Chronic Wrist Tendonitis in Both Wrists | Designer | 24 years old |

by D. H.
(downtown, ar)

I've had wrist problems for quite some time.

In high school I developed it after doing gymnastics (poorly) for long periods of time. It prevented me from doing wrist intensive gymnastics, and pushups, ever since. But, when i wasn't hyper extending my wrists (ie: handstands or jumping on my hands) I was fine.

In college I would periodically get sore wrists, which would eventually go away. I saw a doctor twice in college, once a physician who gave me a shot of steroids but no education as to why. And another time a chiropractor who was useless.

I'm a designer - i'm on the computer a lot typing, surfing the web, playing video games, and working.

Last year I started working 40-80 hours a week as a FT designer. Ran into some problems, but most went away as i became more conscious of posture and not using a laptop.

Spent a summer of funemployment, freelancing here and there, and wound up at another intense agency working 40-80 hours in a completely new state, not knowing anybody. I work longer and harder, and have less to do since it's not an urban city, so i was always on my computer doing the above activities.

Living on my own for the very first time, my diet was mostly terrible. For fun, if i wasn't working i was probably out drinking (agency lifestyle...)

During the move I drove in, and clenched the wheel tightly as i drove at night, and suffered wrist pain for about a week and a half. it came back a few months later and i started taking Joint Health Complex supplements, and then 2 months after that it progressed so bad i couldn't even go in to work and it would hurt throughout the night and in the morning.

Surfed the web and found some articles that told me what it was which was later confirmed by a physician (wrist tendonitis), and booked an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and started seeing an accupuncturist. I only saw her twice since my insurance didn't cover it, and it was expensive.

Found your website just before my orthpopoedic, did ice dipping and saw immediate, effects. Tried ice massage, but perhaps didn't understand it enough and stopped after a week. I immediately upgraded my nutrition with organic food and tarted taking:
Magnesium Citrate
B Complex
Joint Health Complex (Still, it has Vit C and Glucosomine)
Vitamin D
FIsh Oil Tablets

I think I was ice dipping too much as well. Every 2-8 minutes, my hands would feel a little like lead every time i took them out (which at the time felt good). My understanding now is this was too much, and i should allow more like 7-10 min per dip?

My orthopoedic led to a PT who gave me bandaids to electronically inject steroids into me, which was much less abraisive than a cortizone shot. He also recommended isometrics and stretching 3 times a day, and 1 min hot water 1 min cold (no ice dipping) 3 times a day as well. Also, I stopped using these wrist
braces which actually just hurt worse (with a metal piece that i had tried to straighten out in them), and instead used these stiff gloves for arthritis-only at night.

it worked great, and i probably started pushing my old activities again too hard too early. The same week I started doing wrist curls for strength we cut down to only 1 treatment a week, and i also worked on a personal project on the computer too much and hurt myself, bringing myself at least 2 weeks backwards in the process and it's been a slow climb back ever since with infrequent treatments.

Anyway I don't want to rely on that treatment. So the last week i was doing my (too intense) ice dipping, preceded AND followed by contrast therapy 1 min cold 3 min very hot. Today I've decided to do ice dipping 7-10 min intervals, introduce ice dipping while at work (even if it will look weird to my coworkers) and try your ice massage method again.

Am I missing anything? I've been slipping by at work lately but I'm worried if a big project falls on my plate that i won't be able to do it due to pain. I'm worried how much longer this could take to heal, and a part of me wonders if i will ever heal enough to work without pain/ discomfort/ constant breaks.


Joshua Answers:

Hey D.H.

You got rid of the Wrist splints, good.

You've been practicing and learning How To Reduce Inflammation. Great!

A healthy guy pretty much can't ice dip too much. Especially if you're going cold hot cold hot. Having said that, if -just- ice dipping, it's good to give enough time for the body to respond and push new blood into the area.

Ice dipping creates circulation, which does all sorts of good things (but is generally not a fix) like lowering pain levels.

Tendonitis is a very predictable beast. Wrist tendonitis included. It's just a matter of doing the right things.

You're doing some of the right things, for sure. It's then just a matter of are you doing enough of the right things, and in the right way?

See: What Is Tendonitis

1. How much of those supplements are you taking?

2. What's your vitamin D level? Don't know? Find out.

3. Describe what you were doing with the ice massage, the more detail the better.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 01, 2013
Is this wrist tendonitis? Is there a chance of recovery?
by: Amy

Hi Joshua,

I've been back to your page a few times recently, debating whether to buy your course or not. I know it's "only" $20, but with my income, that sets me back more than you can imagine. I've looked through some answers here, and would like to get your opinion about my situation before I spend the money. Thank you in advance for your response! (I've read a few other answers and see you keep asking for more information, so I'm hoping to give enough right at the start.)

I am female, 28, and sit all day at a desk. I started working out 2 years ago pretty heavily. Everything was fine until I joined an adult gymnastic course over the summer (recent summer). Once a week I went, and all 215 pounds of my 5'5 frame was flipping around, cartwheels, handstands, etc. My left wrist slowly started to hurt when I put my weight on it.

It was generally OK, but it would catch me off guard if I pushed myself up out of my computer chair. It quickly started being extremely painful doing handstands. By the end of the 12 weeks, I was doing handstands on only my right wrist (which also started to hurt), and on the fingers on my left hand. But the pain would be so bad when I'd put pressure on it, that it felt like lightning. But it immediately went away when the pressure was off.

