Ice dipping Plantar Fasciitis for 6 days, still some shooting pain in right foot

by Kathy

Hi Joshua,

I have had plantar fasciitis for several years.

At first good shoes and insoles were enough. Then I had a job where I was on my feet and it got really bad.

I went to a physical therapist for awhile and did stretching, strengthening and E-stim. None of it helped at all.

I've done the cortisone shots every few months for a couple of years which seemed to really help until the last shot a few weeks ago which seemed to do nothing.

I found your website and felt some hope that there might be something besides surgery. I've been ice dipping 10 sec about 15 times a day for 6 days. I can feel some improvement, but still a sharp shooting pain from the bottom of my heel up the back of the heel.

Can this get better with your DVD information, or an I doomed to surgery?


Joshua Answers:

Hello Kathy.

It it's Tendonitis, and it sounds like it is, then yes, the self care you learn from the 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD and Quick Start Companion ebook can certainly help, if you put in the time and effort.

Assuming that you ice dipped for more than 6 days, what happened? Depending on what you have going on, you might have to stubbornly ice dip until the ecology of your lower leg turns a corner.

Ice dipping isn't generally a 'fix', though it certainly can be, depending.

highly suspect, however, that you need to deal with the back side of your lower leg. Everything's tight, and that is the primary cause of your Plantar Fasciitis.

Your dynamic started out, and progressed slowly. It -seems- like insoles etc were 'enough'. And they were, but specifically they were just enough to help spread out the progression over a longer time.

Not good, not bad. But now it's time to effectively REVERSE your Plantar Fasciitis dynamic.

It's an ecology. You can make it a more healthy ecology.

I certainly hope you're not 'doomed' to surgery. Especially since Plantar Fascia is something you can 'fix' yourself. With the RIGHT know-how.

More questions, more answers.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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