Can a little fall tear a shoulder tendon and cause tendonitis?

by FellDown

I fell about 5 weeks ago had ultrasound and xray when i fell i hurt my shoulder now doctor said i have tendonitis in it and tear why would such a small fall hurt so much and do so much damage?


Joshua Answers:

Hi FellDown.

In short, yes, a small fall can cause a lot of damage.

Here's the important concept:

Structures in your body were already TOO TIGHT.

So you fell and landed and your tissue was already too tight, too taut, too much tension was already on that tendon (even when you were sleeping at night).

The Tendonitis dynamic is like that. It's a long slow progression of increasing tightness.

It's highly possible that the fall didn't -cause- the injury, it just suddenly irritated an already existing situation.

Having said that, if the fall did cause a tendon to tear, then you absolutely do now have an acute Pain Causing Dynamic, which, if you didn't have Shoulder Tendonitis before, it's HIGHLY predictable that you will now.

Irritated/injured tendon, the muscles are going to tighten up to guard it, and you'll have a significant Process of Inflammation in place.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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