Luckily the course ended and I stopped.

I didn't know anything about tendinitis then, or why it was important to "take care" of your wrist after a workout like that. Once the pressure was off my wrist, it felt ... pretty OK. I never took anti-inflams, I never iced, I never immobilized. I would just wrap it up super tight when I went back the next week.

Since then, the pain in my right wrist and both ankles has gone away. But my left wrist will NOT get better. Since then, I've bought a hard wrist brace, I've iced, I've stretched, I've taken meds... nothing is working.

My wrist hurts on the inside, below my thumb. From the base of my thumb about 3 inches up the arm. Excruciating is the word I would use to describe the feeling if I try to do a pushup. It hurts so bad that the arm just gives out. Leaning on a counter or something will have the same effect. "Using" the wrist in general is pain free - brushing hair, using the keyboard for hours a day, cooking, etc. But as soon as there is pressure on my palm, against my thumb, it just goes from 0-100 on the pain scale. It's like I can be pain-free (by not using it) for days, and then the first ounce of pressure on the palm of my thumb, it's back to being maximum-bad.


Dec 01, 2013
Amy Part 2 - Is this wrist tendonitis?
by: Amy


The one time I saved enough money to see the doctor, they did some test where I made a fist and they pulled my wrist to the side. It was very painful. She said I had a form of tendinitis that some new mothers get. She gave me a hard brace, some prescription anti-inflams, and said to wear it all the time, ice, etc. That was 7 months ago. I did it for a while (weeks), got frustrated, and it just got too inconvenient. Now I'm back to working out and the pain is increasing again.

This has seriously gone on for so long that I physically cringe when I think of having to put my body weight on my wrist ever again. I've even tried to ease back into it. At the gym I've laid over a ball and just ever so gently started to put weight on my hands. My guess is, maybe 10 pounds of my weight leaned forward, and instant 8 on the 1-10 scale of pain. I can't even do that.

Just going off your other responses, I'll answer a few of your re-occuring questions:


Vitamin D level - I have no idea, but I do eat dairy and take a multi-vitamin (One a Day. Vit D: 1000 IU (250%) 4-5 times a week (every day I remember))


How I've iced - the clay ice packs that you stick in the freezer. 20min at a time, 3x a day. Not every day for the last 6 months or anything, but regularly when it's irritating, a lot more recently, at LEAST once a day. (I even accidentally gave myself frost bite at the start, when the pain was unbearable. I put the pack directly on my skin for like, an hour+, and woke up the next morning to bright red swelling. Lesson learned).


My exercise routine is 4x a week, strength training and cardio mixture. I don't notice pain in my wrist when lifting weights. Holding a barbell below or above my head seems to be fine. But the thought of a push-up or dip makes me want to vomit just imagining the pain.


No numbness, swelling, or bruising, that I've noticed.


Describe pain - unbearable when there is pressure on my palm pushing into my wrist (handstand, pushup, leaning against a wall, leaning on counter). It's so bad I couldn't push through it if I wanted to. I don't notice pain any other time.


Mobility of wrist is fine.


No allergies, healthy (but overweight, but working on it).


Diet could be better. The multi-vitamin is the highlight. Many, MANY years of an awful diet. Possibly the worst you've seen. Working on it.

Lots of processed foods, lots of breads, sugar, dairy. It's getting better, but I have to admit that's been my intake for the past... 10 years.

I only drink water now, and lots of it. So much improved in the hydration department.


I HAVEN'T tried any other remedies that some of my friends have suggested (massage, acupuncture, shock-therapy(?), shots, surgery, or complete immpobilization for months).


Dec 01, 2013
Joshua Replies to Amy - Is this wrist tendonitis?
by: The Tendonitis Expert


So my questions to you are -

Is this tendinitis?
Is this REALLY, HONEST-TO-GOD curable with your course?
Is your course just going to tell me to do the same things I've been doing: stretch, ice, meds, brace?

Is there any chance at all for me to pain free again?

You can see I'm desperate here. Thank you for the response. And I understand the delay time, I am currently unable to pay for a quick response. But I will purchase your course if that's my only option to get over this.

Thank you.

Joshua Comments:

Hi Amy.

1. Sorry, I've had a busy year and am, shal we say...a wee bit behind on my historical response times.

How are you feeling nowdays?

2. Is this wrist tendonitis?

Yes, sounds like it. Overstretch of tissue can kick you right into a pain dynamic and tendonitis dynamic.

3. Yes, it's really curable. It does take a wee bit of work, patience, and discipline. But the alternative is....

4. No, Reversing Wrist Tendonitis isn't going to suggest stretches, braces, meds, etc. It will tell you how to ice effectively (which is NOT 20 minutes at a time).

5. Yes there's LOTS of chance for you to be pain free again. It -may- happen without doing/changing anything different, but I wouldn't bet any money on that.

Diet/nutrition plays a role (I'd put money on that your Vit D level is low), gluten intake plays a role (it's an inflammatory agent), effectively dealing with local inflammation plays a role, etc.

Give me an update on how you're doing, and we'll go from there.

Relevant, see: Chronic Wrist Tendonitis Corticosteroid Shots And Surgery In Both Wrists Didn't Help

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