18 year old, wrist locks up months after basketball injury

by LC

My second to last basketball game of my senior year, I get my wrist hit by the ball and it bends it really far backwards.

Next day, it's swollen and I can barely move it.

Played my last game with it in very poor condition and its incredibly swollen afterwards.

Got an x-ray, no fracture. Wore a brace for 3 weeks. Healed weird though, there is a small knot and something that slides back and forth over the bone...I think it may be my tendons.

It had been doing fine, then I picked up a small chair to turn it around and the wrist kind of locked up for a moment and it hurt!

Then the same thing happened the next day.

Nothing I cant live with, just curious.



Joshua Answers:

Hi LC.

It's probably not Tendonitis, but it could lead to that in the future.

From what you've said, it sounds like you might have stretched a ligament, kind of like when a shoulder is forced out of socket.

So. Either, you just bent it back, and the nervous system kicked in a Pain Causing Dynamic, meaning now it's tight and painful and prone to spasm/seizing up, or it did that -and- a ligament is

Probably the former, possibly the later.

In short, I would learn How To Reduce Inflammation, and do regular, daily, frequent self massage.

Dial down the defensive response. That locking up, painful sensation basically is your nervous system instantly kicking in spasm, to stop you from doing anything that it thinks might hurt you.

It doesn't necessarily mean you're injured, but it is a predictable part of how the body works when there is some past/present pain dynamic.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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