Elbow Tendonitis Surgery, where is the fluid and swelling coming from?

by Suzanne
(Middletown, NJ)

I had surgery on my elbow caused from severe tendonitis about a month ago and now developed like swelling or fluid, what could of caused this?

Thank you


Joshua Answers:

Hi Suzanne.

The swelling and fluid build up could come from various factors connected to the elbow surgery.

Tendonitis symptoms in the elbow, or anywhere else, are a partly a function of a Process of Inflammation.

When you have surgery, your skin is punctured, your connective tissue severed and separated, and your tendon is shaved and/or cut.

The body does not like this, and INCREASES the inflammatory response.

One aspect of inflammation is that it traps fluid in the area. Literally.

Every body is different. You may just respond this way to severe injury (which surgery causes).

Or your nervous system may just be freaking out and keeping the inflammation process dialed way up.

And/or you may have poor circulation, a poor circulatory system, an impaired lymphatic system, poor nutrition, etc.

Some or all could be playing a role.

It may be natural and part of the process, but you want to get rid of that swelling as soon as possible.

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation, and let your doctor know what's going on. Depending on your health history, that may be more or less important to do sooner than later.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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