Can a Chiropractor Cure TMJ?

by Allison

I have had tmj and jaw pain for years.

It's really starting to get in the way of my life, I can't kiss my husband, and sometimes it hurts so bad I can't even pay good attention to my kids.

It has to stop. I'm now really motivated to heal this tmj.

My friend has a chiropractor she's been going to for years. She asked him about tmj and he said he can work with it.

Can a chiropractor cure TMJ? Or even make it better?

I don't want to spend the money and be disappointed. Or have it hurt worse.

I see online that there's all sorts of chiropractors that work with tmj.

What do you think?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Allison.

That's a great question. Can chiropractic cure TMJ?

Unfortunately, the answer is, 'It depends.'

It depends on the source of your TMJ issue. If the increasing tightness is primarily driven my mental or emotional stress, then chiropractice may be able to get you out of pain, but eventually the tightness and pain will come back.

If you have a purely physical dynamic of pain, tightness, and the The Pain Causing Dynamic, then it -may- able to.

Either way, it REALLY depends on the individual chiropractor and their knowledge and skill levels, and your specific situation, and how those two variables interact.

One chiropractor will aggravate you and irritate your symptoms. One will neither help nor hurt. One will help a little. One will help a lot.

You kind of just have to roll the dice and take your chances, as they say.

Granted I'm biased towards skilled massage therapy, but there might not be any available where you
live. It's worth looking for a sklled TMJ massage practitioner.

It may be worth checking out the chiropractor too.

Walk in (or call) and talk to the doctor for a couple minutes to see if you're a good match.

If he won't talk to you for a couple minutes, it is my opinion that it is not a good match. TMJ, in my opinion, requires a practitioner with generosity and spirit (sounds way more woo-woo than it is). If the chiro is rushed or can't be bothered, I personally wouldn't stay for treatment. That's just me.

If he does talk with you, give a fast 30 second explanation, and ask him his experience, and his results. Watch the face and feel to see if he understands what you're talking about.

And if he does work on you, the proof is in the pudding. Do you feel better/get better or not.

Does the TMJ pain go away? Does he show you how to keep it away?

I wish the answer to your question was a simple yes or no. I hope my answer helped.

Ask more questions. Get more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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