Chance of recovering from Ciprofloxacin side effects?

I agree with all that you have listed about Ciprofloxacin.

I have taken it for 3 days 250 mg I believe. Took 2 a day for 3 days.

I began to experience arthritis like symptoms in knees, and tightness along with stiffness in other joints.

Some ciprofloxacin users are at the point where they will need surgery, and some aren't.

My question is, with what I have already explained does it sound that I have a chance of recovering?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Anonymous.

Yes, you have a chance of getting better. How much a chance? I really have no idea.

And there's no way to tell, other than to wait and see.

Doctors and researchers haven't found a cure, or a remedy. They haven't even really come to any conclusions on why exactly fluoroquinolones like Ciprofloxacin and Levaquin cause this temporary/permant damage in the first place.

You've seen my suggestions, so I won't repeat them here.

Back to your chances of recovery. It seems that people either get better in less than a year, or they have long term serious side effects.

I haven't seen enough to know if surgery helps to actually repair anything, other than reconnecting ruptures.

The problem lies in how the body grows/heals tendon tissue. And in your case, other connective tissue. Ciprofloxacin cytotoxicity can affect any connective tissue; tendons, joints, organs, brain/nervous system.

1. How long ago did you take the Ciprofloxacin?

2. How soon after did you start to notice joint pain and stiffness?

3. Is it getting better, worse, or staying the same?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Apr 05, 2011
What helps support muscle and tendon health
by: Anonymous

I was put on Cipro for a suspected UTI following a hysterectomy. Needless to say I was unaware of the side effects associated with it until day 3 of taking when I could hardly walk at all due to pain and stiffness in my legs, and a popping in the back of the calve muscles. I was also still on pain killers (oxycotin) at the time as this was just a few days post surgery. I was told I was "allergic" to the cipro and put on another antibiotic.

The leg pain eased up and I thought all was okay. However here I am now 2 months post op and I am having joint and muscle pain again in places where I have never before had it and have had no physical injuries.

Is there anything that we can take to help remedy this condition and prevent it worsening? Vitamins, minerals, herbs?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

For a -suspected- uti? Did they even test to see if it was bacterial? Or were they, as is more common, just flood you with antibiotics and hope for the best (because 'hey, what could possibly go wrong?' ?

Nutrition is your best hope, certainly your best option. There's no 'fix' out there in the medical world, much less anything that actually helps.

Magnesium, CoQ10, B12 Methylcobalamin, extra protein, Omega 3 fats, good probiotics.

Taking the right amounts is more important than just taking some, since if you don't take enough, it's not going to make a difference in the body.

I suggest you invest in The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program (formerly The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution), since you get a complete plan and overall understanding of what Cipro did to you, why you still hurt, and why you do what Kerri and I suggest that you do.

Bits and pieces of knowledge may or not do it for you. I side on knowing a complete picture of what's going on and what to do about it.

Read the Levaquin pages on this site, including this one: Levaquin Tendonitis Treatment

Oct 14, 2013
What Mad Scientist made this drug ?
by: Anonymous

I was given 20 250mg Ciprofloxacin pill prescription for a kidney infection and Iinstructed to take it twice a day for ten days by my PC and instructed to see a refferred urologist ten days later to which the urologist concurred to continue with the Cipro treatment of 10 500mgs pills twice a day for 5 days.

The following day I took the first dosage of 500mg and within 2 hours, my world spu out of control, I felt things contracting within my feet, ankles, and lower calf areas, behind my knees, my hips groin area, and right wrist, and palm of my hand.

I couldn't open my hand without feeling as if something was about to snap, but what is worse, is the Terror of not knowing what is happening to you as your ability to move your limbs begins to stop as the pain increases.

Terror is the word you wake up with every morning when you sit up from your bed and put your feet on the floor wondering if this is the day your tendons will snap.

My doctors who administered this Cipro medicine to me have retracted into the shadows of their practices from my unanswered requests for help.

I've been scanning the web and reading the hundreds of complaints spilling out from victims of this poisonous drug, I'm not reading ANY positive recovery stories from The tendon and permanent nerve damage .

Can anyone send me a pistol?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonycipro500.

Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm also entirely unsurprised that your doctors have disappeared (no money back guarantee, ever....)

I won't send you a pistol, but I HIGHLY suggest that you get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution, get on the forum that comes with it, and get to work trying to reverse the effects ASAP.

Mar 15, 2014
Coconut oil and floxed
by: Natalie

Coconut oil, if you rub it on your muscles copiously, as soon as you feel any symptoms, was phenomenal for me. I really reccommend this!!!

I would ache and ache and then I'd apply it and it the pain would immensely subside. I'm so much better now. It works by quickly energising muscles and taking toxins out. I don;t know where i'd be without it.

I am floxed at 23 but I'm already recovering a week later. All my muscles would ache and tingle like mad. And my joints would dislocate where they never did before. But the pain died down and the cracking is much less now. this with magnesium, vitamin d, fish oil, ginger capsules, probiotics, and lots of fruit and veg.

Love to you all. I am going to make everyone I know aware of this POISON. Keep strong and have faith.

Aug 24, 2014
Levaquin for a UTI after a hysterectomy
by: Tiffany

I had a hysterectomy on 6/30/14. They left in ovaries. 6 days after surgery started having UTI symptoms. Very common after a hysterectomy. BTW, I'm a 42 year old woman. I am allergic to sulfa, so she prescribed Levaquin . It worked wonderfully on the UTI, but on day 5, I woke up completely stiff.

I had so much pain in my toes, ankles, knees, elbows and fingers. I literally could not move. I took a pain pill and called the dr right away. The on-call dr returned my call and she said she had had a similar experience and to stop taking it immediately. I would say it was a good 2 1/2 weeks before I could move without the help of narcotics. The pain slowly tapered away.

I am now starting to walk more and I have noticed that over the last few days the Levaquin pain is coming back. Just knee pain I would attribute to the initial pain of exercising , however, my toes and fingers also hurt, also my wrists and strangely the tendons in my neck. Is it possible for it to come back after several weeks of minimal pain?




Joshua Comments:

Hi Tiffany.

It is entirely possible for levaquin side effects to 'come back' after several weeks of less/minimal/no pain or other symptoms?


Because of how Levaquin and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics like cipro, ciprofloxacin, avelox, levofloxacin, etc, interact with the body.

Primarily, they deplete the body of magnesium. This is part of what causes immediate symptoms of anxiety, claustrophobia, brain fog, confusion, dementia, muscle and tendon and joint pain, cramp/spasm/twitch, loss of balance, etc.

It's also part of what causes immediate and long term results including muscle/tendon/joint pain and damage.

If the car doesn't have oil, the car parts have a hard time moving...and they can and do break down. Not the best analogy, but you get the point. Magnesium is necessary for function, and fluoroquinolones deplete it.

And doctors, for some absurd reason, are committed to the belief that there is little to no connection between nutrition and the human body, and that the drugs they prescribe can't possibly cause harm.

So, point being, it's not that the 'Levaquin pain' is coming back, it's that your body can't operate optimally, and won't, until it has the building blocks that it needs to A. heal and B. perform basic bodily functions.

See (hysterectomy) related: Is Levaquin Responsible For My Tendon Injury?

Dec 20, 2014
Runner Scared from Cipro fatigue and pain
by: CIproRunner

I am (was) a healthy 38-year old female who ran 15-18 miles a week. I was prescribed Cipro (250mg 2Xdaily) in February for a UTI after a previous antibiotic wasn't working; the Cipro worked, and life went on as usual. T

hen in March, I got another UTI, and the same thing happened. I was given Cipro again, but this time, six days into the 10-day course of meds, I began having tingling, burning, twitching, and itching in my legs and feet. I stopped the medication immediately and began researching online...YIKES.

Over the next few days, the peripheral neuropathy worsened to where I couldn't sleep, and I began having myalgia and tendon pain, mainly in my groin area and the back of my calves. The back of my calves are stiff every morning and burn and ache throughout the day, and the arches of my feet burn as well as the sides of my heels.

I'm trying not to give in to fear, but I am so scared something is just going to "pop" or "snap" as so many people have described tendons do as a result of this drug.

I am still early in this process. It has been two weeks since I stopped the meds. I tried to find whatever insight from others online, and almost immediately I began taking chelated magnesium, milk thistle, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and CoEnzymeQ10.

I also bought some 1/2/4-inch heel lifts from a drug store for my shoes as this seems to help lessen the stress on my calves. Thankfully I can still walk, but I am exhausted easily, and the pain seems to just "hit" and then subside. The neuropathy has improved, but it is not gone by any means.

I definitely am not going to run again until I'm asymptomatic for a long stretch of time....if I even can. I'm frustrated and scared by this horrible drug.


Joshua Comments:

Hi CR.

You didn't leave your email or check the notification box, so I hope you find this.

I definitely would't run again until you get your body back in working order.

"I'm trying not to give in to fear," Good. Because fear is only good as a motivator to find a solution to a problem.

All your symptoms are there for very specific reasons. Doctors for some reason don't know what those reasons are (which I find to be a mind boggling truth), but it's just a matter of giving your body what it needs so it can recover from what the Cipro caused to happen.

Tip: CIpro doesn't cause fatigue and exhaustion. It causes various changes in your body that result in fatigue/exhaustion.

