Exercise Advice For Tendonitis Sufferers, How Much?

Take my example.....peroneal tendon soreness, stiffness and pain.

I probably had this "issue" for some time but brought it on by walking long distances, including hill work, in poor quality shoes.

Now, until the ice therapy begins to win the battle it would be foolish of me to go out and attack the roads like I did before.

But would I be ok...and indeed might it be good therapy ...to walk short distances...say to my local stores....swim and cycle?

I read that if I were to go walking and I felt a bit of pain for a day and it went then I was ok to do so again....but if I walked and the pain was longer lasting it was not advisable?


One has to gauge the distance for oneself.

But yes, walking is good, important, and fine.

I don't look at it so much like walk a little, walk a lot, so much as....

Movement is life. At a literal, physical level, movement is vital for an entire host of processes required to keep our bodies healthy.

In the case of Peroneal Tendonitis, movement helps get circulation to the tendon and muscle, keeps information going to the nervous system so it can accurately gauge what's going on, helps keep tissue mobile, etc.

The balance required in the context of Tendonitis, is that you want to move enough to keep it moving and get all the benefits, without doing too much and irritating the dynamic.

A little bit of soreness after walking is not necessarily a bad thing. It becomes MUCH LESS of a bad thing if you ice afterwards, and get that Pain Enhancing Chemical that was just released out of the tissue.

Then the nervous system doesn't feel so much pain, so then it won't respond to so much pain.

I don't even think about pain as injury anymore.

I think about it as Pain Enhancing Chemical floating around, and as a constantly changing interaction between the physical tissue and the nervous system.

Get the ecology happy, and there will be less to no pain, and any injury that is there will heal faster.

Then you just need to keep in mind that the body doesn't heal injury back to a pre-injury state of structureal strength.....

Oh, and yes, you did have this issue developing, under the surface of your skin, long before you ever felt pain.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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