Achilles Tendonitis in both legs from overtraining for a marathon

by Gary

Hi Joshua.

I just saw your webpage for the first time and read the topic on the 62-yr old sprinter as well as another one.

I have similarities, but some differences... I trained too hard for my 1st marathon, the 2008 Hartford Marathon.

While I did finish, I am injured.

My Achilles tendons started hurting during training runs in August. They'd be tight and sore at first, then fine, then near the end of the run would hurt.

I figured I'd get healthy after the marathon. It's now May and I'm still not running.

I've been going to PT (Graston Technique to break down adhesions), and lots of stretching. Now doing eccentric exercises.

My calves are already strong, so not sure about the eccentric stuff, except to work the muscles/tendon with some load.

My right one had a partial tear, is healing but scar tissue makes it swollen at the same level as the lower part of the ankle bone.

The left one doesn't have swelling.

The differences between my case and the two I read are: the swollen part on the right tendon is extrememely tender.

The left tendon has localized pain also. This is an improvement over the generalized pain I initially had.

The pain is on the inside of the tendon and on the back. Not on the outside. They hurt all the time.

Still tight even though I stretch frequently (couple times a day). Even a
stroll with my dog aggravates them. I'm interested in adding acupuncture to my treatment regimen. I saw your site as I researched this.

Also I've been using Strassburg Sock on both feet. I started 2 weeks ago. Some improvement, particularly in the morning when I get up. Other than that, it's the same. Also, I massage for 5 min twice a day.

Any comments that may help with healing would be helpful.


Joshua Answers:

Thanks for the great description and details Gary.

A couple more questions before I start talking.

1. How old are you?

2. How is your general health.

3. How would you describe your dietary intake?

4. Any previous injury in the legs? Well, anywhere, actually.

5. How long have you been running, how long have you been competing?

6. Whereabouts do you live (I'm looking for how much sunshine you live and run in)

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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