That is a very important distiction when instituting a fix.

See Related: My Doctor Said Cipro Didn't Cause Muscle Pain And Weakness And No Long Term Side Effects

Mar 08, 2015
Just 4 Levaquin pills for UTI
by: Ellen

I was prescribed 3 days 250mg for a UTI ( was bleeding, so I thought was severe).

I took only 4 pills (2 days), until I became scared of side effects.

Could not walk, very shaky, anxious, wobbly, lightheaded on 3rd day. Also depressed, shaky, heart pounding. One by one all joints started having sharp pains, beginning with wrist. Then knees, then groins, shoulders, thumbs, feet, elbows, especially muscles and weakness all over.

Told Dr. would not take any more, He said to finish, I said NO!. UTI cleared up, had it checked, but all other symptoms continue to this day.

Shakiness, and heart pounding, and depression and most lightheadedness are better, but joint & muscle pain continue, especially after just normal use.Dr. said it was not the medicine, of course, and got annoyed, when I persisted, and said effects were from something else.

I went to Whole Foods Vitamin "expert", after researching much online, and he told me to take a lot of magnesium(liquid), and also detox, and use bentonite clay with it..

This was after about 4-5 days I went there.

Thought it would subside by resting at home, but more & more things hurt, so I decided to try and be more proactive. Also, taking vitamin C, D, E, as well as other supplements.

Also, am eating mostly organic foods, after reading about fluoride in regular foods. Also am using non-fluoride tooth cleansers. I has now been 2 weeks since stopped using. Started 6/15, stopped 6/17.

Am able to walk, although must be very careful, bracing feet, wrists, etc.and maybe 30 minutes every few days instead of 1-1/2- 2 hrs.. Icing down feet, etc. when feel pain. Have been seeing acupuncturist, hopefully will help. ( Also have calf cramps out of nowhere!). Soaked in Epsom salts, and tried sauna yesterday (temporary relief).

Am continuing detox ( also some iodine, and diatomaceous earth) to get as much fluoride out as possible, and eating much better.

My mind is much better(from detox?) but body pain all over continues. How long do you think symptoms will last? My PT says could be weeks or months.Saw neurologist, he tested me and says I will get better, just didn't say when.

Also, can I do mild stretching, or will this cause tendons to tear?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

Unless you have evidence of tendon damage, you can do gentle mild stretching. The thing with fluoroquinolones and tearing, is that if there's actual damage to the tendon (you can have debilitating pain without any actual damage) it's already done.

So stretching isn't what causes the tear, it's the degradation of the tendon and the stretching is the last straw, so to speak.

Magnesium is a huge one. There's a reason you get temporary relief from epsom salt baths (lots of magnesium in the epsom salt).

How are you doing now? Give us an update, and we'll go from there.

Mar 08, 2015
Update , almost 9 months later
by: Ellen

Hi Joshua, Thank you for your reply and all your help. It's been almost 9 months since taking 4 Cipro pills, and although some things are much improved, other things are aggravated.

My shoulders, upper back, hands and fogginess have improved considerably. Have been eating mostly organic, and taking the vitamins you suggested all along.

However, within the last month, have had new pains (feel like tendinitis) in both quadriceps above knees, and thigh muscles sometimes, and knees hurt (They really didn't bother me before, only a little, and exrays and MRI shows really no changes.).

Ortho, keeps wanting me to do cortisone, but I refuse (had reaction to it 3 yrs. ago, so cannot do anyway). Would orthovisc be safe to use, or do you think this would cause a reaction, too? Am afraid to do this, especially after Cipro reaction.

Am getting PT massage and acupuncture now, and may just get EPAT, because it actually worked well for my foot tendinitis, although, I may need another treatment for left foot. (shock therapy)

Also, from my lower back, all they way down legs, have recurring pain, mostly along sides and front of legs. ( Not cramps anymore, just muscle aches).

Didn't have this before.

Had MRI, but Dr. said small annular tear and bulging L4-5 Disc.This is really frustrating,since I have improved in many areas, but I am determined to never give up!

Try to ice massage quads, but hard to get deep.

Also, legs may have been aggravated by new stationary bike (maybe did too much), so I stopped using, and resumed walking, since snow has finally stopped!(30-45 min, 3-4 x week) Do you think my leg pain is coming from tendons or my back or both?

Also, what are you thoughts on PRP or prolotherapy?

Thank you!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

1. You said you're taking the nutrition I suggested, does that mean you got The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution (now called The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution)?

If so, are you on the Forum we run?

If no, get on it and we can talk more specific nutrition and check in on that there. Chances are, you're not intaking enough.

2. I have no idea what the Orthovisc would do, either way. No way to predict.]

3. Pain can be coming from anywhere for any number of reasons, so I can't decisively say anything there.

Having said that, lots of people have bulging discs and no pain/problem. The disc generally isn't the problem, it's the chronic compression/too tight muscles and connective tissue.

4. PRP and prolotherapy is good for damaged tendon/ligament/connective tissue.

What did the MRI show about your tendons?

If you don't have damaged tendons, then PRP isn't going to help anything.

May 20, 2015
Pregnant and cipro damage
by: Victoria

Hi Joshua,

I am 7 months pregnant. At 4 months pregnant i was given rocephin for a uti- it didn't go away so i was then given cipro.

Frequent urination began when i took rocephin and got WAY worse with the cipro. I was having an urge to go that never went away. I can still pee ever 20 seconds. Not classic symptoms of cipro poisoning.

But now its been 2.5 months since the cipro and I have developed shooting pains in my legs, arms, ankles, wrists, sometimes me ear and jaw.

Thought it could be pregnancy related but it seems excessive, it is radiating pain, and lasts all day in different parts of the body.

It is getting worse. What does it mean that my symptoms started months after the cipro? Does the frequent urination have to do with it? I am also feeling scared the baby is being affected by this mess.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Victoria.

1. Do you still have a UTI (meaning, is that related to the frequent urination)?

2. Is frequent urination a symptom of Cipro? It's pretty rare but there's a lot going on with Cipro and it's effects on your body, and people are affected in different ways.

3. "It is getting worse."

That's not good, but is very predictable/to be expected.

4. "What does it mean that my symptoms started months after the cipro?

It means that it took months for your body to start to fail (I don't mean fail like dying, I mean fail like not being able to work optimally).

5. "I am also feeling scared the baby is being affected by this mess."

Good. Use that fear to motivate you to get your body back to as healthy as possible.

I'm less worried about Cipro's effect on the baby than I am about the long term effect on your baby from the long term effect of your nutritional deficiency and pain dynamic affecting your baby.

In that it took months for symptoms to show up, -probably- the only real downside from the Cipro is that it depleted your body of magnesium (a major function of Cipro).

Or at least, depleted it enough to put you under.

And you've probably been told that babies suck a lot of nutrition out of you...

And chances are, you're not eating sufficient nutrient dense food to optimally support a baby anyway (don't take it personally, very few people do these days since A. our food supply sucks and B. we think our food supply is nutritious).

So Cipro depleted your body of necessary magnesium, and your baby is depleting your body of all sorts of necessary nutrition as it does it's thing growing/developing.

There are other possible downsides Cipro can cause, but let's go with 'only magnesium depletion' at the moment.

Your job (in my humble opinion) is to get a ton of nutrition into your body ASAP and ongoingly to help ensure that baby has everything it needs to thrive in there.

And that will help your day to day experience as well.

The primary avenue to recovering from Cipro side effects is nutrition, for all the reasons that it is. Massage, PT, exercise, rest, etc, miss the target by a mile and aren't even in the right firing range.

Personally, I would get the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution (now the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution) program and go to town on it, and get on the forum that comes with it for Q&A and what not.

You being in pain is bad enough, but baby is in there too. You being in pain isn't good for the baby to whatever degree it's not good....but you being nutritionally insufficient is even worse.

I have no idea of the actual state of you/your baby, and, looking at the scenario in general terms, were I you I would act AS IF baby was in danger and would make it your full time job to get yourself out of pain (thus I recommended the program as it is targeted to Cipro/Fluoroquinolone issues, and nothing your doctor is going to recommend/prescribe is going to help because the usual prescriptions don't at all target the problem).

I may not have said that last paragraph perfectly, but essentially I'm trying to say that Cipro is/can be seriously bad news, and one would be wise to go after the fix as if one is seriously affected (even if one is only mildly affected).

Sep 16, 2015
can't sleep have depression after 8 doses cipro
by: solo

Please am having serious sleep disorder ....have not slept well in 3days.....please I need a remedy for my insomnia and sudden depression..I only took the 8 doses of the drug.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Solo.

'Only' 8 doses? Some people have significant and/or terrible symptoms after a single dose.

It just all depends.

So you took Cipro and suddenly have insomnia and depression?

Hopefully that's just because of the magnesium depletion caused by Cipro.

Do you have any other symptoms?

Sep 22, 2015
Two months after Cipro the death pill
by: Rose

My boyfriend took this cipro-2 months, for a prostate infection, only properly diagnosed after his mom found something on google suggesting that.

The dr, after 9 months of misdiagnosis, went his moms hunch and prescribed the death pill. almost 2 years later, muscle pain, fatigue, mental fog, lack of memory, easily injured. he is a blacksmith and miner. any suggestions on things that assist the bodes recovery.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rose.

