What Causes Arthritis And Why Hasn't Your Doctor Fixed It Yet?

What Causes Arthritis?

The info you've heard before from doctors and the internet has only told you the WHAT that causes arthritis.

But that's not very useful unless you know WHY it causes joint pain.

On this site you'll get both.  The what and the why.

Because until you know WHY, you don't have much access to fixing the problem.  That's why your doctor hasn't been able to 'fix' you, because s/he also doesn't know the why.

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What Causes Arthritis?

The causes of arthritis are known, and predictable.

We have to break this down into two categories:  What Causes Osteoarthritis, and What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The two main categories share some overlap of causes, but the core causes come from different directions.

Like tendonitis, Osteoarthritis is mainly from 'physical' issues like muscle and connective tissue tightness and inflammation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is mostly from nutritional issues (that then cause inflammation and auto-immune response).

What Causes Osteoarthrits?

  1. Tendonitis dynamic (tightness, inflammation, nutritional insufficiency)
  2. Constant Compression of Joint 
  3. Chronic Process of Inflammation

What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  1. Inflammatory foods
  2. Leaky Gut
  3. Auto-immune response
  4. Chronic Process of Inflammation

For more on the 'how' the causes of arthritis cause arthritis, keep reading and we'll break it down below.

What Causes Arthritis?
The Oteoarthritis Process

Osteoarthritis is a very different animal from RA.  Osteoarthritis is 'physical'.

Like Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis is mainly from 'physical' issues like muscle and connective tissue tightness and inflammation.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

Osteoarthritis starts with tightness.

Tightness of muscle and connective tissue.

Compresses joints.

Compressed joints grind on the inner linings.

A Process of Inflammation gets worse and worse.

Pain increases.

Joint lining becomes damage.  Scar tissue develops.

Inflammation and pain and damage causes tightness.

Tightness causes more inflammation and pain and tightness.

Repeat until you break the cycle and reverse it.

Doctors don't understand this mechanism, so the best they can offer you is anti-inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen and tell you to Rest and stop being active.

See:  Causes Of Osteoarthritis?

What Causes Arthritis?
The Rheumatoid Arthritis Process

Rheumatoid Arthritis starts with inflammatory process.

RA is not some mysterious disease, as your doctor will tell you.

RA is a caused dynamic.  You caused it.  And it's reversible.

You eat inflammatory foods and drink (of low nutritional value).

Your gut lining gets inflamed and damaged.

You get Leaky Gut.

What you eat leaks into your blood stream, and you get less nutrition from the food you do eat.

Your body attacks that leakage.

Your body attacks your own cells.

You experience pain.

The Pain Causing Dynamic kicks in.

You continue to eat low nutrition inflammatory foods and your body can't heal itself.

Your doctors don't understand this mechanism, so the best they can offer is pharmaceutical drugs that can never fix the problem (and often make it worse)

See:  What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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What Causes Arthritis Keeps Arthritis In Place

Arthritis, both Osteoarthritis and RA, are created problems. We know what causes arthritis.

The causes of arthritis are known, and reversible.

You created the causes, you can fix them.

With RA it's a matter of stopping the intake of damaging substances and healing your system.

With osteoarthritis it's more about rehabilitation, getting your body to reverse the tightness and inflammation.

But both dynamics are reversible and 'curable'.   You can't fix a joint once it is damaged too much or deformed, but even then you can stop the forward momentum of the 'disease'.

Causes of arthritis will always be causes, but you can limit and eliminate them.

Do note that that Symptoms Of Arthritis are pretty much the same regardless of the 'type' of arthritis.

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