3 surgeries for plantar fasciitis and more to go

by Cece
(Oskaloosa iowa)

It started with average pain once I became a cashier, then to the point I couldn't walk.

Sure enough plantar fasciitis, they tried cortisone shots and it didn't touch it, next thing they say surgery.

I had just started a new job so I needed a quick fix and I thought I knew what they were talking about so we did the first surgery on the 1st foot , endoscopic planter fascia.

Thought it helped a little bit but with both feet being affected so bad they thought that the other foot needed done since we were having the same results.

And then finally it was physical therapy because it wasn't working there they found out that my calf muscle is too tight they were not able to get it loosened so I had to have my Achilles cut on my right foot.

By this point I had to move back home to family had to kiss my awesome new job goodbye, and kept going to physical therapy .

It has been approximately 13 months since all this started for me.

Physical therapy was able to get me a range of motion but in the meantime my plantar fascia locked back up again.

Tried icing I've tried the exercises and of course lots of information medications to no help .

I was then diagnosed with CV ID and Hashimoto's so that helps explain why we can't get the inflammation out , but understanding does not relieve the pain.

I'm back to being in severe pain with every step I take now to find out I have fibroids on my plantar fascia.

So we're back in for surgery again in two weeks this time to remove the fibroma and to try the Topaz surgery because with having CV ID and Hashimoto's there's a good chance the inflammation will not get out my body.

I am a person who love to work love being on my feet , cancel like I have had almost everything taken away for me . Now why have I not gotten a second opinion you ask .

I have finally asked for one but they are scheduled over seven months out and I cannot put up with the pain much longer as it keeps getting worse now with the fibromas .

Fingers crossed the next surgery works. And on top of that my insurance was kind enough per pay for some custom-made Insoles, not even a year yet and they're not supporting me anymore I took them back in and because they do not have a podiatrist that works there anymore they cannot do anything for me and not only that with purchasing them their insurance they're only under warranty for three months where if you buy them out of pocket there under warranty for a year. I was very pissed off today when I learned that so I'm stuck with insoles that don't work .

Yes I've tried ice -I have tried water bottles- I actually have some cool thing that has a metal ball on it that I can run over my feet- I have tried night splints -I've tried physical therapy -I have tried pills -I have
tried surgery -something has to give .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cece.

What you've described is kind of everything wrong with the medical industry (for your scenario).

1. "calf muscle is too tight they were not able to get it loosened so I had to have my Achilles cut on my right foot. "

They couldn't get the calf muscle to lengthen, so they cut the achilles.

That is...crazy. What happens when the achiiles gets cut? The calf tightens up even more and the now 'longer' achilles tendon gets pulled on still...and now it's injured which kicks in a whole defensive mechanism in the body which leads to...muscle tightness.

It boggles my mind that they would do that, and boggles my mind equally that doctors...DOCTORS!...don't know how to get too tight muscles to relax. That's the very basics of body functions.

2. Topaz surgery isn't going to help alleviate nor stop inflammation.

The fibroid matter probably is worthy of surgery removal.

3. "because with having CV ID and Hashimoto's there's a good chance the inflammation will not get out my body. "

A. So they're going to do surgery. Which causes inflammation.

B. Who told you 'the inflammation' will not get out of your body?

C. Did they tell you how to get rid of/dial down the Hashimoto's?

D. Do you have CVID? (Common Variable Immune Deficiency?) (I'm presuming that that's what you meant.

Do you have a history of bad infections? If so, maybe you do. If not, I have some questions about that, centering on 'Do you really have CVID or do you just have a suppressed immune system (that is fixable when one removes the factors that are suppressing/overworking it)?

I ask because often people get diagnoses from doctors (who don't know how to fix the thing), and then think they really have that thing, when they really don't.

4. "I had just started a new job so I needed a quick fix "

I hope it wasn't a doctor that told you that would be either quick or a fix.

5. Plantar Fasciitis is not actually a foot problem.

Foot pain and the fabled 'tight plantar fascia' etc is a symptom, not a cause.

Yes you've done a bunch of stuff, but unfortunately it didn't work.

PF, being a form of Tendonitis, is made up of multiple factors that make up the Pain Causing Dynamic.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

One must effectively target those factors to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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