Sorry to hear all that.

1. Was it a bacterial infection, or as a large percentage of prostatitis is, fungal?

2. I'd find a different doctor in general, and especially if he's prescribing the strongest class of antibiotics with known and significant side effects on a hunch that's not even his own hunch.

3. Tips and tricks aren't going to get you the results you want. Cipro is serious business, you need a complete plan of attack, and thus I suggest you get The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution (previously The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution).

Having said that, much of the symptoms you just described can be attributed to the magnesium depletion caused by fluoroquinolones.

Sep 23, 2015
Still fighting Cipro side effects
by: Ellen

Hi Joshua & Kerri, I am giving you an update on my condition. ( I took 4 Cipro pills In June 2015)

I do have your fluroquinolone toxicity solution and have been following it. It has helped greatly.

In the beginning few months, I had tendinitis throughout my body. Slowly, it has subsided, by changing diet, supplements, etc.. In the last couple of months, however, my back pain discs, sciatica, and muscle pains in legs had gotten worse.

I decided to try chiropractic because chiro also does EPAT (shock treatment, which worked tremendously on my original foot tendinitis) Chiro really helped back pain, hip & groin pain, which was coming from back.

But....since doing this, now had terrible foot pain like in the beginning, which I haven't had for over 6 months. Went to podiatrist, says it looks like posterior tibial tendinitis, & Achilles tendinitis (which I NEVER had before + inner & outer ankle pain & weakness)

Am waiting for new orthotics, which he says should help. I am thinking now that my back was adjusted, maybe my gait has changed & this different stress on my feet & legs is causing this.

Have you seen this before & does it take a long time for my body to adjust? I am so afraid of the Achilles, because I never had this before!

I's been about 4 wks. since foot pain began, and think maybe I should stop doing my back & letting my feet catch up. (When your feet hurt, you can't do anything!).

I really did feel a difference in the way I walked almost immediately, especially since I've been walking like this for over 20 years. What do you think I should do, am afraid of ruining my feet, have stopped back adjustments, although they did help. Also, sciatic pain is worse now than before.

Thank you! Ellen


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

If you're not already, get on the forums that come with The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution, cut and paste what you wrote here there, and we'll answer questions/provide support there.

And/or once there, give a very detailed description of where you started, where you are now, and EXACTLY what you're doing from the Solution, so we'll have more info to work with.

Oct 31, 2015
Anyone there to respond? As this us an old page now? If yes plz respond as i have alot of wuestions refarding being floxed. Im post 7 months floxed and still terrible. Thanks
by: Anonymous

Please respond and ill share.

Joshua Comments:

Share away!

Nov 25, 2015
Cipro Achilles Tendon Problem Recovery
by: Brian


I'm a 57 YO male. Have had issues with prostatitis over the last couple years. First time I was prescribed Bactrim. It seemed to work. The symptoms came back a few months later. I've since moved and went to a new urologist. I've also since began high blood pressure medication. This time due to the BP med the DR put me on 30 days of twice daily 250mg cipro. He did warn me of the possible tendon problems.

I did some of my own research and decided the risk was low. About 25 days in my right achilles tendon became very painful. Started taking extra magnesium. I'm hoping the pain will subside in a few days, but am worried it won't.

Any info on how many people recover fairly quickly? Or other ways to speed recovery? Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brian.

Well...'quickly' is relative.

People (without doing anything in particular) tend to either get better within a year, or they don't get better (which is why a lot of people call symptoms/damage 'permanent'...but really just means they should get to work doing what they need to do to give their body a chance to recover).

Hopefully your symptoms are a function of the magnesium depletion Cipro causes, and taking (enough) magnesium will reverse that mechanism/response.

Good news/bad news, it's a matter of trial and error. If what you're doing helps (it might), great. If it doesn't, then that means you need to up your game to help push recovery.

There's no way to test for or predict what you need to do for your specific scenario (since there's no way to identify your specific scenario), so do what you're doing for a couple weeks, and let us know what happens.

Mar 30, 2016
1 500MG Dose
by: Anonymous

I'm extremely worried after taking a single 500MG dose of cipro. It's been 10 days and I haven't experienced any side effects, (except cold hands and feet, but I think this is just anxiety).

Is there a good chance that I won't be affected by this since I only took 1 pill? I know you said that some people do and it all depends, but with 10 days and no side effects would you say that I'll probably be ok?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1 dose can do drastic damage, as can 10 or 20. The number of doses isn't particularly relevant.

Having said that, if you only took one dose, and it's been 10 days, that's looking pretty good for not being at large risk.

You haven't had a tendon fall apart, haven't experienced claustrophobia/anxiety/mind fog, delerium, etc.

If that cold hands thing is from anxiety, that points well to that Cipro depletes magnesium, and lack of magnesium increases anxiety-type symptoms (claustrophobia/anxiety/mind fog/delerium/etc).

That magnesium depletion can catch up to a person down the line.

And, cipro symptoms can show up down the line as well, mostly due to magnesium depletion, potentially due to small connective tissue damage the downsides of which can accrue over time.

LOTS of people take a dose or ten and they're just fine, so I wouldn't worry about it, as worrying about it doesn't help anything.

Pay attention to how you feel, etc, and if there's anything not awesome/out of the ordinary, then revisit the conversation.

Mar 31, 2016
Reply from last anonymous comment
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I did experience anxiety (but only because I'm
Scared to death of the 1 pill)! I've been able to workout regularly, run, and I've been taking the multi mineral pill that Solaray makes for magnesium (500Mg) a day. Hoping that the 1 dose didn't ruin me.


Joshua Comments:

You're taking one Solaray pill per day? The 'Mega Multi Mineral'?

Apr 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

4 pills which is equivalent to 1 serving but yes it is the one you stated above.


Joshua Comments:

Well, the bad news is that it's magnesium oxide, which is better than nothing but pretty worthless.

And if you take more magnesium via that route you'll be getting too much calcium (we get enough calcium in our diets but don't utilize it due to being short of magnesium and Vit D).

I suggest that you get a magnesium only supplement that is anything other than magnesium oxide.

Apr 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

Will do! Thank you! I have a friend who is a naturopathic doctor who is aware of cipro, and he also said it would be unlikely for a delayed reaction this long after only taking 1 pill. Would you agree?


Joshua Comments:

Depends on the delayed reaction.

Something 'big' like an achilles tendon rupturing months later (when there have been no symptoms) is VERY unlikey.

All sorts of other slowly progressive, insidious issues, are likely, or at least, a real possibility.

There is no rule that says one pill for sure results in downsides later. But it can.

So if you aren't having any symptoms, I would be aware but I wouldn't worry about it.

May 07, 2016
Took Cipro 4 days (8 doses) 500 mg and stopped!
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh,

28 year old guy here, very athletic and fit. Started taking Cipro for suspected "Prostasis".

Was prescribed by my doctor for to take 500mg 2x a day for 21 Days! However, like everyone elses story on this page I started having tendon/muscle/joint pain, burning sensations, drowsy, weird blurry vision sensation would come and go. This was all 4 days into it!

I am the type of person that never really took antibiotics during my childhood, rarely got sick, never had any tendonitis or pain issues, really take care of my body... until I started taking this drug.

I am really hoping to fully recover, but it really knocked me down hard. Right now I am four days out of taking it, have been rubbing magnesium oil all over the tendon areas twice a day. Went to the gym today and did a very low key workout being careful with the tendons.

Is a full recovery possible from this? I know I am only four days out, but reading all the horrifying stories, it seems that no one really FULLY 100% recovers and I would really hate for this drug to be a life depleter. Any other advice that you recommend?

Anything would be great....


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Is it possible to fully recover? Yes absolutely.

For some people it's not possible to -fully- recover, but as a general statement, yes. And at first glance you don't look to be in the 'can't' category.

The advise I give to you is "Start working with The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program'.

Tip and tricks level of advise just isn't likely to do it for you (it might, but this is serious stuff and you'd do better to go overboard than try a little of this and a little of that).

BTW, you can spread topical magnesium over a broader area. Some people notice benefit from site specific application, but in general you just need to get it into your body doesn't matter where.

I presume that you mean 'Prostatitis'. Did your doctor test to see if it was a bacterial or fungal infection?

May 07, 2016
Cipro 4 days
by: Anonymous

Yes. I meant prostatitis. And, no he did not test me in office. He just gave me a prostate exam and possibly suspected it. He sent me to get blood tested for STD infections, HIV, and Hep. All of that came back normal but I am suspecting it wasn't bacterial. Is there a urine test they are supposed to do in office?

Anyway, I am worried about my tendons because I do know my body pretty well and everything just feels weaker. I am also experiencing the new popping sounds. They do not hurt but it is more than normal for me. Typically, my joints do crack a lot because of flexibility, but not to this extent.

The day I stopped, that was the worst pain in my legs, hamstrings mostly, it was strange. I still feel muscle twitches and sharp little pains in tendon areas still throughout the day. I am hoping it will dissipate.

The reason I am concerned about all of this is because I was into crossfit workouts, big on agility training, and coach high school sports. This really has shut me down completely. Can barely run at the moment.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah....Fluoroquinolones are/can be bad news. I'm sorry to hear you've been affected so much. Especially if you were given the Cipro if you didn't have a bacterial issue.

