Can i continue sports and cheerleading with a dislocated wrist and tendonitis??

by Sophie

I'm 15 i do cheer and i thought i dislocated my wrist because of the ways i moved it but now i think it is tendinitis.

I'm a base for a girl around the same size as me and when i lift her her weight is mostly on my one hand and not the sore one but there is weight on both, can i still stunt if its a little thing and by icing it and wearing a brace?

The girl i lift is around 105 i share the weight with another base but is that too much? I really need to be able to do this it would be bad if i had to sit out...


Joshua Answers:

Hi Sophie.

Yep, sitting out would be no fun.

So...did you dislocate it? I'm guessing that you'd know if you did.

But if you -almost- dislocated it, that would immediately kick in a significant Pain Causing Dynamic.

Or if you were just lifting a lot, and your 'load' was greater than your 'strength', then your body is going to get worried and kick in a defense response, which includes a growing Process of Inflammation.

Unless you really strained your wrist, then you're most likely just dealing with the standard Tendonitis dynamic.

See this page for a description of the different factors causing your symptoms: Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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