Does feet and legs have to do with CarpalTunnel Syndrome??

by Abbey
(Provo Utah)

It started 4 months ago, I woke up with my both hands tingling, so far i have this every day.

During the day while I am moving its OK but then when I go to sleep it's when it bothers me.

I am not in a big pain to have medication It concerns me. I can fall asleep and not wake up at all. I have been to the neurologist he did an MRI and a EMG and told me I had Carpal Tunnel!

But my question is My burning sensation is also in my feet and both hands some days only in one or in both or in all four feet and hands the burning sensation is more in my last fingers not in the thumb I feel swollen my hands and fingers but they are not

he gave a splint for my hand and did not bother about the legs or feet . he just said lets try 6 weeks and then maybe surgery !. I am a full time mom 37 years I don't do more than cleaning my house and driving and taking care of my kids, I don't play tennis or golf or type everyday so Is carpal tunnel Syndrome related to all this? .. my feeling is He is wrong!


Joshua Answers:

Hello Abbey.

It sounds like nutritional deficiency to me.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a form of Tendonitis, technically is only in your hands.

If you're having the same symptoms in feet, that is clearly not Carpal Tunnel. The symptoms in your hands might qualify, but when looking at your entire body, that's clearly not an isolated event.

There might be physical factor of tight muscle and tight connective tissue, and there likely are. But if you all of a sudden get burning and tingling in your hands and feet...your doctor, IMHO, should be a little more curious about what the source of the problem is.

Did you know that Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency?

Did you know that B12 deficiency causes 'burning' feeling and neurological problems? So does Vitamin D deficiency. And Magnesium deficiency. Oh, and muscle pain. And muscle tightness.

Did you know that pregnancy pulls A LOT of nutrition from your body? Combine that with the poor nutrition in the Standard American Diet that you probably eat...and it's a safe bet you could benefit from an increase in quality nutrition.

The other option, is cervical tightess and/or cervical trauma, such that the muscles of your neck are TIGHT and compressing your nerves. THis -shouldn't- affect the feet, but certainly could, depending.

So, I have some questions.

1. What is a normal daily dietary intake look like for you?

2. Any big changes lately? Life stress from death, divorce, job loss, etc? You don't need to answer, but the point is, sudden increases in a body's stress levels has side effects.

3. History of car accident, falling off a horse, etc?

4. Desk job?

5. Carrying kids around a lot?

6. Any other health issues going on, or anything else interesting for me to know?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Does feet and legs have to do with CarpalTunnel Syndrome??

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Jun 28, 2017
Diagnosed with carpal tunnel and "tennis elbow " but feet are in pain and swollen also
by: Anonymous

Diagnosed with carpal tunnel and "tennis elbow " after 3 weeks of consistent pain.

I had shoulder surgery in my right (dominant) arm 4 weeks ago, within a week, my left shoulder started feeling impinged whenever i tried removing the sling or reaching across, when horizontally adducting.

I was in a rear end car accident 4 months prior which was the 2nd car accident following a prior accident with pedestrian hit by vehicle. Most injuries were concluded as "normal, partly to be expected and only time can heal" my left arm wasn't bad enough to keep bringing up until i had my surgery.

I was also told i had a calcium deposit in my subscabular tendon. There is no way to prove that it occurred during the accident but all the while, it was one of the findings today after 3 weeks of constant pain, cold heat and electro stimulation having zero impact.

Oddly enough my feet were also extremely swollen and felt like i had walked a million miles. The doctor is only a MD but almost wants to suggest maybe i unknowingly have arthritis or some other "disease/illness" already diagnosed when i have never in my entire life experienced any of these side effects.

I saw you mentioned diet but is there any addition concerning that pre accident i was extremely active and have since not yet been able to more than physical therapy pre-surgery.


Joshua Comments:

1. It's extremely unlikely any amount of calcification of tendon happened in the three weeks since the accident.

You very easily could have had it before but with no pain. Nothing surprising there.

2. Why exactly did you have shoulder surgery? What's the history there.

3. Not surprising you have left shoulder issue if you had right shoulder issue.

4. Your feet were swollen when, exactly, in this timeline of events?

5. Age?

6. I don't understand your last paragraph/question. Please rephrase.

May 19, 2017
Doctor not helping
by: Ohio

I started reading some of the comments. So I informed my doctor the pain I receive nightly in both my hands and arms, both feet and legs are extremely painful and for the most part happens during the night which wakes me from sleeping.

I take 112mg of levothyroxine , no vitamin deficiencies, blood work shows my levels were normal.

I am 53 I have no energy, depression and memory loss.

My doctor suggested I purchase a brace for what seems like carpal Tunnel and then referred me to a podiatrist.

I am not interested in pain meds I take advil which does not help at all. I just want to find the underlying cause of my pain. Throughout the day my feet will sometimes go numb and I feel tingling in my hands and feet.

My neck aches as well. I just don't understand the doctors and assisting me. I have insurance however, the process of elimination and them not taking me serious is frustrating.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ohio.

Unfortunately, doctors aren't great at dealing with your scenario. Which I have a lot of opions about, but hey.


You have more than just Carpal Tunnel Sydnrome going on (and may or may not even have CTS).

1. I wouldn't trust that your 'blood levels are normal'. 'Normal' isn't necessarily great.

For instance, the magnesium blood serum level test (if they checked your magnesium) is of little value, as your body is designed to keep the blood level in range no matter you could still be deficient even if you show an upper range mag blood level).

2. What is your vitamin D level? (Lethargy, depression, memory loss)

3. What is your iron level? (lethargy, depression, memory loss)

If you don't know, get a level taken. If you're female, your iron could be too low (causing lethargy, loss of mental faculty, etc). If you're male, your iron could be too high (causing all sorts of problems including loss of mental faculty).

4. Do you have a history of taking any fluoroquinolone antibiotics (levaquin, cipro, anything ending in '-floxacin'?

5. History of car accident or equivalent (falling off a horse, down the stairs, etc).

Thyroid issue can play a role, which I don't know much about specifically, but I do know the above factors can/do affect thyroid function poorly.

Jul 20, 2016
Toes are numb.
by: Anonymous

I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. The last three toes on each of my feet are numb and I feel like I am walking on dog pads and the tendons on the top of my toes feel tight when I curl my toes. These feel the same as when I had carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dec 29, 2015
Pain during pregnancy after crash
by: Anonymous

I was reading this because I have severe pain in both my wrist that goes to my thumb and feel like a swollen tingling burning by ankles.

I was 7 months pregnant when this started on my right arm and about 3 weeks ago it started on left arm and feet, my child is now 2 months old. I was also in a major car accident where air bag deployed and my car spun 3 times after I collided head on into a vehicle a week before becoming pregnant, I was under a lot of stress from the time of accident and through out pregnancy.

I also had tingling on my thighs at about 7 months pregnant.

Doctors said the tingling in thighs could be because baby was positioned on my nerves during pregnancy but they never bothered with even acknowledging my pain in my right wrist, my doctors were incompetent and almost killed my child for their incompetence therefore I haven't seen a doctor since I had to change doctors and will not until a week from now and I read this and I'm concerned can you please answer what insight you might have.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Pregnancy takes a lot of nutrition out of the body.

Stress takes a lot of nutrition out of the body.

Car crashes and the resulting stress and inflammation take a lot of nutrition out of the body.

The body doesn't work without enough magnesium.

Inflammation eats B6.

I'd say nutrition is the place to start. Deal with 'physical' issues once/as that's been taken care of.

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