23 and in pain from bump in my wrist

by sheree decarlo
(sacramento, ca)

i am 23 years old and i work in a casino with cash handling all day long counting it out.

about a year ago (before i started this job) i got this weird bump on the top of my wrist that appeared when i would bend my hand down, it would hurt so bad and i would push on it and rub it.

it made it difficult to move and use my wrist and then it went away out of nowhere. then about a month ago it came back, after starting my new job and it gives me so much pain i can barely count money out. but then sometimes its not as bad to use.

i thought it was just a calcium deposit but the bump that is there is hard. its like something is stuck in there.

is it tendonitis? should i consult a doctor?


Joshua Answers:

Hello Sheree.

Well, that could be a few things, but specifically it's not Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So you're looking at one of three things.

1. A lipoma, which is a benign fatty tumor that grows in places of physical tension (extra load/torque/stress on tissue). Not great, not horrible.

2. Some sort of calcification. Not great, may or may not be bad, not horrible.

A cancerous tumor. Bad.

4. Possibly it's a cyst. Not great, but not horrible.

In my humble opinion it's worth a trip to the doctor to get it checked out.

Better safe that sorry.

And depending on what's going on, you may want to, or need to, to get that thing cut out. Or it just may be that you need to learn how to keep it from getting irritated.

Let me know what happens, I'll help as I can.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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