I'm a pitcher and have pain in my elbow dont know what to do! Please help!

by Gustaf Westerholm
(Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden)

Im a baseball player and work out about ten times a week and right now im throwing about three times a week. The other day i pitched a bullpen which i don't do very often and it all felt good. Then i threw about 20 or more curveballs and then quit due to fatigue in the arm etc.

I didnt experience any severe pain by then just "normal pain" after throwing alot. However, the day after my elbow was very sore and i couldnt throw at all. Now about two week later i can throw but when i start to ramp up with the velocity it hurts alot and i have to stop.

Otherwise it doesnt hurt. One thing that ive noticed though is that when i stand up and have my arm relaxed with my hand pointing straight forward from 0 to about 45 degres to the right (| between /) and then push my little finger against my body the inner part of the elbow hurts.

Please help me to locate my problem and what do i need to do to heal it.

As i said i probably think that the throwing curveballs is the problem because when i release it my hand "opens" and i think it causes alot of stress on the elbow. Wont be throwing it more..

Plese help me with this.


Gustaf Westerholm


Joshua Answers:

Hi Gustaf.

Pitching puts a lot of torque/strain on the shoulder/arm/elbow/etc. If the body can't counter the negative factors with positive factors, you start to have pain.

Are you injured? From what you said, it doesn't really sound like it.

Are muscles and connective tissue too tight? Yes.

Do you have a very active Process of Inflammation?

Do you need to learn How To Reduce Inflammation? Yes.

Is the whole structure irritated and now easily irritible? Yes.

Should you learn about Magnesium for Tendonitis? Yes.

Tendonitis creeps up on you long before you feel pain. Now, everytime you throw a ball, your easily irritated ecology gets strained just a little more, and that tells the brain to turn up the protective response.

Need to dial that down a bit.


1. How are you now? Update me.

2. What are you doing for self care to try to help this?

3. How's your shoulder? Any issue at all?

4. What are you doing during your 10 workouts per week?

See: What Is Tendonitis

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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