I have had Plantar Fasciitis for two months, have been stretching

Well i have had Plantar fascitiis for about two months now and i have been doing stretches for it.

I normally do 5 stretches 2 a day. I play football but i took a break for about a month and this month i started playing again it got a bit better.

I used to do a few different activites a week before plantar fascitiis came up.

I really dont know what to do now and when will it go away please could you help me.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Anonymous.

When will it go away? I wish I knew....

It's possible that it will just go away on it's on. Unlikely though.

My first suggestion is to get my 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD.

It has the bulk of what you need to know to both keep your foot pain from getting worse, and how to make it better.

You need to educate yourself about your foot, and about how pain works. Good news/bad news, we usually have no reason to learn these things...until we have pain that won't go away.

There's plenty of information on my site about Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. And there's a complete to-do list on the DVD.

Other than that, I just have

1. How long has this been hurting?

2. How bad?

3. Where -exactly- do you feel the pain.

4. Does it hurt when you first get out of bed in the am?

5. Does it hurt when you start to run? Keep hurting or stop hurting when you keep running?

6. What helps? What makes worse?

7. Is the pain constant, or comes and goes?

8. Overall health?

9. History of injury?

10. Does the stretching help?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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