Had MRI Done I Have A Lateral Tear in rotary cup and shoulder tendonitis and arm tendonitis

by sally
(macomb, illinois)

Had a mri done I have tear in rotary cup plus tendonitis in arm and shoulder plus downsloping of the shoulder.

Will I need surgery if the pain is not going away. I am doing physical therapy for 3 months and its getting worse.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Sally. Thanks for asking.

Will you need surgery? It just all depends on how big/bad the tear is, how fast you heal, what else is going on, and what actually caused the tear.

Did the doctor say why you had a rotary cup tear in your shoulder, or why you have arm tendonitis, or shoulder tendonitis?

I have some questions for you so that I will have a better idea of what is happening.

1. How long has this been going on?

2. How did the pain first start? Fast or slow?

3. How bad is the pain now, how bad was it?

4. Where exactly in the arm do you have tendonitis?

5. Where exactly in the shoulder to you have tendonitis?

6. What exactly do you mean by a sloping shoulder?

7. Description of overall health.

8. What do you think caused all this?

9. Have you started PT yet? What are they doing?

10. Did the arm and shoulder tendonitis actually show up on the MRI? In other words, why do you think that you have Tendonitis?

I rather imagine that the bulk of your problem has to do with, or is stemming from a Shoulder Impingement dynamic.

Shoulder Tendonitis can help cause that, or be caused by it.

Answer the above questions, and let's see what is going on.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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