Arthritis In Hands And Fingers But You Can Fix It

Arthritis in hands and fingers is a common ailment, mostly in the 'older' population.

Doctors generally blame it on 'aging', give you a pat on the head and send you out the door.  They don't know how to fix it, and don't seem to be interested in investigating to discover how to fix hand arthritis.

Or they'll give a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (sometimes even if the tests come back negative), and start you on a regimen of pharmaceutical prescriptions that won't cure the problem.

But what you should know is that arthritis hand pain is something that develops because of certain lifestyle factors, and hand arthritis can be prevented, and/or reversed.

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Why Did I Get Arthritis In Hands?

Arthritis is a major cause of hand joint pain.

But...."What causes hand arthritis?"

"Why did I get arthritis in my finger joints?"

These are questions that should be asked more often.   Doctors don't ask 'why' questions. They deal with symptoms, and in their paradigm, 'diseases' like arthritis just show up for no reason.

First off, there's two main categories of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

One can also get arthritis symptoms from bacterial infections, or a nutritional issue like Gout, but in those cases, you're dealing with an infection or you're dealing with Gout, you're not dealing with arthritis.

So if you want to know WHY you're having arthritis hand pain and other arthritis in hand symptoms, you need to know:

In short, if you have osteoarthritis in your hands, then it is from chronic tightness, inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis in your hands, then you have an auto-immune mechanism in place due to Leaky Gut, systemic inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency.

As you learn WHY you have hand arthritis, you also learn how to heal yourself and make the problem go away.

Symptoms Of Arthritis In Hands

You already know what arthritis symptoms you're experiencing in your hands and fingers, but let's break the most common symptoms own here.

For both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the symptoms are very similar.  Both kinds of arthritis can create the following symptoms:

  • ache and/or pain in the hands
  • ache and/or pain in the fingers
  • ache and/or pain in the wrist
  • 'stiff' finger joints (can include thumb)
  • 'warm' finger joints (can include thumb and wrist)
  • reduced range of motion
  • loss of agility/hard to pick things up/hard to hold items
  • loss of fine motor control with hand/fingers
  • joint/bone deformity
  • knuckle pain

For more on symptoms, see:

Symptoms are not the problem with hand arthritis.  Symptoms are not the cause.

That seems like common sense, but for some reason humans tend to focus on the symptoms.

But you may want to shift your focus to the CAUSE of the symptoms.  Because if you just deal with the symptoms, you'll never fix the mechanism that is causing those symptoms.

You want to reverse the arthritis mechanic, as opposed to just suppressing the symptoms (that leaves the mechanism to progressively get worse over time.

Healing Arthritis In Hands And Getting Back To Normal

Once you know what is causing your hand arthritis symptoms, you can start moving on getting rid of that arthritis in hands and fingers.

The arthritis hand pain mechanism is 100% reversible.  

Having said that, if a certain amount of damage has been done, even with the arthritis mechanism removed, some or all of that damage may be irreversible (but life will still be better when the constant push of progressive arthritis is no longer harming your body).

And, mostly in the case of RA, once the bony structures of the joints (and fingers) change shape as the auto-immune process causes them to become deformed, there is no UN-deforming the bone.

Bone shape changes are permanent.

So ideally you completely reverse your arthritis issue BEFORE you develop too much joint damage and/or your finger joints deform and change shape.

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