Extreme Pain In My Wrist, and hand is swollen, can't move wrist

by jjt

I have extreme pain in my wrist... my hand is swollen, cannot move my wrist..... happened 1 week ago... think it is wrist tendonitis... but... . is still swollen.. cannot put on a brace.... help.......


Joshua Answers:

Yikes! Sounds painful.

1. Did you do anything to cause an injury?

2. Why do you think that it is Wrist Tendonitis?

3. Has it ever hurt before? Has it ever been swollen before?

4. What does 'swollen' mean? How much?

5. Where exactly does it hurt? Where exactly is it swollen?

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Oct 07, 2017
My wrist is hurt from fighting wrist restraintts at hospital and now I can't move it will it get better.
by: Jer

I have no pain but numb needles on my hand pain help me and tell me what to do.


Joshua Comments:

Restraints and resistance could have bruised the carpal tunnel area.

Plus that's very stressful experience, and stress eats up nutrients required to deal with stress...so you're probably short of nutrition so your body is having a hard time recovering..depending on how long ago this happened.

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