Exercising When Suffering From Tendonitis, in the foot area

by Paul

hi joshua

as you know I have tendonitis problems in my ankle and side of foot ( the peroneals )

is it really wise to continue exercising ( in my case I enjoyed walking ) as I find even moving around the house causes pain ?

should I be fully resting my ankle from any sort of movement ?

or might it be that gentle walking is exactly what I need to be doing to keep things moving down there ?

a walk, followed by a good ice massage ?

and then finger massage to sore areas ?

I am sure if I had a tear in my tendon picked up by MRI they would say exactly that...lets put you in a brace for a few weeks to see if it heals .....if not ..lets stich it back together ?

but just soreness and inflammation ?

maybe I need to accept I will get pain after a walk ?...and that a good ice and massage is needed..instead of just sitting around at home ?


Joshua Answers:

Hey Paul.

Overall, I'll go with continued movement over immobilization, everytime.

Unless there is significant rip/tear to a structure.

If you are doing the self care, and I know you are, then you're most likely fine going
for walks. Walking is non-impact, theoretically.

Especially if you have stiffness in the area/structure/joint. You GOTTA keep it moving. The body has a tendency to lock down (or at least move in that direction) and you have to counter it with movement.

That a lot of the Tendonitis dynamic. Things get tight, stay tight, everything around it starts to tighten up, etc.

Yes, a walk, followed by icing and/or self massage. Anywhere there is stiffness, tightness, pain, go after it.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Exercising When Suffering From Tendonitis, in the foot area

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Feb 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

thanks joshua

I think part of my problems is that I have done so little exercise over the last few months I am stiffening up , as it were

Feb 27, 2010
thats great
by: Anonymous

thanks joshua

I think my problems may well come from that area

I have had an ultrasound which showed up some disturbance at the peroneal brevis insertion area

but I have pain along the tendon , where it inserts into the bone and under the foot

I am now demanding an mri from my doctor to see if there is any evidence of any tears or splits

so ...

IF this MAY be a problem causing tendonitis ..then it may be worth me getting some active manual massage therapy on not on the site of the pian ..around the lateral ankle ..but also on all the lower legs, front and back ?

Joshua Comments:

Active manual therapy on the whole area, YES! Pain is rarely isolated by/caused from one little spot. It's all connected, all works together.

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