I was ready for a chainsaw, severe chronic foot pain and heel spurs

by Rebecca
(Corpus Christi, Texas)

post surgery heel spur removal

post surgery heel spur removal

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Several years ago I was told I had a bone spur in both heels. Went thru PT. It worked I guess for a couple years then one morning I woke to find both feet hurting as if I had run bare footed on rocks.

My feet felt really bruised. I worked and was busy all the time. Over the next two years I have went from being active, working to crying and begging for help to stop the pain. I no longer was able to work from the pain. I quit doing things with my kids and grandsons. Just stayed at home, putting ice, heat and keeping my feet elevated.

This wasn't helping. My doctor sent me to a foot doctor, he took x-rays and said he did not see bone spurs and seen nothing wrong with my bones. He sent me to a Neurologist. This doctor had me close my eyes and he took a kleenex to my feet, I did not feel his napkin. He then told me I had neuropathy unknown reasons.

He sent me to test me for diabetes. He placed me on Gabbapentin. Said this drug would help stop the pain. That was June 2011. I take this pill and still no pain relief. I was at my wits end. In Jan 2012, I go to my Doctor again, begging him to help me and asking him to find someone who could find out my problem.

He kinda got upset and told me you have been told already what the problem is with your feet. But he said I will go ahead and send you to a ortho surgeon but they will probably tell you the same thing. You have neuropathy.

The whole 2 years past I have worn many different shoes, did the exercises wore splints and this being based on what I was learning about PF from the internet. I finally got into the ortho sug on 3-7-2012, I learned not only did I have bone spurs on both heels , on one I have 2 bone spurs.

Now the foot spec a year before said I had no bone spurs, but his x-rays I took with me to the surgeon and she told me in those it shows them but because they were a year old she took new ones. Bone spurs still there with a new one on left foot.

On 3-9 I had an MRI done both feet, seen doctor on 3-14. She was very honest with me and told me it appeared I have a couple things going on with my feet. She said I needed the surgery on both feet and that I most likely do have some neuropathy going on. I expect that based on the fact of the damage done over 2 years and no one listening to me.

On 3-26 I had surgery on right foot. Partial removal foot fascia and nerve revision. Took about 55 min for the surgery. I did fine and went home same day. My foot was wrapped with surgical attire and a walking boot with ice pack over my foot.

The first week at home was laying in bed foot elevated and iced down 20 min every hour. Pain meds as needed. The second week went to doctor that surgical attire was removed and they washed it down , looked for signs of infection. There was none and it all looked good. At this point I was still waiting for the pain to begin from surgery. They put a
band-aid over the stitches and a cotton sock like thing and a huge ugly heavy boot on my foot, now it has been 4 weeks since surgery, still no pain. Yes there is surgical pain but nothing that i expected. It is bearable with no pain meds. Tomorrow 4-23 I get my stitches out. I have been off foot now 4 weeks.

The boot is by far the worst for me. My left foot the one that is yet to be done is the one that hurts so very much and for the last 4 weeks has taken a beating. I can tell you all so far I like what I am feeling in my right foot.

I will log on after doctors appt tomorrow and update on whats next in this healing process. What really gets me is I know my body and I know when something is not right. So I was really frustrated and was to the point when I told my doc do something or get me a chainsaw.

We will see as I know it takes several months for the foot to heal.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Rebecca.

'He got angry...' Oh, I do so love the hubris of doctors that get upset when you notice that they haven't helped your problem.

So how' the foot/feet doing now?

Plantar Fasciitis is bad enough, but there is a specific reason for every single Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms.

My concern for you is the thing around the mysterious neuropathy. That's likely a function of nutritional insufficiency/deficiency.

I'm curious what else you have going on with your body. Bone Spurs show up for a variety of reasons, and aren't necessarily the direct cause of all your pain.

The Tendonitis dynamic consists of a variety of factors that all conspire to create pain and problem.

See: What Is Tendonitis

It doesn't sound like your doctors have given you much of a post-surgery self care plan. Self care after surgery can GREATLY speed up recovery times. The RIGHT self care, I mean.

I highly suggest that you get 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it, or even the Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook.

At this point we want to get you to recover as quickly as possible from the surgery. We also want to deal with the factors that led to your pain and problem in the first place.

Removing the bone spurs may or may not be effective, we'll see. Let's hope so. But if you still have issue with your nerve function, that's a pretty high priority.

Why the surgeon did a nerve revision I have no idea, though maybe you didn't tell me something relevant.

