Bilateral Medial Elbow Pain That Started A Week Ago After A Chiropractic Adjustment

by Carol
(Roseville, MI, USA)

Right medial elbow pain started one week ago, including numbness, tingling down arm to ring/pinky finger.

Now the left elbow and hand are following suit.

Both hands are numb and tingling.

Had chiropractic adjustment day or two before pain started...also have frequent knee and hip pain, mostly right side, sometimes bilateral.


Joshua Answers:

Hello Carol. Sorry to hear that you are hurting. you think this may be a result of the chiropractic adjustment?

Depending on what's going in your neck, and assuming that it was a forced adjustment, your body can respond in a way that TIGHTENS muscles up to protect the structure from getting yanked on, and it will do that long after you left the chiropractor's office.

And then the other side will start to mimic and compensate for the one side, which explains why the other side is starting to have the same symptoms.

So, let's investigate.


1. Have you had anything like this before?

2. What did/do you do for a living? Desk job? I'm looking for what positions and activities your body is doing regularly over time.

3. Age?

4. Describe that chiro adjustment. Was it different than others?

5. Any history of Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

6. Anything else interesting to tell me?

7. What irritates, and what helps, the numbness and such in the elbows and fingers? For instance, if you roll your head around, look to the ceiling, etc, does that do anything in particular?

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Oct 29, 2009
PART 2 - Elbows, knee and hip, oh my! - Bilateral Medial Elbow Pain That Started A Week Ago After A Chiropractic Adjustment
by: Anonymous

Hi and Thanks for your response!

Oddly, or perhaps predictably, the pain in both arms/hands faded/lessened for a day or two, then flared back up, worse than before.

My hands felt swollen and stiff. I also felt very unwell and exhausted. At about the same time my right knee and hip pain also flared up. Hmmm.

Right now my pain is about a 4/10 on ibuprofen or indocin. Yesterday it was a 7/10, no matter, heat, meds.

To answer your questions:

I am a SAHM, 42. I use a computer frequently throughout the day, but do not type very often.

Past chiro visits never resulted in any pain like this.

I did have a case of golfer's elbow many years ago,not from golf,treated with cortisone/lidocaine injection.

That pain was exactly like this, but I also had a huge lump inside my elbow.

Again, thanks for replying so quickly.

I plan to discuss this with both my PCP and my ortho when I return to review the results of my R. knee MRI.


Joshua Comments:

I had to look up SAHM.

Here's google's top response:
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
SAHM Sexy and Hot Mamma
SAHM Special Access Hubbing Model

I'm guessing you meant the first one? :)

Sorry, probalby should have resisted doing that.... symptoms after the chiropractic adjustment is certainly suspect, at the very least it is a clue.

How to decipher it? It makes lot of sense that you have the typical computer related posture/human posture, with a history of too much tightness and connective tissue constriciton and a nervous system on high alert to protect you, and this chiropractic adjustment, for WHATEVER random reason, set that protection mode on high alert, which triggered a cascade of muscle tightness and inflammation.

I've seen stranger things.

You may want to investigate into Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency. Supplementation is cheap, and if it's a factor, can possibly help a lot.

And Magnesium is a huge player in muscle tightness and chronic spasm (which is part of what you have going on.

Check those pages out.

And let me know what your docs say re: the MRI.

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