Experiencing pain in my left hand knuckles and pointer finger going numb

by Joe
(Saginaw MI)

I've been playing for 10+ years and about a year ago i noticed a pain or numbness in my knuckles and top of hand rendering my hand useless. It seems to hurt when I squeeze my hand into a fist and when I stretch them out they feel very tight like they don't want to open up all the way.

This worries me, will it get to a point were its stuck in the fist position like I've heard? I am even having trouble typing this.

I can't imaging taking a break from playing it is what keeps me sane please tell my there is another way.


Joshua Answers:

Is there a way other than being doomed to a hand stuck in the shape of a fist?


The bulk of what you need is in my Reversing Guitar Tendonitis ebook.

It's feels like your hand doesn't want to open all the way because it doesn't want to open all the way? Why? Because the muscle and connective tissue structures in your forearm and hand are TOO TIGHT.

It's like trying to open and close your hand while I'm squeezing your forearm in a vice. Your structure is having a hard time moving because it's STUCK short.

Ultimately, the numbness is a function of
this. The hose of the nerve is either getting stepped on in the hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm, or front of neck/chest/shoulder. Or all of the above to some degree or other.

Tendonitis, whether it's Guitar Tendonitis or any other kind, works on a predictable pattern.

Muscle tightness, connective tissue constriction, and a Process of Inflammation.

You may not have much inflammation, but you ABSOLUTELY have TOO MUCH TIGHTNESS.

Plus some nutritional deficiency (insufficiency).

If you don't deal with that, then you likely are doomed to not being able to play as much as you want.

More questions, more answers.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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