Elizabeth's Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Story

by Elizabeth Whitaker

I started having foot pain at least 4 years ago.

I'm 42 years old and slightly overweight (some months more or less). I always wore running shoes..not flip flops or high heels.

The pain started out just in the morning, then throughout the years, I had added aches during the day after work and running. It was so severe I felt like crying after my 5 hour standing job.

I couldn't run and going for a family walk wasn't even relaxing. I tried PT for 4 weeks, but I was swelling and severe pain on the top of my foot, and that's when the Dr. said that's enough. I suggest surgery.

The actual Surgery was not painful at all. I was not knocked out, but I don't remember anything. I left with a walking cast that's large and black. Dr. said everything went as planned.

It's been almost 2 weeks at this point and haven't walked yet.

Pain and recovery is not painful it was worst before surgery... not walking is hard since I have 5 kids, hubby, and a dog. The pain is not bad at all, I feel pulling once in a great while, and the pain pills I stopped taking 2 days afterwards they made me dizzy. In fact, the worst part is the crutches!

I drove my van with my left foot several times on slower roads (not too hard).

I haven't stepped
on it yet.

I'm a bit worried because now my OTHER foot is starting. I'm getting the night splint and working on stretches!

I'm not done I know, but so far so good. :)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sharing!

Yeah, that's gotta be tough staying off your feet with 5 kids , a dog, hubby, etc!

Yep, that's how it starts. Ache in the mornings in the feet, and then slow progression over the years, usually we don't even notice or pay attention till it's 'bad'.

That's how Tendonitis works.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

And of course, Plantar Fasciitis is the tendonitis dynamic.

Please do keep us updated both on surgery recovery, and the other foot too.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Elizabeth's Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Story

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Nov 14, 2009
From Teresa who had a recent surgery
by: Teresa

I had surgery on my left foot nov 5,2009. so I am very early with this process. this is not easy for me. I got a walker & a wheelchair. doc will check incision on monday.



Joshua Comments:

Good Luck Teresa.

Increase your protein, and start ice dipping. Both will help you heal and decrease your pain from inflammation.

Oct 16, 2009
So what else do you think is going on?
by: K

Swelling and inflammation after more than a year. I didn't realize I can still be bothered by this?
Yes, I was told the metatarsal joints are filled with arthritis now. Or so the MRI said. Also not only the top of my foot but the joint between the top of my foot and my leg also hurts all the time.
Can you explain any of this to me. Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Yes, but I'm going to start a new thread for you.

It's here.

Oct 15, 2009
Still having pain after more than one year
by: K

Hello, I had my Plantar Fasciitis surgery in July 08.

The surgery and recovery went the same as Elizabeth's for the first few months.

Very slow total recovery for walking normal again. The worst part of that was I still have a lot of pain on the top of my foot.

Went back to the doctors, had an MRI, and now I'm told that the entire top of my foot is filled with arthritis, and I am still in pain as of today.

I'm sorry to give you not so great news.


Joshua Comments:

I'm sorry you're experiencing not so great news, K.

You all of a sudden have arthritis in the top of your foot? That makes me wrinkle my brow. Pain and inflammation, sure, but 'arthritis', like a death sentence?


I wonder what else is going on.

Oct 13, 2009
Response to questions
by: Elizabeth


Sounds like we're in the same boat. :) I love to talk about it too!! I feel there's not many sources out there for surgery and so when I saw this site, I was happy...thanks Joshua!

I do have "lumps" in the bottom of my feet from time to time, like you said, it comes and goes. They're at the ends of my arches at the bottom of my foot towards my heel and the bones under my toe joints. Not ON the incision though, if it's on top of the incision....tell your Dr. I do have pains throught my foot, side, and even top.

I do where orthotics but took them off because those bumps hurt it even worst!! I'm taking them back and having them re-done.Which maybe you too? I don't know. My Dr. said I may not even need those supports though, because without them I feel ok.

I stretch, and ice them when it's bad, can't to the all over ice thing Joshua....that's like torture. Just like I did before the surgery. Especially stretch before getting out of bed, that's when they're bad too.

Hope this info helps, and keep stretching and icing. Always check with Dr. too. Write later if you want too!

Oct 12, 2009
Same Problem As Elizabeth
by: Anonymous

I had surgery back in May of this year for Plantar Fasciitis and I still can't walk right.

I still walk with a limp and some times can barely walk. I need my crutch in the morning just to get going because the pain is unbearable, but I don't know what to do I went to the doctor and he tried putting a higher arch on my inserts but that made it worse and I still have a big ball right by my arch which I don't know if it's suppose to be like that or not.

Do you have a kind of like a bump on your foot where they did the surgery and when you walk doe's it swell really bad???

Do you get wiered pains in your foot that come and go???

It would be nice to talk to some one else that's having the same problem, I feel like I'm alone in this and afraid to go back to that doctor.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for sharing Anonymous. Iknow it can be a scarey and lonely place to be when you're hurting and no one seems to have any answers.

Hopefully Elizabeth will check in and share her response's to you questions.

Oct 05, 2009
PART 3 - quick response - Elizabeth's Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Story
by: Anonymous

Hi again!

Thanks for responding. Just wanted to tell you I do take meloxicam 15mg for inflamation too. I will check out your info on it also!

My Dr thought I might have a stress fracture on those short bones at the top of your foot. The pain is not only there though, but it's along the top towards my leg, and all the way down to the outer side of my foot below my ankle. It feels like I have to crack my foot/ankle, and every step hurts, so my stride ( or gate ) is shortened and I can't keep my foot straight as I walk down the steps, I tilt it to the side.

Anyway, thanks for your info!! I really appreciate it!

Oct 04, 2009
PART 2 - Almost 8 weeks later - Elizabeth's Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Story
by: Elizabeth, again

Well, I made it through the 2 weeks without walking.

I did go back to work (on my feet 5 1/2 hours, with several breaks) at 3 1/2 weeks after surgery. Of course I did have my walking boot on the whole time.

It has now been almost 8 weeks! Oh, I started my tennis shoes and expensive orthotics at 5 weeks after surgery.

The top of my foot bothers me since I started walking as it did 3 weeks before surgery, but the swelling on top has gone down.

Xrays were fine, no problems seen. "Hmmm not sure why" Dr says, "see you in 1 month".

The bottom of my foot is feeling bruised throughout the whole bottom of my foot, and still I'm walking with a limp, because it does hurt still, but not AS bad. I don't walk fast ever.

I was hoping I'd be better by now, and feel sad when I see others jogging, hiking, and biking outdoors and wondering if I'll be there again.

I'll write more later, but I sure wish I could find more info on what exercises, stretches, should be done after surgery.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for the update!

Sounds like you've had quite an experience.

As the doctor said, I guess we'll have to wait a month and see what happens.

I am curious what was being looked for with an xray. I would have expected you to say 'MRI', not 'X-Ray', x-rays can really only pick up bone issues with any accuracy.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest you check out How To Reduce Inflammation.

You definitely have a HUGE Process of Inflammation going on in your feet.

There's a lot of stretches and such to be found across the internet.

Granted I'm biased, but I think you'll find what you're looking for on my Planar Fasciitis dvd. It's as good before surgery as it is after.

Please write again and let us know how you are progressing.

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