Can Tendonitis spread?

by Tom

I have Tendonitis in my left forearm from playing bass, and it seems to have spread to my left forearm, is this possible?

Also would you be able to point me in the direction of a specialist in Tendonitis for musicians? Thanks!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tom.

Technically no, Tendonitis can't spread from side to side.

The dynamic can spread in the same area as things tighten up and connective tissue constricts,etc.

So if you're getting symptoms in the opposite arm, there are a couple possibilities.

Possibility #1: The body is essentially mimicing the bad side, literally changing because the body likes to be the same. There won't be any damage, but there will be other similarities.

Possibility #2: You use your Left hand to, yes? It's likely that your left hand has its own Pain Causing Dynamic going on, and that can lead to Tendonitis symptoms.

As far as pointing you towards an expert, do you mean in the area you live for some hands on work? I can't do that since I don't know where you live, and likely don't have any direct referrals anyway.

If you mean someone who can teach you how to play in a safer, more lasting and ergonomic way, there are a variety of video's and such on the internet, you'll have to look around and see what works for you best.

Also, Tendonitis in Musicians is no different that Tendonitis in computer users, knitters, etc. With slight variation of location and such, Tendonitis is Tendonitis.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 07, 2009
Musicians and tendonitis
by: Marianne

My nephew is a professional classical guitarist teaching and performing.

He had tendonitis in his thumb.

He lives in Barcelona and was lucky enougb to have a centre there which specialises in treating tendonitis in musicians.

He had treatment very much along the lines that the Tendonitis expert recommends, using ice several times a day. He was also taught how to play in a new way so that he did not just create the problem again. He had to build up the number of hours he played each day very slowly. The whole process took about a year, he's abosolutely fine now with no recurrence after several years and teching the guitar full time.

I would recommend contacting an Alexander technique teacher. They are expert in helping you to use your body well and often work with musicians.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks Marianne!

I absolutely give a thumbs up to the Alexander Technique.

Using one's body correctly VERY MUCH helps the body perform without downsides.

And depending on the specific situation, can help resolve pain issues.

Nov 15, 2011
Um... things?
by: Anonymous

So, Joshua, you said - "The dynamic can spread in the same area as things tighten up and connective tissue constricts,etc."
Can't you be a bit more specific and define "things"? Are you really acquainted with the etiology of this spreading? You seem to just refrain from specifying the causes and you keep us in the dark about the situation we're in. Please reply, I'm really interested in hearing your response.


Joshua Comments:

Really? I seem to refrain from explaining the causes?

Then clearly this is the only thread/page you've bothered to read on the 900+ pages on this website.

I've explained 'things' hundreds of times all over this site in various amounts of depth, and am not going to repeat the long detailed explanation over and over -every- time I refer to it.

Read around the site for a while, following relevant links. There's plenty of specifics and breakdown of a variety of 'thing' topics.

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