Guitar/Bass Player Gets Relief From Debilitating Tendonitis

by William
(Long Beach, CA)

Hey Joshua.

I'm a guitar/bass player and had recently been suffering from a pretty debilitating(and quite frankly, frightening) case of tendonitis, and your methods have already eliminated more of the pain in just a few days than any other method I've tried.

I was reading about the science behind why these methods work and this may be sort of a no-brainer, but would the same principle icing techniques work for some severe muscle strains that I've had for several months, and would this reduce the sensitivity of scar tissue that may have already been laid in place?


Joshua Answers:

Hi William.

I'm so glad you tried what I suggested. It works. Keep at it and you will continue to get results.

The short answer is 'Yes'.

Inflammation is a primary cause of pain, and a primary factor in the body doing 'bad' things that make the physical structure less and less happy. I know that's a highly technical statement...

While the body doesn't heal injury to a state of 'as good as new', it does a pretty good job. Except that Inflammation continues to hang out and tell the nervous system that there's a problem, so the nervous system continues to treat it like a problem.

Dial down and/or turn off the Inflammation Process, and that's most of
the battle.

Specifically for severe muscle strain, icing will affect the Inflammation response, and get new blood to muscles. A lot of times, muscles just hurt because they are ischemic, meaning that they don't have enough new blood to make them happy.

Just start rubbing/squeezing your muscles randomly and frequently throughout the day. This will get new blood in, old stuff out, and flex crunchy little bits of scar tissue, eventually making it soft and mobile again.

If you haven't, you may want to experiment with Magnesium for Tendonitis. That page will explain why.

Ask more questions, keep me updated.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Guitar/Bass Player Gets Relief From Debilitating Tendonitis

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Apr 28, 2010
Right on
by: Don

Thanks Joshua,

Spectacular answer, right on the money.

My questions were not meant to belittle, but I think you got what I meant...

Started, ice massage last nite. WOW, what difference that made! This morning I feel fantastic.

You are right again, a 'litle' discomfort and skin redness can reward you with a WHOLE nights sleep!!!

Yes, activity brings back some pain, I am absolutely dumbfounded how the ice STOPS it getting worse if applied quickly, or even at days end.

I am not getting too excited, but I think YOU could be responsible for me actually being able to work and get thru each day lately with minimal discomfort!

And yes, my doctor had NO ALTERNATIVES for me.

Thanks again


Joshua Comments:

You, good sir, are very welcome.

Apr 27, 2010
Joshua replies to Don - Guitar/Bass Player Gets Relief From Debilitating Tendonitis
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

1. I just don't know Don. There are A LOT of factors/variables involved.

2. Why irritate an irritated tendon? A. Because it does good things, that why doctors debride tendon and ligament to stimulate it to grow/lay down new fibers. B. Because the act of irritating it can create a lot of circulation, which is a good thing for many reasons. C. I never said irritate the tendon. In fact, I say 'don't send a bad pain signal to the nervous system' Point is, you can work it/the area without irritating.

3. Because what difference would it make if I did/didn't know about the 100 plus days for collagen turnover? It doesn't all magically show up on the 100th day. There are 99 days of activity before that. Next thing you know he'll be declaring that you can't help tendon heal faster, that there's just nothing that you can do to affect the speed of recovery.

4. 'Break up scar tissue' doesn't mean 'break up ALL the scar tissue'.

You can't break it all up. You can only break off the weakly aligned/connected fibers. This action also keeps the new scar tissue growth soft and supple and increases mobility of new tissue.

5. Wrap in cotton wool for 12 months? Like a soft cast? to immobilize them? In my view, that's crazy. If it worked, great. But/and person after person on this website writes in to say they wore a cast/immobilized/rested/stopped using/quit the job/hobby for weeks and it didn't help at all, much less fix anything. That the pain came right back.

Muscles have to move to be healthy. Movement creates circulation and a healthy relationship with the nervous system. Movement keeps things supple and mobile.

Enforcing immobility makes things stop moving.

Over time and gravity, we get less and less mobile. Then we start having pain. We need to get MORE mobile, both on a walking down the street movement level, and a fiber by fiber structural movement level.

Does that help?

More questions, more answers.

Apr 25, 2010
me too..
by: Don

Joshua has been helping me out with my own particular case of guitar induced tendonosis.

However, unable to find my original post I have some questions:

1: I have been on the protocol for several weeks, achieving both good and bad results.i.e. I thought I could stop this new tendinitis case in its tracks with the protocol, the ice provides relief, but it is apparent you cannot stop tendinitis in its tracks, it will always go through its stage one, two and three...??

2:my M.D. was mortified when I told him what I was doing, his comment being "why are you trying to heal an irritated tendon with more irritation?

3: then in no uncertain terms he asked if you were aware of the 100 plus days required for collegen turnover?

4: why do you recommend breaking up scar tissue, when this is the only thing holding a fragile injured tendon together?

My nutrition has improved out of sight thanks to you, and now gaining weight, still yet to implement the bone broth.

My mind and painful hands is very much confused, I know you are so very busy, but what do you think? My doctor means well, but wants me wrap my hands in cotton wool for 12 months, which would end yet another career for me...

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