Carpal Tunnel, Chilblains, Perniosis, Tried icing for 10 days

by Anonymous

I have tried repeated icing of hands and forearms for the past 10 days in dealing with a carpal tunnel problem (hands going numb in bed) caused by frequent computer work and extreme overuse of hands & forearms in pulling up a tile floor back in the beginning of July.

The results have been temporary relief at night, but then a return to the symptoms as soon as the wrist warms up again (one to three hours).

I have also developed some small chilblains on
my hands. Also, I have used some mild stretching manuevers as outlined in Butler's book Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for fingers and wrists and tried to reduce heavy lifting. Any recommendations other than purchasing your 40(ouch) dollar dvd ??


Joshua Answers:

Hi Michael.

Thanks for the details. More questions.

How exactly have you been icing? 10 second dips 10x or more a day?

That's a really good clue that the situation isn't much better.

Along with the chilblains, medically known as perniosis, it has me look towards systemic issues and nutrient deficiency.

Check out this article and see if it relates to you: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Thyroid Issues

You might want to supplement with Magnesium and B Vitamin comples, specifically B6 and B12.

There is a strong case that B vitamins, whether cause or effect, are at play with Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

It's is HIGHLY likely that you are also Vitamin D deficient too.
Check out my Kerri's Vitamin D pages on

If part of your issue is due to nutritional deficiency, that part won't resolve until the deficiency is resolved, and can hold back healing in other variables as well.

Also, I bet you that a good amount of your symptomology is coming from constriction up at the front of the neck and shoulder/chest.
I don't know about Butler's book, but look to see what is said about that. Surely it does talk about Carpal Tunnel issues coming from higher up the structure.

Also, I'm not a fan of wrist splints and braces except for short term use of night splints, which will keep your fingers and wrist from curling and being extremely tight all night. If you haven't tried those yet, you may want to see if it helps to accelerate your healing.

How's that?

Keep me updated.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Oct 02, 2009
PART 2 - Carpal Tunnel, Chilblains, Perniosis, Tried icing for 10 days
by: Joshua


Thanks for your response. As for icing, I have been doing twenty or more under-10-second dips a day.

As for chilblains, I may have been mistaken.

More likely inflamed dry skin due to the water, a conditon I get every year at my finger & thumb tips. Redness emanates from creases in dry skin
on backs of hands & a couple fingers. I could probably get past that by putting my hands in plastic or dish washing gloves before dipping.

As for vitamins, I take an over the counter multi-vitamin as well as an omega 3 fish oil capsule, eat an extremely balanced diet with lots of vegetables, salads, seafood and chicken (no beef) and get at least 15 minutes of sun a day.

What about an ice wrist wrap for help in sleeping?


Joshua Comments:

Hey there. I just put your DVD order through.

That would be good if it wasn't chilblains. For some people, the frequent icings can dry the skin out and lead to dry, rashy skin. A good lotion or olive oil on the skin will help reduce/prevent that.

Do you have cold hands/feet? I'm curious what that annual thing at the fingertips is.

The right kind of niacin supplement is very helpful for people with not-the-best- circulation, if it's a circulatory thing, as opposed to a dry skin thing.

The diet sounds good.

You may be interested in a $40 vitamin D home blood spot test kit I can point you to. You may be surprised that your levels can be low even if you spend time in the sun every day.

Back to the Carpal Tunnel, I bet a big chunk of it is coming from up at your your neck/chest. Possibly there's some Tendonitis mechanism as well, from too much computer and construction work.

So we're going to do all the physical work to make this go away, and the results from that will help us determine how much is nutritional deficiency related, and how much from purely structural elements.

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