Day 10 - Tendonitis Expert's Review of His New Vibram Five Fingers KSO Barefoot Running Shoes

by The Tendonitis Expert

Vibram Five Finger KSO Barefoot Shoes on Yellow Bumps

Vibram Five Finger KSO Barefoot Shoes on Yellow Bumps

So it's been another five days.

I've worn them a little every day. Yesterday I walked 20 minutes on pavement and sidewalks, was on them for a 1.5 hour massage, and then walked back another 20 minutes.

DAY 10 KSO Barefoot Shoe REVIEW:

1. The Fivefingers themselves are comfortable. My big toe no longer feels like it's pressing up against the end. It is, but I've broken the barefoot shoes in, it seems.

2. The fit is comfy and snug. Occasionally I have to tighten or loosen the strap to get the fit just right.

3. The KSO's are great at the gym, no problems.

4. And did I say? The Barefoot KSO's ARE GREAT CONVERSATION STARTERS! At the gym, in restaurants, on the street/trail, I've had at least 8 different people go "Hey, what are those??" or "Are those those barefoot shoes?".

It's fun trying to describe to people how I can feel my toes for the first time since I was like 5.

5. See the picture above, of my feet on the bumpy, yellow covering you may see at crosswalks? One HUGE thing I like about wearing the Vibram barefoot shoes is that you can FEEL all the different contours, edges, variations, etc, on the ground.

Like the yellow bumps, you can feel ALL of them under your foot. You can't feel anything in regular shoes.

Earlier I had mentioned the healthy reflexology aspect of barefoot shoes. Every yello bump, every pebble, every stick, every crack in the side walk, stimulates your feet.

It's a good thing. Tough to explain, but it just FEELS right and healthy.

6. As far as getting your feet used to walking barefoot, you DEFINITELY have to build up. Maybe you have tough feet and can get right on it, but even then, better safe than sorry. Do a little more every day, and massage the deep structures of your feet every night.

I'll say more about breaking the feet in, below.

Really, I think this is the end of my review of the barefoot shoes themselves. After a bit of getting used to them, it really is like I'm walking around barefoot, but with a layer of protection against the roughness of the ground.

I'm now curious how the barefoot shoes will hold up, will they rip or tear or wear out, etc. I'm curious what the Vibram insole will do. I mean, there's not much there, so hopefull the Vibram insole won't wear out or disconnect from the fabric. We'll see.

I have high hopes.

For the present though, they're my new everyday all around shoe.

Day 10 And Onward, Now It's About The Foot, Not The Shoe.

As I said, I have high hopes for the KSO Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes. They are great right now, now it's just a question of how long they last.

But I also have high hopes for my feet.

Yesterday on my 40 minutes on pavement I 'felt- like the balls of my feet were bruising. But today they're fine, yesterday they were fine as soon as I was off my feet.

They do feel tender internally. Not tender where foot connects to ground, but internally, like all the muscles and such. That, I believe, is what needs to, and what actually will, strengthen up.

So far, the original theory that I just need to toughen up my feet, and let them strengthen and adapt to barefoot walking, is holding true.

I'm going for a 3 hour walk today across the sidewalks of San Francisco (unfortunately, it's cloudy today), and I'm going to wear them on the 1.5 hour return. I'm a bit leery about so much time on pavement, but as they say, no risk, no glory.

Gotta toughen them feets up!

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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