It's a good thing you stopped on day four. Some people don't.

It's a mindset thing and perhaps I don't need to say it, but I wouldn't 'hope' that it dissipates. I would get to work doing everything you can (effective things, anyway) to help your body recover. Effective self care is your new workout.

Don't leave it up to time. Get on the self care asap.

May 10, 2016
Cipro 4 Days
by: Cipro 4 Days

Hi Josh,

Its been about a week now since I stopped the Cipro and wanted to give a little update.

I am kind of a gym junkie which can clearly be an issue because of the toxicity, but I wanted to get your opinion on working out.

Is it okay to try and work out and just tone your workout down? Should I not work out at all? Is it going to hurt the tendons and muscle if I try and to work them out? Since it is not an actual "muscle or tendon" injury because it was chemically induced im not sure how to handle it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cipro4Days.

1. It's not so much 'toxicity' floating around in there, though that can be a factor. It's more of A. nutritional depletion (a bigger problem than you might think) and B. possible mitochondrial kill off (weakened/damaged tendons/connective tissue).

2. It -might- be connective tissue injury, depending on what the chemical did in there (mitochondrial kill off, for instance, can have an achilles tendon totally fall apart overnight).

If your tendons are feeling weak (and you're having other symptoms) then I'd listen to that.

Will working out hurt them? Well, it very well increase symptoms, which is no fun at best.

The thing to know about tendon damage from Cipro, is that the damage (if there is any, there very well may not be any at all) has already been done.

So if you go for a run and a tendon tears, the running obviously took it over the edge but the running didn't actually damage anything, the damage was already done in those first fourish days.

Without an MRI or equivalent, there's no way to know (short of going for a run/being athletic).

Ultimately you have to investigate and get information back. Go work out very gently for a small bit of time.

Depending on how you feel the next day, do it again, do a little more. See what you can/can't do, and see how your body responds.

May 11, 2016
Cipro 4 days
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the response I appreciate it. I bought the solution E book and am trying the best I can to follow it. I am a little skeptical about taking magnesium orally. I really have never taken any supplements in my life. How safe is magnesium to take orally?

As for working out, is it possible to improve your tendon strength or does this happen over time? I am just scared to test them because I am unsure how much damage was done.... I know in your e-book it said that bad cells will grow back as "bad" cells. Do the cells repair themselves back to normal at all with tendonosis or will I never return to the strength/mobility I had before.


Joshua Comments:

"I am a little skeptical about taking magnesium orally. I really have never taken any supplements in my life. How safe is magnesium to take orally?"

Skeptical based on what, exactly?

Magnesium is safer to take than Cipro. As described in the program, start conservatively and pay attention to tolerance level (or you'll be stuck on the toilet like if you take too much Vitamin C). That's the extent of the danger of magnesium unless you have anything close to kidney failure.

As far as your other questions: I appreciate you don't want to test tendon strength as you don't know the tendon's status. Nobody wants a rip/tear.

But, you don't have tendonosis. -IF- you have tendon damage from the Cipro, then that is either from mitochondrial kill off in the tendon, and/or DNA has been damaged.

Maybe you have damage, maybe you don't. You can have all sorts of pain/weakness symptoms with no actual damage.

So, we do what their is to do to reverse the effects of cipro on the body, pay attention, do all the right things, see what happens, and adjust as necessary.

In this scenario, strengthening of tendons isn't going to come from working out. Stay active, push it as much as you are comfortable doing just to see how your body responds. That is basically how you are going to test in the future.

May 23, 2016
Cipro 4 days
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh,

This is a about a two week later update. Symptoms seem to be improving a little bit. I can run a bit longer now, but still have some weakness and fatigue.

Nowhere near where I was before taking Cipro.

Also I know you guys mentioned collagen and how that may help. Which collagen do you take? I am researching around a little bit. Is the bulletproof upgraded collagen any good? I like to think of my self as a pretty good athlete and was wondering if that was a good type of collagen to take? Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Are you on the Forums for the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution? If not, get on there and put questions there please.

In short, ice dips are fine, they hit more area (superficial) than ice massage (deeper if you push it in and more site specific)

I personally use Bulletproof collagen. I trust bulletproof products in general, and my nails REALLY notice the difference when taking the collagen (grow faster).

I've taken different collagen before and didn't particularly notice a difference, but admittedly I didn't really test it out seriously so it's poor anecdotal evidence.

Oct 28, 2016
by: Danielle

I was taken to the er October 7th for severe passing out feeling. They found very low glucose (50) and a mild uti. I was prescribed 500 MG cipro twice a day for 5 days.

I'm a pretty healthy person and eat right most of the time and I can't remember ever taking antibiotics. So needless to say I was nervous about taking such a high dose.

I took 250 MG once a day for 5 days of the cipro. A couple days into it is had what I thought was a few severe panic attacks. I didn't put it together hat it was the cipro, I thought it was my glucose again or self induced panic attacks.

I now take lexapro for the anxiety.

Almost a month after cipro I still have many symptoms. At night it is hard to sleep. Sometimes I feel mild burning or tingling in my arms.

Mornings are the very worst for me, I wake up in an anxious or panic state, very restless. It is very hard to eat. I get sick or nervous at the thought of food. Dry mouth. Drinking water like mad. Feels like fast heart rate. I have to take a lexapro to calm down.

The evenings are better where I am almost normal. But for 3 days now I have pain in my left groin. I'm scared to move for fear it is going to get worse.

I did take magnesium 250mg once a day for 2 days a week ago but with my lexapro think it made me just sleep all day.

I just want to be myself again so bad but I'm scared it's going to get worse. I use to work out daily, take care of my 3 yr old, and a happy healthy person.

Please help!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Danielle.

1. Lexapro is for anxiety issues. But, your anxiety is (certainly) from the magnesium depletion caused by the Cipro.

Fluoroquinolones deplete magnesium>

So....lexapro can't fix your anxiety, because only replacing the magnesium can fix the magnesium-deficiency caused anxiety.

Lexapro being an anti-depressant, you'll have to talk to your doctor about staying on that/coming off that.

2. Why do you think you had the low glucose of a 50?

Are UTI's a usual thing for you (if so, that indicates a low functioning immune system and possible gut ecology issues)?

3. I appreciate that you are scared. That's par for the course with Cipro until you learn how to reverse cipro side effects.

Fear is a result of not knowing how to fix the problem.

Hopefully you're just suffering from magnesium deficiency.

250mg/day is not enough, and that's presuming it's a good form of magnesium that you actually absorb.

Dec 06, 2016
Levaquin Joint Pain
by: Anonymous

I've been on 500 mg of Levaquin a day and 3 weeks ago I noticed my joints are killing me especially me knees but after I stopped it did get better and I started taking 509 mg a day again and the same joint issues have started again and I have 5 more days to take it. I have Fibromyalgia as well as auto immune defficency.

What are the chances of this being reversed and my joints especially in my knees as I can't bend or hardly walk?

Do you recommend I stop this medication right away?

Doctors aren't really aware of these problems with Levaquin and side effects .

Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

The FDA Warning Label on the Levaquin states that you should stop taking it if you have negative side effects.

I certainly wouldn't tell you to not follow your doctor's suggestions, but your doctor should be following the FDA's warning and be telling you to stop taking it.

And yes, unfortunately, doctors as a whole seem to be entirely clueless about the drug they prescribe every day.

If you took Levaquin, had knee joint pain, then stopped and the pain went away, that's a great sign.

If you started again and your knees hurt again, then hopefully it will stop again when you stop taking the Levaquin.

Let's see what happens, keep me updated on what happens when you stop.

Having said that, the levaquin isn't helping your fibromyalgia nor your auto-immune issues, as it A. depletes your body of nutrition and further damages your gut ecology (both of which are to blame for fibromyalgia and auto-immune mechanism).

Dec 11, 2016
Ciprofloxacin hell and swollen knees
by: L

I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for a Uti/possible kidney infection after suffering a miscarriage 3 months ago. After taking 3 tablets I started to notice tendon cracking in my feet, I called the doctor who advised to stop taking the Ciprofloxacin immediately.

I then developed brain fog, anxiety, lack of concentration, muscle aches, facial tingling, insomnia, Achilles tendinitis, joint cracking & swollen knees.

I have been taking magnesium, a mutivitamin, omega 3 & B12 supplement and have noticed some of my symptoms have gotten better, I am left now with muscle aches, Achilles tendinitis, swollen knees & decreased joint cracking.

The pain seems to come and go but is there daily.

Do you think my legs will recover?


Joshua Comments:

Hi L.

That's good the doctor advised you to stop taking the Levaquin. Far too many don't.

Brain fog etc and muscle cracking is (most likely) from the magnesium depletion Levaquin causes.

The swollen knees hopefully are from sudden lack of magnesium, but possibly from connective damage due to kill off of mitochondrial population (in the knee).

Will you recover with the current regimen you described? I don't know, time will tell.

And, I highly suggest you start working with The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution (formerly The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution) and the support forum that comes with it. (See link farther down the thread.)


1. It's wise to be on the best possible regimen, meaning, the right kinds and amounts of nutrition.

2. If you have mitochondrial damage (if the population has been thinned, you need to support it's recovery because that = a faster recovery for you and your knees) then you need to know how to deal with that.

