Chronic Bilateral Wrist Tendonitis: surgery vs non surgery

I have chronic bilateral tendonitis in both wrists. Started 1-1/2 yrs ago. Constant typing and lifting charts in hospital.

Rec'd cortisone injection in each wrist, lasted 9 months, then returned much more severe.

Underwent therapy x 2 - no results. Took antiflammatory over several months. Did not help. Advised by MD to have surgery both wrists.

What is the chance of recurrence after surgery?

Can acupuncture/acupressure help this? I have a job where I must type most of the day. Even if I have surgery, and use precautions, what are the chances that the tendonitis will recur???

Thinking about going on disability to avoid this.

Can you answer all my questions? Thank you.


Joshua Answers:


So imagine that you had some sand paper, and every day you rubbed it on the skin of your forearm. It would get pretty irritated, raw, and unhappy, yes?

Now imagine that you continued to rub your skin with sand paper every single day, but you started taking anti-inflammatores. And you kept rubbing sand paper on your already irritated skin, and your doctor told you to get a corticosteroid injection for it, and you did, and then you went out and bought some more sand paper.

And then your doctor says in a knowledgeable way "Unfortunately, the pills and the shots didn't work. This is serious. We better do surgery."

Do you think surgery is going to work?

In answer to your question of will surgery work for bilateral wrist tendonitis prevent this issue fromrecurring, it is my belief that you have a 100% chance of pain and other tendonitis symptoms returning.

The precautions and treatments doctors have given you so far haven't worked, why would surgery?

Now, it may sound like I'm saying that you should quit typing. I am NOT saying that.

I AM saying that you need to:

A. Effectively counter the effects of sandpaper/typing, and

B. Reverse the Pain Causing Dynamic and make your forearms/hands/wrists healthy again.

Tendonitis follows a very specific pattern of progression. There's no mystery to it. There are various things that really help, and various things like corticosteroid injections that really don't.

Acupuncture may help. Possibly quite a lot. It depends on you and your practitioner. For the acute state that you are in, I wouldn't say the percentages are high, but it's worth a shot.

Acupressure and/or skilled massage very much would help. But again, you need to deal with the SOURCE of the pain and problem and heal the ecology of your forearm/hand/wrist.

I suggest that you read through this website.

I suggest that you get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'. Yes, I said Tennis Elbow. Trust me on that, and we can use the content as a base to work from to get you out of pain.

WARNING! This will take some time and some effort on your part. And, it is totally doable to 'fix' the problem. And, it will take some time and diligent effort.

I'm happy to work with you if you are willing to do the work. There is no magic bullet, no quick fix, as much as your M.D. would like to think that there is.

So I think I answered all your questions, yes?

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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