34 year old with Levaquin Poisoning Too young to feel this old!

by TooYoung

I'm a 34 yr. old female who was prescribed levaquin and had no idea or even heard of it doing this to your joints and tendons. The second day I was on it I noticed some hip pain, the next morning I hurt all over I thought I was coming down with something.

I took 9 of the 10 prescribed pills and it never hit me that it could of been an antibiotic doing this to me. I hurt soo bad, I could hardly walk everything on my entire body hurt.

It's been 2wks. since the Dr. gave me steroids but when I wake in the morning I can barely walk my feet hurt soo bad and throb, they are stiff just from sitting down for awhile then when I go to get up my feet are so stiff it's like I can't bend them to walk?!?!

I don't know what to do, any suggestions?


Joshua Answers:

Hi TooYoung.

You WERE coming down with something....your body was suffering from the side effects of Levaquin antibiotic. The cytotoxic byproducts of the Levaquin doing it's thing in your system.

Muscle fatigue, muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain, stiffness, etc, are all common Levaquin side effects.

DO NOT TAKE MORE STEROIDS!! Shame on your doctor for prescribing you steroids after Levaquin. BAD BAD BAD. Tell that doctor to take 5 minutes and take a look at the research from the last 10 years, for pete's sake.

This is a
serious thing. Tendonitis is bad enough. See: What Is Tendonitis

But Levaquin tendonitis is a different animal entirely. Massive magnesium depletion, mitochondrial kill off, possible dna damage.

This is no joke, as I'm sure you're aware of. I HIGHLY recommend that you get the The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook.

You don't need a couple tips or suggestions. You need a plan of attack to do the most effective things possible to help reverse the negative factors introduced to your body by Levaquin. With the ebook comes a private forum for support with your self care.

Also, and I probably don't need to say this but I'm going to anyway, DO NOT ever in the future take any more fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics: levaquin, levofloxacin, avelox, cipro, etc.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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