Encouragement For Long Term Tendonitis Sufferers

I have had this tendonitis problem for 5 months....some I am sure many people a lot longer.

Can you give some words of support to those of us who fear we may never get over this nagging pain?

Because.....I am never in complete agony......and sometimes I feel like a fake when you see real illness in the world.

But in my case its stopping me from walking and enjoying my life.

Do you see people who have struggled with this for many years get better by icing and eating well and using your other tips?

Thank you Joshua


Joshua Answers:

Thank you, what a beautiful communication.

Yes, I do see people get better, even with pain that has been around for decades.

I see it more directly in my hands-on practice, people that have had whiplash symptoms for 40 years, shoulder and elbow pain that nobody has been able to help with and has been limiting them for years and decades.

I love seeing the look in people's eyes when they rediscover hope. Hope that they an feel good again.

And, I'm clear that I'm not a miracle worker. I just happen to have a very effective tool that works well for a particular job.

So yes, there is hope. And there is the reality, that for the most part, left to it's own
devices, Tendonitis just slowly gets worse and worse.

But there are helpful ways of looking at this, and dealing with this, that can drop pain levels down to little or nothing, with a small amount of maintenance over time.

There is a solution for every problem.

And, to get a bit philosophical, pain can be a teacher too. Maybe it is to learn something about yourself, your body, your life. Maybe it's to move in a different way.

Sometimes pain is a lesson is switching paths or directions. "Well, I can't do X anymore, I guess I'll have to start doing Y." Life just happens like that sometimes.

This is it's own kind of life progression. It probably applies more to heart attacks than to tendonitis, but the learning opportunity is always available.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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