifting, both from floor level and above my head. I've been trained to utilize proper body mechanics and try to use them whenever possible. I also eat a diet heavy in Veggies and Protein and take fish oil and b vitamin supplements.

Approximately 12 years I aquired tendonitis of the knee, even though my job at the time didn't require much activity with the knees or jumping ect. I had "jumpers knee" with muscle atrophy of the quad muscles. Went through PT for a year and seemed to be somewhat healed although I'd have mild intermittent problems with both of them.

I then aquired carpel tunnel syndrome (10 years ago) which seemed to resolve on it's own, however 8 years ago I developed "tennis elbow" in my left arm in which I had no history of activities that would lead to such an issue, 6 months of PT seemed to heal that.

In the midst of all this my back problems had "flare ups" of pain (cervical Myofascial pain, and Peripheral neuropathy) that would come and go over the course of 15 years. Some "episodes" lasting weeks and months some only 3-4 days. Flash forward to now, I recently woke to severe shoulder pain on my left side, to my knowledge no injury occurred. Upon seeing a doctor I was told it was rotator cuff impingement, that was 4 weeks ago, taping and PT has had no relief. Then I've had my tendonitis in my knee start acting up, often causing my knee to lose stability as previously did, along with pain along the lateral side of my knee cap which is new.

Last weekend I was awakened by severe pain in my lower back above the buttocks, so sever it was causing pain down the back of my thigh, also making walking, bending, standing and even laying down painful with no real position that serves to alleviate the pain. It's moving slightly into my hip now, upon seeing my walk-in clinic the physician that had seen me suggested it was SI joint dysfunction, and recommended more tests.

I'm starting to feel like this isn't all coincidence anymore, and maybe there is a "bigger picture" to see since these Medical anomalies have been occuring since my 20's and have gotten progressively worse, more frequent, and lasting longer.

Is there things that lead to wide spread tendonitis or nerve impingement throughout the skeletal system or something? I'd like some ideas so this next visit I have with my doctor we may be able to point ourselves in some directions as to whether this is really just some parallelisms with my various ailments or something I have yet to look into.


Joshua Comments:

Hi TH.

Yes, there absolutely is a bigger picture, we'll call it nutritional insufficiency. The body, the muscles just can't work correctly when they don't have enough of what they need.

Along those lines, answer this before I continue:

Have you ever taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro/ciprofloxacin, levaquin/levofloxacin, avelox, norfloxacin, etc?

This is important, so depending on your immediate response to that question...find out.

Oct 02, 2018
tendonitis pain everywhere at 17 years old
by: Julian W

Hey im a 17 years old male. One year ago I had been lifting seriously for abou 2 years. I started to Get some good results and really focused on working out. Them one day i started experiencing knee pain in both my knees. I waited for a few weeks but they didnt Get better. In an attempt to heal this, I focused on upper Body and ended up getting elbow pain in both my elbows. I went to a lot of doctors, and finally a specialist who diagnosed me with mild tennis elbow and mild jumpers knee. He said i could work out and that there was nothing to worry about. I know this is wrong as my joints/tendons went terribly bad everytime I went to the gym. Months passed and I really tried every treatment possible ( naprapathy, schock wave treatment, psyciotherapy, no working out at all, rehab excersizes etc.). In an effort to heal my knees i then tried to do hip exsersizes and glute excersizes.. now I have gotten hip pain in both my hips as well and I might think it is snapping hip syndrom (a form of tendonitis).

Before I got all of this injuries I have earlier had an shoulder injury in both my shoulders and wrist injury in both my wrist... in addition i have lately started feeling pain in both my biceps, and Im afraid it might be tendonitis as well. I dont understand why I Get absolutely every injury possible and nothing heals. Really makes me depressed. My doctors Also has confirmed that I dont have any kind of reaumatism and that I have a proper diet. Any help on how I can heal or why I keep getting injured? Am I just terribly unlucky or can this be some kind of disease? I eat good and have always been active without any health problems. Everything helps, I really need some support.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Julian.

1. Let's rule this out (notice how much I ask the question on this thread): Have you ever taken any fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro/ciprofloxacin, levaquin/levofloxacin, avelox, norfloxacin, etc? Find out.

2. Let's pretend for a moment that (the vast majority of) doctors have even a clue about diet and nutrition (these are the guys that allow the 'diabetic diet' in their hospitals, think diabetes and fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are incurable, etc). Their clue comes from a couple hours of nutrition education in doctor school and government rda's (recommended daily allowance) which one could argue are criminally low.

What they should be telling you is that you need a lot more nutrition in you becaue the Standard American Diet is A. inflammatory and B. very short on nutrition. Plenty of calories, not enough actual nutrition.

I see tendonitis etc showing up in younger and younger ages. It's a safe bet that A. the nutritional demands of your levels of activity and B. the lack of nutrition in your 'good diet' and lifestyle have led to your body's inability to work properly.

3. Even if none of the above is true, if you injured your shoulder(s), everything about that eats up magnesium and other nutritients and kicks you into a downward spiral of tendonitis dynamic (too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation process, and nutritional lack) and pain, which then increases your nutritional requirements...which you then don't get enough of, which leads to increae of tightness inflammation and nutritonal lack...

Then the pain/dysfunction spreads and you feel it elsewhere, as you've described.

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