achilles tendonitis surgery ok, therapy now, knee has clicking sound. WHY?

by Rubye

I used to visit my podiatrist for my feet but no longer. He became the cause and not the solution.

I started developing excruciating pain in my right ankle and it went on for at least six months, but I tried to "tough" it out and not visit another doctor, i.e., tried everything I could with ointments, foot exercises and one night I tried to go upstairs, but the pain was overwhelming.

Ok, let's make an appt. w/doc (orthopedic surgeon)who was the chief surgeon at the hospital. He saw me and knew right away what was wrong, because I didn't; consequently, he had tests done and had me to see him again within two weeks, in hopes that it might get better with meds.,

NO, this did not work. I could not hardly walk w/o a limp! After three visits and a small cast later, I was scheduled for surgery, this year in June. Great doctor, great professional and caring people who worked in the ER. I was told what would happened by each team member.

The surgery went great (2 hrs)tendon replaced,was given a nerve block (not so great in my leg where surgery was to be done!) No pain of course, split, walker used and got home to a hospital bed to sleep, but about five hours later this excruciating pain started where the incision was(in cast & splint).

The surgery pain lasted for four days, and tappering off. I worn the cast for four weeks, splint was taken off next day of surgery. After cast was off, I wore an achilles heel boot for four weeks, went back to the doctor again and he looked to see how the incision looked, as doctors say "looks good" "not to me," but it was encouraging to know that the boot would remain on while I started therapy for two weeks.

Boot removed, therapy going good, am able to walk with a limp (as expected)great therapists that I found in my area who knew exactly what to do and answered my questions.

My only concern now is why is my knee "clicking" when I get up to walk? I had to stop working out on the exercise equipment at therapy because of the discomfort/clicking in my knee. I am still in therapy, been there for almost 13 weeks now and will be evaluated on tomorrow.

I have been icing and icing all the time after I exercise at home during the off-days of therapy. I am now two days a
week, as he was 3x a week in therapy. I do have some scar tissue in the back of ankle & foot, but underneath I still have some tenderness. Otherwise, I am doing quite well; walking with a cane, but not totally dependent upon it always.

This has really been an eye opener for a woman who is a housewife, very active in church activities and communities. Just ready to get back out there and enjoy meetings, briefings, etc. However, I do now attend my church, but as I sit, I do get a little stiff, even though I move my leg while sitting.

This is a painful surgery, a long recovery and I don't wish this on anyone. But if you have this type of injury, make sure that you get 2 to 3 opinions first before having surgery. I did, and no podiatrist is equipped to handle this type of procedure with efficiency, unless he is a surgeon or a very very good podiatrist you trust.

Hope that this has been helpful to someone, but I don't understand the clicking in the knee part.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Rubye.

That's great advice, to get multiple opinions. Hopefully one of them is better than than the others.

How much of the tendon was 'replaced'?

In general, it's predictable that your knee is clicking now because the entire function of your lower leg (and above, too) has been changed. The status quo of your structures and how they work together have been altered, shortened, changed, etc.

So now every time you take a step, things aren't working quite how they're supposed to, and the rest of your body has to adjust/compensate.

How has recovery gone since you originally submitted this? Give me an update with any new questions, and we'll go from there.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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