The DVD/ebook will also talk about nutrition, necessary for proper muscle and nerve function. I'd be curious to see what happens to your 'numbness'.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jan 21, 2016
UpDate from Rebecca
by: Rebecca

Well, I still have pain, i not get other foot done. Tender still at surgery site. I just dont know what to do anymore. The pain has been getting worse. I also have arthritis now in both ankles.

The doc says working all these years on my feet and being over weight and aging all plays a role in my pain. On new meds now , nothing heavy, will see how that goes.

Will update another time.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rebecca.

Working, age, overweight, etc, -do- play a role. But basically the doctor was telling you that he doesn't really know why you hurt or what to do about it.

Essentially, your initial pain was due to your body not working optimally, not being able to handle the workload or recover adequately. Then, surgeries essentially made the overall dynamic worse (caused damage and inflammation and ignored the actual causes of the initial pain and problem).

Please do continue to update.

Dec 27, 2015
my story
by: Dana

You just wrote my story for me. I finally go Tuesday to see my orthopedic surgeon. Plantar-fasciitis has stopped my life!!

Jan 25, 2013
have been offered foot surgery, but very reluctant!
by: Deb

I have suffered for years with plantar fasciitis, have had injections in both feet, the last injection has played havoc with my foot, it led to extreme pain a new pain not PF after many weeks back and forth to my Dr I was refered to a specialist, had a new MRI which showed a lot of inflamation,first of all he gave me a boot to wear for 2 weeks, I lasted 2 days before it aggrevated my spinal proplems so much I had to stop.

I have been back yet again to see him this week after the PCT refused the funding for extra coporual shock wave treatment, I have now been offered 2 choices an injection of my own blood into foot or an operation where he cuts behind my knee and into my foot, then a cast for 2 weeks followed by 6 weeks of physio both have a 70% chance of success. I am busy reserching and asking for peoples experiances as neither option fills me with much enthusiasm. of course there is a 3rd option put up with it and do nothing.

Thanks Deb


Joshua Comments:

Hi Deb.

What happened since you submitted this a few months ago?

As you'll see from this thread, some people are desparate/excited/ready for surgery.

Because it's assumed that surgery works when nothing else will. But such is not always the case, so some reluctance and hesitation and research is a great idea!

Here's an example of what can go wrong, and just some of the structural problems it can cause: I Had Endoscopic Bi Lateral Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Nightmare!

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) is fine if your ONLY problem is tendon damage that needs to heal. But in cases of tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, it's NEVER just tendon damge. There's many more factors at play.

That's why I say there is a 4th option, as opposed to only three where one does nothing and just suffers.

And that's to use effective treatment to reverse the problem. Plantar fasciitis doesn't just show up for no reason. There are very specific factors involved. Just because your doctor ignores them and is ignorant of them doesn't need you need to/need to be.

See: 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it.

Please give us an update on where you're at now and what's happened in the last few months.

Dec 30, 2012
Not yet diagnosed with heel spur
by: David

I think I have heel spur too .
Been to doctor
Got the X-ray
Doctor got the report ,
Useless doctor is sending me for a blood test.!
I have had the pain in both feet, after tennis or golf normally , but it goes away again ,
But now I'd present pain on one foot for 2 weeks ,
Found your descriptive very good , excellent.
Have a useless doctor , just wants his 28 euros each visit and doesn't even read the report or look at the X-ray , he is too busy,

Apr 30, 2012
by: Rebecca

I had the stitches removed, that was a tad bit painfull. In a walking boot, able now to place some weight on foot. I am to start PT next week. I am overweight and the pressure on the nerve was tremendous.

The Neuropathy is something I question as the right foot no longer feels what it did prior to surgery. I have lost abt 7 lbs since surgery. The surgeon told me it was kinda like my carpal tunnel surgery I had both hands.

I put medical terms that I read on the insurance billing. There it stated the partial nerve revision, could just be their terminology. I do not have any major issues with diabetes, cardio, none of my blood work shows any issues, I do have some thinning on the ball of my foot, which I have been told that happens as we age,

My major issue is I am over weight. Could it be the underlying problem? I am assuming that's what caused the issues with my feet. I am going to do my hardest too lose weight and see how that goes with my left foot before I make the decision to have my left foot done. Right now I am doing good.

No pain and starting to place weight on my foot again. Pt next week. Will check in at a later date.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rebecca.

Please do update, yes.

I don't know what your diet looks like, but gluten is an inflammatory agent. Some people's bodies respond to gluten with gut issues. Some people's bodies respond by packing on weight.

It may be interesting to go gluten free for 2 months and see what happens.

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