Natural Carpal Tunnel Remedies

In my opinion, natural Carpal Tunnel Remedies are your best option to eliminate the Carpal Tunnel symptoms and the physical dynamic that causes pain and numbness.

If life were simple, there would only be ONE remedy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

But of course, life isn't that simple.

The vast majority of Carpal Tunnel cases can be effectively dealt with with The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and Quick Start Companion ebook.

Carpal Tunnel Remedies
Repetitive Motion and Normal Hand Use

Most CTS is from a predictable physical dynamic of activity and increasing tightness and pain. Reverse the dynamic, and pain, numbness, and other symptoms go away as the structure(s) get healthy again.

It's not rocket science. It just requires the RIGHT knowledge and activities that focus on the actual problem, instead of the problem that doctors and the rest of the internet tell you about.

So for most people, the best option for relief of Carpal Tunnel symptoms is The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works

While they are mainstream and commonly used, all the usual treatments like anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, and wrist splints just don't work.

Carpal Tunnel Remedies
Vitamin B-6 Deficiency

There is a lot of talk and conjecture about the role of Vitamin B6 and Carpal Tunnel.

There is much anecdotal evidence that taking Vit B6 helps the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. The theory is that there is a Vitamin B6 deficiency and that causes Carpal Tunnel.

I tend to think that it goes the opposite direction. That due to physical factors, the onset and development of the Carpal Tunnel dynamic, due to tightness and other factors, actually uses up more Vitamin B-6, making a person deficient in Vit B6.

Either way, if taking Vit B-6 helps Carpal Tunnel, hey why not.

It is also interesting, that if taking Vitamin B-6 helps Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, then that really makes a case for -NOT- getting wrist surgery. I mean, if a vitamin will help, that surely means that surgery won't fix the actual problem.

UPDATE: It turns out that Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency after all.

Carpal Tunnel Remedies
Thyroid Issues

There is plenty of research that shows that various issues with the Thyroid can cause a physical dynamic in the body that expresses itself as Carpal Tunnel pain.

Oprah went years and years and went through many of the top doctors in the world. They all missed her thyroid problem, discounted it as a possible problem, did the wrong tests, and still aren't dealing with it correctly.

This page talks about the carpal tunnel and thyroid connection

If you have a thyroid problem or suspect that you do, I suggest that you work with Kerri Knox, RN at

Carpal Tunnel Remedies
Vitamin D Deficiency

One of the MANY symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency is random aches and pains.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms absolutely can come from being Vitamin D deficient.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I've seen it. I've seen all sorts of pain and problem of all sorts, even debilitating pain and problem, that goes away entirely or partially by getting back up to appropriate Vitamin D levels.

You can get out in the sun and let the sun make contact with your skin. We have been brainwashed into thinking that this is dangerous. It's much more dangerous to our health to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Laying in the sun is free. If you want something you can use to bolster your Vit D levels, especially in winter time to fight the flu and wintertime depression, here is a good option. Vitamin D

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