I'm not sure if I have Wrist Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel

hello, my name is magdalena cardoza i am 27 yrs. old.

i've been working for 3 yrs. now as customer service representative, assisting customers and inputing data entry.

In february i noticed some pain on my forearm when i would move it downwards, upwards or from side to side. then about a week later i noticed a small bump on the forearm and pain got worst.

i was suggested by my boyfriend to go to human resources because it may be work related. and so i did and said it is a ganglion cyst.

then referred me to their company doctor said it was ganglion cyst but could not determine for sure if it was caused by work: repetetive typing.

Their orthopedic surgeon said same thing, so i was confused because surgeon also said that cyst don't cause pain and i was like well where is the pain coming from then.

but he never mention what could of been he just suggested he can remove it by surgery... i was not happy with his answers, and decided to change doctor.

I explained symptoms such as numbness that runs thru my thumb, index, and middle finger and like the inside of my palm next to my thumb and pain sometimes run to the elbow to new doctor and to his diagnostic i have carpal tunel.

So we waited for the mri results that previous doctor had me to get done. well it showed narrow carpal. but is very limited so is not really helping us because now my employer insurance dont wanna pay for anything since previous surgeon said the gangyon cyst is not work related but that he thinks i have tendonitis and that is work related.

So new doctor is taking last option of going to a brc case and see if commisioner approves or denies our case.

Do you think i have tendonitis or maybe carpal tunnel is just starting and maybe thats why it was not showing that much on the mri, i dont know what to do now if proceed with the brc or just forget about everything and go back to work but then i move my wrist and pain comes back i just have to rest my wrist down or straight.

pls help me i hope my details helps you to help me hopefully in determining what i have i will greatly appreciate it.

thx much


Joshua Answers:

Hi Magdalena.

I'll help as I can, but I certainly can't diagnose....

1. Ganglion cycsts can show up when there is already problem (tightnes, etc) in the area.

So they can be a result of a Wrist Tendonitis dynamic.

Or, they can cause pain and tightness.

So that's not much help.

2. I'd lean more towards Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just from what you've said.

You'll want to make sure if that numbness is coming from tightness up at neck/chest/shoulder. Posturally sitting at a desk and typing, etc, can cause that.

3. Companies, in general, are going to try to make sure that any findings show that they are not to blame for employee pain and injury. Take care dealing with company doctors.

4. Dealing with CTS and/or Wrist Tendonitis with self care at home is simple and doable, though it takes some time, effort, and diligence.

I suggest the The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that you get as soon as you order.

Having said that, ganglion cysts can complicate things, depending on how big, how fast growing, how deep they are, etc.

So your options as I see them are:

A. Do the self care at home and see how much that helps even with the cyst. It may be that's all you need.

B. GO the doctor route with surgery to remove the cyst. This may or may not help your pain dynamic, and statistically, cysts more often than not grow back sooner than later.

If you do have Tendonitis and/or CTS, the ganglion cyst surgery won't effect them beneficially, and may make things worse as your body responds to the insult and damage of surgery.

5. A narrow carpal tunnel doesn't mean anything. What matters is how tight your muscles and connective tissue are in the hand, wrist and forearm, and up at the front of the neck and chest/shoulder.

If you doctor can't offer anything to effectively make that happen, personally I would be vary wary.

Does that help?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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