Foot Pain and Possible Tendon or Ligament Tear from Foot Injury

by Jii

I sprained my ankle-I was sitting, kneeling on my legs, feet, and someone pushed my body backwards...I ended up sitting on my foot with all my weight.......My foot felt numb and loose....

I went mountain hiking 2 weeks later not knowing my condition......since I had never had that type of problem before.

I was stepping on a rock and for a minute, and I suddenly felt that my feet grabbed the rock rather than stood on the rock. It felt like my foot had become a hand, the middle of my foot embraced the rock inside the foot. Like if I was grabbing an apple...Then my feet got swolen and I felt that something in the bottom of my feet had pushed up...Also there was a bone sort of coming out on the opposite side of the foot- maybe between the talus and navicular......... I think I stepped on something betweed the calcanium and cuboid boned and both boned moved upwards like. (reference from pics in internet).

Now I feel like there is something missing in the sole, bottom center of my feet-a bone or something- it feels sort of empty...and it hurts when I walk or stand up...... I'm afraid on stepping on anything that might touch the center of the foot........

Pls help me find out.......It's been over 5 months....



Joshua Answers:
Hi Jii.

That certainly sounds like an interesting foot experience.....

It for sure is not Tendonitis of the foot.

And it sounds like a very uncommon occurrence, and I don't even know what's going on in there. Could be a fascial rip, tendon or ligament tear or injured joint.

My suggestion to you is to get yourself to a doctor of some kind SOON. Get an X-ray. Get the foot examined.

What you describe is ABSOLUTELY something that a professional needs to take a hands on look at yoru foot.

Let me know what they say, then I may be able to offer you something helpful.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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