I have had tendonitis for years, play guitar, and I am a vegetarian

by brian
(manitoba, canada)


I am a guitar player. I have developed tendonitis in the forearm, wrist, and pretty much everywhere else on my left arm and it has persisted for years.

The bone broth thing seems right on the money to me but I am a vegetarian.

Is there anything vegetarian I can eat that will have similar results?



Joshua Answers:

Hi Brian.

Well....there's no vegetarian competition for bone broth that I know of.

If you google 'vegetarian glucosamine' you'll find plenty of products.

I don't believe that the single ingredient option provides you with all the nutritional building block goodness of bone broth.....

There are various vegetarian options for protein supplements like this quality Pea Protein product (you can get it, or use what you find on the label as a guide).

And protein is great. And, there's 'stuff' found in animal joint that you'll be hard pressed to find in non-animal source, and likely not possible.

Tried Magnesium for Tendonitis yet?

Ice dipped?

Checked your Vitamin D level?

That Symptoms of Tendonitis have been there for years doesn't necessarily point to a joint/tendon nutrition issue....

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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