Hip Osteoarthritis
It's Not Cool At All, Man!

Hip Osteoarthritis can show up anywhere in the body, just like Tendonitis can.

And really, it's the Tendonitis dynamic that is the cause of osteoarthritis of the hip.

A Hip Replacement surgery is the long term predictable outcome of Osteoarthritis (OA) pain, so you DEFINITELY want to no only keep the hip problem from getting worse, but you might as well make it -better-!

Lucky for you, keeping things from getting worse will be making things better at the same time.

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Causes of Hip Osteoarthritis

You will find out all about what causes osteoarthritis on the Causes of Osteoarthritis page.

But since this is the Hip OA page:

  1. You use your body over time, walking, standing, sitting, running, jumping, etc.  The hip muscles and connections are used for each and every of those actions, including being active while you sleep.
  2. Over time and use, muscle and connective tissue gets tighter and tighter
  3. This tightness compresses the hip joint, meaning, the inner joint linings no longer 'float', they are pushing into each other while they rotate (against each other)
  4. You continue to move, tight hip muscle and connective tissue gets tighter, all the while the hip joint grinds on itself more and more, with more and more pressure to the compression
  5. A Process of Inflamamtion kicks in in and around the hip joint. This causes more tightness and pain (you might not feel it, but your body does)
  6. The Pain Causing Dynamic slowly ramps up more and more.  Which means, slowly over time things get worse and worse
  7. Eventually the inflammed joint lining starts to wear away.  Scar tissue builds up.  Eventually, it wears away until it's bone on bone.
  8. As it moves from 'no joint damage' towards 'bone on bone', pain increases, loss of range of motion gets increases, mobility and ability to move decreases.
  9. Out of desperation, you end up at the doctors office.  When the doctor gets desparate because the Rest, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs like Ibuprofen, Corticosteroid Injections, etc, fail to work, s/he'll recommend hip replacement surgery.

I recommend that you don't let it go that far or get that bad.  The mechanism is absolutely reversible.  Obviously, the worse it gets that harder it gets to reverse the mechanism and to heal. 

Hip Bursitis is also a common factor that goes along with osteoarthritis at the hip.

Why?  Because tightness causes all sorts of problems.

Hip Osteoarthritis is NOT caused by too much exercise, repetitive use, etc.  

Osteoarthritis of the hip IS caused by too tight muscles that can't function optimally because there is too much tightness, and of course there's inflammation and some nutritional issue playing a role as well.

Why Hip Osteoarthritis?

Any osteoarthritis hip problem is going to result in hip pain, and lots of it.

Hip osteoarthritis is on of the major causes of Hip Pain.

Obviously, not everyone gets osteoarthritis of the hip.  Why did you?

There is no exact science to answer that question.

Everybody is different.  Every body is different.

Everbody's lives are different.  Everybody's nutritional intake is different, their bodys deal with that nutrition differently, they move differently, the body works differently.

For whatever reason, you're feeling it your hips.  On an individual case by case basis, YOUR reasons can be identified. But for the moment, let's just go with 'you have hip osteoarthritis'.

Any osteoarthitis hip osteoarthritis included is predictable.  There's really no mystery to it once you know why it's the way it is (It's a bummer that it's a mystery to your doctor...).

Hip Osteoarthritis is NOT the proplem!

Hip Osteoarthriti isn't actually the problem.  The REAL problem is that the muscles and connective tissue are SO INCREDIBLY TIGHT that they aren't functioning properly -and- they are compressing the hip joint 24/7.  

That constant compression (even when you sleep) makes the hip joint unhappy, and ultimately causes the interior joint linings to wear away.

So the question is....how bad is your hip?  Do you just have hip pain?  Do you just have ache and tightness?  Or do you have actual damage to the hip joint? Do you have scar tissue build up and cartilage degradation?

Hopefully it's just the first of those, while it's just pain or minor damage.  That's all reversible.  

The worse the hip pain gets, and the more damage there is, it's STILL reversible but will just be harder/take longer to reverse.  But it's doable. 

As I said above, even bone on bone hip arthritis is reversible...though obviously that takes some bigger guns to fix.

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

Doctors will tell you that hip replacement surgery is a 'treatment'.  I disagree, I assert that surgery is evidence of a complete failure to be able to effectively treat an osteoarthritis of the hip issue.

screws in hip joint tendonitis
Hip Tendonitis Can Lead
To Hip Joint Surgery

Accupuncture may help with symptoms but isn't likely to fix an actual tendonitis and/or arthritis issue.

Deep tissue massage from a skilled massage therapist is a great option.

Chiropractic isn't likely to help this issue.

Ultrasound isn't likely to help at all.

Stretching and strengthening and physical therapy may or may not help, depending on where you are at with it and the specific causes of your hip joint pain.

Anything that will help Hip Tendonitis will help osteoarthritis of the hip joint(s).

I will create a Reversing Hip Osteoarthritis ebook if enough people show an interest.

Until then, here's the basic guidelines that follow from the question 'What Are The Causes Of Hip Osteoarthritis?':

  1. Muscle tightness is a cause.  So loosen/soften up the muscle
  2. Connective tissue tightness/constriction is a cause, so loosen up the connective tissue
  3. Nutritional insufficiency plays a role.  So replete your body with necessary nutrition.  For instance, see: Magnesium For Tendonitis
  4. Inflammation is a cause.  Reduce the inflammation.  This will be tough to ice dip so you'll need to ice pack and ice massage

That's an overly simplified but complete self treatment plan.

See more about general Osteoarthiritis Treatment.

Hip osteoarthritis is preventable, and is treatable.  Don't let anybody tell you different.

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