Bone Broth, Meniscus surgery, and Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplementation

by Aldo
(Miami, FL USA)

Hello Joshua

This is Aldo. I wrote to you a little while ago, I was the one with the meniscus tear that went to surgery.

Today is the 5 week after surgery and I feel fine, I am doing bicycle and some strengthening exercise like leg presses with light weight and leg and curl extension, I am focus in the movement and muscle contraction trying to improve my quad strength and not in the weight, just as tolerated.

I am taking the bone broth, but I got a few question.

Do you need to take additional supplements like glucosamine on top of the bone broth. Will you have more benefits taking both or it will be a waste of money?

I am taking about 6 ounces of bone broth almost every day, is that enough or is to much ?

Do you recommend any other supplement? I take my regular sport mega man vitamins from GNC plus Carlson omega 3 fish oil one teaspoon daily, this is high concentrated, and high protein diet, about 1 gram per bodyweight ?

What do you think about Joint Vibrance product, I was taking it, it is a high collagen, glucosamine plus a lot of anti inflammatory herbs? But it is costly, about $34.00 for 21 days supply. Please check it out and let me know.

At least I do not feel any pain, It could be all related, diet, surgery, recovery etc

Any suggestion


Joshua Answers:

Hey Aldo.

Yes, I remember you.

Sounds like the surgery was a good option. Rock on.

I'm not a big fan of surgery in general, but some procedures and situations I have a hard time looking down on. The meniscus clean up is one of those.

Results I've seen are consistently good, as opposed to Carpal Tunnel surgery and Tennis Elbow surgery.

It's definitely all related. Finding out how exactly it is related is the tricky and impossible part. We do the best we can.

Joint Vibrance looks fine. Worth the money? I don't know. It's right back at finding how it's all related. No real way to tell.

It's safe to say that, post surgery and in the interest of recovery, it's probably worth it, just because. If
you can afford it, do it for a month or two more.

And if you're doing bone broth and JV, the more support as you can give your joint/cartilage/body, the better.

* 6 oz of bone broth certainly isn't too much. It's food, you're not going to overdose, and your body will tell you when enough is enough.

To me, it's pretty rich and feels vital/nutritious. I can't eat much more than that a day, unless I was training for something and was making myself. Up it to 8 oz and see what happens. You may just 'feel' right at 6 oz, or 8 oz.

The trick is, eat it regularly, keep you body full of nutrient and the building blocks it needs.

* Is bone broth and additional glucosamine/chondroitin supplementation overkill? I don't have any hard facts on that, but I don't believe so. Especially when trying to heal and make your tissue as strong/healthy as possible.

* Omega 3 fats, awesome.

* High protein diet, in my opinion awesome.

* With your activity level, I don't think you can eat too much nutrients.

* I'm sure there's a 'waste of money' level, but you're getting older and want to stay strong and just need to experiment trial and error and find what works and feels good for you.

There's a science to nutrition, and there's an art to it. Both are important, and you just have to play with it till you find your mark.

* Also, are you using just thigh bone cuts, or joint cuts also? The more joint you have in, the more glucosamine/chondroitin you will get.

*I'm asssuming your MegaMan has minerals too...?

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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