Elbow Tendonitis Surgery Pain and 'Popping Out Of Place' Feeling!!!

by Shannon
(Savannah, Ga)

I had surgery for Elbow Tendonitis on April 8 and my whole arm is hurting understandably, but I have had about 3 instances where I felt like something popped out of place suddenly...this has since caused my arm to ache...cannot even lift arm up without pain.

Now hurts all the way down to my wrist and up the back of my arm above the elbow. Does it sound crazy or did I do something to further damage what Doc. has tried to fix?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Shannon.

It doesn't sound crazy at all.

I don't know what exactly the surgery consisted of, but depending on what the doctor cut, and how much he cut, and if something was completely severed or not, you might just have a lot of new looseness and un-anchored structure(s).

Also, I've never seen a post-surgery self care routine that actually helps you heal and keeps the pain down, so no surprises there.

I'm rarely a fan of Elbow Tendonitis surgery for all these reasons.

Surgery can, and often does, actually make things worse, whether immediately or farther on down the line.

Did you mess up what the doctor did? Maybe. It depends on how much you have used your arm, compared to how much damage the elbow surgery did, compared to how quickly you heal.

The quick and dirty answer is:

1. Eat a lot more protein for the next couple months.

2. Ice your forearm A LOT

as described on How To Reduce Inflammation.

3. Do move the arm, but minimally for the next several weeks as you do #1. and #2.

Questions about your Elbow Tendonitis Surgery

1. Did you have surgery for Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow? Or something else at the elbow?

2. What exactly did the surgeon do, cut-wise?

3. What post-surgery self care did the doctor give you?

4. Did you Quiz Your Doctor?

5. What have you done with your arm on a daily basis since the surgery? How active?

6. Did you do something in particular that caused the 'popping out of place'?

Answer those questions and it will give me a better idea what is going on. The more detailed you can be, the better.

Regardless of what the surgery did good or bad, we can help you get to a pain free state, or something very close to it.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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