Hip Joint Pain

Hip Joint Pain occurs when other hip pain issues progress worse and worse until the lack of function begins to irritate and then damage the hip structure.

Having said that, one can have joint pain in the hip with joint damage, or without joint damage.

Like all pain dynamics, hip joint symptoms show up for specific and predictable.  And don't let your doctor blame it on 'aging' (because that's the sign of a lazy, uninterested doctor).

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Causes Of Hip Joint Pain

There are several causes of hip joint pain.

The below are the major, most common scenarios of pain in hip joints.  There are other medical issues, like bone cancer, bone infection, and various bone diseases, but if you have any of those you need to be at a hospital and not reading about it on the internet.

The main causes jpint pain in hip joints is:

  • Hip Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Hip Tendonitis
  • Osteoporosis

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis is a dynamic where:

  1. muscle and connective tissue get tight
  2. muscle and connective tissue stay tight
  3. that tightness compresses the hip joint
  4. compressed hip joint interior grinds on itself 24/7
  5. hip joint gets irritated and inflammed
  6. hip joint gets damaged

This dynamic causes pain in the hip starting at step 3 (but sometimes even step 1 or 2).

Most people let this dynamic go until the hip is so damaged it needs surgery.  

Doctors mostly just blame hip osteoarthritis on 'aging'.  Beware if your doctor tells that to you...as that's the sign of a lazy and uninterested doctor.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis In The Hip

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is joint inflammation and pain causes by a systemic auto-immune response.  It is entirely reversible  (once bone changes shape or is damaged too much, that's permanent, but the forces of the dynamic can be eliminated).

RA can affect any joint.  When it affects hip joints, all there is to do about it is to eliminate the RA...nothing else will help the joint.  

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Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is often mistaken as a hip joint symptom until somebody skilled enough can correctly identify it.

Because the hip bursa is SO CLOSE to the joint, and people can't really tell what exactly is hurting when it hurts, people often say they have a hip joint problem when they really just have hip bursitis.

Having said that, certain factors cause bursitis in the hip (or anywhere else), and as those factors get worse and worse, it affects the hip joint itself...and then that joint will begin to have irritation and inflammation and pain and problem.

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Hip Tendonitis

Hip Tendonitis -technically- isn't a hip joint problem.  But like bursitis, the hip tendonitis dynamic can and will eventually cause joint problems.

For instance, hip tendonitis eventually causes hip osteoarthritis.

It is because of the hip tendonitis dynamic that one or more bone spur can develop.

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Osteoporosis is a classic cause of hip fracture and broken hip.

'Old' people break a hip and then fall down, they don't fall down and then break the hip upon impact with the floor.

Hip osteoporosis is a dynamic where due to nutritional deficiency over time, the hip bone becomes structurally less and less weak.

And then it goes through a process that generally looks like:

  • a person gets hip pain because of tiny fractures of the hip bone
  • and then eventually the bone just breaks while the person is standing/walking because it's structurally so weakened it just 'lets go'.

The good news is that osteoporosis is easily and cheaply and quickly reversible.

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Hip Joint Pain Surgery

Obviously hip joint pain surgery actually causes pain in the hip joint.

There are three main scenarios of hip joint pain after surgery.

  • hip joint surgery (for osteoarthritis)
  • hip replacement surgery (to replace 'bad' hip joints)
  • hip replacement recovery (the long process of recovering)

Hip Joint Surgery

Hip joint surgery is done to 'clean up' hip pain issues like hip osteoarthritis.

It is a relatively mild category of surgery, where they just go in and 'clean up' the interior of the joint.

Depending on the state of the interior of the joint, it will be more or less mild of a surgery. 

Nowadays hip joint surgery is mostly arthroscopic, meaning they just make 2-3 small incisions and stick tools in there to visualize the joint and make the cuts and grinds required.

This procedure still causes not-insignificant damage to the human body.

It's going to hurt afterwards, and it's going to take time to recovery.

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Hip Replacement Surgery

When osteoarthritis progresses to far such that there is non-recoverable damage to the joint, and/or the joint has become deformed, or when the hip joint is past the point of no return from an osteoporosis dynamic, or both, then hip replacement surgery becomes an option.

This consists of removing the hip joint entirely and replacing it witha metal joint.

This procedure is a MAJOR trauma to the body.  It's going to cause pain and problem, and a lot of it.   

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Hip Replacement Recovery

After the major physical trauma that is hip replacement surgery, comes the recovery stage.

This consists of a relatively short acute phase, followed by a relatively long period of time of healing, recovery, and rehabilitation.

I'm pretty anti-surgery, but I've been impressed at how effective and beneficial hip replacement surgery is.  Nobody gets back to as good as new, but hip replacement surgery helps a lot of people, and the human body can recover and get back to an acceptable level of symptom-free daily life and activities.

See:  Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip Joint Pain

If you have hip joint pain, it is important to understand some of the causative factors.

In every scenario, there will be Process of Inflammation.

In every scenario, there will be nutritional insufficiency.

In every scenario, there will be the progression of the Pain Causing Dynamic.

If you want to get rid of any pain in hip joints, you need to deal with the above factors.

Pharmaceutical drugs do not deal with any of the above factors, and thus can never fix a hip pain problem caused by the above factors.

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