17 Year Old With Drummers Wrist Tendonitis

by Stewie

Hi there :)

i'm a 17 year old drummer and i've been playing for nearly 8 years, i am almost certain i have tendonitis because when i play now i tense up and feel pain within 5 minutes of playing, when i used to be able to play for 3 hours without any issue (and much faster and in more comfort), i really want to get back to being able to play fast, for long periods of time and in comfort again.

I read the wrist tendonitis page on this site and im only just starting the ice dips and massages (about 1 day in) and im about to change my lifestyle to get rid of this problem (getting more sleep, protein, omega 3 etc). I was just wondering if i would be able to get back to how my wrists and forearms worked before? Also i would like to play a lot faster without tensing, so if i do the ice dips etc should i continue to do them even after the pain has gone to make sure that it doesn't come back? And if so, after the pain has gone, would i do it as regular as when i had the pain?

Thank you soooooo much for your time :)

Thanks again, Stewie


Joshua Comments:

Hey Stewie.

How's the ice dipping going so
far? And the eating changes and such?

I would add in Magnesium for Tendonitis too for sure.

Yes, you can get them back to how they were before.

You will need to bolster your body though, with good nutrition, learning how to relax your muscles as you drum, and some regular (but minimal as you figure it out how to do it efficiently and as needed)

It's unlikely that you have the damage kind of Tendonitis, and more likely that you have irritation and Process of Inflammation.

So yes, lots of ice dipping at first. More protein and omega 3's. Do some self massage on the forearms and hands. How isn't as important as just doing it.

Give me an update after a few days doing all that, and let's see where you're at.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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