There's no easy way to verify if you do have mitochondrial damage (that term sounds worse than it is [in your case]), but Levaquin side effects are serious business, so it would behoove you to go with that you do, just in case you do, and you very well might because that's commonly what levaquin results in.

3. I don't know what your pregnancy past/future scenario is, but if you want to have kids in the future, I'm going to assert that at this point, it's critical to get your body back to an as-optimal-and-nutritionally-sufficient-as-possible state as you can before trying again.

Jan 14, 2017
99% recovery From Cipro
by: Marat S.

Hi, most likely you will recover. I practically recovered from tendonitis. I was floxed in Oct 2009. I got pretty much into a fair shape by end of the summer of 2012. I could go anywhere and as much as it needed, with no limping and go as fast as I could, but still couldn't run, jump, carry heavy stuff and stand on one spot for more then 15-30 min. If I did too much walking I needed to take it easy only next day.

I want to note that now other types antibiotics (the ones which don't even have any tendon-related warnings and never caused me any issues before I took cipro) can briefly, like for a week or so cause me soreness in tendons. One of them is amoxicillin.

Also, please check your thyroid for hypothyroidism. Cipro can damage it. I had some kind of strange issue, when I was flying on a plane - I was just getting dried out. I drink water and in 20-30 min I needed to use the bathroom. Water just didn't stay in me, when air pressure got lowered in cabin. I felt like I am getting a flu, very thirsty, fast heartbeat and anxiety.

I never had anything like that before being floxed. In fact, it's a life-threatening situation, your blood can go very dense and it's a predisposition for forming blood clots. Thanks God that the stewardess was very professional, she said that some people have those symptoms and they should drink water all the time during the flight.

I complained to a doctor about these symptoms and I was told to check thyroid. Levothyroxine did fix the issue. I was told that I need to take it till the rest of my life, but couple of years ago I noticed that taking it causes me anxiety and I stop taking it. Seems like thyroid got fixed. I don't have these symptoms on a plane anymore and analyzes show normal levels. I had some thyroid supplements as well, seems like they helped me.

Here is my story here on the Tendonitis Expert site:

Cipro Damage To Tendons Doctor Said Was Making Too Big A Deal Out Of It

Jan 30, 2017
Almost died because of Cipro
by: David

I took Cipro for 3 months for what was suspected as Prostatitis.

I began noticing I couldn't sleep well some nights but couldn't explain why. Towards the end of the 3 months I was virtually unable to sleep for days on end.. I would be awake for 3-4 days, and would hear police sirens in my head wherever I went. It was then I suddenly realised I wasn't going mad but it was the Cipro.

I stopped taking it immediately, and did some research on the internet. This confirmed it was the Cipro given me the stress / anxiety / insomniac issues. I no longer tried to sleep in my bed but moved in to a sleeping bag on the couch lying awake every night. I became paranoid and thought I was being gassed in the house and that people were coming to burn the house down.

After several visits to the GP for sleeping pills, which worked a bit, I was then seen by a pyschiatrist. My problems returned if I didn't take medication. I was eventually sectioned under the mental health act and essentially forced into a mental ward.

There I was given initially zopiclone to help sleep at night, but the turning point for me was when they gave me Diazepam, a double dose. This was the first time in around 6 months that I actually felt normal. I forgot to mention, that just before I was sectioned, my muscles began to seize up, and I developed extreme pins and needles.

I've been out of hospital around 1 month now, but still on diazepam and zopiclone, but I am trying to get by on just 1/2 a diazepam at night and 1 zopicolone. I hope to reduce the zopicolne to 1/2, then hopefully at some point I can sleep again.

In general, my brain, is just not the same as it used to be. My whole life was essentially turned upside down, and at two points during this awful experience I believe I almost died. I could sense death approaching at I felt very connected to God. My near death experience after using this drug, and my associated spiritual experience, has made me completely aware of God's existence now. I'm thankful to be still alive, and hope one day these side effects will go away.

So if anyone is reading this - simply do not take Cipro, and do your research on other antibiotics also. Cipro, in my opinion, should be banned.


Joshua Comments:

Hi David.

Well, the good news is that you've been brought to an experience of God.

The bad news is, Cipro depleted Magnesium, and you're still depleted of magnesium, and your body/brain will never work correctly again until you get the needed nutrition (not just magnesium, but that's a primary one) into your body.

The even badder news is that your doctors and the entire medical system you're in has zero clue about any of that.

Feb 16, 2017
Newly Floxed from Levofloxacin
by: Sarah

I think I was just floxed this past Saturday. I took ONE levofloxacin on Saturday and by Saturday night I had tightness in my right calf and ankle and became paranoid.

I was already not feeling well, had a possible sinus infection or even maybe the flu as I already had a decreased appetite.

In the six days since then, both legs feel like lead weights, they are so tight and all my joints pop when I move, both hands have little bursts of pains in my wrists if I do too much with them, my right are feels very similar to my legs and I am a mess of anxiety.

My blood pressure has been elevated since this and I feel like I can't control my temperate (running 96.8-98.3) I still am not eating as I have no appetite.

I started researching and saw this depletes magnesium so I started ebsom soaks and taking mag supplements but I am never about my liver. I have a history of a fatty liver and feel like I am killing it more.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions????


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sarah.

Yes, one levafloxacin can cause side effects.

No, Magnesium isn't going to hurt your liver.

Feb 17, 2017
Please Help - Cirpo Victim
by: Anonymous


I started taking Cipro in November 2016 for suspected Prostatitis. I was pre-scribed 1000mg/ day for 1 month and was to continue the dosage for up to 4 months if Prostatitis symptoms persisted.

I finished the 1 month pre-scription with no side effects. I stopped taking the medicine for about 2-3 weeks after finishing the first month (due to hopping on other anti-biotics for sore throat and pink eye). During those 2-3 weeks of being off of Cipro, I started experiencing a burning pain in my right palm, pain in my jaw joint, and dry mouth. As these symptoms started after being off of Cipro, I did not attribute them to that drug.

As a result, I continued taking Cipro for another week and a half and have developed pins/needles and burning in my left hand/arm, burning pain in both my legs, tingling in my feet at night, difficulty sleeping due to pain, right achilles tenderness/pain, and pain in both my my knee joints/tendons. I recently stopped taking it as I just researched Cipro's side effects, and learned of the terrible side effects that this medicine produces.

Can all of this pain go away/be reversed, or is it too late (specifically the joint/tendon and nerve pain/damage)? What can I do to reverse the damage done, if at all, and stop additional damage?


Joshua Comments:

Was the protatitis bacterial in nature? Did they do any testing to confirm that/rule that out?

As long as the cipro hasn't caused actual disintegration damage to tendons/joints, and as long as it hasn't damaged your DNA in those structures (so they heal back 'bad'), then you should be able to reverse the side effects.

No it's not too late...and it's never 'too late'.

The answer to 'what can I do to reverse the damage done' is not a short one (and you may not have any actual damage), thus I'll point you to the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program and forum that comes with it.

Feb 28, 2017
Ciprofoxin for bacterial infection stopping heart surgery wound from healing
by: Dahlia

I had a quadruple bypass last July, 2 weeks later I came down with a fever and they found I had a bacteria growing in my chest. The wound never healed or closed. In December they did an exploratory surgery to see why I wasn't healing and found the bacteria was still there. I have been on Cipro since January 17 and have to take it till the 3 Rd week of March.

I get really bad pains in my feed my legs feel like they're burning and the nerve endings in my feet hurt so bad I need to take Norco to sleep. Problem is I had a bad cough a few days ago and I heard a pop in my chest under my right breast.

Since then I have been in really harsh pain in that area since then?? What could have popped in that area.

I am still on the wound vac my chest opening is 4.5x2x2.7cm. Here I am another night without sleep.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dahlia.

Sorry to hear you're in a tough spot.

1. You're experiencing Cipro side effects, it looks like.

2. The FDA warning label says to stop taking if experiencing side effects.

3. Bacterial infection in open wounds/around heart etc is a life threatening issue, and you may be stuck with taking/suffering from the Cipro because dying from bacterial infection is (presumably) worse than living with side effects of Cipro.

4. Having said that, you may want to:

A. make them stop the Cipro and give you a non-fluoroquinolone alternative IF THERE IS ONE THAT IS EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR SCENARIO.

Again, this is a top level medical thing, so you might have to stick with the Cipro if it's the only thing that can do the job.

B. Make them give you magnesium via IV.

Problem is, magnesium counters the antibacterial properties of the Ciprofloxacin.

So if you're getting the Cipro constantly via IV taking magnesium isn't a good option (as magnesium stops the antibacterial properties of Cipro).

If they're giving you pills, they may be able to time it such that the Ciprofloxacin has X amount of time to work, and then you can be given Magnesium to counter the magnesium depleting effects of the Cipro. (It's unlikely that the hospital or doctors will be at all willing to do this so....)

C. In a more perfect world, they'll take you off the Cipro and put you on a non-fluoroquinolone antibiotic THAT WILL EFFECTIVELY COUNTER the bacterial infection -AND- give you magnesium via IV (and/or a 'Myers Coctail' that includes other things) to help counter the negatives you're experiencing from the FQ antibiotic.

Feb 28, 2017
update on Cipro- 4 pills
by: Ellen

Well,I've been working PT, but have had to stop, because the repetitive arm motions just don't seem to be tolerated by my body.

Before started working, both my shoulders & upper back muscles ligaments were cracking, popping and aching all over. Wanted to see if they could handle the work, but apparently they couldn't.

Tried PT, only helped for a day or so, and then he wanted me to do exercises---Wrong!!!!

So I decided to go to Sports Doctor to finally try Prolotherapy, PRP , or Stem Cell, and see what he recommended.

Amazingly enough, he was familiar with the damage Fluoroquinolones can do. (This made me cry-- very few people are aware of it)

So, he recommended I do autohemotherapy ( which is taking my blood out, mixing it with oxygen & ozone, and then sending back into you through IV)
He said I should do 10 passes, which is a lot, because 1 or 2 would not do enough.

Also because its not just in a few places, damage is systemic. And if that didn't do enough, he could do the prolo in the places that are left which need more healing. So, I had it done a few days ago, and felt better for a few hours after I went home, then, of course, seemed to have a really bad detox reaction.

I was aware this might happen, but, had really bad stomach pains & bloating. He said if it doesn't improve hourly, to go to ER.

Well, it did. But I felt really weak & wobbly. Slowly improving a little each day.

However, I did have some cervical dizziness before if I put my head back. But, along with having detox pains, I started having dizziness & heavy headedness with most head positions & very bad fogginess in my head (along jaw, sides of nose, behind eyes. I have moments of better energy, but its really difficult to function without turning my head.

Do you think my muscles in my head, neck, etc. are just adjusting to the better blood flow? Things feel like they are moving inside my head.Are the ligaments, tendons damaged there, too?

And I wonder, how long could it take to adjust?

I am making sure I have enough Iron, supplements, and did acupuncture once, but am worried as to how long this unsteadiness will continue.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

1. "Do you think my muscles in my head, neck, etc. are just adjusting to the better blood flow? "

Do you have better blood flow? If so, why?

2. Do you have actual damage everywhere/anywhere?

How does the doctor know where to do any prolotherapy injections? Have you had an MRI?

Feb 28, 2017
Cipro- 4 pills
by: Ellen

I'm not sure if I actually have better blood flow, but feel looser, more energy, less pain (especially my back, which is better than it has been in years)

In terms of damage, I had worsening of disks, plus have had several muscle strains & tendinosis, which I didn't have before. Don't have MRI of shoulders & upper back yet(sorry, spending so much money, it only goes so far), but I never had this kind of pain before from only doing normal movements. I used to deliver mail for many years & shoulders & arms never hurt.

They began to hurt before I started PT job recently.

The doctor uses ultrasound to show him where to place the needles for prolotherapy or other procedures.

Mar 03, 2017
Cipro- 4 pills reply
by: Ellen

Hi, do you have any suggestions? Feel wobbly still. Is that my body (spine?) realigning? Do I need to see a chiropractor now?.

Is it possible for a strong detox of body from Cipro damage to cause a readjustment of muscles and spine position & maybe sitting on nerves differently?

Thanks. Ellen


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

I don't give out much 'tips and tricks' on the suggestions side of things, as FQ's are often a big serious deal, and just doing 1 thing or looking at one aspect just isn't going to solve FQ problems usually.

Thus I point to the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program as the best option for most people.

"Feel wobbly still. Is that my body (spine?) realigning?"

I don't know, possibly but probably not. Chiropractors may be helpful, but in no way is chiropractic a way to reverse the direct side effects/mechanisms of an FQ like cipro or levaquin.

Cipro causes muscle and nervous system to not work as well, and it does that in a few different ways (and in now way that a chiropractic adjustment is going to be able to help with).

"Is it possible for a strong detox of body from Cipro damage"

That doesn't make sense to me. Cipro doesn't cause detox, cipro damage doesn't cause detox. Doing a 'detox' after Cipro isn't really something that works, depending on what the 'detox' consists of.

Mar 04, 2017
Cipro- 4 pills
by: Ellen

Hi Joshua,

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say detox from the Cipro, I meant like a' healing reaction' from the autohemotherapy.

I tried this because I saw some people had some success with the ozone, oxygen therapies on the Fluoroquinolone websites, and I noticed a rapid change in my body after doing it.

Its supposed to be good for inflammation, and I apparently still have a lot in my body. The oxygen & ozone in the blood is done to aid healing & repair of tissues, organs.

Have you heard anything about this treatment?

I do have the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution & follow it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ellen.

Ok good, you have and are working with the FTS. Good. (Sorry, I answer lots of questions on here, sometimes don't keep track of what somebody has said previously...)


1. Yes, Oxygen therapy, and Ozone therapy can be good for lots of things, healing etc.

2. Yes, one can have a variety of responses (good and bad), too varied to go into here.

3. I doubt your experience is because you're suddenly 'healing' a lot. I don't think it really works that way.

4. On that topic, if you have lots of damage and the oxygen/ozone is helping, great. But the most common/major downsides of Cipro (Levaquin, etc) isn't damage per se, it's nutritional insufficiency (and that causes lots of physical pain/problem/lack of function) and then mitochondrial damage (muscle fatigue, low energy, lack of muscle function, tendon pain, etc).

I'm not an expert on it, but Ozone has no chance of fixing nutritional insufficiency, and while if there are any anti-inflammatory propertiesthat would a GOOD thing, ozone isn't going to restore mitochondria population (though a quick look at research shows it.

And potential downsides, Ozonation causes oxidative stress. Cipro causes oxidative stress.

Look up this study: "The effect of blood ozonation on mitochondrial function
and apoptosis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in the presence and absence of plasma antioxidants"

Which makes sense that oxygen -and- ozonation can be beneficial.

If you're noticing big (good) changes, great. I don't care what a thing is if it's helping, if it's helping.

If you're getting nutrition in you and more oxygen (and maybe ozone), then that makes sense for positive things happening.

The closest scenario I can see that fits what you described is that you're experiencing a sudden increase of muscle (and related system) function, and A. you can feel that and B. that does essentially 'shift' things.

The downside to oxygen therapy (I wish I had a hyberbaric tank at my house) is that when you're on it, it amps up your function, and when you come off it, that amped up function drops.

But it is/can be good for healing.

And again, much of FQ pain/problem isn't damage that needs healing, it's lack of function that needs to be corrected.

Mar 04, 2017
Cipro- 4 pills reply
by: Ellen

Hi Joshua,

Wow, thanks for all the excellent info!Am pretty good with the protocol, but my downfall is sugar, so I must concentrate on this.

Am glad you agree that the therapy can be beneficial. (My family , of course , is very skeptical). I know things take time, so I expect some extra pain for awhile. The brain fog from this can be scary.I didn't have it before, except in the beginning when I was floxed, 2 yrs & 8 months ago.

Always remaining positive is what gets me through.
Plus, all the help I get from you and others.

With much gratitude,


Mar 05, 2017
CIPRO NIGHTMARE after Cipro IV a year after hip replacement
by: Anonymous





Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

1. That's almost certainly not enough magnesium.

2. Did the doctors actually test to see if it was a bacterial infection?

Mar 13, 2017
Cipro Forum Address
by: Scott

Hi Josh, I too think I've been floxed. What is the address of the forum you mentioned? Thanks, Scott


Joshua Comments:

Hi Scott.

We run a private forum to support/work with people working with The Fluoquinolone Toxicity Solution (formerly The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution).

So the address and login info is in the first couple pages of the program.

Heck the price of the program is worth it if only for all the time and confusion you'll save going through random/useless suggestions and theories you'll find on public forums.

Having said that, how/why exactly do you think you've been affected by a fluoroquinolone?

Mar 19, 2017
I have been floxing by cipro and how to recovery
by: Anonymous

About 6 months ago I took 8 cipro 500 over 4 days and I could not finish the period which was 14 days.

About the third day my nervous system was very sensitive and my nervous system became so weak and I could not focus to my work.

To recover, I started running and ate lots of fruits and used hot water. Fortunately after a month I could be recovered from cipro.

However after three months later the symptoms came to my body again. Now I am using many supplements such as vit b, mangm, coq10, probiotic, vit d, zink, selenium to recover.

My question is that these supplements can cause damage to my liver? and these supplements can add another poison? Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

"these supplements can cause damage to my liver?"

Nutritional supplements shouldn't harm your liver if:
A. your liver is healthy
B. you don't take too much/a higher than safe dosage

"and these supplements can add another poison?"

Not if they are quality products from quality producers (and thus don't contain any poisons).

Mar 20, 2017
Parkinson's problem due to cipro
by: Anonymous

Thank for your website. I was floxed by cipro about 5 ago. And now I am using many supplements to recover. I think some symptoms of Parkinson's disease I have, such as shaking in my legs and my head and generally in my body. But my friends cannot see this shaking. And my muscles of my left leg is a little stiff.

My question is that dangerous diseases such as Parkinson,s can come to my body due to ciprofloxacin?

I am 36 years old and we do not have any nervous problems in our family as a view of genetic problems. Thanks.


Joshua Comments:

Unfortunately, a lot of diagnoses of Parkinsons' are really a misdiagnosis of Fluoroquinolone side effects.

FQ antibiotics are prescribed daily to millions of people. The official statistic is something like 3%, but that's mostly just the obvious repercussions like achilles tendon rupture.

Depending on who you talk to, up to 30% of people are suffering fq side effects as the drug damages organs, nervous system, and brain but doctors (who as a rule don't even know or believe that FQ's they're prescribing can damage their patients) go for the closest diagnosis they can come up with, things like Parkinson's, etc.

So the answer to your question is yes/no/maybe, depending on how you look at it.

Also, 'shaking' isn't only a symptom of Parkinson's (I'm guessing you're reaching for that one since you're familiar with it). Shaking can be just shaking, for a number of reasons.

Maybe it's nerve related.

Maybe it's just your muscles not able to function correctly because the Cipro depleted the magnesium in your body, that your muscles need to function.

Twitch, spasm, shake, cramp, muscle pain, muscle stiffness, muscle tightness, etc, all (potential) symptoms of magnesium depletion.

Apr 13, 2017
by: Andrea

Hello, took 3 days of Cipro 500mg in January. Dealing with side effects in April still..

How much magnesium should I take if I'm 112 pounds? I also am dealing with loose stools.. I have read too mag will cause diarrhea.

Other question, I am dealing with joint inflammation in my knees. Any supplements to take for that?

I'm currently taking topical mag spray because I'm unsure of how much mag to take by pill without getting diarrhea.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Andrea.

You need as much magnesium as you need. 'Tolerance Level' is the amount of mag you can take orally before getting diarrhea.

So you need to figure out how to get more in you while staying under tolerance level (little bits often throughout the day).

If you're suffering from Cipro Side Effects, I'd get the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution.

Cipro (and Levaquin, etc) is no joke. And a 'hey try this' approach is unlikely to give you the results you want/need.

Yes there's supplements you can take for inflammation of the knee, but do you actually have knee inflammation, or is it something else causing the pain.

Again, I'd go with the complete program.

Apr 19, 2017
Delayed effects until four years after FQ's
by: Wayne

Have you ever heard of someone taking FQ's and experiencing the effects four years after? I took cipproflaxin and avelox on several occasions and ruptured bicep tendons four years later.

A year after that I began experiencing significant leg tendon discomfort and stiffness.

Does this make sense and is it of concern for more serious effects than if it had occurred within closer proximity to taking the drugs?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Wayne.

Yes, that's within the realm of possible outcomes.

In short: Fluoroquinolones like Cipro and Levaquin can:

- cause immediate damage that you obviously notice

- cause immediate damage that you don't notice,

- AND puts your body in a depleted/possibly damaged state that your body then tries to overcome/live with....until it can't anymore.

Said another way for your scenario, the while the actual rupture happened four years later, the 'damage' was done years earlier, and then continued in a downward spiral until the body literally couldn't hold itself together a moment longer.

May 10, 2017
Horrible drug
by: Pricilla

Hi there. I am 30 years old. Female in Florida.

I was put on cipro for a suspected uti! I only took one pill in the evening!

That night, I read all the reviews on this drug so i completely stopped it. I don't even know of i had a uti in the first place but my symptoms were already gone that morning.

By the end of my work day i was having strange sharp pains in my shins and down my feet. The next day i was having pain in my ankles and leg and random muscle twitching in my arms and legs. Its been almost 2 weeks since i took that 1 pill.

From My knees and down to my ankles still hurt.

The other day at church, i had this sharp pain in my upper left thigh that would just come and go. Like lightning. Happened like 5 times. Then went away.

Im afraid of it getting any worse. I started taking a multivitamin, 1000mg of magnesium, 7 wheatgrass pills, and drinking apple cider vinegar with turmeric and ginger. This is my own special remedy.

Im hoping it takes away all these problems im having. I went to the emergency room and the ER dr didnt believe me. She didnt believe that only 1 pill would cause my problems and she seriously thought it was all in my head.

So i left without even being discharged because i knew it was a waste of time. I will never again take another drug/nsaid/perscription anything. I am done listening to doctors. And i will never let my daughter fall victim of this horrible corrupted world that is making us sick and killing us.

Ive gone to the extreme to even stop any alcohol intake just to make sure i get back to normal.

Might i add i was completely healthy!! Sure i have arthritis in the family. But this pain started the next day, over night! Its not a coincidence.

I'm also upset that i was prescribed this without even being aware of these side effects.

May 14, 2017
Drug Raped with Cipro after I said NO to doctor
by: Tammy

I had a bladder sling in February 2015 and told doctor I could never take Cipro in fear of tendon tearing, because I had previously taken steroids.

When I went in for surgery I looked on the IV hook and there was Ciprofloxcillian, so he was sure of himself and the risk I would not sue him with the generic drug.

His nurse also said "oh, one time will not hurt"! REALLY!! I had planned a trip to Machu Pichuu and guess what? I'm unable to walk without stumbling, let alone walk uphill several thousand feet. There should not ever be a cut off of the stature of limitations when you are drug raped!

Now it's been two years and nobody will help me. Someone please help me get justice of this horrible doctor. ABOVE ALL, DO NO HARM.

May 15, 2017
10,000 cipro pills later
by: Anonymous

I took 25 years of cipro. 10,000 pills 1500 to 2250MG a day. Wonderin how I'm still here, but I've made it through to much better health by eating a mostly vegetable diet and getting off the junk foods.

I allow myself one binge day of junk food per month. Exercise and stretching in the room helps me. But this floxing put me in a state of losing jobs for so many years and felt the need to start a gambling habit to make ends meet. I guess I've been so nervous about my future.

Now I'm happy to live simple and alone. I have a wealth of fascinating ideas that keep me going.

Jun 04, 2017
Ate cipro for 4 days
by: Worried

Doc suspected I had mild uti, put me on 500mg cipro for a week. I had about 6 pills for 3-4 days (2 pills daily, 12 hours once) and started to feel that the back of my upper thighs are SORE as if I ran a marathon!

Should I stop taking cipro?

What could possibly happen if I 1) continue taking it 2) stopped taking it? I'm really worried after reading all the posts here!

Please help!

- worried


Joshua Comments:

Hi Worried.

"Should I stop taking cipro?"

I would. The FDA warning label advises you to stop if experiencing side effects.

"What could possibly happen if I 1) continue taking it 2) stopped taking it? I'm really worried after reading all the posts here! "

Everything you've seen/read that worries you, and more, could happen if you continue to take it (if it hasn't already happened to you).

Hopefully the leg pain is just magnesium depletion...but continuing the Cipro isn't going to help that....

Sep 13, 2017
CIPRO poison for body and soul
by: Anonymous

Another floxy here,

Suspected UTI, turns out I had nothing.

Told the doctor that I was in pain, he told me it was my imagination and to keep on taking the drug. Ended up, bedridden, twitching wildly, in constant pain, could not even turn over in bed without assistance let alone wipe my own ass. Heart went crazy. Constant nerve pain. Swollen tight muscles. Inflammed joints. Tendons feel like tissue paper.

Blood vessels keep rupturing.

Used to run mountains with 20k+ on my back, now I can hardly take out the trash. I've gone from an 160+IQ to hardly being able to hold a conversation, socially isolated, depressed husk of my former self.

Spent all my savings on doctors, none of whom want to believe that the cipro fucked me and who prescribed ever test under the sun trying in vain to show that it was something else. Not even an adverse reaction report.

It is a terrible fate to have your life taken from you, your health, your relationships, your career and your money, all slowly dying from the poison of cipro, but in the midst of your suffering to be denied any acknowledgement of the truth is the final soul crushing blow.

My life is a living death, with my one purpose left to me is to deny myself the relief of death for the sake of my family who have suffered along with me.

I don't believe that I am the victim of malice, but I do wish the the medics and researchers would pay more attention to the growing pile of ruined lives that fluoroquinolones have caused.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I'm sorry to hear that, that's terrible.

"Told the doctor that I was in pain, he told me it was my imagination and to keep on taking the drug."

As far as I'm concerned, that is malice. It's certainly TERRIBLE doctoring, and I'm no lawyer and I would never advise anyone to voluntarily step foot into a courtroom, but that could very likely win a malpractice suit.

A raw of hope is that, at this point you're not longer being poisoned by the CIpro, but you ARE (obviously) still suffering from the drug's effects and affects on your body/system.

Cipro massively depletes magnesium (anxiety, muscle/tendon pain, twitching, brain fog, crazy heart, tight muscles, etc) and can damage mitochondria (the power plants of the cells) (weakness/fatigue/rupture of connective tissue structures like tendon and/or blood vessels).

As bad as things are, I urge you to get on the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution program. It's a complete plan of attack to reverse what the Cipro did to you. And we run a forum with it to support people on the program over time.

Speaking metaphorically, the Cipro took a big chunk out of you, and your body can't even begin to heal/can't recover until that hole is filled (with nutrition, basically). And it's predictable that things will get worse because with that hole, the body can't work correctly so it's a fast or slow downward spiral.

I don't have any promises or guarantees on how much you can recover, but on your particular scenario a 20% recovery seems incredibly possible, and a 50% recovery within the realm of definitely possible. 80% or more, realistically, will be (probably, not certainly) at least a year of diligent effort/self care away, maybe longer depending on what exactly you have going on in there.

Maybe it will go faster, but I recommend people have realistic expectations. If recovery comes faster, great, but I'd mentally prepare your self for longer.

It sounds like you're just massively nutrient/magnesium deficient...maybe there's more going on but that's the place to start.

If you're -just- massively magnesium depleted, that's far easier than if you have significant mitochondrial damage.

Mitochondria populations take time to recover, which is slower.

The good news is, your tendons/joints aren't falling apart. That's GOOD.

Obviously it's not great if blood vessels are rupturing, but until you say otherwise I think you mean that you're seeing bruising etc....which can be explained by the magnesium depletion side effects.

Oct 08, 2017
Return of symptoms 3 + years?
by: Anonymous

I was poisoned by cipro after taking 100's of tablets over 3 years.

I always had problems in this time but didn't associate with cipro. Then bang every conceivable symptom. Any after 3 years I felt 100% again. I then had a back op which didn't work out. Had to take lots of pills including antibiotics (not fqs) which all made me ill.

I had bad pain in foot after op. Around 8 weeks later I developed symptoms of infection. Since the I am having massive sweats & hallucinations when trying to sleeep.

Now progressively getting worse over last 5 weeks I have stiffness numbness and nerve pain in legs and sometimes hands. I have difficulty walking. I do have some nerve damage after op which initially caused problems with my right leg but all these other symptoms getting progressively worse I don't understand.

I'm wondering could fqs come back at me after all this time. Forgot I also have tenosynovitis in ankle and other ankle is starting to feel similar. Not done anything to cause it.


Joshua Comments:

Yes symptoms can return/be recurring.

It's not that the fq's came back, it's that the fq's cause various changes in your body that the body has a hard time recovering from without help....and thus your body can't work very well...and thus pain returns.

Oct 13, 2017
I emailed Bayer last week and just received a reply
by: Anonymous

I have had to sell my horse, can no longer run and I'm dangerous going down stairs, I can no longer wear heels, but other than that life is far from wonderful.

MegaPharmaceuticals are EVIL, to say the least and not caring about human and pet life with these fluoroquinolone antibiotics tearing our connective tissue and mitochondrial DNA out of our bodies for money, I'm OVER YOU!


Oct 24, 2017
Cipro poisoning from UTI treatment
by: Cipro poisoning from UTI

July 8,2014 I developed an UTI. As soon as I felt the initial burn when I used the bathroom I immediately went to my natural medicine cabinet and dug out my grapefruit seed extract, oregano, vit C, cranberry capsules, apple cider vinegar and lots and lots of water. Things were OK for a bit but my bladder started to spasm, and then blood appeared in my urine. The blood was a concern so I waited a bit to see if it disappeared but after a couple of hours decided I had best not fool around with it and headed to the emerg at the local hospital as my family doctor was not available. Interestingly, as I waited in the emerg after giving a urine sample, the urgency to pee and the spasms subsided.

Eventually I was called in the doctor confirmed from the urine sample I had an UTI. He asked if I had any allergies to antibiotics, which I said no. He asked if I was on any medications and again I said no. He handed me the prescription for Ciprofoxacin. Next stop the pharmacy.

The Pharmacist filled the order and told me not to take the medication with milk or minerals ie a multivitamin as the minerals would negatively impact the effectiveness of the medication. It was Cipro XL 1000 MG one a day for seven days.

Once home I read through the info given to me by the pharmacist. I was alarmed at all the things it listed but with blood in my urine which by this time had disappeared, did not want to fool around with it either. I was not in a high risk category for the side effects so proceeded to take my first pill that night.

The next day I felt like I was in a fog. I was spacey, and dragging my butt. I had no appetite, was light headed and a bit nauseated. Every morning I always take a whole food greed supplement, hemp oil and I continued to this in the morning figuring any risk of the minerals in the whole food interfering with the Cipro would not happen since Cipro was at night. I did not drink coffee or take any NSAID's while taking Cipro or aspirin, just the Cipro.

The next days I continued to feel spacey, lacked energy, off eating. In my mind there was a feeling that there was something wrong. My internet was acting up and I was unable to go on line. However, after taking 5 pills my internet was back and I was able to research the drug. The first site that popped up was Dr. Mercola and the article he had written was with respect to this group of drugs being the most toxic antibiotic in the market! I stopped taking Cipro.

I thought I had escaped the side affects but I was wrong. My neck muscles kept aching and getting tighter and tighter. I went to chiro and even after stretching and minimal adjustments the tightening continued. I started to have the yeast itch, more off feeling in my stomach, a ganglion cyst popped up on my foot. The end of July I booked a massage appoint for the first week of August.

I was sitting at a friends house the last week of August, my neck throbbing and I started to experience tingling up and down my spine and out into my arm, especially my right side. At night I was getting tingling in my calves. The pain was starting to get really bad, to the point that it was making me feel sick to my stomach. At that point I would take 1 ibuprophen to ease the pain.

I could not lay down to sleep at night, as the pain so bad I had to physically hold my neck to get up. To drive, I had to physically turn my whole torso to look to my sides.

My massage therapist could not believe how tight my neck was, she worked and worked on the front and back to try and bring relief. I went to a different chiropractor as he did pressure point release and he could not believe how tight it was. The second massage, my neck was tighter than the first one.

At this point I started to investigate more into the side affects of Cipro and realized I had been floxed. The pharmacist admitted I had an adverse reaction. I went back to the doctor who prescribed the medication and he denied that I had an adverse reaction.

The other thing that happened was my hair thinned. I had my hair cut just before I took Cipro and I have thick hair. When I went in Sept, my hair stylist noticed the difference. My ankle felt creaky, a couple of small lump at tendon junctions in my forearm became noticeable as well.

I painted the doors of my garage and my arms, in particular my right arm was very tired and sore. I put it down to the muscles in my neck.

I kept working with massage, chiro and researching to see how to detox from this poison. Mg was on the list to increase.

Then in the fall, late Oct/early Nov I was at yoga and we were doing a hands and knees pose. The yoga instructor suggested my my right hand out a bit. When I did I felt a huge snap in the bicep. It was very painful, as if something stretched. The next day it was very tender and then I could not move my arm very much. Off to chiro I went where he was able to do some release and I got some movement back.

My arm has always hurt since. It will wake me at night, hurt to reach for things, feel very sore in the morning but improve once it gets moving. Then three years later, it really seized up. I could not move my arm with out extreme pain. I needed help to shower, dry off, get dressed. This was Sept 30/Oct 1 2017. I was over 4 days with very little movement. I had to resort to ibuprophen for the pain and that is the first time since July 2014 that I have taken any ibuprophen. I went to the doctor and she ordered an ultrasound and said it looked like bursitis.

I went to chiro, massage, and then physio and have movement again. It still aches and I do not have full use of that arm. I am now on night 19 of having to sleep in a recliner as it is too uncomfortable to lay in my bed.

The ultra sound results are as follows: Degeneration/tendinosis is seen involving the right subscapularis, supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons. Calcific tendinitis is seen in the right supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons. I got a copy of the results from the physiotherapist and to date the doctor office has not called me. (four days later) This is the not the same doctor who prescribed the Cipro. I was prescribed Cipro when I lived in Nova Scotia, I am now living in Ontario.

I am assuming since it is three years post Cipro poisoning that this damage is permanent. Up to taking Cipro I had no health problems, no medications. I enjoyed canoeing, swimming, biking, gardening and now all those activities pose challenges for me. I bought a kayak this past spring and love it but after using it my arm does hurt.

This group of drugs should be removed from the market and restricted for last option drug. I should never have been given this drug, I do not have a history of UTI's and as a Holistic Nutritionist, always look for the natural option first. All pharmaceuticals are poisons, some are worse than others and fluoroquinolones are the worst.

Jan 14, 2018
Wondering about Cipro side effects
by: Anonymous

I am a 37 year old female with POTS, CFS, and suspected EDS type III. I began seeing a functional/integrative doctor for help with my issues. He did a stool test and found I had aeromones caviae. Apparently this is not a bacteria you want to mess around with.

He prescribed Bactrim first, but I experienced intolerable side effects (racing heart, dizziness, nausea, dysphoria) and stopped. So then he prescribed Cipro for 10 days. The first few days were rough, but I am already used to dizziness and pushed through, just thankful that it was better than the Bactrim. He has prescribed various supplements and probiotics to help recover from the effects of the antibiotics.

It's been two months since completing Cipro and while I do not have any tendon issues that I know of (other than some tenderness from an old injury where I twisted my foot), I am very weak and my orthostatic intolerance is much worse.

Of course I wonder if this is just my CFS/POTS progressing, but the change has happened quickly. I suspect it's the effects of the Cipro. Thoughts?


Joshua Comments:

1. Did the aeromones caviae get taken care of? Did the doctor do a follow up stool test?

If not, find a good doctor. It's far too common in the doctor world to give 'treatment' for a bacterial/parastite infection and then never to a follow up to confirm that it worked or not.

2. Cipro depletes magnesium (generally, less magnesium = higher blood pressure).

Cipro can also do lots of other bad things (separate from the negatives of the magnesium depletion). It's not particularly surprising as you took Cipro that things are worse, especially when things weren't amazing before.

3. The chronic fatigue syndrom could be from long term nutritional insufficiency, or could be from the gut infection over time (which would be both, really).

4. "I am very weak" and the decrease in orthostatic pressure could both be from mitochondrial damage (a decrease in the mitochondria population) caused by the Cipro. Less mitochondria = fatigue, weakness, less muscle function, etc.

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